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Three Days later…

Ben Gate's POV

"I don't understand how your friend survived Mr. Gates, he lost a lot of blood, but within a few days in the ICU he was back to normal. He is quite a fast healer I have to say, but I am pleased to tell you that Riley Poole will make a full recovery. Though he should learn to be more careful with knives. Seriously, what was he doing with a full blown knife to cut an apple and somehow it nicked his stomach right after sharpening. He needs to be more careful…though I am a little worried at the angle it seems like the cut would be more from a sword of some kind but I trust what you say is the truth," the doctor as the hospital said.

Benjamin Gates looked on as his friend was sleeping, and was bandaged around his chest. That had been the closest call in recorded history seeing as he was sure that Riley Poole had died on him. He was in shock as well as losing a lot of blood. Three days ago it felt like the world stood still as he saw Riley's lifeless body.

But he was a fighter and had recovered, he was only tired now. After the fight the sword, as soon as it touched Riley's skin had shattered and disappeared. No one knew what happened or why that was the result.

Ben, Abigail, and his family were worried about Riley and Agent Sadusky called the medics and had gotten him to the ER. They were not going to go down without a fight, hell with everything else going on.

The rest of the party?

Well besides finding out Agent Sadusky knowing about Balthazar Blake, the rest of the federal agents had memory wipes to forget the events of the night and had captured "Ian Howe" unbelievably Maxim Horvath was taken into custody for the conspiracy of Riley's supposed murder and freeing Ian Howe, even if that wasn't true. It seemed that Agent Sadusky was familiar with a little more than that and taken him into the FBI's custody. From what he knew who was going to believe a criminal and his crazy stories, all powerful sorcerer? People would laugh.

The rest of them, he wasn't so sure seeing as what he heard from Balthazar about his apprentice.

Right now he was just glad his friend was alive and that Abigail, his mother, and his father came out alive from this ordeal.

He wasn't so sure for the second half after what Balthazar had told them.








Balthazar's POV

Since that night Dave hadn't called after the situation at the Chrysler building was taken care of. Balthazar even tried to call Becky and she wasn't answering as well. He had checked on Riley and even though most of the group wasn't happy with him, he just wanted to make sure he was okay and it didn't surprise him that Riley would make it through. Daniel had been resilient enough, but what he wondered was what was the final answer to the clue and why did the sword appear when both Riley and Harvey were in the vault at the same time?

More questions that he didn't want to deal with right now.

He needed to focus on his apprentice who was giving him the cold shoulder and the silent treatment.

Truth is he felt horrible about that event, even now in the present. But what choice did he have? Have his enemy, an evil spirit of one of the most evil Morganians besides the ones he captured in the grimhold who wanted to kill a young boy? It didn't seem right, but now knowing what he knew, he didn't regret it.

Dave though, well he couldn't blame him. He knew his sister was murdered by him and he was half surprised Dave didn't retaliate when hearing the news out of pain and anger. He was fairly tired three nights ago with all the fighting and was pretty sure an enraged Dave with all of Merlin's power behind him wouldn't have turned out well for him.

No, not at all, but he was fairly sure that, if anything, Dave did have a consciousness despite agony from past wounds that were violently opened.

He did hear from Abigail they attended her lecture and Mr. Gates lecture that morning and they were going to leave once Riley could leave the hospital.

Seeing Agent Sadusky surprised him, but had briefed him on what occurred and of course would write the report in a way that the bureau would believe.

Maxim going to prison? He snorted, but a part of him thought this was better. Balthazar still had his ex-friend's cane so he wasn't dangerous and he knew that, even for all the ill he had caused him never wanted to see him dead. Horvath wasn't too happy and was wasting his energy by telling him who he was (after the mind wipe) and all of them though he was nuts. There was enough evidence against him to hold up in the courts regarding Harvey and being in league with him.

Harvey, was cold dead and Ian, wasn't charged with murder. He still had to get back to prison, but it was said that there was a possible early parole for his actions that night. Nothing was set in stone.

But with Dave?

He had the fear that Dave wouldn't want to continue his training, but after the past few days he knew that Dave was a master in his own right.

He just needed to work on control.

He had a phone call on his cell phone but the number was unfamiliar he picked it up and said hesitantly,

"Hello?" he queried.

"Is this Balthazar Blake?" a cold female voice said, it was older, probably in the mid fifties and had a slight nasal inclination to it.

"Yes…" he was on guard with who he was contacting.

"I won't dispense with pleasantries with you Mr. Blake but I was informed by my son that you murdered my daughter Stephanie Amelia Stutler," the elder female's voice bit out, but wasn't as icy but more guarded.

He was surprised that his apprentice went to his mother to this, but he understood why he did. She did have a right to know.

"Look…" he wasn't sure why he was going to try and explain himself.

"You should be locked up for your crimes and I am under no circumstance on good terms with you, however….my son has told me some information that I am not sure what to do with. All I know is that you got him out of some pretty perilous situations and that he saved your life. I don't know exactly how I came to this decision, but my son and I had talked for a good period of time and well…yes I was going to get to that dear…he forgives you understanding that whatever…took hold of my daughter and his sister….had to be stopped. I'm not happy, but if it was the best and only option for the safety of my children…at that point…then I shouldn't push to see you in prison. I do however have some questions to ask you regarding what you want to happen from here regarding my son's status and everything?" she said to him in a business manner, but at some points could hear that she was a little unsure and to the close was confidant.

Veronica looked at him with a questioning glance and he just put his finger on his lips for her to be quiet right now,

"Mrs. Stutler, I understand and I am thankful for your clemency, regarding your son…it's up to him with what he wants to do at this point," he said knowing that if he wanted to end everything he wouldn't blame him. He really wouldn't be surprised if Dave showed up with the dragon ring the next day…not that he needed it anymore.

There was a shuffling of noise in the background and mumbling.


It was Dave's voice.

"So, I'm guessing you're home right now?" he said quietly. Why was he making small talk? He sat down on a bench in the Arcana Cabana.

"I really should not have let my temper rise and run off like that…but I think you understand that it hit me hard, especially since we did talk about this a month and a half ago and you didn't tell me anything except that you were sorry for my loss…and I know you are. If it is what you had to do, then you did what was best. I still trust you and regarding training…" Balthazar waited.

"As long as you feel I need it, and I wanted to ask considering everything how is Riley doing?" he felt like a load of weight was off his shoulders considering that Dave wasn't angry with him and had, at least for the time, forgiven him for what happened.

But he wouldn't blame his apprentice if he still held the death of his sister over him, but now that his mother knew what her son was. He wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing, good so his son could be more open as to why he was always busy instead of giving her half-lame excuses saying he was busy with school and his girlfriend, which were not lies by the way.

"He's going to make a full recovery," he said with a small smile and he heard a sigh being released.

"That's good I was worried there for a moment, so Horvath's in prison? Somehow I can't picture that," Dave was back to his normally nasal self. He was relieved to say the least. Particularly considering it had only been a few days. But maybe everything they had been through was a lot more than most people his age should go through, in this day and age anyways.

"I told my mom about everything, and I mean everything…I know civilians had to keep out of it…but with everything and stuff…I couldn't keep who killed Steph…and I hope you understand. She's not happy, but she does forgive you seeing as I explained what you told me. Trust me when I told her she took it a lot better than I thought she would. I hope…at least in my case Balthazar that we still stand where we were before this whole mess happened?" Dave said to him and there were parts he was having a hard time battling what he wanted but also how he felt.

"I understand Dave, and for the record, why don't we take the rest of the days off make sure the Gates are good…and maybe, if your mother is willing, to have lunch…that way I can answer any additional questions she might have…though I would understand if she would never want to see me considering everything and all," he added quickly knowing how bitter Dave's mother's voice had been.

He heard a silence and held his breath.

"My mom's only concern to make sure wherever we go there's no pork, she's not a fan and…she does have some questions that I don't really think I can answer. Also this has been bothering me but why did the sword destroy itself?" Dave said.

He didn't know why the sword had destroyed itself when Harvey and Riley were in the vault together and they both touched the sword, but he had a guess that Daniel Opoel's friend Elizabeth could foresee this day and Daniel knowing the clash of his family was the only way to destroy the sword for once and for all seeing as it was a relic of the past and wasn't needed. The magic of both parts touching his brother and son destroyed the sword and the black book along with it.

Therefore there wouldn't be a need to worry about any more treasure maps concerning him and Dave, he wasn't so sure about the Gates but from he has heard about them that there will be no stopping the treasure hunting party.

There's something to be said about treasure and sorcerers….both not believed, and yet here they are.





That night he walked into Riley's room at the hospital and saw him awake. He had an eye open.

"I guess you got everything solved with Dave?" he said and he nodded and sat down in the comfy chair next to Riley's cot and laced his fingers together.

"So what now?" Riley queried knowing what he knew know and what his friends knew.

Balthazar shrugged his shoulders,

"Well the sword is destroyed meaning you don't have to protect it and that you don't have the gift, which means you don't need to worry about harnessing it. As far as I can see you can go back to DC, but you have to promise me everything you heard has to be kept a secret," Balthazar said to Riley who looked at him with a confused look.

"I don't think anyone would believe me even if I told them Balthazar, and…well there is one thing I want to ask…once I am better if maybe you, Veronica, Dave, and Becky willing if you come down to DC sometime and…if I could take a spin in that Phantom of yours," Riley grinned.

He just shook his head with an amused grin with all the events that transpired to hear something like that? Well, maybe this kid was an Opoel knowing his father, Daniel had asked him many times for that privilege.

"Even your father never got that pleasure and I think he would be pouting in his grave when I tell you maybe," Riley just looked like he scored a date with a good looking woman, but it was a car instead. Balthazar said his goodbyes to the computer nerd-turned treasure hunter-now son of sorcerer and left the hospital behind.

Balthazar walked out of the hospital thinking inwardly about everything that has happened knowing that he would keep up on that promise. He felt relieved to have a few of his secrets revealed. He was rather lucky that Dave had forgiven him, he was fairly sure if that ever got out he wouldn't look at him the same way. What is to say that he won't? He needed to keep his head clear there was not time for what ifs. He just focused on some other things he might need to divulge.

But some of them, including an archeologist and pirate, were better left in the dark and left for another time.

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