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"Please Jonah? Can we please keep her?" Darby had found a fluffy gray cat. A pregnant fluffy gray cat.

Jonah looked at the cat that Darby held in her hands. She looked hungry, and she also looked like she was going to have her babies any day.

"Please Jonah, she and her kittens might die if we don't take care of her."

Darby was pleading with her eyes. So was the cat.

Cathy walked in the hallway holding a plate of bacon. "Come on you two. I've got a little bit of bacon right here. If you want it you'd better hurry up and eat it or Cade and Kit will."

The cat jumped from Darby's arms, and jumped on Auntie Cathy. While she was trying to keep the cat away from the bacon the cat swiped at and caught a piece of bacon with her claws.

"See Jonah, she's hungry." She looked down at the cat that was now wolfing down the bacon.

Cathy looked from one to another. "If Darby is wanting to keep that cat I think you should let her."

"Why?" The first word he had spoken since Darby had asked to keep the cat.

"I saw a mouse in the pantry. The cat can have her kittens, and catch the mice." "Yeah! She could also teach her kittens to catch mice!" Darby was looking at him hopefully, glad that Auntie Cathy had given her a real reason to keep the cat.

"She'll need a name." "You mean we can keep her! Oh thank you so much!" Darby threw her arms around Jonah.

She walked into the dinning room where Kit, Cade, and Megan were sitting. The cat followed her.

Cade looked at the cat, and Megan sneezed. She sneezed because the cat had jumped on her lap and was waving her fluffy tail in her nose.

"Nice cat." Kit reached over and petted it, before scooting his chair back to leave. "She's so pretty." Megan was petting the cat, and the cat was pressing her head into her hand. "Have you named her?" Megan knew some names that would be great for the cat on her lap. Darby shook her head. "I was going to ask you if you knew any good names." "Maybe Lily? Or Rose." "Why flower names?" Cade rolled his eyes. "Because she looks like a flower." Cade rolled his eyes again. Girls. Cade tipped his chair back and said, "Why not use an Hawaiian name?" "Because!" Cade looked at Darby like, 'Come on Darby, use a Hawaiian name.'

"I like the name Rosey." Cade reached for a piece of bacon and got slapped by the cat. She had jumped up on the table and was about to eat the piece of bacon, but Darby scooped her off the table.

"No Rosey. Well get you something else to eat." "Well she does have good taste in food!" Joked Megan, as Cade reached once more for the bacon, and didn't get slapped this time. By a human or a cat.

A/N The reason I didn't give the kitty a Hawaiian name was because I couldn't find any :(