Author's note: Another Chocobo is introduced this chapter. You'll know him when you see him. This Chocobo is Green, Has Lenna/Reina's Summoner clothes and Has a Red mage hat. This Chocobo is owned by luigi400000. No Stealing, K?

Kuro: What ABOUT the book?

Sage: Well, It was a magic circle under it.

Kuro: Yes, and…

Sage: You don't get it, do you?

Kuro: Ye- No…

Sage: Exactly. (Opens the book and begins to read it again)

Kuro: Um… Yoo-hoo! Who you reading to? Yourself?

Sage: (Sarcasm) Yeah! how'd you guess?

Kuro: You didn't have to say it like THAT you know…

Sage: I know, I just like doing that to people.

Feather: …Woooaahhh… That was a weird Dream. It had Ifrit, and Shiva, and Bahamut, and…

Kuro: NO! NOT THIS AGAIN! (Casts Silence)

Feather: Ha! That only works for Spells!

Kuro: Grr… (Shakes fist) Sage! Read louder!

Sage: (Continues reading silently)

Kuro: Oh, Come on!

After quite some time…

Sage: So that's how the book goes…

Feather: …And Titan! Cool, huh?

Kuro: (Shaking on the Floor) Urge… To Meteor village… Rising…

?: Well, That wouldn't be very nice, now would it? (Walks into sunlight)

Feather: Sorry, Do I know you?
Kin: I believe not. My name is Kin. So what'cha all doing? (Looks around, then does an awkward smile) Ha… Haha…

Sage: So, what can you do?

Kin: Can't you tell by what I'm wearing?

Kuro: Actually… No. I mean, look at him. (Points to Feather) Is he a Dragoon or a Knight?

Kin: Tough Question… Well, In that case, I'm a Summoner. I just love wearing these hats.

Kuro: So I guess we'll never know…

Feather: Hehe!

Book: Hehe… Perfect Time to strike! (Leaps In front of them) FEAR ME! For I am…

Kuro: A Talking Book?

Book: NO!… Yes… But not what I was looking for! I am… Uh… I FORGOT!

Sage: Can you really forget your own name that easy?

Book: Well it's like, 15 letters or something, hold on I'll try to remember…

Kuro: …

Sage: …

Kin: …

Feather: (Shuffling Card Deck)

About 4 Minuets later…

Bebuzzu: I remember now! I AM BEBUZZU! I will eat your souls! For real this time! (Releases The same Giant Purple vortex from before)

Some spinning, Turning, Warping, and Purple-ness Later…

Kuro: Where are we, and Why does this place look like a Final Fantasy 1 Rip off?

Kin: Because It is.

Feather: Any idea what they're talking about?

Sage: No idea.

Kuro: See? The 4 heroes are supposed to stand there! And instead it's some plain Chocobo!

Kin: I knew that! I made it to the Marsh cave you know!

Kuro: Well I'M on my 3rd playthrough already!

Kin: Oh YEAH!

Kuro: YEAH!

Voice: Once Upon a Time…

Everyone: (Looks in different directions) Huh?

Voice: There were cactus like monsters called, "Cactuars".

Kin: Keep going, now!

Voice: and Turtle like Monsters called, "Adamantoises".

Kuro: We know, Keep going…

Voice: One day, a herd of Adamantoises came to a clean spring for a drink.

Kuro: Yawn.

Sage: Quiet! We're trying to listen!

Voice: A Cactuar came by, who was quite thirsty as well.

Kuro: Seriously.

Everyone else: Ssh!

Voice: He lined up behind the Adamantoises, and waited and waited, and soon grew impatient.

Kuro: Like We're waiting, and waiting. And Becoming Impatient.

Voice: "Speed up the guzzling girls and boyses! There's no need to wait for Adamantoises!" Said the Cactuar.

Kuro: Ooh! Somethings gonna haa-ppen…

Voice: Something Happened.

Kuro: Really?

Voice: NO! Now pay attention. (Clears throat) One of the Adamantoises replied, "We're just taking our time friend. The water tastes much sweeter when you drink at a moderate pace.

Kuro: That's it! I'm leaving!

Kin: You see an exit?

Kuro: I HAVE Exit!… Do I?

Sage: Well you can try it. (Gives Kuro Exit)

Kuro: Buh-Bye now…!

Awkward silence…

Sage: Exactly. (Takes it Back)

Kuro: (Sits down and angry Frowns)

Voice: The Cactuar did not like the sound of this. Not one tiny Bit. "At a Pace? What a Disgrace! Speed is the key, cant you see?" The Cactuar said.

Kuro: I'm liking the sound of this. Keep going.

Voice: "Slow and Steady wins the race." And Adamantoise replied.

Kuro: Aaaaand you lost me.

Voice: "Slow and Steady? What a laugh! My blinding speed will tear up the path!"

Kuro: I'm actually stating to like that Cactuar guy.

Voice: "So up that mountain, to the summit! We'll race untill I've clearly won it!"
Kuro: Definitely.

Voice: "To better the mood, the loser shall give to the winner… Their favorite food!"

Kuro: Ooh! Finally, something exciting!

Voice: "We accept your little proposal, friend." And so the race began between the Speedy little Cactuar and the Slow and Steady Adamtoises Began…

Kuro: Oh, I gotta see this!

Voice: You wanna see it? Oh, I'll let you see it alright…

Sage: Did you say something?

Voice: Uhh… Nogoodluck! (Warps them inside the story)

Kuro: Hey! Why do we have to be on the Adamtoises' Side?

Kin: Just go with it.

Voice: GO!


Feather: Run little guy, Run!

Awkward silence… While moving at a speed of less than 5 Miles per hour…

Kuro: We're so losing.

Kin: No kidding.

Feather: Falling Rocks!

Kuro: Y-you can defend yourselves against those, right?

Kuro's Adamantoise: Yep!… Good luck with that on your end.

Kuro: Hey! That's unfair! Why didn't mister mysterious voice guy give us a shield or something? Anyone? (Looks around)

Everyone but him has the, "Shell" Spell in effect.

Kuro: Oooooooooooohhhhhhh… Meanies… WAIT! Why didn't I do this an hour ago? SLEEP!

The Cactuar fell asleep, Just like that.

Kuro: And now… HASTE SPAMMING GO! (Continuously uses Haste on his Adamtoise.) Hear that, White Magic? BLACK MAGIC WINS THIS TIME!

Voice: And so, the Race Began! The Contestants sped away from the Starting line.


Voice: the Cactuar had put a lot of distance between him and the Adamantoises. Unfortunately for him, some Cheater Put him to sleep in the middle of the race.

Feather: You changed the Epilouge! How could you?

Voice: At the same time one little Hasted Adamantoise sped up the hill. And finished faster than the Cactuar would've even if he were awake.

Kuro: I like this ending!

Voice: When the Cactuar Came-to, he was in quite a shock! One little Bird was shouting that Black Magic wins, as also the race.

Kuro: Hehe… Yep!

Voice: "Hey! I want a rematch! This isn't right!"

Kuro: Well, Speed is the key. He said it himself.

Voice: Spe- HEY! Don't steal my lines!

Kuro: Sorry, the story sounds much better when I tell it.

Voice: …With that, the Cactuar blew his top, and started showering the Shelled Adamtoises with Spikes.

Kuro: In which the spikes did nothing.

Voice: The End.

Kuro: YES! YEES!

Feather: Aww… I liked it here…

Kin: As did I little one… As did I… (Pats him on the back)

Sage: Well, nothing lasts forever right?

Feather and Kin: Yeah…

They were warped to where they were previously. Where they found the book, safe and sound…