A/N: I don't own Harry Potter and anything you recognize. This is a sequel, true, but I don't think you have to have read the first story first, either way, it'll be a better story if you do (or have).

Something was wrong. Very wrong. And George knew it. He ran down the corridors, ignoring the curses and hexes flying in every direction. When he finally reached the spot his twin was supposed to be near, he gasped, fear flooding every corner of his mind.

The floor, the wall. They were gone. They had collapsed! George ran down the stairs, narrowly missing a trick step, and saw red hair. He just ran as fast as he could. And he couldn't believe what he saw. Percy was crying over a dead body. And not just any dead body. It was Fred.

"Fred!" George tried to say. But no words came out. He just kneeled there, next to him. No tears were coming out. No screams. He just felt dead. Like he'd never be happy again. Not just like he's around dementor, in Azkaban, but like he just found out he's living in the underworld. Which he probably would be. He was half-dead. Un-dead, you might say, but he wasn't exactly a zombie.

"George?" Percy said quietly. George just looked at him; words just wouldn't, couldn't, come out.

"He's… in a better place now."

Fury joined the angst, the sorrow, and the fear built up in his mind. In a better place? Was this prat insane? He mouthed his exact thoughts, but, of course, was unnoticed. Percy couldn't read lips.

"George… I know you think he'd be better off with you. But he's with the Lord now. That's the best place there is."

No it's not! He's lonely. I'm lonely. I am dead, but still on Earth. How do I get out of this? But of course, no one heard him, as once again, no sound came out.

George just stood silently, barely noticed by anyone until his family came.

"Fred?" Molly choked out. Arthur just cried silently, shortly joined by everyone except George.

"Fred… Fred…" Molly kept murmuring.

"George? Are you… alright?" Bill asked, after ten minutes of silent crying.

No! George mouthed. Bill noticed his response.

"Can you… talk at all?" Bill asked. George just shook his head.

All throughout the rest of the battle, George felt no joy, hope, or anything. He felt only numbness, with a bit of angst. Even when Voldemort was declared dead, George wasn't at all happy. Watching his mother kill Bellatrix was just nothing. Even if she was partly responsible for Fred's death.

The funeral was the 5 of May, Cinco de Mayo.