CHAPTER 3: Dos and Don'ts

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"So… let me get this straight…" Very unhappy Tsunade was looking at the two teams that stood front of her, giving their report. "Not only did you fail to save Suna jinchuuriki, Gaara, but you met my (gulp) son." She bit her lip. "So tell me exactly, why isn't he with you!"

Everyone took steps back, preparing to make a run for it. "I knew we should have let that part out." Tayuya muttered, almost as pale as Sai. "But did anybody listen to me? No!"

"I wasn't the one who blurted everything out!" Sakura hissed glaring at her other teammate. "You emotional RETARTD! ! !"

"We cannot lie to our Hokage, lesbo." Sai answered.

"For the record!" Tenten peeked behind Neji. "I was ready to tie him up and drag him back no matter what, Hokage-sama!"

Tsunade shifted her flaming eyes on her and she quickly searched for cover behind Neji, who she believed was the safest bet.

"Tsunade-sama, you must lower your voice." Shizune stepped forward holding her stomach. "Your godchild shouldn't be stressed with unnecessary outbursts."

The Godaime was about to snap at her like she usually would but the thought of an innocent child inside her assistant made her calm down. "Get out the lot of you!" A bit at least.

"Buddha's blessing to your child." Everyone bowed their heads.

Teams Kakashi and Gai didn't need any more encouragements. They rushed out of her office with a staggering speed. Even Kakashi who was nearly comatose.

Sakura helped her teacher back to the hospital to be admitted. Sai head to report to his master. Tayuya and Neji headed to their respectful homes. Gai and Lee went for a little 'after mission exercise' and Tenten left to find her protégé.

"That blond enemy of all women." Sakura muttered annoyed as she did the basic test on her teacher. "Doesn't he understand how his mother is worrying about him? He hasn't been around for three years and he doesn't even ask how she is? Really. He's just as insensitive as his father." She thought the blond idiot husband of Hokage, Moroboshi Arataro.

Kakashi didn't say anything. He couldn't. It was a top rate secret that only jonins and ANBU were allowed to be informed. Their trusted Hokages beloved sons true heritage. When they had first arrived, almost every jonin and ANBU at the time had connected the dots between former Hokage, his lover and their son without much trouble. They were after all the elite of their village. Kakashi had of course had a little rougher start with the boy and he had kept out of his way for their both sake. He had let go of his childish grudge long time ago but he still questioned the boy's mental stability (and so did almost every other adult who came in contact with him, even those who didn't know his true heritage) and if he had suddenly decided that it wasn't forgivable to almost torture one to death and then leave them to die and gone to a revenge spree, Kakashi didn't know what would have happened. In best case scenario, he had let the boy wound him badly enough for him to calm down and satisfy his need for revenge and it was done. Worst case, Kakashi would accidentally kill the boy and his life would have been over. To make it better for everyone involved, he had left the boy alone.

Now, after meeting the boy after three years, he wasn't sure what to make of him. At first glance, he was the same as before but after more careful inspection, he was much more careful with what he did and said. Kakashi would guess that it had something to do with the Kyuubi. And he agreed with Hokages order to bring the boy back, if for no other reason than for himself. If he were with Jiraiya-sama full time, that would be another thing. He could seriously hurt someone and himself if the seal would start acting up but had no one to control it.

Senju Naruto would have to be brought back to the village, no matter what.

Only problem was… if Jiraiya-sama couldn't do it, who could?

He hadn't realized that by the time he had reached this conclusion, he was already half way to coma and his mind was finally catching up on that. So he left himself in the hands of his dear student and allowed himself to be subjected to the familiar darkness.

Sakura was finished with his treatment and was leaving the hospital. Her teacher would pull through with few weeks of rest. "What should I do? Ino is on a mission too… maybe I just go home."

Her life was blooming lately. Having grown into a strong medical ninja under her masters guidance, moved into her own place and her girlfriend who had finally decided to step out of the closet. She really didn't know how life could get any better.

While she hummed happily across the streets, Tayuya was sunbathing naked in the balcony of her apartment thinking about the infamous Fuckface. He was alive after all. Not that she cared either way if that limpdick wasn't around but… he had really grown into some nice piece of mancandy. She wondered what it would be like to jump on him. She snickered and decided to put him into her 'to do list'.

Last three years had really been wonders for her too. She shifted her shades just enough to see her scar on her abdomen. She could still see the lightsword-thing stabbing through when she and her former team were ordered to retrieve that Uchiha. She wondered what they were doing right now. Rest of the Sound Four. She hadn't heard a word about them ever since she found out that they had come and tried to kill her. Thanks for that, you bunch of fag eggs. Well, now she was doing great.

Ninja of Konoha with her own friends and life outside her missions. Something, she hadn't even dreamed years ago.

While she returned into her slumber state, her thoughts turned back to Fuckface. She shouldn't have let him get away like that. Next time she saw him she would simply grab his balls and drag him back with her. Tayuya knew many people considered her a slut – not that she cared anyway. She knew what she wanted at that moment and it was to feel that Fuckface inside her. Life was short and she wanted to enjoy it the way she found it best.

While all this happened, Tenten found her protégé outside their usual meeting place. "Shizuka." She smiled to the young genin who turned to face her excitedly. "Tenten-senpai! You're back! How was your mission?"

"It was… great." She smiled. "How was your mission?"

"I had tons of fun!"

During these three years, Tenten had seen the amount of raw potential in Shizuka (related to Tsunade-sama, natural at so many arts, strong, smart and of course, a girl) and decided to take her under her wing. "That cat was sooo fast and hard to catch but in the end I made a run for it..." She continued to ramble on and on.

Tenten just listened diligently and kept nodding approvingly.

"Senpai! What happened during your mission!" She asked suddenly when they were walking down the street.

"Well… nothing much."

"Tell me! Tell me!" She started to whine like a five year old and Tenten was forced to give in. Shizuka was too damn cute talking like that! She tried to tell things leaving… that out. But when she tried that, Shizuka started looking up with her piercing eyes. Even if it was hard to see under all her buffoonery, but young girl was really perspective and smart. "I… met your brother on this mission." She resigned herself to this.

"Really!" Shizuka screamed excited. "You met Onii-chan! Where! Where! Was Haku-nee with him? Were they okay? Are they coming back! Are they back!" She continued to ask question after questions without giving a chance to answer any of them. Tenten gave out a deep sigh. This would take a while. She just wondered what the 'oh so dear Onii-chan' was doing right now. And whatever that was, he was hurting badly. Very badly.


Naruto was sun bathing on a beach. "This is life. Beautiful women in skimpy clothing jumping while their breasts bounce with them."

"Naruto-sama! How do I look!" Haku jumped front of him wearing swimming suit made out of dental floss. "Does my ass look too big in this?"

"Noo! Not at all!" Naruto screamed excitedly. "Your ass looks perfect!"

"What did you say?" He felt something running down his forehead.

"Blood?" He muttered confused when he suddenly woke. "Eh? What's going on? OW!" He held his forehead and found a needle stuck there while Haku was glaring down on him. "Wha- where are all the babes?"

"Well sorry to disappoint you!" Haku snapped coolly. "But there are no 'babes' here!"

Naruto sat up and looked around. They were on a rocky mountain side, looking at dried valley beneath them. "Why did you have to wake me up? Where I was, there were everything I wanted. There was ramen… I want ramen!"

"There will be ramen in the next town when we get there." She said patiently. "Naruto-san, we should get moving. We have a long way ahead of us."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He muttered and sat up and yawned loudly. Ever since their little rendezvous with Akatsuki and Leaf, Naruto and her loyal counterpart were doing what they did best, wandering the Elemental Countries, getting into trouble and making a run for it. Or another way to say: getting lost so many times that there were no soul that could follow them. "Where are we anyway?"

Haku pulled out a map. "I think we are somewhere here. Between these two mountains." She pointed them at the map and then again in life. Naruto nodded. "Hoping I'm right, the closest mountain village is in that direction." She pointed towards south. "We should be able to get there before nightfall."

"Then let's get rolling."

They were walking down in the mountain roads on a steady pace.


Unknown to either of them, Kakashi nin-dog was following them from safe distance, making sure to mark its path as it went, but it was getting increasingly difficult thank to its targets lack of sense of direction. It just hoped that someone was picking up the trail soon. It couldn't stay long away from its home. And if it, a dog with unmistakable sense of smell, ears and eyes trained to the extreme was going to lose them one more time it was going to bite its legs off! People didn't get lost that much!


In Akatsuki hideout, the Leader was giving everyone their missions. Team Immortal would go after Nibi, Team Weirdos would go after Sanbi, Team Physchos would go after Yonbi. "That is it."

"Wait." Kakuzu, member 2 in the team Immortals. "What about Kyuubi?"

"What about it?" Leader asked. "We cannot seal Kyuubi until the very end. It would break the balance of the statue."

"I know. But the Kyuubi is in out in the open." Kakuzu pointed out. "We should try and secure him before Konoha gets their hands in it."

"Kyuubi? Who's the Jinchuuriki of that one, hn?" Deidara asked interested.

"A boy called Uzumaki Naruto." Uchiha Itachi answered calmly. "He was killed over a decade ago and Kyuubi with him."

"EEEH!" Tobi screamed. "Toby thought we needed every Jinchuuriki to complete this statue thingy."

"What! You mean to tell me we be doing this shit for noting!" Hidan screamed. "Answer yes and I will kill you all!"

"It would be very interesting to see you try." Kisame chuckled.

"No he wasn't." Leader interrupted. "He survived and is alive today under false name. Senju Naruto."

"Senju Naruto?" Kakuzu whispered. "I heard of him several occasions. I've been offered much money to find him by several people."

"What did that bastard do then, huh?"

"Other than defeated Sasori?" Leader asked. "I understand that people after him are women and their husbands and fathers."

"A lady killer? That's an amusing thought. Sasori being captured by a playboy."

"That's impossible! Sasori-donna isn't that weak like that!" Deidara screamed. "Let me at him! I want to blow him up for good!"

"Calm down everyone." Leader spoke up. "It's true that we should try and take out Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, but he keeps staying on the move and we have trouble tracking him. And restraining him for long enough would be troublesome. It will be easier to take our time looking for Jinchuurikis and when the time finally comes, take him. Is it understood?"

Tobi raised his hand.

"What is it Tobi?"

"Does this mean me and Deidara-senpai will be NOT chasing after Kyuubi? Tobi would have really wanted to see a person who defeated Deidara-senpais former partner." In translation 'leave Kyuubi alone. That's an order, signed Madara.'"

"No, Tobi… you will not. We will leave Kyuubi to the last. Is it understood?"

More or less collective agreement was reached.


Uchiha Itachi broke the connection, not sure what to make of what he had just learned. How did Akatsuki find out the truth? Who had slipped them the notes? Did Madara do this on his own or… did someone else tip them off?

Anyway, he needed do something to prevent Akatsuki from completing their true plans, whatever they may be. He just needed to figure out a way.


"Are you sure they came this way?" Kurenai asked from Inuzuka Hana. After Kakashi and others had returned to Konoha, Tsunade had dispatched a special team to track down and bring her son home. It consisted of Kurenai as a team leader, Inuzuka Hana as a tracker, Hyuga Hinata as a scout and Mitarashi Anko as… captor. And if anyone asked, it was a complete coincidence that everyone in the team were women, had cup-sizes over C and lonely. Very lonely. Also, if anyone (like Shizune) were to check medical records, they would find out that Kurenai was hormonal, Hinata was on her periods, Hana was in heat and that Anko was simply horny.

Tsunade hated herself for this but also congratulated for such ingenious plan. If she knew her son at all, he should be horny teenager at the moment and FOUR attractive women who all were more or less interested in him, right there should be enough to bring him back.

If this plan didn't work, Tsunade knew her son had become a saint in which case… who was she kidding! If this didn't work, it would be due reasons besides him. Like Haku.

Of course she wasn't going to women actually have sex with her son. Most ingenious part of the plan was that she had planted very simple but effective seals on each ones… private area so if they would suddenly have a urge to open their legs (Tsunade had shuddered at the thought and almost thrown up) for her son, they would be disappointed because all they could find was a piece of paper which couldn't be removed without their beloved leaders permission. She hated for going this far, but she knew all too well that with her son, she couldn't underestimate him at all.

"The dog was around here." Hana answered after sniffing. "We're on track."

"How far are they?"

"A day at the most." She answered.

"Finally." Anko smirked. "We've been running around for days now. They must be trying to lose any possible trackers. That's why they go around in circles all the time."

"Cut the chatter. They still have a day ahead of us." Kurenai said annoyed. "Remember, be on your guard. They managed to escape Konoha and stay on the run for three years."

"Yes… three years." Anko licked her lips. "I wonder what kind of package he carries now…"

"Remember what Tsunade-sama told us. We better not even try anything or it there will be consciousness."

Anko grimaced annoyed.

"Cut the chatter. Save your energy." They leaped from branch to branch with high speed. They were so fast that they failed to notice a couple walking into opposite direction, not too far from them by a regular dirt road.

"Naruto-san?" Haku asked suddenly and looked over her shoulder to see Naruto looking into direction they had come. "What is it?"

"Nothing." He said quickly. "Just thought I saw something."

"We should hurry. We are losing daylight."


"Where are they?" Kurenai asked from Hinata and Hana who were doing their best to locate their target. They had followed their tracks into a busy roadside town, full of people.

"I'm soddy." Hana mumbled embarrassed when she sneezed again. "My node can't pick up anyding." A mysterious scent had covered the whole village, making their sniffer completely useless.

"Could they be onto us?" Anko asked.

"No." She shook her head before sneezing again. "Dis dent idnt domeding you can make. Idz natural."

They looked around the masses of people around them. "Anything, Hinata?"

"I'm sorry, Kurenai-sensei." Hyuuga heiress mumbled sadly while scanning around. "I really can't find them."

"Let's split up." Anko suggested. "And get this over with. We grab the kid and drag him by his balls if we have to. But we will not let him get away. Hana, I think you should find a place where your senses are working."

"Yes." Kurenai agreed. "If they get past us, you need to be right on their track. But everyone, remember! This boy is not to be underestimated. He is a pervert. Plain and simple!"

"K-kurenai-sensei really despises perverts, doesn't she?" Hinata said.

"Obviously. They are all just filth in the bottom of my shoe!"

Anko just rolled her eyes expectedly. "So, you won't mind if I get a go with him when we get back home?"

Kurenai took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "With my permission, you can ride from dusk till dawn if you that makes you happy. Just remember, Hokage-sama isn't going to just look from sidelines when you screw her son."

They dispersed.

Meanwhile, Naruto was taking a nap while Haku was doing some shopping. They had finally found A village and decided to do some shopping. She wanted new dresses, something that didn't make her look like she needed to wear them to earn her money. And he wanted some peace and quiet for a change. So, he checked them into an inn and went to sleep. Just plain old sleep. Hard to imagine that right? And it wasn't even a perverted dream. Or weird. Just a long forgotten memory about his first love and the heartbreak.

So, he had no idea that, Kurenai who was walking around, asking questions if anyone had seen a teenager with blond hair, blue eyes and possibly a perverted glee in them and a quiet looking woman with him. She had no luck so far (as when Naruto had entered the inn, he had been so spent that he didn't even bother noticing receptionists cleavage and Haku had been blabbing every second there.

So, Kurenai entered the lobby completely unaware her luck that only few walls away, her target was sleeping soundly and completely open to any kind of attack. She stepped right to the lady behind the counter and started asking questions if they had seen a boy and a girl in their teens. First the middle-aged lady didn't seem to remember, but suddenly nodded explaining about this couple that walked in. But what she saw was a dirty young man tired on his feet. His watcher (Hakus joke she would later find out) had told not to bother her. He was under heavy medication for his and everyone's sake.

"That doesn't sound like him at all." Kurenai muttered. "But I still should check him out. Just in case."

She walked up the stairs to the second floor. She searched through rooms to the right one and knocked on the door. "Excuse me. Could you help me for a moment?"

There were sounds of very lazy movement on the other side of the door before it was slid open. "What you want?" A very sleepy Naruto appeared right before Kurenai who now realized that she should have contacted others. And at the same time she was thankful that she had not.

You see, Yuhi Kurenai was a lonely woman. She was a model level beauty with all good qualities but her somewhat cold demeanor made men to loose interest in her pretty soon, especially since she wasn't giving any. She wasn't a prude. She just wasn't one of those girl who spread her legs first chance they got. Even as a cold blooded killer, she still believed in love at first sight and all that stupid stuff (even she admitted that it was all stupid). She believed that sex was something you should enjoy with a person dear to oneself, not just to resolve tension. And because of this way of thinking included with her 'ice princess' act, it wasn't surprise her loins warmed when she saw the new and improved Senju Naruto. Man with bright blue eyes, long golden hair that usually was tied to a ponytail was waving around freely. He was shirtless and his well toned body and tattoo presented themselves to her. "Damn it." She whispered defeated.

"Kurenai-san?" Naruto woke up at the sight of her. "Had I known, I would have taken a bath. Please come in!" He pulled her in suddenly, but not before looking at both ends of the hallway making sure there were no one else around. He closed the door and quickly turned around where Kurenai had time to recover.

"Put some clothes on. You're coming with me." She tried to act convincing, which was increasingly difficult.


"Konoha. Where do you think?"

Naruto shook his head and sat on the floor. "Not happening. Anything else?" He motioned the space front of him and Kurenai found herself lowering herself to his level.

"Do you have any idea what your mother has gone through these past three years trying to find you?" She tried to reason with him.

"She should've thought that before marrying me to some princesses without even asking. WHEN I WAS TWELVE! ! !"

"Well, now you can tell all that to her yourself. You're coming with me."

"But I won't." He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. It was so sudden and so forceful that she couldn't struggle against. Only look into his bright blue eyes that looked directly into her soul. "You're… staying with me today." As he allowed his fingers do their magic.

"But…(gulp) my team… it's near." She panted. "They will notice… me gone."

"Then we must be quick." He whispered hotly and landed a kiss on her lips. "It wouldn't do if anyone started missing you…"

She knew this was wrong. She knew it was against all her principals but still… kisses felt so good after such a long time. The touch of another human being. She had given up on it already. Even though she didn't want to admit it, she missed them so much.

She stopped resisting and allowed Naruto to push her onto the futon without breaking their kiss.

Kurenai felt how confidently and knowingly his hands moved across her body, touching where she longed to be touched and teasing pinches where they made her moan out of ecstasy. Then she felt power within herself and began taking the initiative.

"Someone's eager." He muttered through her lips.

"Shut up and kiss me you brat." She whispered huskily.

"If you're that eager then…" He revealed a devilish smile. "You kind of forced me into this." He slowly, very slowly lowered his head onto her lips again. If she tried to push forward, he would pull away. When she tried to wrap her hands around his head, he quickly snatched them and pressed them against the futon. "Nah ah aa." He scolded her. "Bad girls don't get treats. Only punishments. Or… do you perhaps want a… punishment?" He whispered into her ear and she let out a moan.

"D-d-don't joke with me!" She moaned as their bodies pressed together.

"Anyway, since we don't have much time, I will have to skip foreplay short."

"Aah… typical… mhm… man." She moaned between her breaths.

"And you are a typical woman so let's do something very typical for men and women who really find each other attractive." He kissed her forcefully and stuck his tongue into her throat.

Slowly his hand crept lower and lower, finally reaching the panty clad crotch and slowly started rubbing it. "You're very beautiful." He whispered into her ear and kissed her neck. "And you deserve to feel good."

Her breath became faster and faster. "D-don't say things like that…" She panted hard. "Y-you will only make me…!"


Haku was doing some shopping. She had finally found a clothing shop fitting for her taste and she was going to spend her money there big time. "Which one looks better?" She wondered out loud comparing two shirts. Other had hanabi (A/N: falling cherry tree petals) print and the other had a dragon and tiger. It was hard to decide between cute and cool. She was a shinobi and the black shirt with white pictures of dragon and tiger fighting was really cool and she could easily see herself wearing it. But she was also a young woman who really liked how pink petals that were floating with the wind. "Perhaps I could get both?" She wondered out loud. "No. I need to preserve our money, especially since we don't know when our next payday is coming. BUT I really can't decide between them! Oh, the agony!"

She decided to go and try them both on. And, if even still she didn't know which to take, she would take both. Let the idiot take a small break from ramen.

Just when she entered the changing rooms, another customer walked in. Hinata had deduced that perhaps Naruto-sans assistant Haku-san would be in a store like this? She glanced around, searching for anyone familiar. Only people were some teenage blonds wearing way too little for than they should in her mind. Then there were only the changing rooms. "Byakugan!" She activated it quickly when she felt an arm hanging over her shoulder.

"Peeping into changing rooms, are ya?" Anko snickered devilishly. "You sly little cat. I knew Hyugas are all peeping toms." She poked her side.

"No I'm not!" She hurried scream and blush.

Haku was saved due Ankos timing. She meanwhile was thinking what Naruto was doing.


"I can't believe we actually did this." Kurenai whispered while lying next Naruto. He had his arm wrapped around her. "I feel so cheap."

"You shouldn't. You were great." He kissed her neck. "I would love keep going at this." He whispered seductively into her ears.

"Unfortunately, you can't." She sat up quickly. "I've already broken the one rule your mother put on this mission. I slept with you!" She picked up the seal that supposed to be on her vagina. "How did you manage to take this off so easily?"

"Oh that? I've learned thing or two about sealing during my travels."

"Seals? I thought you were hoping to specialize in medicine?"

Naruto was quiet for a while. "You know who I really am. My true inheritance."

Kurenai stood there for a moment. "Of course. I'm jonin of Konoha."

He looked up to her with dark eyes. "Then you know what's inside me."

She was silent for a moment. "Yes." She whispered.

"So, I think you understand, why I wish to know something about seals as well."

Kurenai looked away. "I guess." Then she raised the paper slip. "But what are we going to do about this? Your mother is going to kill me when she realizes that-"

"Give it here." He took the slip and quickly dived into her crotch. "This won't take a sec."

"I hope you're riiIIGHT!" She gave out a squeal. "Is THAT required?"

"Sorry." Naruto smirked with a devious smirk and licking his lips. "I just can't resist when I see something I like."

"Be serious please! If they find out-" Then she felt the seal being replaced and it was done. "That was fast." She muttered impressed.

"You know, that's something I would hate to hear after sex." He said accusingly.

She waited there for a second before broking into hysterical giggling. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean i-it that way!" She then started laughing even louder. "You were great. Best I ever had." She leaned to deliver a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Wow! Stop right there!" He jumped like through an electric shock. "You were among top three I've had, I admit that but that doesn't mean I'm going to marry you or anything!"

"Marry me! Are you even listening yourself?" She started dressing up by pulling her panties up her legs. "Do you know what would happen to me if I went to your mother saying 'I wanna marry your son'." She put on her bra and special armored shirt. "She would remove my skin and nail to her office door as a warning to everyone else!"

"That sounds like my mom." He admitted.

"And for the record! This was sex! Great as it was, I don't want to risk it being caught! And seriously, I don't even think I would want to be in a relationship with a perverted brat who obviously is in it for the good time. When I commit, I'm in it for the win!"

"I hear you. So, we don't speak of this ever again. Shame. It was great. But for the best."

Kurenai finished with her hair and makeup before quickly taking her stance. "So… would you mind coming with me?"

"What? Just like that?"

"I may have slept with you but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try to capture you."

Naruto was dumbfounded. "You're serious?"

Her eyes were answer enough. "Do I need to force you or will you come willingly."

He glared at her. "If you even think that you could force me, after all you're genjutsu expert and I know how to handle them very well, then I will be sure to yell top of my lungs how we had sex while you were supposed to capture me."

She started glaring at him with blazing eyes. "You would go that far?"

"To be free. Of course. I would never harm a woman, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't brag about a lay." He smirked. "So, either you let me go and return to Konoha or you will be publicly humiliated."

Kurenai knew that the answer was obvious. Even if Tsunade-sama would pardon her for sleeping with her son, she couldn't stand what it would mean for her reputation. She would rather be known as a prude than a slut. So she turned on her heels. "I'll let you go this time. But next time, you won't be that lucky."

"I don't expect anything else from queen like yourself." He smiled suddenly. "Until then."


Kurenai collected her squad and they moved on, certain that Naruto had just fooled them somehow. While they were trying to regain their trail, Anko noticed something different in Kurenai. For starts, she was humming. It was very, very strange from the Ice Queen. She needed to look into this some more.


Naruto and Haku were walking at the road. "Where are we heading?" She asked quietly. "Jiraiya-sama is likely to catch us soon."

"I'm heading towards the Demon Country." He answered. "I've been planning on meeting that princess for years now! If they are this serious about getting me back, we need to pick up the pace. They came to a halt when they saw a large canyon separating their path. "Aah, great. What now? This thing is too wide for my mokuton bridges!"

"There's a bridge over there. It seems quite sturdy." Haku pointed out to their left. "See, you don't need to be that cranky."

"Sorry. It's just that… it seems like this is going to be one of those days."