The sound of Sam crunching her cereal in her mouth broke the silence of the morning as the deadly duo engaged in a staring contest that would alarm even the most daring of warriors.

*I hate this.* Sam thought to herself. She wasn't even paying any attention to the girl she was staring down, she had drifted off into thought a long time ago.

"Aren't you going to swallow that?" Brooke asked her, breaking the sacred silence.

Sam smirked and looked down into her bowl, then back up at Brooke. "Only cheerleaders swallow sweetie, or haven't you read your 'Head Cheerleader's Five Star Slut' manual?" She paused, pretending to swallow but holding the food in her mouth. She tried as hard as possible to not gag around the chewed up cereal.

Brooke gave a mock smile and slammed her spoon down. "I'll read that one as soon as you read your 'How not to be a jackass while in Journalism' manual." She got up from the table and walked towards the door.

Brooke paused by the door and turned around, looking at Sam. She knew she was baiting Sam with what she was about to say. "You know, I don't think it would kill you to be nice just once. You should try it sometime."

Sam knew what Brooke was up to. She could feel her emotions, they were flowing off the cheerleader in waves. She decided to take the bait, she didn't want to argue with Brooke. "And what if it did kill me?" She waited for what she knew was coming.

Brooke smiled to herself. *She took it, I knew it.* "Well, it would still be a win win situation." She turned and left the room. There was just something about arguing with Sam that made her crazy. She stopped at the front door and took a deep breath, looking back towards the kitchen. She had been having feelings for Sam for the past few months and she didn't know how to express them so as of lately it's come out as attacks. *Why did I have to say that?* She chastised herself. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and opened the door. *How am I ever going to have a chance with her if I can't even stop arguing with her?* She questioned herself silently. "Nothing I can do about it now." She said to herself as she walked outside, shutting the door softly.

Sam just sat there, saying nothing. She waited until she heard the door shut before she grabbed a napkin off the table and spat her food out. "Disgusting." She mumbled to the empty room as she walked towards the door, tossing the balled up napkin behind her without looking back. It landed in the trash with ease. *I never liked cereal even when I was human.* she opened the door and walked outside.

As soon as Sam stepped outside she came face to face with a man who appeared to be in his late twenties and was dressed in a black trench coat. He stood about 5'8 and had short black hair.

"Eli, what-" Sam started to say, but before she could finish the man placed his hand over her mouth and spoke.

"Big trouble, they've found us. We have to go." He then released his hand from her mouth, turned, and took long strides back to the black mustang parked out front.

*Shit!* Sam cursed in her mind. *Well I always knew this day would come.* She turned to look back at the house and her mind went to Brooke. *It's too dangerous for her here now I'll have to take her with me.* A loud voice broke her thoughts.

"Sam! Come on!" Eli yelled from the driver's side of the car.

She turned on her heels and padded down the drive thinking about Brooke. She loved Brooke. But a long time ago she decided it was better and safer for the blonde if Sam kept her distance. But recently it was becoming harder and harder to keep her feelings to herself. They had begun arguing more and Sam knew why. It was because Brooke returned her feelings. Every time she wanted to tell Brooke how she felt, she would remind herself of the situation and quickly change her mind. That process repeated itself for quite a while. *And now this.* Sam thought. She slid in the passenger side of Eli's car. "We have a quick stop to make." Sam said, looking through some cd's. After finding the one she wanted she slid it in the player.

Eli turned and glanced at her for a moment before turning his attention back on the road. "Let me guess. Does this stop have pretty blonde hair, blue eyes and a tanned body?" He smirked.

Sam closed her eyes tightly and rubbed her temples. She groaned inwardly as she thought of telling Brooke everything that had been going on this past year and it seemed as if everything was just beginning. She ignored his playful banter and voiced her concerns. "You do know she's going to freak right?" She leaned the seat back a little and picked at a rip in her blue jeans.

Eli turned and looked at her quickly before speaking. "Yes, well, that is exactly why I won't be there when you tell her." He smiled.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Yeah, it figures. It will probably be a good thing that you aren't there. I have more to tell than just her." She winced for the question she knew was coming.

Eli's eyes squinted as he caught that last part of Sam's sentence. "What do you mean, 'more to tell'?" When Sam stayed quiet his voice took on a suspiscious tone. "Sam answer me please."

"Well, maybe I know of someone who Brooke will probably bring no matter what." She said as she glanced out of the tinted windows.

"And who would that be?"

"Nicole Julian, Brooke's best friend." Sam shuddered at that name. She disliked Nicole greatly but she did know that Nicole was Brooke's best friend and Sam also knew that Nicole would be the only one who wouldn't be missed if she was gone. Adding that to the fact that Nicole is the nosiest person in the world, who has no life but to know everything about everyone. She figured Nicole would force her way along.

"Who is that?" Eli questioned, not knowing Nicole.

"You will know who she is soon enough. She's horrible. Trust me." Sam replied. "She makes Freddy Krueger look like one of the Powerpuff Girls."

"She can't be that bad." Eli laughed. "I'm sure she won't come. Just because they're friend's doesn't mean she'll want to go."

Sam smirked but said nothing. She hoped he was right however she knew they wouldn't catch Brooke without her minions. The rest of the car ride was spent in silence as Sam thought about Lily and Carmen. Thank God they knew what she really was. She glanced down at her cell and composed a new text message. *Better let them know what's going on so they don't worry.* She thought.