Today Was A Fairytale

This is my attempt at the 100 Word Challenge. It takes place after the 8th book and it will explain what my idea of the ending of the series was.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Sisters Grimm in anyway at all.

Chapter 1: Fairytale

Sabrina Grimm sat on her bed, legs crossed, with a book of Grimm Fairytales on her lap. She was flipping through the pages, her hair falling into her face from her bright blonde messy bun that was settled on the top of her head. Her navy eyes scanned the book for any changes that the Editor may have missed when the girls had run amuck through the book. This was the first time they were capable of it. The Scarlet Hand had been defeated and her Granny was returned to the family, safe and sound. Her little brother and her parents were back with the family as well.

All was well and all was simple. The only problem was when Sabrina, Daphne, and their parents had had their argument over their two year old brother's name. Her father had chosen Basil Jr., after his own father. Her mother was requesting Justin-after her father. Daphne and Sabrina had been hoping for Robin-a name that fit a Grimm to perfection and was Sabrina's favorite name out there. They argument the girls had used was that they didn't want their baby brother to get beat up.

"Any changes in that book," Daphne asked, poking her head in the doorway, her dark chocolate brown waves covering her pale face and her dark brown eyes shining brightly.

"Nah-this was the last of the Grimm books. Want me to work on any other books," She suggested.

"I've got the Anderson books and the OZ and Wonderland books done with," Daphne shook her head. "Mom and dad got the rest with Granny and Jake-we're done," Daphne beamed.

"You had Red help you," Sabrina accused.

"She offered," Daphne pouted before running out of the room.

Sabrina's life may be surrounded by characters fresh out of a fairytale but her life was anything but a fairytale. When she was ten her parents had gone missing and she was sent, with her sister to multiple foster homes where all the families were crazy. After she'd found her granny she was tossed into a mess of mysteries that always seemed to threaten her life.

"Hey Grimm do -"A dirty blonde haired boy stuck his head into the room, his eyes glowing a bright green. He was gorgeous-any normal girl would be in full crush mode when it came to a boy like this. But he acted like an immature loser and pulled an endless supply of pranks on Sabrina.

"GET OUT," She screamed at the fairy.

"I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to the mall so you could get your Christmas shopping done," He frowned.

"Oh," Sabrina said, tossing the book aside and standing up. "Sorry," She frowned.

"It's, do you want to go?" He asked.

"Sure Puck," She smiled faintly. "I'll meet you downstairs in, like, ten minutes. I gotta get dressed," She grinned and walked over to her door, closing it tightly before returning to her closet and grabbing a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, her caramel colored UGG boots and a v-neck purple tight fitting fuzzy sweater. She got dressed quickly, tossed on her white ski jacket and then ran down the stairs after tying her hair into a ponytail.

"Ready?" He asked, smiling brightly.

"Yeah," She nodded, letting the thirteen year old boy-it had been a year since all the Scarlet Hand drama-take her hand and fly her to the mall.

Puck's POV:

Why was I, the biggest villain and trickster king of them all, flying a soon to be thirteen year old girl towards the mall? Why was I holding her tightly and keeping my face buried in her blonde hair that smelled faintly of vanilla and strawberries.

Well, the answer was hard to find exactly. Maybe it was because she was so, I did not just say that. I don't like Sabrina Grimm-I mean Grimm.

Then, just because she'd woken me up from that poisoned apple didn't mean I was in love with her. I may be growing up but I didn't do love. And anyways, I'm royalty and I would never like a girl who would turn me down.

Wait, so does that mean I'm worried that Sabrina-ugh, GRIMM-wouldn't like me? I mean, look at me...I'm Puck.

Meaning I'm immature and selfish. I'm a prankster and full of tricks. I'm big on doing stupid things and I'm obnoxious.

But I saved her life all the time. That didn't change anything though.

We landed just as Charming and Snow-we'd found a way to save them both-walked out of the mall, hand in hand. They're wedding was coming up soon-Valentine's Day to be exact.

After so many years they were getting their happily ever after. The same happily ever after I'd never have because the only girl I wanted to be with hated my guts.

No, scratch that. I'd make sure that Sabrina and me got our happily ever after. We were going to be together. We'd find a way. I was an everafter-I was a star of my own fairytale. Actually, I wasn't. My fairytale was taken over by a bunch of love struck fools. But this was my time to be the star. This was going to be mine and Sabrina's fairytale. We would be the ones to get a happily everafter. I grinned at her as she smiled at me faintly and then dragged me into the Ferryport Landing mall.

"So, whaddya wanna get me?" I asked, a playful smile forming on my boyish face. She punched my arm playfully and flashed a teasing smile back at me.

"I'll give you a hint-it's shiny and black," She grinned.

"A new car," I gasped.

"You can't drive," She giggled.

"So? It's nice to plan ahead," I shrugged.

"Yeah, well I was planning on coal," Sabrina smirked. I laughed as I followed her through the store we'd started in.

"Where are we heading?" I asked with a sigh as I followed her around. Truthfully, I just wanted an idea of what to get her since I'd totally messed up when it had come to her birthday the year before. I'd gotten her supplies for a prank-what kind of stupid gift was that? That was stupid-even he noticed that.