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Help me, I'm about to cry. e_e; MomoKai to the rescue? There's a masturbation scene? D: Does that count as smut? .

So, in the end, Momo and Kaidoh had to room together.
"You guys don't mind, right?" Coach Ryuzaki asks, waving at the mosquitos that are attracted by the only light around, a lamp. Because it's already pretty late, due to the fact that they had to pull Momo and Kaidoh apart before they stepped on the bus. She already knows the answer.
Momo wants to say, Hello? Rooming with Mamushi? Hell no? Are you crazy? Why can't I room with Echizen or something?
And Kaidoh wants to say, Fshuuu! Rooming with this bastard? Why can't I room with Inui?
But they both know that if they say that, they'll get additional laps by Tezuka, who is standing right next to the coach, so they sigh and look away.
Coach Ryuzaki smiles. Because she knew that would be the final decision.
"Minna, everyone must be in bed by 10! We have room key duplicates! Anyone not, will be prosecuted!"
Usually Momo would have groaned, but it wasn't like he was going to be staying up that late, so whatever,
Earlier, Momo and Kaidoh had been assigned to sit by each other on the bus. They had already made a scene about it, fighting like there was no end, and then Momo had shoved Kaidoh out of his seat. Kaidoh had gotten back in his seat, but as they were leaving, he tripped Kaidoh over the steps off the bus. Tezuka had assigned them fifty laps each, and said any more fighting for the remainder of the week would add onto that sentence.
So now they were stuck together for two weeks, because Coach Ryuzaki actually listened to Fuji's sadistic idea of "Maybe if they spend more time together, then they will become friends."

There was only one bed, too. As if rooming together wasn't bad enough.
"Dammit, Mamushi, don't put your clothes on top of mine!"
"What the hell, teme, my clothes were there first."
"No you moron, because I called this side of the bed."
"You called the 'left side of the bed', dumbass. This is the side on the right."
"If you turn around then it will be the side on your left, Mamushi!"
"You're such a dumbass!"
"You're such an idiot!"
"Fshuu! I can't believe I have to room with you." Exasperated, Kaidoh pushed his clothes over to the other side, then went to take a shower. Maybe that would make him feel better.
"Hmph." Momo left to visit Echizen, who was rooming with the captain. He felt kinda bad about being picky, but his anger at having to sleep in the same room with Mamushi overrode it.

Echizen let Momo in, but he didn't seem very happy about it.
"What's wrong, Echizen?"
"...Nothing." He bends down to unpack his socks.
"Echizen, you're lucky, you get to room with the captain." Momo sighs.
"...There's nothing wrong with rooming with Kaidoh-senpai." But he is also very happy that he gets to room with Tezuka. Rooming with Momo wasn't something Echizen minded, but he preferred it with Tezuka, who didn't talk too much. Especially right now, he didn't feel like talking. He missed his cat, and being pouty in front of Momo was never any good.
"Ehh! Mamushi's so stupid!"
Echizen wants to get Momo out of his room. Tezuka's coming back soon, and if Momo is in the room, then Tezuka will not stay in the room. "I think that you two suit each other."
"Hey, Echizen, did you just call me stupid!"
"No, I just said that you two look good together. I mean, he obviously likes you."
Momo looks stunned. He raises an eyebrow skeptically. "Eh? Mamushi? And I?"
Echizen looks worriedly at the door. "Ma-Ehm, Kaidoh and you, yes."
"Yeah, really. So much that you should go and see him right now, since he likes you too." Echizen gets up and begins to push Momo out of his room.
"Eh? Right now?"
Echizen has managed to push Momo most of the way out of his room. "Yeah, you two are rooming together, so you should go see him! Okay, bye! Go, go! Have fun!"
"Thanks, Echizen!" But Echizen's already slammed the door in his face. He doesn't try to open it, though, because he's too busy smiling like a dork and skipping back to his own room.
A few seconds later, Tezuka enters his room, his expression bordering confusion at Momo's strange behavior, and Echizen's so very happy that Momo-senpai is so gullible.

The problem is that Momo has forgotten that Kaidoh was taking a shower before he left, and he's too happy right now to even think, so the idea that perhaps, when he opens the bathroom door, Kaidoh might actually be stark naked, does not occur to him.
But when he opens the door, Kaidoh IS standing there. Stark naked. With a look of bewilderment on his face.
That sorta wipes the grin off of Momo's face, and instead, he's trying not to stare at...Yeah. Damn, Kaidoh was well endowed.
"Woahh, Mamushi, lock the door before you, like, yeah, didn't your mom teach you that?" He still keeps staring at Kaidoh, though. Damn hot body.
Kaidoh, bright pink now, hurriedly wraps a towel around himself. Not just his bottom part, but his whole body. He still tries to hide behind the sink, too, although he's already covered up. "Fshuuu! I did lock it! Didn't your mom teach you to not open the door while someone's in the bathroom, maybe?"
"I thought you were still in the shower, Mamushi! And if it was locked, then how come it opened?"
"Did you hear the shower on! Do you hear the water on right now! Why would you come in, anyway, even if I was taking a shower! You dumbass!"
Momo stood there, not knowing how to reply. He couldn't very well tell Kaidoh that he'd come because Echizen had told him Kaidoh and him looked good together, right? No, that just wouldn't do. He tried to find an excuse.
"Get out!"
Momo backs away, knowing he looks like an idiot right now. And that he's completely in the wrong. But he doesn't want to admit it.
He jumps on the bed. And accidentally falls on Kaidoh's side, messing up the stupid viper's clothes. He knows Kaidoh will yell at him as soon as he comes out of the bathroom.
But right now he doesn't really care.

The first thing that goes through Kaidoh's head when Momo rushes in is that Momo's smile is really cute, and that he should smile like that more, then maybe Kaidoh would like him. Then it's that the bathroom door was locked, and that it should not be open. Woah, why was Momo standing there? And, wait a second, where was Momo looking! Not that Kaidoh minded, because of the surprised expression Momo had, and it seemed like Momo sorta -liked- looking at him, which was sorta really hot. Does Momo want to keep looking? Maybe Kaidoh should -
But the thoughts were causing Kaidoh to get an erection. And then he has to get Momo out of the bathroom to hide it. The idiot kept standing there, though, trying to argue with Kaidoh who was only covered by a towel. So Kaidoh had to move behind the sink. Damn you, idiot. And damn Kaidoh's hormones.
Finally Momo leaves, and Kaidoh really wonders how to get rid of the hard-on. There's only one way he can think of, but what if Momo walks in? Again? Hopefully the dumbass is not that stupid.
He strokes himself, trying to make it fast, but then he realizes that no matter what, it will take a long time, because while he's stimulating himself, it's slow. Momo probably wants to take a shower, too, and that made Kaidoh feel bad. Also Momo might walk in demanding to take one.
Damn. He tries to go faster, with no effect.

Momo sits in the room, wondering what's taking Kaidoh so long. It must have been at least thirty minutes by now. The water's off, so Kaidoh's not washing his teeth. It didn't take that long to put on clothes...So what the hell was Mamushi doing?
He wasn't...doing /that/, was he? Nah, Kaidoh wouldn't be the type of person to do that. He was way too conservative, to the point it was irritating. Like how he did everything else. For example, before Momo had messed his clothes up, they were folded perfectly. The collar was even fixed. Like, what? Boys don't do stuff like that.
Which is why Kaidoh wouldn't-
Kaidoh's voice reaches his ears. It's soft, but he hears it. "..Ah..!"
...Hell. Seriously? Momo walks up to the door, and he hears muffled heavy breathing. What the hell, Mamushi. He smirks and opens the door.

It wasn't working. It's not working. But Kaidoh can't walk out like this! Momo would have the laugh of his life at this. Crap.
Momo laughing.
Not that he really minded Momo laughing. Because then he would be using that same smile that he had on when he opened the door. Kaidoh wanted Momo's smile, damn, that mouth, he bet it would feel so good on his-
...Then Kaidoh realizes that imagining Momo while doing this actually works. What the hell, was he having fantasies about the idiot?
Damn. Damn, something was definitely wrong with it. But he could think about that later. Right now he...What if Momo walked in, though? Then he'd pick a fight with him, and then Kaidoh would not-so-accidentally slip on him, and then they'd end up fucking on the floor. Yes, he wanted Momo inside him. Bad.
So close, he could taste release. If only Momo was here with him, it would be so hot. He imagines Momo, smirking, being the usual bastard he is, he imagines them punching each other, them kissing, them groping-
Oh, shit. What if Momo heard that? He tries to muffle his breathing in a towel, but it's too loud.
And then Momo opens the door.

Momo's grinning as all heck. And this time Kaidoh is very, very sure about where Momo's looking. "So, Mamushi. So."
Kaidoh blushes, then is about to wrap himself in the towel again, but Momo interjects, "Don't."
"...Fshuuu." He covers himself anyway, as if this was a challenge.
Momo certainly takes it as one, and steps closer to Kaidoh, then pushes him against the wall. "Eh, Mamushi, what's that? Did you reject me?"
Kaidoh pushes Momo back, but it's not from annoyance, because he . "What if I did, bastard?"
Momo throws Kaidoh back against the wall, and puts his leg in a position that Kaidoh can't move without grinding against his knee. Which is fine for Kaidoh, because that's exactly what he does. Grind, that is. In a way as if he still has the advantage.
"Mmm." Momo moves his head in painstakingly slowly, his lips nearly touching Kaidoh's, forcing him to gaze into those violet eyes. Then he smirks and leans his forehead against Kaidoh's instead of finishing off the kiss. "Who knows, Mamushi. I might just rape you."
Kaidoh thinks that would be hot. Maybe he should make Momo do it. He continues to move his hips against Momo's knee, eliciting another moan.
Momo sighs, just so turned on at Kaidoh's actions. "Hell, Mamushi. It's not rape if you want it."
For once, Kaidoh's happy about Momo's pet name. If Momo was saying his name, he might just cum again on the spot. "It's rape if I don't consent to it. No one said anything about wanting anything, dumbass." He knocks his forehead against Momo's, trying to get to Momo's lips.
"Eh, desperate for a kiss?"
Momo locks his lips to Kaidoh's, granting his wish. He probed his tongue into his rival's mouth, and Kaidoh let him in. Mmm, Mamushi tasted good - Momo hadn't eaten dinner and now he wanted to just gobble Kaidoh up.
Kaidoh was the one to push him away, out of breath. "You kiss like you eat, you dumbass." Then an alarm clock rang. It was 10.
Momo groans, wishing Kaidoh hadn't set it, so they could continue, but Kaidoh pulls him out of the bathroom and hauls him on the bed.
"Dumbass, they said we had to be in bed by ten. They didn't say we had to be sleeping."
"...Oh. Yeah. Hey, sometimes you're half-smart, Mamushi." Momo smirks and tries to pull Kaidoh's towel off, but Kaidoh pushes him away.
"Think about it, idiot."
Eh? Think about it? Think about what? Kaidoh naked? It was a hot image, one he'd enjoyed twice, lucky, lucky. He wondered if Kaidoh thought he was hot, if Kaidoh wanted to see him-
Oh. Well, if he'd just said that, then they could have done it a long time ago...! Momo hurriedly tries to remove his clothes, but Kaidoh stops him.
Damn. Momo sighs. This was going to be a long night, trying to please the viper.

WOAH SO HOW IS IT? It's short, isn't it? XD Well it's a CHAPTER, so it's supposed to be short. D8 Momo: It's short like Mamushi. Pfff.
Kaidoh: Fshuu, you idiot, we're the same height.
Momo: What about it!
Well, Momo, by calling Kaidoh short, you're calling yourself short. x_x;
Momo: _ Ehhhh? My brain hurts Eh, Momo, just shut up and kiss Kaidoh .
Kaidoh: /

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