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Of Treasure Maps and Steel Eagles

Chapter One: Riley's fears and the black book

Washington D.C – December 3, 2010

Riley's POV

Riley stood there, chilled to the bone. He looked at his friend and fellow treasure hunter, Ben Gates. Why, oh, why did he have to bring up those three letters? He thought that once he went to Georgetown that he would leave all those memories in the past, where they belonged and stayed.

Benjamin Gates' POV

"What did you say Ben?"

Benjamin Gates looked at his friend and fellow treasure hunter, Riley Poole. The younger man went pale white and looked…

Well, he looked like he didn't want to talk. He could see his hands clenching and unclenching, which was strange. Ever since he metRiley he was sarcastic and always had to get the last word. He never saw him so quiet and at loss for something to say. He didn't think Riley would take this information in this manner. It wasn't like he wanted him to do anything dangerous, like trying to find a treasure nobody believed existed.

"What? It's not like we are standing on an uneven piece of stone or anything. We are going to New York City because Abigail got an invitation to speak at NYU as a guest lecturer, and I happened to been invited to speak as well on American history. I thought you would be happy, maybe even stop by Dylan's Candy Bar or stride down Broadway or something. You know the usual touristy stuff that I never do." Ben watched his friend's reaction. He saw that Riley stopped clenching his fists and a little bit of color came back into his face.

In all his time knowing the computer nerd that is Riley Poole, Benjamin Gates never saw Riley get so scared over one little destination. They were planning on going to the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, where some people thought magic happened for dreamers and lovers. He thought Riley would be excited. Maybe take him on the Circle Line tour or something and go to the top of the Statue of Liberty. At least hit up the history museums while they were there.

"Why you want me to come?"

Ben really wanted to know why Riley was being so stubborn about this whole trip. He thought his friend would be happy that for once he was doing something totally unrelated to treasure hunting. After all, Ben thought this would be a good chance for Riley to pine after a woman, which his friend seems to do quite often. Though, from the looks of his friend, he wasn't so sure about this idea anymore. He watched asRiley strode over to the other side of the living room and picked up his blue jacket.

Riley looked up at Ben and said, "Sorry. I guess it's just that New York City holds a lot of bad memories and all. I used to live there you know. I didn't always live in D.C where you picked me up from that cubicle one day. New York used to be my home until my dad deserted me by sending me away to boarding school up in Vermont. I don't think he even loved me," he said, the last part coming out in a whisper. Ben stood there quietly realizing that he had heard the reason as to why his friend didn't want to go to New York City.

The city of dreams was a place that Riley never wanted to go back to because of a tough childhood. From what he could decipher there was a father who didn't want his son and his mother...? He didn't know, at least not right now. Not to say that his childhood was perfect either with his parents fighting, but his mother loved him. His father... well, they butted heads on a lot of things (mainly anything connecting with the Templar treasure). But now their relationship was a bit better.

"Riley… I didn't realize. Maybe we could make some new memories or something. Who knows, maybe we will have our own adventure in the Big Apple?" Ben saw that slowly a sad smile appeared on Riley's face.

"I guess I could go… as long as I get a large lollipop from Dylan's or a cold-hot chocolate at Serendipity's." (AN: Serendipity's is an ice cream parlor in New York City). Ben shook his head. He was worried for a second there. What he didn't tell Riley was that he had something up his sleeve besides what seemed like an innocent trip as a guest lecturer to a university. It isn't always that simple being a famed treasure hunter.






New York City December 3, 2010…

Balthazar's POV

Balthazar Blake stood in what used to be a cellular phone store and an antique store. Now, though, it was his shop, The Arcana Cabana II and he was going through all the objects that were put into storage that he was able to get back after the battle of Battery Park. Most of his former antiquities and items were found and returned.

He also had books here that had been in storage as well. He was going through the last box of books. His apprentice, Dave Stutler, was out with his girlfriend Becky meaning that his apprentice was going to come to practice late, yet again. Balthazar sighed, he thought about making Dave learn the importance of being prompt and on time, but to his left he saw his beloved, Veronica. She gave him a smile, and he smiled back.

She had been adjusting as he expected to the new modern world. Every day and step had been a new experience for her, from seeing the towering skyscrapers, to the new foods of the land, and to the vast variety of knowledge that has been gained over the centuries.

It was an experience for him to see what Veronica saw in the modern world from the shock, to the awe, and the love that she held which shown in her eyes for him through each new experience she encountered. She had taken a liking to his reluctant protégé, and under his rough exterior Balthazar really did have a soft spot for him too. Veronica had found friendship in Dave's girlfriend Rebecca or Becky Barnes, and she had been a valuable ally in helping Veronica into the more awkward stages of the modern world.

Throughout his musings he was going through his books, taking stock of what he recovered. It was when he finished going through his last box of books that he furrowed his eyebrows. One of his books was missing. That in itself wasn't surprising, but this book was one that he rather not have to worry about. A small black book that seemed nondescript, but in reality in the wrong hands something even worse than "The Rising" could happen. It held a terrible yet amazing secret and the thought of losing the book made Balthazar's blood run cold.

He hoped for everyone's sake that Horvath or any other Morganian did not have it. The black book in question was given to him by a friend who knew some Morganian was after him and his family. The book in question held a map of something magical and extraordinary, but if in the hands of evil it could be devastating. The map leads to the location of the Excalibur Sword where Merlin had retrieved it after the battle in which King Arthur killed Mordred.

His master never told him the location of the sword. Inside the book, from what he remembered being told, were clues to the location through riddles and events of the past, present, and even future. At this he remembered quirking his eyebrows up, but Merlin told him that the book would always know its new owner when the last passed away. It was a book of magic and secrets, as old as Merlin himself. The book was a living map of where Excalibur was at any given moment.

The location of the sword was never static. It changed with the Merlinians who kept it safe, so it was never in one spot for a prolonged period of time. This was a safety tactic on Merlin's part, so the sword would not be found by any Morganian and would be kept out of sight and out of mind by all those except who kept its location secret. Merlin never even told his three apprentices the location of the famed sword. All the information, however, was in the book. The closest he ever got to it was seeing the cover as his friend gave it to him. Afterwards he hid it and put it under protected wards.

The man who feared for his family was the last protector he knew of for Excalibur and the book. His friend asked that he be the next protector. The problem is, it was not his destiny to do so, and he had no idea where the sword was considering that his friend did not divulge the information and the black book did not accept him as the holder of it or the sword. The book could only be opened by those who were supposed to open it. All he hoped now was that the sword was still in the location the last owner had placed it. His friend died the very next day.

From what he found out is that the death was caused by a car crash, but Balthazar Blake, sorcerer of the 777th degree, knew the truth. Not only did the man die in a car crash, his wife died as well in a fire at their apartment. Too much of a coincidence for him, someone ten years ago was after the sword and most likely today were still looking for it.

The problem is however is his friend had a son. He didn't know the son's name, but from what he knew did not have the ability to use the art. He was sent away for his own safety and protection. Balthazar Blake knew the protection of the sword was based on the lineage, so the book would have to go to his son, even if he did not have the art at all.

This complicated matters for Balthazar infinitely because how was he going to explain to the son of a good friend of his, who was talented Merlinian, that magic existed when most likely the boy was now a man in his late twenties? Knowing he had his own life to lead, this would make things complicated. At least with Dave he had some experience, of course that resulted him being stuck in an urn for ten years and a reluctant Dave. Funny how life works out sometimes.





Ben never told Riley that he was able to get his hands on a small, nondescript black leather bound book. However, he had never known what was inside it. It wasn't easy to open; he even tried cutting the leather strap. All that ended up doing was seeing a good pair of scissors look like it cut through but the strap did not break. He even thought of burning the strap but that didn't help. This brought Ben to his latest plan to take it to New York City and see if he could figure this book out. The leather was strong, but it should have been able to be cut. It couldn't be burned, which raised the question, was what kind of leather was this book?

He knew this book held something within it, most likely a treasure, because if he looked hard at the leather there was a circle with subsections that held different symbols. A cult symbol most likely, which meant a secret group and most likely a treasure at the end of it. Another treasure to find and to protect. He wanted to know what treasure that black book had and he was hoping his friend would help him out. The problem is that Ben really should never have gotten that book when he went to an auction back in New York in late February of 2000.

He went to a particular auction held by B&B Auctioneers Lmt. where most of the antiquities were of an interesting nature. Apparently, from what he heard, they all came from the same shop that was closed down. Its lease was up and the owner nowhere to be found. So, the store was cleaned and the antiquities went to them. The different auction items were quite bizarre and some were rather interesting. At one point some of the items felt like they were out of Indiana Jones movie or something similar.

But this book had caught his eye and, what would he know, it went for a simple two hundred dollars. Practically nothing for something that was well made and had an interesting symbol embedded in its leather. That black book would lead him to a world he didn't think existed, and a past that no one saw coming.

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