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Chapter 48: The Legend of the Treasures, Final Preparations.

Canyon Dominion/Zion village/XLR-08

"So your going with X Dimitri?" Karin asked her boyfriend, having powered down back into her human form, Dimitri had also powered down back into human form with his partner Faith resting on his shoulder, Ryo had already taken the Xros Wars group back to thier world with Ken's digimon having thanked them for thier services, he had also located the world that the Kouji and Kouichi had come from and opted to take them home as well which was good, but this still left the Kari in the real world to deal with.

"Yes, I need to talk to dad and inform him about that Arkadimon, besides someone's gonna have to bring the reinforcements back from there, it might as well be me." he said glancing back at X who was still holding Kari and Gatomon. "Seems that using his power to jump through the demensions left him exhausted, he needs rest." he said before hugging his girlfriend one last time. "Make sure Ken gets back on his feet before we return and stay safe ok?" Karin nodded and hugged him back before he and X went into his own time space pod and left for the past time line of the DF-616 universe, Karin walked back into the healing chamber were Ken was to find he was now awake...and trying to resist the urge to pass out again due to the needles in his body.

"Ken are feeling better?" she asked, he nodded reluctantly although his head seemed to be having spazisms.

"Yeah I think feel better now, thank you sis." he said in quiet tone before thinking...whoever put these in me...is going to be stabbed once for each needle... eventually the time came to remove the needles and after taking thirty minutes for the local healer digimon to remove them as Ken was ready to strangle them if they made even one mistake, once they were done patching him up he stood up quickly and yawned, it was almost as it he had taken no damage at all.

"Ken are you sure you should be moving so fast?" Karin asked concerned, Ken nodded.

"I don't know what that Bacta stuff was, but it worked alright." he said throwing out a few mock punches in the air before feeling a tight cramp around his arm muscles..."Ok...maybe not..." he said straining hard for the pain to vanish, Karin sighed abit while hugging him.

"You've got to take it easy, you barely survived that ordeal brother." she said carringly, though upon saying this, Ken's eyes lit up as he started walking out slowly and met up with his digimon outside, CyberBeelzemon, Grey, Gallantmon X and the ever stoic Utopia awaited him.

"Finally up and about eh?" CyberBeelzemon asked, Ken sighed while looking around, slowly becoming nervous.

"Where are the others?" he demanded, Gallantmon X rubbed his head as Grey pointed to KageShurimon who was conversing with a Dinohumon.

"Well, Titaniamon and JetSilphymon decided to help the amazons back to thier kingdom, and as you can see Kagemon had to Digilock himself again, this time with the Shurimon leader who's agreed to join us, he's passing on leadership right now though." Ken clenched his hands as he was told this.

"Arresterdramon aside since someone had to make sure Lucemon didn't get out, what about the rest of them?" he demanded, Karin could see he was beginning to tremble.

"Well...MetalMamemon is part of me now." said CyberBeelzemon.

"Grademon and Shakkoumon got taken down by that crazy bastard Arkadimon, Shakkoumon was choked to death and Grademon used an Omega Code sphere to go kamikaze...it didn't work." said Grey, Ken palmed his head.

"It's official, when people or digimon get near me they get hurt or die...i'm a walking god a death..." Karin walked up and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't think about it like that, those digimon faught thier hardest for you and were glad to be with you, i'm sure they'll continue to watch over you as well." Ken nodded as AegisDramon came up. "Whoa what digimon is this!?" Karin wondered as she could feel immense power flowing form it.

"I am Aegisdramon, nice to meet you Kensuke." the creature said, Grey sweatdropped.

"I've only heard rumors about your kind, they say your one of the strongest digimon known outside the super ultimate department and that is impressive, but why are you here?" he asked.

"I've been instructed to join you, a golden sphere hit me when I was a MegaSeadramon, and when it did I became this after a female voice saying to protect you." Ken became shocked upon hearing this, but couldn't help but smile as a single tear fell from his right eye.

Thanks for looking out for me Grandma. he thought as the group was then interupted by the clearing of throats, turning around Mikato and Shizuka had returned and had dragged Maki with them. "What's he doing here?" Ken asked, Mikato rolled her eyes.

"Your friend Slade told us to go get him, but considering the circumstances right now, it's probably for the best." she replied as Maki stood up angrily.

"You didn't have to drag me here by my neck, I could've choked." he replied, Shizuka however fixed a glare on him.

"Given the fact that your partner is now our enemy we don't have time for such pleasures Maki." this shocked all present except them as thier partners came up. "Among the enemy there was a Caiusmon, turns out it was infact Maki's partner, GranDracmon apparently revived him from the darkness and is using him against us." Ken sighed.

"I thought I felt something familiar during the battle, but I couldn't tell what it was..." he muttered. "So that was Coronamon after all."

"Yes it was." said Liollmon. "Apparently he's declared death upon us all, especially Maki for abandoning him." Maki became suprised upon hearing this.

"Yeah he even said that he would go after you once he got done with us Maki, he seemed really pissed too." Maki didn't know what to think.

"Why can't you all understand how I feel about this?" Ken sighed.

"I know your still having conflictions about digimon as a whole and how you feel they ruined your life dude, but let's think even if it's only temporary don't you think that you could at least join back up long enough to get your partner back, he doesn't deserve to suffer under the veil of darkness because of your actions, think about that." Maki wanted to interject but Ken continued. "Look we're not going after them right now, but when we do I expect you to make a decision." Ken said, CyberBeelzemon smirked as Maki walked off to a secluded area, the ninja's followed to keep an eye on him.

"Might be sooner than ya think, we got the coordinates...somewhat down for where his castle is finally, Arkadimon leaked them when he had to leave." Aegisdramon sighed.

"He didn't seem too happy about that, but then again I don't think he would've survived what Neptunemon had in mind." he replied as Grey sweatdropped at the image of Arkadimon seemingly enjoying getting blitzkrieged by missiles.

"We'll never know, in any case what's the code?" he asked.

"XDYC dash six six six." said Gallantmon X, Karin and Ken both looked confused.

"Other than the obvious number of the beast, I don't know what the rest of that means." said Ken, Karin nodded.

"I'm sure Ryo can figure it out, he's better at that kinda stuff than I am since he travels to different worlds more often." she replied as Titaniamon and JetSilphymon returned.

"So how are the amazons holding up?" Ken asked.

"There doing fine, though Athenamon isn't too happy she wasn't able to get her hands on the demon senshi witch, no offense Sailor Sedna." said Titaniamon, Karin was abit suprised by this at first, but then she realised who she was talking with.

"Ah I remember you now, Titaniamon right? My fellow senshi spoke highly of you during the battles with the Radjita, but why are you with Ken?" Titaniamon explained what had happened, Karin was suprised, as well as disapointed that her clone was involved again. "I can't wait to deal with her, she's done enough damage behind my back to let things slide anymore." Titaniamon nodded.

"If anyone can defeat her proper you can, Ken has beaten her many a time from what his digimon have told me, but has been unsuccessful in killing her." she replied, Gallantmon X sweatdropped as he remembered the time he blew her skull off in the church bell tower of the graveyard dominion.

I'm suprised she came back from that, how does she do it. he wondered.

"Well after what happened today, I think all my chances to try are gone." Ken said looking into Karin's eyes deeply and seriously. "Your the only one that can take her now, she's lost all sense of herself, and she needs to be put down, but I can't do it obviously it'll be up to you sis." Karin nodded with a smile and hugged him.

"You finally understand bro, i'm glad." she said as Ken's male digimon started laughing, Titaniamon and JetSilphymon glared at them to shut them up as Ken withdrew them all to rest, KageShurimon then walked up.

"The three dragons would like to speak with both of you, and Ken from this day forward I will stay by your side as one of your partners." he said, Ken nodded as he had KageShurimon enter his digivice, he and Karin went before the three dragons as Goldramon came forward.

"I understand you plan to go for GranDracmon finally, if you intend to do this we request that you recover the three treasures from his underlings." Ken was confused.

"Excuse me..." CyberBeelzemon came back out of Ken's Digivice without being summoned as he knew what they were referring too.

"Hang on, you mean that dragon like scale and the football sized seed are treasures?" the dragons nodded as Azulongmon spoke.

"Yes along with the feather that was inside Belialmon, those items were created by the four of us digimon soverigns for times of trouble, they can grant power boosts to digimon that resonate with the same power elements, but if the elements don't meet the criteria...well you found out first hand as did that foreign alien..." CyberBeelzemon nodded while looking at his hand, he could still see the marks left by the thorny vines that came out of the seed.

"So wait...his three underlings have them? How'd that happen?" asked Ken.

"It was when GranDracmon first attacked our realm and imprisoned Huanglongmon, when he killed the other soverigns he stole the the treasures using a containment unit that was able to supress thier powers, however only those three were taken. Baihumon's treasure was not and was taken by the Inumon clan before he could get it." Ken sighed at this as Karin put on a thoughtful look.

"Treasures made after the sacred beasts, I wonder..." Goldramon smirked.

"Quite perceptive sailor sedna, indeed those treasures can be used by any digimon...but it's not limited to just them, if a human happened to be attuned to them they could use it as well." Karin gasped at how Goldramon knew so much. "I happen to be a watcher myself, i've been observing your world for quite some time and after some discussion I believe the four beast tamers would be suited to carry on these treasures, however the one who owns Byakko's power must obtain that treasure first before going for the other three and GranDracmon." he said before the three dragons sent a combined beam of power into her henshin rod, subsequently the Dragon Saber appeared in her hands and also received the boost.

"What is this for?" MagnaDramon smiled.

"The Dragon Saber you weld functions like a keyblade that can unlock doors between worlds, with this and the power up to your henshin rod, you will be able to return to your world, send the beast tamer of Byakko here along with two others and thier partners, and then gather your other forces before returning here instead of having to wait out a recharge period to do so, we urge you to move quickly as time isn't on our side." Ken looked at Karin and nodded.

"Send Himura and two others here and i'll take them to find the treasure while you gather up everyone who's gonna fight ok sis?" he said smiling, Karin nodded and hugged him one last time before opening a portal with her dragon saber.

"Just be careful brother, I don't want you to get hurt again before the battle even starts." she said as she vanished, Ken nodded and waved goodbye as she vanished, a few moments later Himura and his partner Inumon, Rika and Renamon, and finally Yui and DarkGabumon arrived.

"We heard everything from Karin." said Rika as the portal closed behind them. "What's this about treasures?" the three dragons retold thier tell, Rika felt displeased. "Why am I not suprised that this jerk would do that." she muttered.

"Yes, the Seriyuu Scale which I created, the Genbu Seed of Ebonwumon and the Phoenix Feather of Zhequemon were all taken, only the Byakko Fang that Baihumon created escaped capture due to the clever thinking of the Inumon clan." said Azulongmon.

"Is this the same clan we talked about before back during the Paradixalmon ordeal?" Inumon asked as Ken nodded.

"They ain't very sociable, but they are tough." he said as they prepared to move out Maki walked up.

"I've decided i'm going to fight with you, but only long enough to get my partner back then it's back to the usual part timing." Ken smiled abit.

"Part timing it is better than not helping at all, but uh, where are your cards at?" he asked, Maki sighed.

"Considering how I was you know dragged here I didn't exactly get to bring em with me!" he growled. "How would I use them anyway!?" Ken took Maki's digivice and a small beam of power flowed from his own to Maki's.

"I've given your digivice a temporaly power upgrade that should last through the upcoming battle, still we need to get your cards." to the shock of both, Rika took up a card case and handed it to Maki.

"Just borrow mine for a while, but I expect them back and in perfect condition." she said, Maki nodded.

"Tell the two ninja's to get ready while we're gone alright?" he said, Maki nodded as Ken lead the group out to the Devide...


Soverigns Lair/DF-616

"I'm glad Kari's back safe and sound." said TK who stood over her as she rested in a bed with Gatomon, Tai nodded.

"Yeah, but that fire digimon who did this is going to pay so hard." he said clenching his hands. "Didn't Dimitri say they know where he is now?" Sora nodded.

"Well yeah, but they still need a little time to decipher the exact code, and besides him and Keke had to go and find Yamato...wonder how that's going, X and Pikkan went off to get the others too." Tai sighed.

"Knowing Yamato, probably not good." Tai muttered.


File Island/DF-616

I knew this wasn't going to be easy...Keke muttered in her thoughts as she watched her brother attempt to convince Yamato to join them, so far it wasn't going well.

"Father do you realise this digimon seeks your life, the very one Kari destroyed during the Paradixalmon ordeal." Yamato growled at Dimitri's tone.

"I still don't see why it's my problem, why doesn't that stupid brat handle it with his newfound power he's just going to rub in my face!" he yelled back, Dimitri growled this time as thier aura's flared, ready to clash.

"He's lucky he didn't die out there, he came so close to dieing it wasn't funny, and Ken isn't like you when it comes to showing off power!" Yamato snarled.

"Fine, I'll go, but when this digimon appears before us I'm taking it myself got it!" he declared before flying off, Dimitri couldn't stop him.

"He's got no idea what he is dealing with, Arkadimon now has a sense of what's going on and isn't mindless this time, he might not be as powerful but that mindset makes him deadly." Keke walked up and put her hands on Dimitri's shoulder.

"Let's go back to the others and see if we can't work out a plan to stop him, if need be we'll jump in wether he likes it or not." Dimitri nodded and they headed back to the Soverign's Lair to regroup.



"Man this place looks bad, the Inumon's really live here?" Yui wondered, Ken nodded.

"Just them and the occasional Cazadormon." DarkGabumon rose an eyebrow at this.

"Wait a second, Cazadormon actually exist?" he asked, all turned to him. "Nothing major, just something I remember hearing when I was serving Pharohmon." he said.

"What's that?" Inumon asked.

"He was trying to fuse some of his Scarabmon with the Cazadormon due to the fact that have the most lethal poisons known in all realms, however he was not successful in doing so and stopped doing it, I thought they were just rumors since not one of us saw a Cazadormon..." he stopped when a buzzing noise was heard, along came three of them.

"Don't let em sting you!" Ken yelled, Inumon and Renamon both took point.

"Like they could." said Inumon as he and Renamon both charged up thier attacks.

"Diamond Storm!" yelled Renamon as she unleashed her attack destroying one of them.

"Hell Arrows!" Inumon yelled deleting the other, seeing that it's two companions had been destroyed effortlessly the third one turned around, and flew the other way, however the young Inumon from before was in it's pathzone, Yui quickly held up her digivice and fused with her partner into Lady Lupin and quickly destroyed the bug before it could reach the young Inumon.

"Are you alright?" she asked concerned in her dual voice, the young Inumon was mesmerized by her as the others came up.

"Abit overkill to use your mega form on a champion eh sis?" Himura asked, however Ken nodded it off.

"Just because thier only champions and easy to pick off doesn't mean you can underestimate them, thier poison can kill rookie's instantly, Champion digimon in a few hours and Ultimates within days, only Mega and Armor digimon are immune to the poison's effects and I heard that while thier is an antidote, finding it in time isn't easy, who knows what effect thier poison would have on humans." he remarked as Yui helped the young Inumon up.

It's like looking at a goddess... he thought before Himura's Inumon helped him up as well, he eyed Ken. "I see you've returned, what do you need now?" Ken sighed.

"Lead us inside and i'll explain everything" he replied, the Young Inumon nodded and did so, but as he led the small group into the chamber, several snarls were heard followed by a large one.

"I thought I told you not to return here boy..." the chieftan YoukaiInumon stopped when he saw Himura's Inumon. "What is this, another Inumon?" He sniffs the air. "Not only partnered with a human, but you have the digital hazard symbol on your chest, how strange." Ken was confused about this but then saw the mark himself.

The hell how'd that get there!? he wondered as Himura's Inumon wasn't too keen on how he was being spoken too.

"Why is that?!" Himura's Inumon demanded. Himura quickly put up his hand as his spirit aura flared making all the Inumon present shocked.

"Leader of the Inumon tribe, we've come to retrieve the Byakko Fang on behalf of the dragons, will you give it to us?" This caused all of the Inumons to recoil in shock as the chieften glared.

"I can tell you're not a normal human. Then again my perception of the human race has been tested due to the actions of the other child..." he muttered glaring at Ken who looked ready to battle. "I tell you what. I will give you the fang on one condition: your partner Inumon must fight me one on one with no interference. If I lose the fang is yours, but should I win, you must fork up something of equal value: the bond between you and your partner." Rika and Renamon both gasped at this.

"Hold on he can't be serious! You can't force them to relinquish thier partnership?!" Rika demanded.

"Why not? You come in here claiming my clans treasure and you have one of our kind partnered with a human. This is a chance I've been waiting for, to see if humans can really give Digimon the strength they need to be stronger. Think of it as a test of conviction. Besides if you're serious about the sword such tests are necessary."

Ken sighed lightly. Not to me. Nuke all opposers and take the thing is a much better option. He thought as the Chieftan's aura flared.

"Come and get me Inumon! Transform to your Mega form and let's do this!" Himura looked at his partner.

(Insert Song- Three Days Grace-Time of Dieing)

"Don't worry Himura, I will not lose." With that Inumon digivolved into YoukaiInumon as well, flashing off an impressive aura that made all of the other "Inumon" in awe as the two dog Digimon prepared to go at it.

Inumon be careful. He means business... thought Renamon concerned as the two prepared to clash.

The YoukaiInumons finally clashed head-on, landing rapidfire blows and claw strikes. YoukaiInumon (H) went for a claw thrust, but YoukaiInumon (C) parried the blow and kicked him. YoukaiInumon (H) caught the other's foot and threw him aside. YoukaiInumon (C) landed on all fours and drew out his blade. He bumrushed YoukaiInumon (H) quickly and landed a blade strike to YoukaiInumon (H)'s side. YoukaiInumon (H) quickly pulled out his blade and blockeed the Chieftan's blade. The YoukaiInumons held their ground with their blades grinding against each other.

YoukaiInumon (C) lowered his eyes and saw an opening through YoukaiInumon (H). Like he veteran warrior he was, he exploited the young one's lack of foresight and slashed at his side. YoukaiInumon (H) howled as he grabbed his side, but this left him wide open for YoukaiInumon (C) to hit him with black flames ignited from his blade. Damn this is a close fight, thier chief wasn't bluffing about his strength, but to take on Belialmon he'd have to be tough. Ken thought.

"Blades of Inferno!" roared YoukaiInumon (C) as he repeatedly hit YoukaiInumon (H) with blades of fire. He ran straightforward and landed another Blades of Inferno, knocking YoukaiInumon (H) back.

Hitting the back of a wall, YoukaiInumon (H) gingerly walked forward. YoukaiInumon (C) dashed ahead and went for a blade strike. YoukaiInumon (H) closed his eyes and barely turned his body around as the Chieftan narrowly went past him. YoukaiInumon (H) swerved behind the Chieftan and hit the back of his sword into YoukaiInumon (C). YoukaiInumon (c) stumbled back as the back of the blade hit his side. YoukaiInumon (H) lunged at the Chieftan, attempting to slash him. The Chieftan turned around and lifted his blade, which YoukaiInumon (H) matched by hitting it with his own blade.

Both YoukaiInumons roared. "Blades of Inferno!" They expelled dark flames through their blades, which knocked each other. Their dark flames leaked out and cleared away the nearest rock formations.

YoukaiInumon (H) clashed blades with the Chieftan again as more dark flames expelled and blasted away a tall rock formation. YoukaiInumon (C) jumped up and fell on YoukaiInumon (H) attempting to cut him in half. YoukaiInumon (H) evaded the Chieftan's attack and barrel-rolled to the side. He rebounded by charging forward and swinging his blade at the Chieftan's feet. YoukaiInumon (C) jumped up and avoided YoukaiInumon (H)'s attack.

"You're not bad, young pup!" YoukaiInumon (C) bellowed. "But, you have much to learn!"

"You haven't seen anything yet..." YoukaiInumon rebuked as he raised his right hand. Himura, Rika, Renamon, and the others recognized the stance.

"He couldn't be going for...!" Renamon exclaimed.

"Inumon!" Himura shouted. "Be careful!"

"That attack," YoukaiInumon (C) recognized it. "So, you've mastered that technique?" He readied his blade and charged toward YoukaiInumon (H). "But, you won't use that on me!" He ran faster than YoukaiInumon (H) could perceive and caught Himura's partner with an elbow to his chest.

YoukaiInumon (H) stumbled back after taking an elbow shot. YoukaiInumon (C) swung his blade, but YoukaiInumon (H) countered with his blade. Both warriors were in a standstill for a few seconds, but then the Chieftan kicked YoukaiInumon (H) off his feet and grabbed his arm. He threw YoukaiInumon (H) aside and watched him hit a pile of debris. YoukaiInumon (H) struggled to stand, slamming his blade into the ground.

"Now..." YoukaiInumon (H) growled, raising his right hand.

The Chieftan frowned, mimicking the young one's exact move. "You want to finish this? Fine, but allow me to show you how it's done."

Everyone viewing the two YoukaiInumons were on edge. Himura and Renamon were mostly stricken with apprehension. Renamon gripped her own fingers, meticulously watching YoukaiInumon (H) summoning dark flames from his hand.

The Chieftan summoned his own dark flames from his fingers."Ready to end this?" The Chieftan asked, seeing YoukaiInumon (H) ready to launch his attack.

"Let's get this over with!" YoukaiInumon (H) snapped as enormous dark flames leaked from his hand. "Dark Flame Hound!" The attack was released akin to Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame. But, these dark flames morphed into the shape of a large black hound rather than a dragon.

"Don't exhaust yourself too soon!" The Chieftan roared, mimicking Himura's partner. "Dark Flame Hound!" Unlike the young one, he released a large dark hound,the dark flame hounds impacted with enormous force. The YoukaiInumons held their ground and released more flame power to overwhelm each other.

"INUMON!" Himura encouraged his partner. Clenching his fists, he yelled again. "We have to prove why we're worthy of the Byakko Fang! We can't fail!"

"C'mon, Inumon...!" Renamon crossed her fingers.

"Won't... let them down...! I CAN'T LET THEM DOWN!" YoukaiInumon (H) shouted, delving deep into the reserves of his dark flames and suddenly, the Chieftan sensed YoukaiInumon (H)'s power spike and watched his dark hound expand and began engulfing his dark beast. However, the Chieftan released more power to match his opponent's dark hound.

So, you're on my level. Your Dark Flame Hound matches my own... I've misjudged you. The Chieftan thought as he and YoukaiInumon (H) watched their dark hounds engulf each other and explode, knocking both YoukaiInumons back.

"INUMON!" Himura and Renamon screamed.

"CHIEF!" The Inumons howled in shock.

(song ends)

Our dark hounds canceled each other out. YoukaiInumon (H) thought as he and the Chieftan hit the ground simultaneously. "You've passed the test," YoukaiInumon (C) muttered, struggling to sit up.

Himura's partner blinked in shock. "I did...? But, neither of us came out victorious...!" He sat up to see Himura, Renamon, Rika, and the others run up to him.

"It wasn't about winning or losing in the end, you proved to me that when humans and digimon are together they do gain great power, I needed to see if from more than just one angle." he said while looking at Ken. "I should've known when I saw you fighting that fire demon that I was mistaken about humans, but now I know the truth...and that our treasure will be safe in your hands." he said as he walked over to a rock formation and pressed down on a small rock, the rocks shifted about until one rock appeared, holding the apparent Byakko Fang on it, a large sword with a white fur hilt.

"Whoa, nice!" said Inumon as he regressed back to his rookie form, Ken sweatdropped as did Rika.

Haven't I seen this weapon before? Ken wondered before remembering a certain white haired dog like person had used it during the chaos at the tokyo dome.

It looks just like Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga...Himura thought as his Byakko card appeared in front of him. What do you think Byakko, can we use this?

Oh yes, the power eminating from this blade will definitely increase our powers, the same should apply to the other beasts when their items are reclaimed from those who stole them. Everyone watched as the blade was absorbed into the card and when it was the aura around Himura pratically doubled in growth.

"Holy cow!" he thought as he formed blades on his hands and made them vanish. "This is awsome! I feel Incredible!" Yui nodded.

"Oh yeah, your power's gone up, does this mean the same will happen with the others." Rika smirked abit.

"Hopefully so, Himura was the last one among us to Bio-merge though so this kinda makes up for that." she said, the Inumon Cheiften then spoke.

"If your going after GranDracmon, please take me and ten of my best men along with you, we have a long standing score to settle with him!" Ken was suprised.

"How'd you figure that out?" he asked.

"Why else would anyone want our treasure, we're not stupid." said an InfernalInumon, Ken sighed.

"Very well, but you'll have to travel in my digivice for the time being." Ken said before the Young Inumon ran up to the Cheiften.

"Father let me go with you! I must be with you at all times!" the chieften put his hands on the Young Inumon's shoulders.

"No your must remain here, for if anything happens to me, you will become the new leader my son." the Young Inumon looked down abit at this but then nodded.

"I will not fail you father." Ken overheard this and shook his head.

Words that should not be spoken...I don't like this idea now. he thought as he sucked the YoukaiInumon Cheiften, four InfernalInumons and six HellInumons into his digivice B.A.X. "We'll make sure to get them back alive, count on it." he said to the young Inumon who looked at Yui expectantly for an answer.

"Yeah, Ken's right we'll take care of them so don't worry ok?" she said smiling, this made the young Inumon happy.

"If your saying it'll be ok then I believe you, be careful in the upcoming battle." the group nodded and headed back to the Canyon Dominion.

"Hopefully the others have converged cause it's time to end this crap once and for all." Ken said to the others who all nodded, ready to go.



"Wonder why everyone's in full panic?" asked Arkadimon sarcastically as he watched various demon digimon taking up battle posistions and such with weapons around the castle.

"Probably because someone couldn't keep thier damn mouth shut." Caiusmon replied. "One thing's for sure, a seige is about to commence full force and we've gotta be ready."

"I don't need to be cause i'm not a chicken shit coward." said Arkadimon as he walked off, Caiusmon sweatdropped.

"I'm not scared either, but why do I have doubts about this..." he muttered before heading off to prepare himself.


Ken and his compatriots run into new trouble upon retruning from other missions, seven warriors of darkness converge upon them, who are these new foes, more next time.


Well as you can see the Seige is coming up, but from my perspective this story's about to take a breather for abit because after the seige another side arc will be kicking up before returning to this story, but i'm going to put my time into the seige first as not to get confused.

The Byakko Fang's design was all Kanius idea, it's awsome too^^ so are the other three^^ and who better to weld them^^

I hope you all look forward to the chaos presented soon in the seige and until then and next time here, peace out readers^^