Title: I've Got Your Back (1/3)
Fic: WWE
Pairing: Wade Barrett/John Cena
Rating: M for the language...
A/N: This is supposed to be a one shot but I think I used too many words so I had to cut it into two parts~! (EDIT: Now three because I'm still working on the ending ^^;) First time making a fic so please be gentle with me!
Disclaimer: I do not own WWE and the story is made out of pure imagination. M/M Slash (not this part yet) and those who hate should go away!

He was the leader of the strongest group anybody had ever seen in the WWE. He was the number one contender to fight for the Championship belt. He was the greatest cheater and the most despised character in the RAW roster. Many people hated him not only because he was cruel but because he had John Cena in his palm. Yes, his name was Wade Barrett.

But all of it was just a story and the reality was never close to this fantasy.

He was a loner and his "loyal" group always left the locker room without him. Behind the lights and the cameras, he was often abused and bullied by his own members; by The Nexus. The truth was that in the group, he was the lackey that every one ordered around to make coffee pots and buy drinks. Long before they lured the leader of the Cenation in their trap, he was the weak one and he couldn't do anything about it. Don't get him wrong, he had his reasons. That was why he couldn't fight back.

This was his reality and his name was Stu Bennett.

The said man sighed, looking around. It was almost midnight and the bar was almost deserted except for the bartender ringing up a couple of guys who were sitting three stools away from him and a group of young adults seated behind him, chattering and laughing loudly like there was no tomorrow.

He turned back to his drink and took it up to his mouth, downing it with one gulp. It burned his throat but he thought it was better compared to the lingering pain in his ribs. Earlier that night, he was forced by The Nexus to pay their drinks. Of course, he was all against the idea because he didn't have enough cash with him. But when Justin slapped his chest without remorse, he knew he didn't have a choice.

"You're such a great boss!" The South African added sarcastically as he and the others snickered while on their way out of the bar.

Deciding to call it another humiliating day, Stu stood from his stool, dropping bills on the bar, hoping it would be enough to cover for the drinks his so-called members had ordered. He casually walked to the exit, zipping his jacket up to his chest.

Keeping his head low and his hands deep in his pockets, Stu walked out on the street, looking forward to a hot shower back in his hotel room. It had been a long day for him, but then again, it had always been like this whenever he was with the Nexus.

However, not everything was bad for the guy. In fact, David, Justin and the other Nexus members let him act like an asshole in front of the fans and their fellow co-workers. The bad side of the coin was that everyone now saw him as a guy who'd do anything just to get his hands on the WWE Championship belt. He was loathed and never respected by the other wrestlers. What made it worse was the torture he'd get whenever he was alone with the group he was born to be stuck with.

Preoccupied with thoughts, he didn't notice a guy walking his way and he accidentally bumped into him, waking him from his deep thinking.

"Sorry," the Brit muttered, lifting his head a bit. The man he just ran into was a couple of inches shorter than him. Behind him, he had two guys following him.

"Hey, aren't you Wade Barrett? The Nexus leader?"

Stu was surprised. The man actually knew who he was. Maybe his infamy had successfully spread in the WWE Universe. He had to admit, he was a bit flattered.

"Yea', wha' of it?"

"D'you happen to know where Slater is? He's a member of your group, right?"

The Brit was taken aback this time. So much for thinking this man was his fan. Discarding all the disappointment, he answered. "I jus' sent 'im away with the Nexus."

"Yeah?" The man growled, clearly pissed off. "Well tell him he won't get away with fucking with us!"

Alright, this wasn't just an ordinary issue, Stu thought. The man kept on glaring at him and the two guys behind him moved forward, popping their knuckles. It sent him in panic, but he managed to say, "I'll let Slater know you're looking for 'im."

He took a step behind, attempting to avoid trouble, but the other had noticed his move and knew he was planning to escape.

"Don't go just yet, asshole!" The man roared. "We're going to make sure you send the message to Slater."

And before Stu could react, a fist was flying to his stomach, hitting his gut. He doubled over in sudden pain, then one of the guys hit the back of his head with an elbow. The blow sent Stu on his knees.

The men around him sniggered. "That's Nexus's leader? What a wimp."

Hearing those words, Stu lifted his head slowly, his eyes glaring at the bastards mocking him. One of them had a wicked grin on his face and his sly smile grew wide as he looked at the Brit's face.

"Aww, look at the poor Wade Barrett! What are you gonna do now?"

Stu's anger flared up to its boiling point, making him grit his teeth in rage. Not able to hold back anymore, he leaped forward, tackling one guy to the ground. He immediately got on his feet, his instincts in bareknuckle fighting suddenly kicking in. He quickly ducked out of the way when the guy on his right swung his fist to his face. But as Stu was about to punch back, he felt another blow on the back of his head, knocking him out for a second.

He landed on his stomach with a thud and right after that, the men took the chance to kick him everywhere. They did it without holding back and Stu didn't have the choice but to curl on the ground to ease the pain.

This was what a shit like him deserved, Stu thought.

But before the darkness had claimed him unconscious, he heard a familiar voice shout "Hey!", and the kicking stopped. He wanted to see what made his attackers stop but the throbbing pain in his body made him unable to do so.

"What the hell are you doing to him?" The voice asked, threat threaded in his tone.

"You gotta problem with it?"

"Yeah, I do!"

Stu tried opening his eyes but everything was in a blur. Moving his head around, he caught a glimpse of his savior's legs. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the man was wearing a pair of denim shorts.

He lifelessly watched his savior jump on one of his attackers. They both landed on the ground, then the guy rolled out of the way before the other attacker had the chance to kick him from behind. Moments later, the one Stu tackled minutes ago was on his feet, frantically retreating away.

"Come on boys, we gotta go!"

Hearing their leader's order, the other two scrambled on their feet, running to their boss's direction.

"This isn't over, Barrett, tell Slater that!"

The three dashed away, tripping over themselves. How nice of them to say goodbye, Stu thought. The pain was slowly ebbing away and he let out a deep sigh.

"You okay?"

That familiar voice again. Wincing, Stu tried standing but was only able to sit on the ground. He placed a hand on the back of his head, silently praying to God it wasn't bleeding. Then he looked up to see who tried saving his ass tonight, to see the face of his savior and his knight in shining armor.

His heart jumped once more when he saw the face of John Cena, panting with a smile. The Brit's mouth slightly hanged open in shock, unable to believe the sight.

Who knew this guy would save him from danger?