YAY FAIL CONTINUATION OF THIS STORY Dx It's really fail, I'm so out of inspiration. :U Wellwellwell Here we go the out of character fail. X3 It's also TezuRyo now.
So here is the non-smut,

Kaidoh doesn't want to get out of bed. He knows that he should train. That he must, if he wants to get better at tennis. But right now, with Momo cuddling into his side, sleep-murmuring about how yummy Kaidoh was, for once he had a good reason to stay in bed.
But the fact still remains that he has to train, and that not doing so for one day will put him in a bad mood. He puts his hand on Momo's cheek. "Hey dumbass, wake up."
Momo's only response is to lick Kaidoh's hand, and murmur something about Mamushi-flavored lollipops.
This makes Kaidoh want to hug Momo and go back to sleep, but he told himself to be strong. He shoves Momo off the bed.
"Ehhh! Mamushi, what was that for? Ruined such a good dream, too, was licking something really yummy." Momo yawned loudly, stretching, then he settled back on the floor. "Maybe the dream will come back..."
Kaidoh kicked his rival, who was rubbing his face against the floor. "Get dressed, we're going running."
"You still want to train? What time is it, anyway?"
"Five A.M. And yes, I do want to train. And if you're not weak, you'll come too."
At this Momo looks up. Mamushi was so much cuter in his dreams. He yawns again boredly. "I'm not weak, but will you be able to handle it?"
"What are you talking about? I train every morning."
Momo wonders why Kaidoh still doesn't get it. "Yeah, Mamushi, but try standing up."
Kaidoh is about to step off the bed, but Momo winces. "No, no, try standing up over here. By me."
Kaidoh wonders what this is all about, but climbs over to where Momo is, swings his legs onto the floor, and stands up.
Then falls over, his legs going from wobbly to collapsing in a split second due to the sharp pain that goes up his ass. Dammmn, what the hell! Momo catches him, though, having expected this. He hugs Kaidoh, as if trying to make up for the pain.
Kaidoh only pushes him away, frustrated that he can't even stand up. Hell, he wouldn't be able to walk or run today! What about practice? This was all Momo's fau-
Momo pouts. This isn't his fault. "Hey, Mamushi, I did everything you said last night, so don't blame me." "Fshuu." Kaidoh still insists on sulking, ignoring Momo. Because obviously it's still Momo's fault for being so damn sexy that he would do what they did last night all over again, even if it produced the same results.
Momo jumps on Kaidoh, taking care not to put him in a position that will hurt him more.
Kaidoh hisses. "Get off me, bastard!"
"Not until you stop ignoring me!"
"I'm not even ignoring you, you dumbass!"
"Yes, you are."
"Fshuu." Kaidoh pushes Momo away, then grabs onto the bed and hauls himself up slowly, hissing from the pain.
Momo frowns. "Are you still going to train, Mamushi? That's just being stupid."
"You're the stupid one." He takes one step, and winces, holding onto the bed. Momo gets up and helps him, though. Kaidoh pushes him away, trying to show he doesn't need Momo's help, but then all that happens is he nearly falls over again.
"I'll be fine. Go back to sleep." He takes another step, trying to get used to the pain. If he can get used to the pain, then he can do everything like usual.
Momo frowns. If Kaidoh's going to train in that condition, then it's not even an option for Momo to stay behind. He grabs Kaidoh's clothes and brings them to him, so Kaidoh doesn't have to walk that far.
"I don't need your help, dumbass." But of course he takes the clothes anyway.
"Eh? You should be nicer to people who want to help you, Mamushi." Momo begins to put his own clothes on, training clothes, unlike the jeans he was wearing yesterday. He knows he'll need them because although Kaidoh was injured, any training that they did would still be beyond harsh.
Kaidoh hisses, and starts to jog out the door slowly. Momo sees his expression, and feels really guilty.
And then he pouts, because it wasn't his fault! Kaidoh was the one who had wanted to do it five times in a row. After all, Momo had only wanted to do it four.

"Hey, Momoshiro and Kaidoh, breakfast is in ten."
Oishi's voice breaks through Momo's panting, and now he's suddenly ready to go again, jumping up and dragging Kaidoh towards the cafeteria. Oishi winces and walks away, hoping that he doesn't get stuck between this fight. "Come on, Mamushi, let's go eat!"
"Fshuu! If you're so energetic, then we can do another set of shuttle runs."
Momo makes a wtf-are-you-crazy face. "I'm hungry, let's go eat, let's go eat!"
"He said it was in ten minutes, you dumbass."
"Yeah, ten minutes...For everyone else!" He tries to pull Kaidoh, but Kaidoh stands firm.
Kaidoh grabs Momo's shirt and pulls him closer, hissing in his face. "You're such a moron! Can't you be patient?"
Momo is a little stunned at how close Kaidoh's face is. He sort of likes it. But then he remembers that they're fighting, and so he pulls Kaidoh even closer, smirking. "No, Mamushi, you know I don't have a very high patience level."
Kaidoh remembers that from last night still. And he doesn't want this to lead to that. So he hisses and pushes Momo away, walking towards the cafeteria.
Momo grins, taking Kaidoh's hand as a consolation for the fact that he'd won.

Of course, they still had to wait the ten minutes, and the freshmen looked slightly irritated, but at least Momo got to sample some of the food. (I told you this was a stupid idea, said Kaidoh)
Momo watches Kaidoh's expression as he eats his food. It's the same as always, slightly disgusted.
He wonders why Mamushi loves to make that ugly face. (Although it's hot, it's going to ruin his complexion.) "Is it yummy?"
Kaidoh swallows. "Fshuu."
"You should tell me, so then I can go get some too." He pokes at Kaidoh's food with his fork, and Kaidoh pushes him away.
"It's a scrambled egg, you dumbass. It tastes like other scrambled eggs."
Momo takes some anyway - well, if you can count a bulging mouthful as 'some'. "Heyhey, it's yummy-"
Kaidoh really looks disgusted now. "Get your own, dumbass." But he lets Momo help himself anyway. Watching Momo is fun. The idiot probably didn't realize it, but he looked happiest when he was eating. And it was sort of interesting to see how much he could take in that mouth. He tried not to think about what other things Momo could put in his mouth besides food.
"Eh? But yours is closer."
"Fshuuu." Kaidoh looks away as Momo finishes the plate.
Momo frowns. "Awww, it's all gone."
"That's your fault, dumbass." Kaidoh gets up with his plate to get more. He's not full himself, because the damn idiot ate all of it.
"Eh, Mamushi, get some dessert for me, too, okay?" He thinks for a moment. "I want..strawberry ice cream, chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, chocolate chip cookies, and some jelly donuts."
Kaidoh hisses at this. "Get your own damn dessert!"
A few minutes later, Kikumaru points out to Oishi that Kaidoh has somehow miraculously appeared back with a tray of all of the above stated.
Oishi feels bad for the kitchen staff, and also wonders why Kaidoh's being so nice to Momo.

"Hey, everyone." Oishi had called everyone on the regulars team except Momoshiro, Kaidoh, and Tezuka.
"Why are we here?" Echizen opened one eye. He wanted to get back to the captain. At first he'd thought Tezuka was just quiet, but the buchou had actually turned out to be sorta nice, and he had lots of tennis magazines.
Kikumaru tilts his head. "Nya? Is it about Momo and Kaidoh?"
"Mmm?" Fuji's there too, with his eerie smile. "Has something happened between them?"
Taka frowns worriedly. "I hope they have not gotten into more trouble. The two hundred laps that they must run today is already enough..."
"Oh, about that. According to my data, Momo and Kaidoh have already run the laps."
Oishi wondered how that could be, but it wasn't the point. "Anyway, yes, it's between those two. The thing is, well, did you notice this morning?"
Echizen closes the eye he'd had open. This meeting was unnecessary, and he did not want to be here. Why not let the two work things out? He missed Tezuka. "When Kaidoh got Momo his food?"
"Ah, so someone else noticed." Oishi smiled. "Well, you see, Inui's been thinking that next year, Seigaku's probably going to be lacking of doubles teams, so if the two could learn how to get along, it would be very beneficial to the school. And, well, Fuji's method of keeping them together seems to be working, so I'd like everyone to endorse that." Oishi looks at Echizen. "I hope that you don't mind being away from Momoshiro for a while, Echizen."
Echizen wonders if the vice-captain is crazy. Staying with Momo was, well, annoying. He was good for burgers. And tennis. But Buchou was better at tennis, and the burgers thing was okay.
"I don't mind."
"Well, then. I'm glad that this is settled - so for these two weeks, let's let Kaidoh and Momoshiro alone then, shall we?"
Everyone nodded in consent.

Something was up. Something was definitely up. The whole team seemed to be ignoring him.
Momo poked Kaidoh.
"What, teme?"
Momo has a worried expression on his face, and Kaidoh automatically feels guilty. He points at the team. "They're ignoring me, Mamushi."
Kaidoh hisses. "They're not." But he knows that they have been. And he wonders why, as well. Usually people were scared of Kaidoh, but today everyone was just ignoring him except for the freshmen (And the freshmen were too scared to talk to him).
"Yes, they are." He grabs Kaidoh's hand, sort of unconsciously. "Why, why? What did I do?"
Kaidoh doesn't want to push him away, but it's sort of embarassing with Momo's hand intertwined in his. Momo's fingers are rough, and it reminds him of what that hand was doing last night.
But then he glances at the team again, and they're standing far off, in a corner, huddled, whispering and pointing at them. "Fshuu..."

Echizen realizes it first, or maybe Fuji does, but they're not the type to say anything, so Kikumaru points it out.
"Hey, Oishi, look, they're holding hands, nya."
The whole team glanced over. And it was true, Momo had taken Kaidoh's hand and was frowning, as if complaining. Kaidoh was sort of blushing.
"That's...sort of cute." No one really wants to know what Fuji is thinking.
Echizen makes a 'tch' sound. He wishes he could be like that with buchou.
Oishi smiled. "Woah, so Fuji's method really is working. Maybe they really can change by next year."
Taka-san wonders if he's the only one that thinks that this looks overly ... homosexual.
Then Kaidoh hisses, and nods in their direction. Momo looks over and makes a priceless face, pushing Kaidoh's hand away. They automatically begin to fight, Momo pushing Kaidoh and then Kaidoh punching Momo, the exchange that they always have.
Oishi's smile wilted.
"...Or maybe not."

"Ehh! They're watching us? Why?"
Kaidoh strengthened his grip.
OH. Momo pulled away immediately, and wished that he hadn't, because it'd been so nice with Mamushi's hand in his, but heck, this was in front of everyone else!
As Momo pulled away, Kaidoh's hand was pushed back from the momentum, and it hit his tennis racket really damn hard.
"You dumbass!"
Oops. Momo hadn't meant to do that. "You're the dumbass!" But he took Kaidoh's hand anyway, trying to see if he was hurt. Kaidoh was the one who pulled away this time, and so Momo pushed him, and so Kaidoh lost his balance. Momo catches him, but his hand is somewhere Kaidoh doesn't really want it right now.
"FSHUU!" Kaidoh uses Momo as leverage, and then punches him. Hard.
"What the hell was that for, Mamushi!"
"For feeling me up, bastard!"
"Ehhh! It's your fault for falling on me!"
"You were the one that pushed me!"
"Pushed you 'cuz you pulled away from me!"
"You pulled away first!"
"'Cuz the team was looking, baka Mamushi!"
"Only bastards like you do stuff like that in public!"
Momo grins. "Eh? So you're saying that you would do it when we're not in public?"
"Fshuu! Who'd want to do stuff like that with you!..."
The Seigaku team saw them fighting, sure. But they weren't close enough to hear what they were saying.
Momo and Kaidoh were really grateful for that.