The Medic of Konoha II

Here it is! My long waited sequel to my favorite fic, Medic of Konoha.

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So here we are, at the beginning of the end. We left when Haku and Naruto left Konoha in order to escape the madness in the village. But because neither of them can really move in the wild, they got lost for three years.

I found a perfect picture of Naruto in this fic. It's

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Chapter 1: Lives that continue

Konoha was such a peaceful village. It was sunny mostly but not too often so it didn't get too hot. It rained but not too much so it wasn't muddy. It had solid walls but it wasn't intimidating. It was green and lively all around. It had many people living their lives happily without any worries.

Five huge stone faces looked down to the village. Just under them, there was the red tower, the Hokage Tower. Inside the tower, there was an office where a vigilant leader of the village was watching over the village.

"Huuuoh!" Blond woman in green coat yawned loudly and leaned closer to her desk. "I'm bored."

"Tsunade-sama, please. You should try and concentrate on your work." Black haired woman, holding a pink big in her arms tried to make her point.

"And you should take it easy. After all, you're about to pop, aren't you?" The blond woman smirked teasingly to the black haired woman who smiled happily and rubbed her stomach. It was huge. "Yes, yes I am. This is your godchild, ready to come to the real world."

Tsunade of the Sannin, Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure, married woman with two children, smiled fondly. "Yes. I remember when I was expecting Princess."

"I do too…" Shizune, Tsunade-samas loyal assistant, closest friend, first student and currently eight months pregnant with her boyfriend's child, sweat dropped uncomfortably remembering what it had been like.


"STOP KICKING YOU FUCKING BRAT!" Tsunade screamed to her stomach.

"Everything okay, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune asked carefully.

"WHAT YOU THINK! I have an asshole inside my stomach, kicking my insides like crazy! You do the math!"


"Yes… happy memories." Tsunade sighed happily and looked the picture on her table. It was her only family portrait. In that picture, group of people who were smiling/glaring/or looked like they had just woken up.

"Kaa-chan!" Very excited yell filled the tower as young, blond haired girl rushed inside her office wearing a hitai-ate. Then she stopped right in front of her table, smiling happily while holding her hands behind her back. "Team 3 just finished its mission."

"That's great honey." Tsunade smiled proudly at her daughter. Senju Shizuka. 12 years old. Genin of the year in Konoha. Many teachers praised her skills that of a prodigy (and it was only half ass-kissing) even though, she was a bit… original. "Any word from Tou-chan yet?"

"No." Tsunade glared at one of the people in the picture. Tall, blond haired man with a sunny smile. "He still hasn't returned from his… trip to Kumo." She sighed.

"Will I see Oji-san soon?" Shizuka asked excitedly.

Moroboshi Arataro, husband of Tsunade and the father of Shizuka was also younger brother of Kumos leader, Raikage. After few tragic events, he had packed his bags and left. Years later, he had met this beautiful and stunning woman who he had spent a night with. That night had long lasting consequences as she realized she was pregnant. Seeing his chance for happiness, he had asked her to marry him and she accepted after only little encouragement.

That was the version he told everyone. Tsunade had a more… crude way of looking back at those events. They got drunk. They had sex. She didn't use any additional protection. She was knocked up. And after months of begging, she had agreed to marry him only to shut him up.

"What about Onii-san?" Shizuka asked excitedly. "Is he coming home?"

Tsunade looked down to the picture of a young boy glaring at the camera. Blond hair and blue eyes, just like the older man in the picture. It was amazing how people could look so much alike even though they had no relation. Boys name was Senju Naruto. Her son. Shizukas older brother. Boy who had left the village three years ago with another person from that picture. Black haired girl, Haku who had dedicated her life following him around, had left too.

Naruto was originally from Konoha but when he was born, this huge demon called Kyuubi no Yoko attacked the village. In order to defeat this demon, Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, Narutos birth father had to seal it inside his own son. After the sealing, Yondaime had died, leaving his son with the village that hated him. Details were a bit sketchy but that summed it up nicely. Few years later, Naruto was chased out of the village and almost killed. During that time, Tsunade who was already carrying Shizuka inside her, found him. Devastated of what had just happened, she had picked him up and adopted him.

Years they travelled together. Most of the time it was just Naruto, Shizune and Tsunade. And of course Tonton. Ever since Shizuka had started to walk, she had been much closer to her 'Papa' than 'Mama'. Tsunade had always said that she would always be 'daddy's little girl' but Naruto would be 'mommy's little boy' forever. But after years passed, Tsunade started to regret that she trusted her husband with their child. She had adapted his happy-go-lucky kind of thinking and attitude towards the world.

Then, he had outdone himself by taking her to a 'small trip around the corner'. Two years later the pair had appeared inside Konohas gates. Now, Arataro was on a really short trip to Kumo or so he was supposed to be. No one could really tell what that genius got inside his head.

While Arataro and Shizuka were on their little trip, Sandaime Hokage had died, leaving the village without a suitable leader. Jiraiya, that perverted idiot from whom Naruto had decided to look for an example to grow up into, had a genius idea of seek out Tsunade and bring her back.

After few months of absence, they arrived. Proud of himself Jiraiya, reluctant Tsunade, worried Shizune and very anxious Naruto. After all, twelve year old boy could hardly free himself from traumas the village had inflicted on him.

In this village, Naruto had quickly become somewhat of an idol with his bright smile, blue eyes and blond hair, and with his natural ability to talk to girls like it was nothing. But their way of life had left Naruto with an inability to stay at one place for too long so as always, he had started taking strolls outside the village. After one of such 'stroll' he had picked up a girl and taken her back to the village to be treated. Lots had happened and he had fought against a sound-nin. And after a clash with that sound-nin, Kimimaro his Mokuton ability was made known to everyone, and he had become a stalked celebrity and his life had taken turn for worse.

From schoolgirls to clan heads, everyone sought him to be theirs. Everyone for their own reasons but he couldn't take it anymore so he had left (or run away) with Haku over three years ago.

And Jiraiya, the last remaining person in the picture on Tsunades desk, chased after him. They hadn't been heard of much. Katsuyo, Narutos personal summon didn't know much either (or refused to reveal anything). And that slugs rapping was just too annoying for Tsunade to keep listening to it.

She glanced up from the picture to see her Princess telling an excited story to her godmother how she and her team had finished the mission. Times like these, she really wished her family was together again. "Where are you, Naru-chan?" She sighed.


Somewhere, far far away a young man was panting. No, he was not panting because of something he was doing (other than walking forward) he was panting because it was blazing hot. And why wouldn't it, he was standing in sand. A sudden burst of wind blew the sand all around him and almost took his light red, sleeveless jacket with it. His long, blond hair that was tied to a ponytail that reached half way his back. It half covered the kanji 'heal'. Under the jacket he wore a simple light green shirt and grey baggy pants. Those were the only things he had left on him. Those and a green jewel necklace around his neck. Blue eyes took comfort from it. His bandaged arms brushed his face slightly, covering three whisker-like marks on his face. "It's hot…" He whimpered loudly.

"Naruto… can you stop whining! For one minute!" A female voice snapped angrily. The voice was harsher than originally intended. It wasn't that she meant to be harsh. It was just that the owner of the voice didn't do well in hot climates. She was in fact literally an Ice-woman. He black hair was flowing freely around.

"I can't help it, Haku! And you aren't exactly helping with the way you dress!" Blond man snapped back.

The young woman blushed and looked away. It was true. Her clothes hugged her feminine curves tightly, almost letting something to burst out. It wasn't her fault. In three years she had entered a growth spurt. Her boobs had gotten bigger, her ass had gotten bigger. She had gotten taller. Her face had taken a turn more gentle. Compared back to time when she first met Naruto, she was a girl back then. Now, she was a woman. But of course, that didn't explain why she didn't wear any other clothes. It was because they hadn't seen any clothing shops for months. And even when they saw one, she couldn't find the time to go shopping because of… circumstances. So, she had to walk around, dressed like a slut (not that her companion complained).

"Three years…" Naruto whispered. "This got to be another record! There's just no way that a person can be lost for three years!"

"Well, I'm sorry but that's how it is!" Haku yelled angrily. "It's because you lost the compass! It's because you lost our maps! It's because you had to trust that strangers help when I clearly said not to!"

"You told me to ask for directions!" Naruto yelled back. "You nagged and nagged! God! You act like an old wife!"

Haku turned around so quickly that they pumped into each other. "So now I'm old?"

"God! Not again! AAaarrgAAAAAAeraraRAGH!" Naruto screamed something incomprehensible.

"Naruto! Look!" She had dropped the honorific –sama about a year ago. "Perhaps those two could help us!"

"No." Naruto shook his head. "I will not take any more directions from anyone and then hear you nag about it!"

"Fine! I promise not to complain if you just ask for those two some directions. PLEASE!" Haku screamed so loudly that two figures walking further away of them turned around. "Excuse me! Excuse me!"

Two figures wearing cloaks and kasas made no sign of greetings.

"Rude fellows." Naruto muttered under his breath to Haku who nodded in agreement. "Yo!" He raised his hand.

"What you want?" The smaller one asked. "We're busy."

"Well, sorry but we just need to ask for some directions."

"Directions, huh?" Taller, a blond man asked. "Where to, huh?"

"Well, you can start by telling, where are we now?" Haku laughed nervously. "We're a bit of lost."

Two figures glanced at each other. Then the taller one raised his hand and pointed at one direction. "You're roughly half a day way from Suna. Are you heading there, huh?"

"Actually, we're heading to Demon country."

"Demon country? Then you should head straight east, huh." Blond man nodded. "Are you from west?"

"Well… we've been here and there. Let's just say that." Naruto laughed nervously. "I don't know if it's too much to ask but could you lead us to the edge of this sand box."


"Well, we're kind of… lost."

"Lost? How?" The blond asked.

"It's all his fault." Haku said quickly

"Here we go again…" Naruto whispered and rolled his eyes.

"Yes! Yes, here we go again! This idiot can't even find his way over a street without getting lost!"

"Well, sorry! It's not like we can trust your judgment either!"

"It was your idea to try to use this desert as a 'shortcut'."

"No, I said we should try and stay on the road. But you said that we were in a hurry if we wanted to reach that festival before it ended!"

"Well, sorry if I actually thought about spending my birthday someplace nice!" Haku snapped.

"See! See! This is what I have to live with! The queen of universe! Always nagging into my ear! It's all about her! Her! Her! Her!"

"It's the queen of the universe, you buffoon!"

"You know what I think you bit-"

"Enough!" Both cloaked figures yelled at the same time. "Fine! We will guide you to the edge of the desert."

The group moved in silence, Naruto on the left side, smaller of the two cloaked figures, then the tall blond one and finally Haku. These two were very careful not to look at each other or speak with each other.

After a moment of silence, Naruto couldn't take it anymore and just had to ask: "So, what are you people? Merchants?"

"… no." The small one answered with low voice.


"… no."


"What makes you think we're homeless?" The smaller ones head snapped around.

"Well," Naruto scratched his head. "you just… have that smell." He smirked.

"What… smell?"

"Naruto!" Haku said quickly. "There's a road-side village!" She pointed at the edge of the desert and started running. "Thank you very much, sirs. My friend and I really appreciate this!" She yelled over her shoulder. "I wish luck to whatever you're doing!"

"Gotta go before she rents a room from the most expensive inn in the town." Naruto smiled and waved his hand. "Thanks again, guys. And don't worry! There's nothing to be ashamed of being a homeless." He run after Haku who was already half way there.

After they were gone, Sasori and Deidara just stood there for couple of minutes. "Those two were weird, yeah."

Sasori leaned closer to himself and sniffed. "Do I smell bad? Never mind! We got to deliver Ichibi now before the rescue team's reaches us." And he started crawling towards the rendezvous point.


"This is life…" Haku whispered sweetly when she soaked herself in a hot spring.

"Yep, it sure is." Narutos voice agreed from the other side of a fence. "It's been ages when we had a bath like this."

Haku looked at the night sky above them. "Naruto-san, I… apologize." She whispered.

"What for?"

"I have been on the… edge lately. Because of that FUC-" She took a deep breath and dipped her head into the spring. "Because of that sand box." She finished. "And I know it's hasn't been easy for you to listen to my complaints. So I apologize."

"I accept." She could hear him smiling his relaxed smile. It was one of his secrets that he kept for himself. She only knew about it because she had once seen him smiling like that, when he was holding his necklace. She knew it.

She sighed quietly as she reminisced the last three years of her life. How things had changed. How she had changed. How he had changed.

Three years ago when they left to this journey that was supposed to be just couple months had somehow lasted for years now, she had called him her master. She had addressed him respectfully using honorific like '–sama' and would have been prepared to do anything for him. She had been recovering for months of captivity that had been visible on her. Now, she looked like someone who might actually get peoples interests. She had been weak and timid, wanting to prove herself to her benefactors. Now, she felt like living for herself a bit. She felt a feint scar on her abdomen. It had been much over three years since the death of her Zabuza-sama and that scar was there to remind her of him. It still hurt so much to think about him. But time healed all wounds. And this scar was losing its color much as that pain.

"Is there any hotties out there?" She laughed quietly as she heard Narutos voice. She wasn't only one that had changed.

"No, Naruto-san. Only me." She answered when the laughter died down.

"… Are you wearing a towel?"

She sank her mouth into water to silence her laughter. He was so predictable. "Yes, I'm wearing a towel but I'm also holding a needle in my hand so don't even think about drilling a hole."

"I wasn't thinking that." Naruto quickly tried to cover up.

"Ooh, yeah. Su~re." She smiled. "How did you know what I meant, if you weren't thinking about it?"

"… touché."

Haku laughed again and this time she allowed her voice to be heard. Some things never changed. Or changed into familiar direction. Naruto was just as big of pervert as he was three years ago if not even bigger. Just like three years ago, he was still a horrible womanizer who apparently thought that girls were only to please him and his imagination. There hadn't been even a single 'relationship' thing going on there. At least that how she saw it. How certain girls in Elemental Countries saw it, was a whole different thing. Well, not that she could blame him. Just like he said it in his speech: 'it's not me, it's this stupid body that is pumping hormones all day and all night'. A quote from his 'puberty speech' that she had heard several times by now. Yep, he was fast with his mouth and now that nobody would buy 'I'm curious' thing anymore, he had upgraded his tactics. And it worked. She couldn't even start counting how many girls and women had fallen to his 'it's all so hard and confusing. My body seems to be on fire all day and I don't know what to do?' This added with his new, matured looks, he was invincible. Three years ago, now that she looked back, he had been a brat. Stupid, annoying brat, when looked back at.

She suddenly heard something climbing over the wall. "Don't even think about it!" She yelled and threw a senbon needle through the wall.

Something flew over the wall and landed on the spring, splashing the water all around. For a second, nothing happened. Then suddenly, that something jumped up, a needle stuck in his head. "Why'd you do that for!" Senju Naruto stood there, wearing nothing but a towel around his privates.

Haku scanned him from top to bottom. Yes, a brat when looked back but that annoying brat had grown into a man! And what kind of man! His hair was longer and had some sun kissed stripes coloring it. He had grown height. From that short kid, to a man. He wasn't that tall but it didn't mean he didn't have confidence of one. When they had first begun their journey, she had looked down to him. Now, they looked at each other eye to eye. Three years of constant travelling had made his body strong and put up some muscle into him.

As her eyes scanned his body, she noticed a dark spot right on his abdomen. The scar was similar to hers by its unique form. While he tried to pull the needle out of his head, she felt sudden ache again.

Then she ripped her eyes of the scar and looked up. With one smooth move, he finally had managed to get the pointy thing out of his head. While he did that, he accidentally moved his hair, revealing a diamond shaped tattoo in his forehead. Under that, his sharp, beautiful blue orbs called eyes looked down to her with accusing tone. "Why did you have to do that!" He asked with accusing tone. As he moved his lips, six whisker-like marks moved according to his mouth that made him look like a fox.

On his chest he had two things. A green jewel necklace and a on his left chest, red symbolic tattoo that looked like a momiji tree leaf. It was there to remind him of one thing. Never start a drinking contest with a woman who owned a tattoo parlor next door. You might wake up with new markings on you. Well, it was cool. He thought so at least.

He played with the needle with his hands that were wrapped by bandages even though they were bathing.

Yes, this was Senju Naruto, fifteen, standing in hot spring, on women's side looking bored. "You need to compensate for what you did!" He nodded firmly.

"What?" Haku asked humored.

"My beautiful head is now ruined! Because of you!" He yelled dramatically pointing his finger at her. "How are you going to pay me back?"

"You're the one who climbed over the wall to the women's side." She pointed out, holding back a smile. "I see it that you're the one who should give me something."

"You're the one who stuck a needle into my head!" Naruto yelled tears in his eyes. "I only wanted to witness the beauty of your body when you suddenly attacked me!"

Haku really didn't feel like ruining her night by listening of him parading some lame excuses for his actions. So she stood up and opened her towel, revealing her female body to him silencing him up.

Before the beginning of their journey, she would've killed him just to escape the embarrassment but after three years, slowly, she had become accustomed of him watching her body. When you got around the embarrassment and anger, it was kind of flattering to know that where ever she went, there was one person who would always want her. It wasn't that she had become an exhibitionist or anything. And if anyone else would be standing there, that man (or a woman) would be full of frozen needle holes. She was actually very shy about her body. She didn't even bathe naked. And it had taken almost two years of talking, asking, stealing, convincing, begging, bribing and of course peeping to make her comfortable with him watching her. And this way, she had the ultimate leverage over him.

It seemed that Naruto brought out very interesting things out of her.

After he was satisfied of watching her body, she quickly concealed it under her towels. He walked to wash himself a happy smirk on his face.

Haku sighed but couldn't conceal the happy tone from her voice. Even if he was an awful pervert, that didn't mean it was the only side of him. He was kind and he still helped everyone equally. His skills as a doctor had taken new heights as well. And all things considered, it was very amazing.

Yes, she knew of his little… problem even though he had never directly said it. It was roughly a year ago when due some…. circumstances, he went berserk on some poor town. Luckily, Jiraiya was there to put an end to it. It had been scary to watch into his eyes when that red charka had surrounded him. It had been… hard time for the two of them. Hardest so far and it wouldn't have taken much to break them up. But fate, that cold hearted bitch who enjoyed seeing people suffering, didn't allow that. Like some circumstances that made Naruto to reveal his secret, new circumstances made her to realize how much exactly he meant for her. She stayed there to keep him out of trouble another day.

Three years… only two little words but a whole lifetime to them. It had changed them both. For better or worse? Time will tell.

"Will you wash my back?" Naruto asked suddenly. "Haku?"

"Of course." She smiled quietly and got up from the bath. Her life was good and she wished that it never changed.


"New smells?" Hatake Kakashi asked from his summon few days later. They had been sent from Konoha to help Suna to recapture their Jinchuuriki, Gaara who had been kidnapped by Akatsuki invasion that had left their village badly damaged and were unable to send much of a squad after themselves. So Konoha had sent one of theirs. Team Kakashi.

"Yeah." Pakkun, summoned ninja dog nodded. "Yeah, couple of people coming from that direction. "One of them packs some serious chakra reserve." He added with a growl.

Other than silver haired cycplos, the team consisted of three members.

"Akatsuki reinforcements?" A young man asked.

First was Sai, secret member of Root division that was overseen by Danzo. He had first been placed on the team to protect and (if necessary/possibly, kill) Uchiha Sasuke, former member of the team. That had failed obviously when Sasuke had deserted Konoha for Orochimaru and his promise for power. He had been retraining himself after Sasuke had left and now, after three years, was back in the team for the same reason if the chance presented itself.

"Must be." Pakkun muttered. "Their trail joins with the two we have been chasing and continues to the same direction."

"What should we do?" A young woman's voice asked.

Second member was Haruno Sakura. Pink haired 'freshly out of the closet lesbian' and medical ninja and a student of Tsunade of the Sannin. She had been in love with Uchiha Sasuke but when he left, she had been broken and sought comfort from a friend, Ino. Somewhere along the way that comfort changed into excitement, that changed into passion, that changed into love, that finally changed into lust. She had and her friend, Ino struggled next three years of coming in terms with their feeling for each other. Or rather, Ino, who had 'worn the pants' in their relationship was struggling. Sakura was just following her example even though she was completely fine with herself from the start. Now that her girlfriend had finally 'found the balls' and came out (even though everyone around her more or less knew the truth already), Sakura too was able to hold her lesbian head high.

After the love of her life had crushed, broken and pretty much destroyed her heart, Sakura had been somewhat lost between loves and lifestyles and all that. One of the reactions had been that she had been overexerting herself when training to become a strong kunoichi. But after some training accidents, talk from someone who inspired her, she had found her true element and that was healing and helping people.

"What the fuck you think we should do, Lesbo." Second girl voice cursed loudly and angrily.

Last and newest member of the team was a red haired, foul mouthed, former member of the Sound village woman called Tayuya. She had been part of the team that had been sent to retrieve the young Uchiha. But thanks to her beloved team mates, she had been used as a living shield for that chicken head and left for death lying there until certain blond haired hero came and picked her up, fixed her, and even gave her a chance to start he life again. Now, after three years, she was a Konoha kunoichi and replacement member for the chicken head. It had to be somewhat ironic for her to replace the person she was supposed to deliver her former master when he himself was probably sucking that assholes asshole this very second while she was… kissing his team's assholes… or asshole. Even though she had something going on with that Dogfucker, she never said it was exclusive. And was enjoying her life the way some people called 'slut'. Not that she cared one bit. It was her body and she lived her life the way she enjoyed it to the fullest. Even though Sakura had been comfortable with herself after 'finding herself' she knew very little about girl-on-girl lovemaking. The older girl knew a lot. And was a willing teacher.

"Don't call me that, please." Sakura said uncomfortably.

"What?" Tayuya asked. "You don't like people calling you what you are, Lesbo?"

"Stop calling me that!"

"Maa maa." Kakashi tried to calm them down. "Save your energy against Akatsuki. Anyway, let's move with caution now, okay?"

"Hai!" Everyone nodded and continued their running. "Pakkun! Can you deliver the message to Gai and his team? Tell them to be aware of Akatsuki reinforcements."

"Understood." The dog nodded and suddenly changed direction.


"This is life." A perverted giggle broke the silence in the men's bath. "Who knew that your girlfriend grew such a nice figure just in three years?" A large blob of white haired giggled again.

"Could you please not look at her?" Naruto asked slightly uncomfortable. "She will poke your eyes out if and when she finds out." Then he cleared his throat. "And she's my assistant, not my girlfriend."

The one man in the whole world that Naruto could actually stand, and the very person he had unconsciously sought his model from, Jiraiya raised his hand in a fist and started counting. "Girlfriend, wife, fiancé, assistant, sister, cousin, mother, aunt, adjutant, mistress, prostitute… I lost count… whatever she is to you."

"Ero-sennin, it's a very complicated relationship that can't be just determent in just a few words." He coughed again as he stood up. "I'm off."

"Don't even think about running away this time." Jiraiya warned him quickly. "I'm taking you back to Konoha immediately. I'm already overdue two years as it is, and I don't even want to imagine what will happen if I ever return that place without you."

"So why is it such a big deal to get me there so fast? " Naruto asked. "Few weeks won't hurt anyone."

Jiraiya took his eye of the peephole and glared. "It will both of us, trust me."

Naruto sighed. For three long years, he and Haku had travelled through elemental countries, being lost most of the time. Jiraiya had managed to catch up with them from time to time, which followed with a quick attempt to get the rascal back under his mother's watchful eyes. So far, all attempts had failed. Not because Jiraiya had been careless (every time) or that Naruto had really tried to escape but because the young man… was careless. Not to go into any details, let's just use the phrase… men's brains are in the middle of the body. And Haku was somewhat 'bound' to her master all the time so she always found him. Even when Jiraiya did not.

And when he tried to track them down… Jiraiya knew how to track a person down. He had only been a step behind of his old team mate for so long. It wasn't that hard. And compared to a genius ninja as Orochimaru, Naruto, the brat who didn't have ninja training (minus what he had forced down the idiots throat) wasn't even a challenge. Or so you would think.

The basic idea of tracking down was first find out where the target has started his journey. In this case, a town in land of Wind. Then a rest stop, this inn. From this, one should be able to deduce where the target was heading. And here it gets tricky. Because Naruto and Haku didn't have any idea where they were half of the time so how was Jiraiya supposed to figure that out.

It was mostly a game of chance when it came of finding the duo. And tonight, he had been lucky.

"Well, I'm not going!" He said angrily and slammed the door closed.

Jiraiya sighed. "I don't feel like peeking anymore…" He walked away.


Naruto sat on the roof the inn, gazing at the stars. "Three years…" He muttered to himself. It had been three years since he had decided that Konoha was getting too small for him. The feeling had began almost soon as he stepped inside from those large gates for the first time ever since he had been chased away, years ago. The feeling only got stronger and stronger as the time passed. Finding Haku… curing Tayuya… Shizuka… fight with that bone guy. All of these things had made it harder to live in that place.

Naruto never enjoyed staying in one place for too long. He enjoyed wandering and seeing all the wonders the world had to offer.

And then his mother had that 'genius' idea of marrying him off in a ripe age of thirteen. That was the drop that broke the camels back. He had enough. Literally. Enough. He made wooden clones of himself and Haku and left using his Doton skills to dig a tunnel but promised to come back in three months tops.

That was tree years ago.

So he got a little lost, big deal? He had a fun three years. In many ways.

If Naruto had hard time controlling his whims as a preteen, nobody had any idea what happened when the hormones kicked in.

He leaned on the roof. He wondered how his mom was doing. She still had to look after the village, that idiot and Zuu-chan. It wouldn't be easy. Perhaps it was for the better that he wasn't around at least now. Poor Shizune, had to look after his mom all my herself. If any woman was a real saint, it was definitely her. Or Haku. It was a pretty competitive.

Anyway, Naruto smiled widely when he remembered all the things he put his poor assistant through during these years. And his grin only widened when he imagined how he would make things worse.

Life was good.


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