Hello, I am here with another story! My second Fullmetal story, and I hope you peoples who read might like it!

I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist nor will I ever. If I did, then I would have Winry and Ed kiss at the end of Brotherhood.Chapter 1: Meeting

A lone girl walked through the streets. It was empty, and not even a dog was barking. She found it weird to be this quiet during the day; was everyone hiding from something?

Usually in Central things were alive and kicking, but today, the streets were filled with nothing but small, microscopic bugs. They were most likely the only living thing out here.

The girl sighed again. She was just taking a small walk around, she had just moved to the bustling city from a rural area not too long ago, and she was already used to hearing a lot about the miltary and the State Alchemists.

She found one in particular (No, not Armstong). She found the youngest State Alchemist and the hero of the people, Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, to be the most intriging.

She didn't have a crush on him (although, she could name a few people who she has already met that probably make out with a poster of him or something both male and female) she just found him amazing. Maybe it was the fact that he was the youngest State Alchemist; gaining the title of Fullmetal at the age of twelve?

Or was it the fact that he had automail and that his younger brother was in a seven foot suit of armor? She didn't know the exact reason she found him so cool. She had always been in some kind of trance when she heard stories about him, and when ever he got hurt, she knew deep in her gut that he was okay.

She kicked a pebble that was just sitting there and she heard it bang; loudly. She looked up, almost having her knees give out because of the shock.

In front of her stood a big black thing…wait, was that an armor? "Al, whats goin' on? Why'd you stop?"

The girl turned her head to the left and just (barely) missed the little figure standing behind the armor. In his red coat and his signature braid, stood Edward Elric, the boy that the girl thought she would have a one in a trillion chance to meet. He blinked, those gold eyes almost hypnotizing the girl.


"Uh, hi," she stammered. I'm talking to EDWARD ELRIC! This is insane! I wonder how many girls would just kill to be in the position I'm in, she thought.

"I'm guessin' by the look on your face, you already know me. The name's Edward Elric and this is my little brother, Alphonse," he said, putting a hand on the back of the grey armor.

"It's nice to meet you," it said, and sounded like a little boy. The girl found it oddly cute and tried to supress a giggle.

"Hi, my name is Anna Colbalt, it's a pleasure to meet the Fullmetal Alchemist," she said.

"Colbalt, that's a nice last name," Ed grinned.

"Gee, thanks, I'm really glad you like it," Anna said as she stuck out her hand.

Ed smiled and shook her hand, his face turning from a teasing look to a confused look. "Hey, do you have automail?"

Anna looked at him, "How'd you know? My arms are made out of automail."

"Both? Well, I'm an automail user myself, so I could tell," he took off his white glove and Anna looked at the metal hand. "My left leg too."

She looked up at him. "I've heard stories, but I've always known that you had your right arm made out of automail, never your left leg." She pulled up the sleve of her shirt to show a pretty nasty piece of metal. "Mine's kinda busted. But it's a pain to go to the country to get it fixed. I just moved here and I hate trains."

"I have a mechanic that works in Rush Valley. I think if I ask her, she can make an appointment," he said.

"Brother, you need a check too," Al told him, nudging the small kid in the side.

"This time, I didn't break it so she won't throw a wrench at my head."

"She throws a wrench at your head?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, every damn time. She's a handful, I tell 'ya."

"So…your mechanic shows her feelings toward you by throwing a tool used for making your arm and leg at your head…pretty cool girl."

Ed blushed and started spitting out excuse after excuse. "What? Feelings? S-she's just a-an old friend, I swear!"

Anna looked at him with a small glint in her eye. "Suuuuure."

"Do you want me to call her, or do you want to have no arms at all?" he asked, putting a hand up to rub his temples.

"I guess you can call."

Opening the door to her house, she guided Ed to the phone which was buried under multiple boxes. She started to move them all, but then decided to use alchemy. She quickly shot that idea down. No! He'll get suspicious!

"Damn boxes…" she muttered under her breath. Every box was heavier than the previous, and it was starting to strain her already broken arms. She held back a groan, and she felt something in her shoulder click as her arm just shut down, causing the heavy box to miss her foot by inches. Not that it would matter.

She brought up her right arm to cradle the broken metal limb. She had known that this would happen, but this soon? She was left handed! "I got it," Ed said (RHYME). He picked up the box with little to no effort and placed it somewhere else. She groaned and sat on the couch. Ed sat next to her and looked at the arm that was dangling limp. He picked it up slowly and examined it. "How'd you get automail?"

"Accident when I was younger. It's pretty bad and I don't like to talk about it," she replied, her face turning into something more depressing than it had been moments before. Images of what happened flooded her mind; blood, darkness…a very bright light, then pain, death of…


She shut her eyes and put a hand up to her head. She tried to block everything. It was spiraling in her mind, everything going at a rapid speed as if she was there. Sweat rolled down her face, as she remembered that faithful day as if it had happened just moments before.

Every little thing was in full detail.

"What's mommy doing…?"

She clutched her head, and Ed looked at her. He was debating on whether to let her have her little moment, or to make sure she was okay.

"What the…? Ah! My arms!"

Edward put his arms around her, and he felt that she was shaking uncontrollably. She stopped shaking after about two minutes, but her eyes hadn't narrowed a bit and the sweat hadn't stopped. She clung on for him as if he was her life-line, the only way she would survive.

"S-sorry…I g-get like that…r-r-really bad m-mem…memories," she stammered out. Alphonse put an arm on her shoulder and she looked up at the both of them. "T-thanks, I needed a little support…" she looked over on the counter. "Shouldn't you call that mechanic of yours?" she said to Ed without turning her head.

"Right," he said as he slowly got up. She could hear the automail make scratchy noises as he walked and moved his arms. He picked up the phone and started dialing. He put the reciever by his ear and waited. "Yes, this is Edward Elric; can you put me through to a Winry Rockbell in Rush Valley please?"

He waited a few more seconds before Anna could barely hear a female voice enter the phone line. "Winry? …yeah, I need a check up, and I have this girl, her name is Anna Colbalt and her left arm just shut down on her…yeah…no, I didn't break my arm…or my leg…listen to me, can you fix her up when I come there? Yeah, I can bring her…okay, thanks…in a week? Okay, we'll try to survive, yeah, sorry about that, bye." He put the phone down and turned to Anna.

Alphonse looked at his brother, and Ed stared back. It was like a random staring contest, but it was like they were talking to each other in their minds. Elric Brother Telepathy? Anna thought. "Who want's milk?"

She saw Ed's eyes go down and stare at her as if ready to kill. "No."

She turned to Alphonse, "You?"

"No, but thanks for the offer," he said kindly.

"Alright, your loss."

These chapters will get longer eventually, I just don't want to spoil everything.

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