Title: MTRO's On Work

Summary: Saturday at Central Town, the MTRO's gathered and planned for everything. Now, read and find out how their so-called plans and efforts go to waste.

Warning: Characters are a little OOC, grammar errors are scattered throughout this fic and lastly, I don't own Gakuen Alice.

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Now, on with the story.


Narumi nearly jumped off his bed when he heard his alarm went off. He quietly stared at himself at the mirror for a while before sitting on his chair and switching on his laptop. He smiled when he looked at a certain slide on the PowerPoint presentation that he presented last Saturday.

PLANS AND ASSIGNMENTS (For every one of us)

Jinno-sensei: First, give detention to Mikan and Natsume, making them clean the whole classroom (or anything that will make them spend time with each other). Second, appoint Natsume as Mikan's personal tutor in math.

Misaki-sensei: It's time for the "baby project". Appoint all students, who have partners, be husband and wife for a month.

Ruka, Anna, Hotaru: Anna and Hotaru will convince Mikan to go to the Central Town; Ruka will tell Natsume the same. Plan of something to do there… Let them spend time with each other, kids.

Koko, Mochu: Plan a sleepover at Natsume's room. Try to make him say something about his feelings.

Nonoko, Yuu: (DESPERATE MEASURE. Last choice if the rest won't work!) Make a TRUTH POTION and make Mikan and Natsume drink them. Let them admit their feelings with its help!

Sumire, Narumi:

Narumi touched his chin and stared at his laptop once again. It has been two days since their meeting (at the Alice Grand Hotel located at the Central Town) and up until now, he was still giving himself a pat in the back, as a sign of his first ever matchmaking success. He sighed as his eyes fell on his name and Sumire's, his elegant forehead creased, as he thought of the girl.

'She's probably still angry at me because of disappointing her, but… I still can't think of something to do in this special operation of ours,' he thought.

He picked up his laptop and put it into sleep mode and chucked it under his arm.

He better get into his class for now.

"Shit," he said, muttering into himself. "I'm already late. Natsume's going to burn me now. Goodbye, my forever beauty."

But then, he stopped on his tracks as he heard something rather normal every morning. He hid himself behind a random wall, and took a peek at their two subjects (for their operation).

"Tch, Polka, you should really watch your steps. Do we have to do this every morning?" a certain fire caster said, his back faced Narumi's direction. Narumi could imagine him having his smirk when he said that.

"Mou, Natsume! You could at least be nice to me just for once!" Mikan said, as she huffed and walked away from Natsume. Natsume followed her instantly. But then, Mikan seemed to remember something and came back to Natsume, who stopped and stared at the brunette. Narumi smiled as she saw Mikan grabbed Natsume's hand and pulled him as she started to run.

"Polka! What the?"

"We have to hurry, Natsume! Narumi-sensei would probably be there already!"

Natsume sighed. That gay would probably be late. And even if he came to class today, he would just tell them it's free period or the teachers were having a meeting so that they could enjoy the rest of the day without anything to worry about.

"I bet my latest manga that that gay is not yet in our classroom. So slow down, Polka," he said slowing down. Mikan stopped and turned her attention to Natsume.

"But, Natsume…"

Narumi glanced at his wrist watch and was shocked to see that he was almost thirty minutes late.

Poor Fukutan-sensei.

"And besides…" Natsume continued, while pulling Mikan inside an empty room.

The blonde-haired looked back at the spot where Natsume and Mikan was before but was surprised that no one was there anymore. Shrugging, he thought, 'Maybe they already went to class.'

And with that, Narumi decided to go to the faculty room first before going to his class for today. Anyways, he's only going to tell everyone about the festival coming.

"Oh, well. That could wait. For another thirty minutes or so," he muttered to himself as he skipped his way to the faculty room, startling Misaki-sensei as he put some papers to be checked down on his desk.

"Ohayo, Misaki~!"

That and all Misaki-sensei could do was groan.

This was going to be a long day. A long day, indeed.

Inside the empty room…

Mikan sighed as Natsume kissed her once again. She could get use to this but still, they should be going to class. Narumi-sensei and the others might be wondering where they were now.

"Natsume…" Mikan said, gathering all her might as Natsume pulled her close this time. "We should really be going to class, you know. Hotaru… Hotaru might be worried."

"Tch," Natsume clicked his tongue as Mikan mentioned that freak of an inventor once again. "She'd probably think that you woke up late again." He hugged her once again but then immediately let her go when she started to whine about getting a detention once again.

"Fine. Let's go, Polka," he said, offering his hand to her. Mikan looked at him and then back at his hand.

"Natsume, do you think we should tell them about us?"

The fire caster's eyebrow rose.

"I mean… wouldn't they be shocked or something?"

Natsume sighed. His girlfriend was really… something. He held his hand back and put it inside his pocket. He then motioned to go outside the room.

"Okay. Let's give them some time before… uh… telling them."

"I'm sorry for keeping this a secret for a while, Natsume. I'm just worried about what Hotaru's reaction would be. But I promise to tell them as soon as possible, ne, Natsume?" Mikan said as she caught up with Natsume. Natsume looked at her and rolled his eyes.

Oh, great. He couldn't say no to those big hazel eyes.

"I just told you it's okay, Mikan. I understand," he said, flashing his rare smile to her as he continued to walk. Mikan stood there, dumb-founded. After all, moments like this don't usually happen every day.

Natsume turned and faced Mikan, a smirk plastered on his face.

"Let's go, Polka. It's already time for Jinno-sensei's class," he said. He took a look at his watch and his smirk grew deeper. "And we're already five minutes late."

Mikan's eye widened.

"Oh, crap! Jin-jin's gonna kill me!" she said, while running to their classroom's direction.

Natsume shook his head he followed his girlfriend, hands inside his pocket, as he leisurely walked into their classroom.

Jin-jin, I mean, Jinno-sensei was already showering Mikan some lecture… like always when she gets late in Algebra class, when Natsume got near their classroom.

Jinno-sensei sighed inwardly as he saw Sakura Mikan panting on the door.

'I'm quite thankful that that Sakura and that Hyuuga was late again. I have an excuse to give them detention. Narumi will be pleased,' Jinno thought as he told Mikan to stay outside the classroom.

'How about I give a little twist of events to this Narumi's plan to make it more… interesting? In that way, I'll be hitting two stones with one bird. Oops. It's the other way around, I think,' Jinno mentally laughed.

He smirked when he saw Natsume nearing them.

'Oh, yeah. Maybe, a pop quiz will do. Bwahahahaha!'

Mikan sweatdropped as Jinno-sensei laughed silently beside her.

End of Prologue.

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