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A/N: Whitney is my favorite character in Just Listen. (Except for Owen, maybe ;]) This is a series of 100-word drabbles about her life. There are twenty altogether. I'll update a couple of times a week, probably. They're all written and edited already, so there's no chance of me losing interest and not finishing d: hehe. But anyway, r&r:D

At thirteen years old, I already was worried about my size. Maybe it was a natural reaction to the modeling world. I constantly tried new diets and exercise programs, but any weight I lost was gained back quickly due to my mother's watchful eye and heavy foods. I hated the feeling of the food in my throat and stomach, particularly when I had a go-see or a shoot coming up. It felt like death to be eating so much. So I kept trying diets and counted down the years till I could live on my own and lose weight properly.