Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo lay on the floor of an empty, dust ridden apartment, writing the initials SM on the blank white wall. The significance of these letters was not yet important, but they were being written in blood.

Tony finished writing turned on his cell phone and whispered "Find me, boss." Then he passed out and blood continued to spill from his chest.

8 hours previously

"Morning McGee, Ziva how was your weekend?" Tony asked as he sat down at his desk.

"Grab your gear there's a dead agent at Norfolk" called Gibbs as he walked down the stairs behind them cutting off any replies. When they arrived at the scene they began to process the evidence. The victim, Jessica Trent was an NCIS agent who worked at Norfolk.

"TOD Duck?" Gibbs asked Dr Mallard as he arrived at the scene with Palmer. After taking her liver temperature Ducky announced that the victim had died at least 2 hours previously, along with a very long winded explanation as to why he had been late that included many references to Palmer.

The only clue the killer left behind was a bullet casing and a fingerprint. Gibbs took both to Abby upon their return to NCIS headquarters.

"Gibbs" the Goth cried before hugging her favourite silver fox and retrieving the evidence and a Caff-Pow from Gibbs' hands. Whilst the fingerprint was running through the database searching for a match Abby informed Gibbs that the bullet casing couldn't be identified without the actual bullet which Ducky had already told them had been removed.

"So this guy knows how to cover his tracks" Gibbs said "Call me about that fingerprint, when you get something Abs." He returned to the main office where his three agents were finding out everything they could about Agent Trent.

"Boss she was last seen by her boyfriend Alan Collins" McGee informed him as he sat down at his desk. "At 0200 she was seen taking a cab with him from a bar near the office. My guess is they were going home."

"Well yeah McGee where else would they be going at two in the morning." Tony said in his usual demeaning way. "I went to see her boss, and he said she didn't turn up to work that day. However I did find something interesting on her. It seems that her last two undercover ops have been complete disasters and she barely escaped with her life. It seems that the suspects seemed to know what she was up to right from the get go."

"There's a mole in NCIS, there has to be." Gibbs said more to himself than anyone else. "Tony go back to the crime scene see if we missed anything McGee bring the boyfriend in for questioning. Ziva find out what you can about him. If he was the last person to see her then he's our prime suspect.

"Yes boss" they said together.

McGee went to Collin's house and collected him before placing him in the interrogation room. Ziva discovered that his name was changed when he was sixteen because his father was a known criminal and he probably didn't want to be associated with him.

When Tony arrived at the apartment he discovered something they'd missed. A small white dust. As he bent down to take a sample he heard footsteps behind him Tony spun around drawing his weapon. When he saw the shadowy figure in the doorway he relaxed and said "Oh, it's just you."

The man he was speaking to didn't pause merely held up the gun and shot Tony twice in the chest before making a run for it.

Tony had never felt so much pain. Every movement was agony. He could feel his life force slipping away and knew that he didn't have long before blacking out. He took a deep breath and placed the tip of a finger on the rapidly growing blood stain on the front of his favourite shirt. He began to write on the wall. A clue for Gibbs to find. Tony knew his boss would track him down when he didn't report in. To make it easier for McGee to find him he winced and reached into his pocket to turn on his cell phone. Tony whispered some final words and gave up the fight to stay conscious.

Will they find Tony in time and catch who's responsible?

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