Mousefur's secret.

Mousefur buried her face into her paws. Longtail was dead. She remembered his broken body. During a heavy rain a beech tree in camp fell on the elders den. Briarpaw had gone into the den to get her a nest. Longtail followed. They both were trapped but Dustpelt and some other cats got them out. Mousefur sighed, awaking from her memory. Purdy was staring at her. "Are you ok?" He asked. Mousefur felt anger bubbling in her chest. "of course I'm fine!" She snapped. Purdy looked hurt but Mousefur turned away. He could never replace Longtail, no matter how hard he tried. Mousefur yawned. She was always tired. Mousefur laid her head on her paws and fell asleep.

Longtail's scent wreathed around her. "Mousefur" He whispered. Mousefur looked into his eyes. He could see her! Starclan had repaired his eyes. Mousefur looked at him and purred. Longtail sighed."Your path will twist and turn in many ways, my dear." Mousefur looked at him in disbelief. Longtail laid down and Mousefur laid next to him. Longtail licked her ears. "You must sleep." Mousefur looked at him. "I don't want to leave!" She whined. Longtail sighed. "So stubborn…..You have to leave." Mousefur buried her nose into his fur, breathing in his scent. "Sleep Mousefur." Longtail murmured softly. Mousefur fell asleep.

She awoke the next morning, Purdy staring at her. "What!" She snapped at him. "Uh nothin just wonderin if you wanted some fresh-kill!" Purdy padded out of the den in a huff.

Two moons later Mousefur found herself in the nursery. Why! Why! She thought this can't happen! Jayfeather sat next to her and told her to push. Mousefur gave a shriek and a pale gray she-cat tumbled into the nest. Jayfeather nipped the sack and licked the kit. "A healthy she-kit!" Mousefur purred. Do you hear that Longtail we have a daughter!. Mousefur licked her kit and named her Ashkit.

Twelve moons later

Ashheart padded through the forest towards her mothers grave. Mousefur died last moon when Windclan sent a raiding party through the camp. She died fighting. Ashheart sighed and thought of the father of her kits. Thornclaw was the father.

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