After a few hours of napping, Shadow woke up to the smell of ... pancakes. Burnt ones; the small wisps smoke coming from the small kitchen was contributing to this fact.
Now that he was fully rested, yelling at Sonic continuously would be no problem - and once again, he was irritated that the azure hedgehog actually had stayed while he was sleeping.
As a matter of fact, Sonic had watched him sleep for a few minutes, but it tempted him way too much in a..certain direction, so he went to do what he'd promised - create a nice, edible meal for Shadow when he woke up.
Well, it wasn't exactly working out the way he wanted it to; that's what Shadow could judge, anyway. He rolled off the bed, having obtained a headache from the smoke.
"What the hell are you doing in here?" He growled, glaring, trying to find out what could have gone wrong with trying to make pancakes. There was batter everywhere, and many ingredients were out, including vegetable oil.
"Err...Sorry...I was trying to fry them and..." Sweatdrop.
WAIT, WHAT? Did he seriously...
"...Um, you are supposed to fry them, right?"
Shadow snarled unpleasantly. "No. You are not supposed to fry pancakes. I can't believe I let you take care of anything in my house, faker."
Crestfallen, Sonic stared at the floor again, like earlier, and mumbled, "I didn't know; I don't usually cook...sorry..."
"Shut up. I'll make some food," the other hedgehog muttered, cleaning up the mess that had been created, along with letting smoke flow out through tilted open windows, and opened a closet, tying the strings of an apron around his neck so as not to get his fur dirty.
He decided not to make pancakes; it was midday and pancakes by now wasn't very appealing. He took out a package of hot dogs from his small refridgerator and let them sit there for a while, waiting for them to reach room temperature.
He also retrieved ground beef, various sauces, pepper, and salt, and began switched on the gas, putting the beef in the pan and began to skillfully work with his skillet. Every now and then, he added in a little salt and pepper.
Sonic knew what Shadow was making and wondered why, but didn't ask; instead, he smirked, staring at Shadow as he cooked. "Mhmm, you must really like me to make me my favorite food ~"
He'd never known that Shadow could even cook, but seeing as he was such a loner it was probably a given, elsewise he should starve.
"I'm not making your favorite food on purpose," Shadow muttered, although he subconsciously knew that he'd probably chosen to make Chili dogs especially for Sonic. Already that betraying blush...dammit, stop it!
"Well, fine, deny it if you want," Sonic scoffed, still watching as the other hedgehog shuffled around, putting different sauces into the meat. He really was thinking something right now, and wasn't sure if he should add it in, but...Hey, why not?
"And, by the way, you look sexy in that apron." Accompanied with a smirk.
S...Shuttup... Shadow was trembling a little, here and there, with the skillet now, but tried to keep under control. He was cooking, and it was much easier to tune Sonic out like this...At least, that's what he hoped.
"Please stop it, faker. You can tease me after I finish, but do not talk to me at the moment," he said as evenly as possible.
The 'please' made Sonic stop to think for a while. He was still grinning, and every now and then teased, but he wasn't pressing for anything.

Finally, Shadow put four of the hot dogs into the microwave and turned off the gas, sighing and grabbing a cup, draining the water out of it, famished for both water and food.
After another minute, the loud beep indicated that the hot dogs were cooked; Shadow took them out and put them on buns he retrieved from his cupboard, finally putting chili sauce on top and placing them onto the table Sonic was already sitting at, then taking the apron off and folding it back where it came from.
The blue hedgehog looked disappointed by this, and he was; Shadow in an apron wasn't just sexy, but it was cute, too.
Sonic leaned over to Shadow and gently brushed his lips against his cheek, smiling happily for once, not a smirk but a true smile, inhaling the smell and immediately began digging into his bun.
"..." Shadow didn't say anything even though, yes, he was blushing, but still frowned as he, too, began wolfing down the chili dogs, obtaining the nutrients he'd been denied...
Shadow was a good cook, Sonic had to give him that. But he wished that he'd lighten up more, still.
And, once again, after Sonic was done eating and Shadow was beginning to wash the dishes, came that sentence he knew was inevitable:
"Get out, faker."

Here we go again.

"You sure about that?" Sonic asked, suddenly against Shadow's back, delicately licking his ear, gently hugging him from behind, hands wandering...
Shadow accidentally let out a purr, then growled lightly as a warning and tried ignore Sonic, continuing to wash the dishes, but, damn, at the moment, he just wanted it so badly...