Shadow, after a long day, walked to his house and saw Sonic there. "Why are you here?" He was much too tired to argue at this point.
"I am here because I wanted to tell you...that I love you," the blue hedgehog replied hesitantly, biting his lip.
"Oh, do you really?" It was hard to believe... Shadow didn't know how to react...
"Yes I do probably don't love me back.." Sonic looked away, but it was obvious by his shaking that he was crying. "Y..You probably hate me..."
"I didn't say that..." Shadow had never meant his arguements or fights to give Sonic that impression, only that they were rivals...
Sonic looked back at him, tears flowing down his cheeks with a glimmer of hope in those emerald eyes.
That did it. That hopeful, desolate look; he didn't even know that he was hugging Sonic, trying to comfort him, until Sonic was hugging him back with a smirk on his face.
...Wait, what?
"Hehe. I'm a pretty good actor, if I can say so myself."
Dammit! I was fooled..
But just as he was going to push Sonic away, the azure hedgehog kissed him full on the lips. He was shocked at first, warm...and comfortable, it just felt so right...
"But the things I said weren't lies," he whispered in Shadow's ears, snuggling into his chest.
Shadow sighed happily, holding Sonic closer.
He wanted to stay like this, just a little longer. He'd think about the consequences, the taunts, the jeers later. Just for now...