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Chapter 1:A Thunderous Christmas Time Street Fight!

In the town of Shinjuku Japan, most things were normal as they were with people going about to their jobs and kids going to school and getting ready for the holiday season, such was the case with a young boy, sixteen years of age who sat in his middle school class room taking notes from his instructor as was the rest of the class as it was snowing lightly outside, wearing the schools black uniform he sighed as he moved his notes around while adjusting his glasses and glanced at the clock on the adjacent wall from where he sat, there was only five minutes until school was done for the day. "Will you hurry up and ring, I want out of here!" thought the boy, soon enough time passed and class was dismissed. "Sometimes I wonder why I let my parents talk me into doing the whole foreign exchange thing, sure I got to come to Japan the home of anime and manga, and it's actually snowing compared to where I did live before, but this is torture." he thought as he picked up his books and prepared to leave only to be stopped by another boy who was the same age with short raven colored hair, a muscular build, and a cocky attitude. Thankfully the boy had learned Japanese, but most of the people in his school also knew english which was good for him as the two began to converse.

"So Ken, are you gonna join a school club already or what? Why not join the karate club, I mean you handled the school bullies pretty well your first day here." said the boy, although his full name was Kensuke Rainer, he was used to this as everyone had decided to call him Ken which made things easier for him.

"Count me out Maki, I would rather not risk that." Ken replied, Maki sighed. "Besides it's true i'm good at Parkour, but that's not really a martial art."

"Isn't that a gymnastics' sport? Sounds like something a girl would..." he stopped when Ken's shoe was two inches from his face.

"Say that again, and I'll kick your teeth out worse than those punks I beat up." he said before lowering his foot and thinking of the bullies. "Still don't see what their problem is with foreigners though?" he wondered.

"I'd say it's more because of your appearance, those guys transferred here from Cromartie High School, a pit type school compared to the norm, but full of badasses who will drop people without thinking twice." Maki replied, Ken merely sweatdropped.

"If I recall, I heard a robot, a gorilla, and some guy who looks like Freddie Mercury also attend that place..." Maki sweatdropped as well.

"Well yeah ..." he said rubbing his head, as both got up to leave they noticed a group of four girls talking to each other, among them was a girl with long blue hair, wearing the schools girl uniform, Maki blushed while Ken sighed.

"Why don't you ask her out if you like her so much?" Maki quickly grabbed Ken and shut his mouth as the girls heard this, three of them began laughing but the girl he was referring to put on a stern look.

"Maki, you know my father won't allow me to date anyone unless he deems them worthy, and you are far from worthy." she said turning to leave, Maki sighed while Ken chuckled.

"Rejected." said Ken, Maki hit him on the head lightly.

"Dang it Ken, you just screwed up my chance to ask her out." Ken was about to reply but Maki wouldn't let him. "Don't you know who she is? She's Kasumi Shika, the schools best student and heiress to the Shika clan." he said.

"So she's in with the Mafia?" asked Ken, Maki fell over.

"No you doofus, it's a computer company." said Maki getting back up.

"Well whatever it's time for us to get out of here, I need to get something to eat and get home." said Ken heading out of the class and out of the school into the snowy streets "Christmas already, time sure does fly." he muttered while watching the snow fall.

Meanwhile, in another world's mountain like terrain with dark clouds everywhere, a silhouette of a man with a small fox like creature next to him overlooked a valley where various creatures faught each other with glazed eyes and dark auras covering their bodies. "Yes, yes!" said the man evilly as thunder crashed behind him. "Battle my digimon slaves and when I find the strongest among you, i'll send you to the human world for the first step of my conquest of both the real world and the digital world, and then plunge them into the darkness of the void!" next to him, the small creature spoke as lightning crashed again revealing it to be a fox like dinosaur with a red triangle on it's face who also watched the creatures now known as digimon fight to the death.

"Master are you sure you can pull it off?" the man nodded.

"Of course Dorumon, who do you think I am." he replied curtly.

Dorumon: a mysterious digimon that carries the X-antibody, not much is known about it but it is very strong in battle with it's Metal Cannon and Dash Metal attacks.

Soon the fighting stopped when a lion humanoid digimon welding a sword was struck down by the only other digimon remaining, a large blue bird with lightning bolt like wings. "Ah so it's over, this one will do nicely." said the man taking out a large ipad like device and after typing in some commands into it, he pointed it at the bird digimon and watched as the device fired off a dark beam of power that struck the bird and make it squawk more as it's aura intensified. "You will go to Japan and capture the heiress to the Shika company, then I can hold her for ransom and get all the technology I need to take over this place, understood?" the bird digimon nodded. "Very well." pushing more buttons on the digivice a portal opened and the bird flew through it. "Let's go Dorumon, I need to get something to eat, and find more digimon to make battle and fit to serve my army." he said, Dorumon nodded and followed the man, neither noticing they were being watched by another man garbed in black attire through a pair of binoculars who had five grey devices on his waist, each one different from the other, one looked like an ipod, another was small and rectangular with a screen on it, two of them were egg shaped, one had an akward design with a slot where cards could go, he then took up another device, a black one similar to the ipod but this one's top slid up to reveal a v symbol on it, a portal formed before him as he did this.

"I must put a stop to that man before he really does capture the light with the digivice pad..." he muttered, stepping through the portal, a small blue digimon however saw this and followed him with an angry face as it had seen the brutal fighting as well and wanted to do something about it.

Back in the real world, Ken, now wearing more normal clothes of a black shirt under a blue jacket, and blue jeans had gotten some instant ramen along with other snacks at a store and headed to his apartment to eat them. "I really hope I don't end up wearing orange clothes because I eat this alot, but i'm not accustomed to most the food here yet." he thought walking down a road, he soon passed by a computer store and noticed that various computers were being displayed with the Shika logo on them. "Heh, I hope the computer companies back home watch out." he said smirking, a giggle got his attention and he turned to see Kasumi laughing only now she was wearing a business suit.

"You've got that right, my dad put all his work into those computers to make them run better than any other brand out there." she said. "So tell me, how do you like Japan so far even though you've only been here for...three months I believe?" she asked, Ken nodded.

"Indeed, well it's alright even if instant ramen is the only thing i've been eating most of the time." he replied, Kasumi sighed.

"Maybe you should try some other food out, after all eating the same thing all the time isn't healthy." she said as a man walked outside to greet her. "Well i've got some business to attend to, see ya." she said walking into the store with the man, Ken shrugged and continued onto his apartment, unaware that a block away from where he was a portal opened and the large bird digimon came out from it, along with the smaller digimon who growled as the bird began to fly off.

"I've gotta stop that thing, even if it's an armor level and i'm only a rookie." it said chasing after the bird who flew across the town and began to cause electrical problems due to it's powers.

However, this didn't stop Ken from getting to his small apartment which had three rooms, a kitchen which was where the entrance point was and led to a bedroom with a bathroom on the side, in the bedroom was where Ken's clothes, bed, computer, posters of various video game characters and TV were located. Upon entering into the kitchen he began fixing some ramen, but when it got halfway done the microwave stopped "Ah come on don't do this to me now!" he yelled hitting the machine, but then stopped when he saw a flash of light outside from a nearby window, curiously he looked out and saw a giant bird starting to scare people off, while a smaller creature was throwing rocks at it to try and get it's attention to no avail, he rubbed his eyes repeatedly but the creatures were real no matter how much he looked at them. "You gotta be kidding me, weird shit really does happen here." he muttered as he went outside to see the smaller digimon get fried by a lightning bolt. "Ouchies, and I thought Pikachu was bad." he said as the bird flew off and he walked over to the small digimon who got up slowly.

"I've gotta stop him, if only I could digivolve!" it yelled, Ken held his ears.

"You might want to tone it down a notch there pal, not to mention you just got pwned pretty bad there..." the digimon turned around and Ken gasped. "Veemon?"

Veemon: a fun loving digimon that likes adventures, and will protect those dear to him with his Vee Head Butt attack.

"You...you know me!" it asked, seeing that people were starting to come out to see what the mess was, Ken quickly grabbed the digimon and ran back into his apartment.

"That was too close." he muttered setting Veemon down in the kitchen. "So you wanna tell me what's going on?" Veemon nodded as Ken noticed the microwave had turned back on and his ramen was done, he finished fixing it as he listened to what Veemon was going to say.

"I need help, heck my whole digital world does. You see a strange human appeared one day with a digivice, from legends spoken of from other realms we thought it meant something good was going to happen, but it was the opposite." Ken handed Veemon the ramen cup and decided to make another one for himself later as he decided he was not hungry, not with what he was starring at.

"Let me guess, he went all digimon emperor am I correct?" asked Ken, Veemon sweatdropped.

"Digimon Emperor?" Veemon asked back while eating the ramen. "Well no, but he is kinda like an emperor type, his digivice has the power to enslave digimon and he forces them to battle each other, keeping the strongest ones as his slaves. He recently sent one here after it won his acceptance, why he sent it I don't know but I had to follow it so I could stop it." Ken sighed.

"If that digimon was what I think it was, you might want to reconsider that, trust me i've seen every season of the tv show, and that bird would have you for dinner." Veemon only became more confused. "Those "realms" you spoke of must mean the locations where the anime series took place..." he stopped in mid sentence when he realized what that meant. "Hold on, does that mean that...the digidestined, tamers and data squad are real?" he wondered before getting back on track. "...and in one of the seasons you were a star of the show." Veemon's eyes went wide.

"You mean i'm a star? excellent!" Veemon said making a fake guitar motion with his hands, Ken sweatdropped but smiled.

"Definitely not the same as Davis' Veemon." he thought as he turned on the tv. "Come to think of it, I think the newest series airs an episode tonight, let's see if it's on." Veemon nodded excitedly as he gulped down the ramen and followed Ken into his bedroom, the two sat on the bed across from the tv and when he turned it on he became alarmed as did Veemon, as what came on the screen was not the tv show, but a news report with a woman who began talking as an image square showing the bird digimon appeared in the corner behind her.

"We interrupt this broadcast of digimon xros wars to bring you a special report, a large blue like bird that surprisingly looks like a digimon is currently flying around discharging electricity at an incredible rate, people are advised to stay indoors and..." she stopped for a moment and gasped when someone off screen handed her a paper, the picture square changed showing that the bird had a girl in it's clutches, one that Ken recognized. "I've just been informed that Kasumi Shika of the new Shika cooperation has been abducted by this..." the signal cut off.

"This isn't good." said Ken, Veemon got up and headed for the door. "Veemon don't do this, if you seek him now he'll kill you." Veemon turned and growled.

"But i've got no choice, he's got a human hostage." Ken sighed, as much as he wanted his life to be normal, he wasn't about to let Veemon go on what he considered a suicide mission.

"I'm coming with you, if there's a way to beat this thing. Then will do it together." Veemon smiled and nodded as the two headed out to find the bird digimon.

"PUT ME DOWN!" yelled Kasumi as she struggled in the bird's talons, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get loose as the bird terrorized the streets and forced people to flee as well as the cops. "Why me..." she muttered, soon however a large dark fireball hit the bird causing it to let go of her, she screamed as she fell, but was caught by a taller man who wore a black suit and a black mask over his face as well as black cape donning his shoulders.

"You ok miss?" he asked as he set her down, next to him. She meekly nodded as a large black skinned dinosaur with a metallic tail appeared. "Alright BlackGreymon let's finish it off!" the digimon nodded.

BlackGreymon:A viral version of Greymon this digimon can be quite vicious compared to his counterpart, his attacks are the same but darker.

"You bet partner!" it yelled as it attacked the bird digimon again, but this time it's attack was dodged as the bird digimon finally spoke when striking with more lightning.

"Thunderstormer!" it yelled shocking BlackGreymon down.

"Dang, you should've digixrosed, but it's not going to give us the chance!" yelled the masked man as he leapt back to avoid getting struck, he turned to Kasumi who still there watching stiffly. "Miss you need to get out of here now!" he yelled, Kasumi finally regained herself and did so, but as she ran down the street she stopped when saw Ken and Veemon running the other way.

"Another one, and why is Ken with..." she turned around and decided to head back. "I'll stay out of sight, but i've gotta know what's going on, why are digimon suddenly real?" she wondered quietly to avoid detection.

"BlackGreymon we need to fall back, it's stronger than we though so you can Digixros!" the dinosaur nodded.

"Your right..." however before he could move the large bird digimon pinned him down.

"BlackGreymon!" yelled the masked man concerned as the bird began charging up more power.

"Vee head butt!" yelled Veemon as it leapt into the air and nailed the bird digimon hard knocking it back and off of BlackGreymon, both turned and saw Veemon as well as Ken arrived.

"What's with the mask Batman, this is Christmas time, not Halloween." said Ken, the masked man sighed.

"That's besides the point what are you doing here, and why do you have a digimon with you?" before he could answer more lightning came at them which they dodged. "Damn Thunderbirdmon."

Thunderbirdmon:an electrical armor class digimon who's thunderstormer attack can take down even ultimate level digimon if trained enough.

"Angry much?" asked Ken, the masked man shook his head.

"Look kid, get out of here I can't protect you under these conditions!" he said holding up his black device, it took Ken a moment to regain himself as the device struck a cord in his memory.

"A Digivice?" he wondered as he continued to dodge the lightning, he noticed that around the man's waist where the other devices were, still in their grey dormant like forms. "Does he have more digimon? Why does he have one of each of the models from the TV shows including two D..." his thoughts were interrupted when he was almost struck by a stray lightning bolt. "Note to self, think about things later, for now kill the bird!"

"BlackGreymon now is our..." yelled the masked man who was stopped again as Thunderbirdmon plowed into both BlackGreymon and Veemon knocking the two of them down, Veemon was knocked back into the masked man knocking him over and causing the ipod like device to fall from the man's belt and slid to Ken's feet, Veemon got back up before getting shocked again and landed in front of Ken who quickly kneeled down to his side.

"I can't give up...not after what that other human...did..." Veemon staggered, Ken shook his head while his inner anger was burning, the grey device in his hands began to slowly glow as he stood up and ran towards Thunderbirdmon.

"Don't do it you idiot!" yelled the masked man, Ken didn't hear him as he ran up a car that had been slanted on top of another due to Thunderbirdmon's rampaging, then proceeded to jump with all his might and grabbed onto a nearby lamp post, and after swinging on it to build momentum up he let go, jumped towards a nearby building. The masked man and Kasumi were both amazed by his showing of Parkour as he kept running up the side of the building just enough to get above the bird, his anger driving him to gain altitude and then he leapt towards the bird with his right arm stretched back.

"Hey birdboy, Falcon Punch!" he yelled hitting the bird in the face, and to the surprise of himself, the masked man, both digimon and Kasumi who was watching from an alleyway. Thunderbirdmon was sent flying off of BlackGreymon and crashed into some cars nearby, a small aura of data squares appeared around Ken's hand which also helped him land safely as he seemed to descend slower thanks to the blocks, at this moment the digivice glowed in response to the blocks and transformed and became fully colored blue similar to Veemon's skin, the masked man was shocked.

"He activated the digivice? Could he be one of the five spoken of in the prophecy?" he thought as Ken looked back at Veemon who had just gotten up and saw this.

"Wow are you a digidestined now? Awesome!" yelled Veemon feeling somewhat rejuvenated by seeing this. Ken sweatdropped, but then noticed Thunderbirdmon was beginning to stir and grinned evilly.

"Well Veemon, as a wise man once said. IT'S FIGHTING TIME!" he yelled turning back to Thunderbirdmon who was getting up. "Digisoul Charge!" he yelled thrusting his hand into the top of the device as the word "digivolution" appeared on the screen, the data from his hand went in and Veemon began glowing.

"Veemon digivolve too..." Veemon became taller and more prehistoric like BlackGreymon, boasting a more bulky dinosaur body and a horn like nose. "VEEDRAMON!"

Veedramon:an alternate evolution to Veemon it is one of the most powerful champion digimon that exist's, and it's V-Nova Blast is devastating.

"I can't believe it..." muttered Kasumi watching in disbelief.

"He...got it to digivolve that quickly?" the masked man said astounded but then sweatdropped when Ken turned to him with a confused look.

"Hey how come he didn't turn into ExVeemon?" The masked man facefaulted.

"Is he kidding me!" Thunderbirdmon attacked again but Veedramon shrugged it's attack off.

"This feels good!" yelled Veedramon excitedly as BlackGreymon got back up finally. "Hey,BlackGreymon, you want light meat or dark?" Veedramon asked, BlackGreymon grinned evilly getting what Veedramon was implying.

"Dark, definitely! NOVA FLAME!" BlackGreymon fired off another ball of dark fire.

"V-Nova Blast!" yelled Veedramon firing off a fireball that was shaped like a V, both fireballs combined and hit Thunderbirdmon dead on roasting it completely and exploding it into data, however instead of a digiegg being left behind a small blue crystal fell towards the ground, but Ken was able to run and catch it before it hit. Upon contact with his hands, the crystal exploded and from it came what looked like an SD card with a picture of the digiegg of friendship on it. "This is new..." the masked man walked up to him.

"May I look at that?" Ken nodded and handed it to him. "I see..." he said handing it back to Ken. "I must say your quite the tamer to be able to handle a digimon so quickly." Ken sweatdropped and was about to respond when sirens cut them off.

"Not good, the last thing I wanna do is get in trouble with the police." said Ken, the masked man sighed.

"We'll have to talk some other time." he said as he pushed a button on his digivice which caused BlackGreymon to turn into data and vanish into it, and then using a cable like device strapped to his hand, leapt away from the scene as Veedramon dedigivolved back into Veemon and fell asleep promptly.

"Ok, Batman..." said Ken as he picked up Veemon and took off running, Kasumi sweatdropped as the cops got closer

"What a night..." she said shaking her head at what had gone down.

Soon, Ken had gotten back to his apartment and put the sleeping Veemon down on the end of his bed while looking at the device. "A Digivice Burst huh.." he then noticed that there was an extra slot on the device for where an SD card could fit in, he took out the Sd card that had the picture of the digiegg of friendship on it and looked at it intensely. "I wonder, could I download and use this data?" he then shook his head. "Well whatever i'm done for tonight." he said putting the device and card down and heading to bed for the night. "Hopefully I'll meet "batman" again and figure out what's going on, cause I think things might just get more interesting or more painful soon." he said as he prepared to turn in for the night. "To think Christmas is this close too, this is one heck of a gift." thought Ken as he drifted off to sleep.

Ken and Kasumi track down the masked man and after learning more from him, the two must stop another digimon from attacking during which Kasumi gains a partner of her own.

Well that's my starting point, I promise to get it better as things go along, and until next chapter, peace out.