Title: MTRO's On Work

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If you can't amaze people with your intelligence,

confuse them with your stupidity.

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Chapter 2: Misaki-sensei's Biology Project

Natsume was still pissed with Mikan because of the deadly eraser incident yesterday. Because of her, he ended up sneezing all night. Well, almost all night. If it wasn't for Nonoko's anti-histamine pills.

He sighed when he stared at his laughing girlfriend now. He was talking to no other than Koko and Kitsuneme, who were now making faces and imitating some of their teachers.

Koko ran his fingers through his dirty blonde locks and closed his eyes. He then winked at Mikan before saying "Enjoy the rest of your lives, my wonderful students! You'll no longer see this beautiful face in this classroom ever again!" He then twirled his way out of the classroom. Mikan burst out laughing at Koko's imitation of uh… Narumi.

"Lame-o, Koko," Kitsuneme said as he picked up Hotaru's clock, which looks like a chicken, and put it on his shoulder. He then motioned to push a pair of invisible eyeglasses to the bridge of his nose before letting a cough or two out.

Mikan and Koko ended up laughing as Kitsuneme clenched his right hand, as if trying to hold an invisible wand, and turned to them.

"Sakura," Kitsuneme said, with his lowered voice. "What do you think you're laughing about? You better study hard and pass my pop quizzes or else," he waved his non-existent wand in the air this time, making Koko howl with laughter. "I'll electrocute you! Fsssssssssh!"

Uh-oh. Here comes another one. Natsume gently shook his head.

Mochu tapped Koko's back as he cross his arms over his chest. He also made his eyebrows (if he has them) look like they were twitching. He then closed his eyes.

"Sensei…" he said with his irritated voice. "What do you think you're doing at my greenhouse in the middle of the night? I spent almost two months tending to those plants! No for the punishment…" he put his hands on top of Koko's shoulder, who started screaming right away.

"No, Mochu! No kissing! Permy! Help me!"

An audible cough was heard behind them. Mikan sweatdropped as she looked at the boys beside her then back at the man, who was being imitated by Mochu as of now.

"Mochiage-kun, Yome-kun… You two were saying?" an irritated Misaki-sensei asked the two boys, while a vein on his forehead popped.

Mochu let go of Koko, as soon as he heard Misaki-sensei's voice. He turned to face the biology teacher and chuckled nervously as the handsome man looked at him with annoyance on his eyes.

"We'll talk about this later after class," Misaki-sensei told them and as if on cue, the class finally fell silent as he turned his back on them and started to walk to the teacher's table.

The handsome instructor sat on the edge of the table, his eyes looking upward the ceiling. He sighed after muttering something under his breath.

"Oh, no!" Koko shouted. "I'm not going to be Mochu's partner for this one, sensei!"

Misaki smirked. He guessed that there's no need for talking about that incident later.

"Oh, yes, Yome-kun."

Hotaru smirked.

'This early?' the inventor thought. Then,more smirking. 'Way to go, Misaki-sensei.'

"Not with Mochu on this… this project!"

Misaki's background as he stared at the two insolent students: Evil, pure evil.

"I'm getting confused now. What are you talking about, Koko?" Mikan asked, while putting her index finger on her cheek.

"Yes, sensei. Do enlighten us, please," Hotaru said, her voice calm and cold. You know, like the usual.

'Imai-san must probably know about my plan. But, oh, well.' Misaki sighed as he smirked again at Koko (who was starting to freak Mikan out with his wailing and at the same time, shaking his head violently).

"Class, it's time for the Baby Project."

"Eh?" the whole class roared, with the exception of the MTRO's obviously. Natsume was shocked too, but then, he decided not to make it too obvious.

(A/N: Since I forgot, or I don't know rather hehehe, who Koko and Mochu's partners were, let's just pretend that Koko's partner was Sumire and Mochu's partner was Nonoko. So that leaves Iinchou with Anna. Haha. Sorry for this… annoying author's note. Peace yo!)

So where were we? Oh, yes.

"Yes, the Baby Project," Misaki coughed before finally explaining to the whole class. "You will be taking care of a baby, not a live one of course, with your partner as a wife or as a husband. But… on this particular project, may I appoint Mochu and Koko to be partners? It will serve as a punishment for the earlier… uh… commotion."

Sumire massaged her temples as he stared at his boyfriend. She didn't care if he was partnered with that freak of a mind-reader. It was Mochu's fault anyways. Her hand shot into air as soon as Misaki-sensei finished explaining the whole project to the whole class who just groaned in response.

"So I will be working with Nonoko on this one, sensei?" she asked him. The young instructor just nodded in response. "Good. Nonoko, it will be nice working with you. At last, a project with no one to spoil my perfect grades. No, don't look at me like that, Koko-kun. It was always you who ruins most of our projects."

"Tch. How long will this idiotic project be?"

Misaki-sensei's eye twitched as Natsume asked this question. He looked at him, and he almost laughed. Natsume's cheeks were almost red, but of course, the fire caster hid his blush under his bangs.

"Hmmm… let me see," he touched his chin, as he looked at the ceiling again. "About a week or two, I think."

"You think?" Koko echoed. "Two weeks of being partners with Mochu as his… husband?"

"Husband?" asked an exasperated Mochu. "You'll be the wife, Koko! I'll be the guy, of course."

"No! If I'm going to be the wife, then Sumire, I have something to tell you," Koko turned to Sumire, who raised her eyebrows at the mind-reader. "Did you know that Mochu here," he pointed his finger at Mochu and grinned evilly. And of course, Mochu has to agree to be the wife this time.

'Polka will be my wife then.. for a week,' Natsume thought before smiling to himself. 'My girlfriend will be my wife for a week.'

Koko suddenly stopped when he heard his thoughts. He then turned to the fire caster's direction before screaming, "What the #$&? Is that true, Natsume?"

Everybody's attention was caught by the mind-reader's sudden outburst and which made them look at Natsume's seat. The fire caster glared at Koko, who nervously grinned after reading his friend's mind again.

Don't you dare say it to anyone, Koko, Natsume thought. The said mind-reader gulped before turning his gaze away from his friend.

They were together already? Koko shook his head. So all their efforts would just be going to waste? He sighed.

But then again, why would Natsume want their relationship to remain a secret? And as if reading his mind, he heard Natsume's thoughts once again, answering the question that he just asked himself.

Koko, please. Don't tell anybody about this. Mikan doesn't want anyone else to know about us just yet.

The mind-reader looked at Natsume again before nodding his head. What else could he do but agree to him? And besides, this was the first time he heard him say please.

"Care to share the information, Yome?" Hotaru expressionlessly said, her eyes scanning her notes on her notebook.

"Yes, Koko-kun. Please do share about it," the handsome instructor said, as his glare on the mind-reader darkened. "You have disturbed the class a lot, I must say."

Koko scratched the back of his head nervously as he thought of something to tell them. Then he shakily said, "Well, you see, sensei, Natsume here," he pointed at Natsume's direction before continuing, "thought that this project of yours is too idiotic for his taste. Oh yeah. That. Uh-huh."

The fire caster grunted a s a response to what Koko just said.

And because of that, Hotaru and Misaki-sensei groaned inwardly, with the same thoughts lingering inside their heads.

Are we doing this right, Narumi?

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