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Well here we are at the closing point for Accel Stream Season 1, lets get to it, if you haven't read the collab story between me and Kanius "The Seige of GranDracmon" I suggest you do so as there are some aspects in this update that stem from that story.

Small warning, there's some gore in this chapter, so if your not up for that go no further.

Accel Stream Season 1 Finale: The Rise of the Evo-Lites, The Fall of Dramon X.

Ken's apartment/XLR-08

We've only got a few more days before winter break's over, then it's back to hell. Ken thought as he layed on his bed, starring at the ceiling before glancing over to his digivice which he then took and looked at. This thing's gone and changed again as well...just like I ha.. Ken stopped and held his hand across his chest area, specifically where his heart was, he could feel a familiar stinging pain taking effect. "Damn, it's only been three days but it's hurting more..what the hell did GranDracmon do!?" Ken wondered, but deep down he didn't want to know. I've seen my fair share of curses in anime's and games, I don't know what's going to happen and I don't want to know. Ken thought before looking at the digi-memory SD cards he had obtained as well from the previous ordeal, upon the cards were pictures of Deamon, Magnamon, Dynasmon, Digmon, and Renamon. "So these are like the digi-memories that were used in that Xros Wars universe, here's hoping I don't need to use em." Ken muttered as he put them away, and prepared to head off to bed, however before he did so, his digivice began beeping and came to life, a message floated in the air. "I see, so Ryo's found out where the other Kari's home is, that's awsome, better contact the others so we can meet in the park, as he began to contact his collegues, he didn't notice he was being watched by two dark figures.

"You sure about this Griel?" his collegue asked.

"Yes Krieg, we need to get him to join us if possible." the one known as Griel responsed.

"What if he doesn't, he don't seem like someone who's easily swayed?" Krieg asked again.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that, I would rather not kill one of our kind." he said before the two vanished as Ken got dressed again and headed out of his apartment towards Shinjuku Park.


Shinjuku Park/XLR-08

"So Ryo finally found where her home is huh, that's awsome!" said Mikato as she and Shizuka arrived along with Kari and their partners, Maki and Coronamon had also come and he was stupified to see another Kari among them.

"Geez, what the hell did I miss exactly?" he wondered as Shizuka smiled to Kari.

"Alot obviously, but isn't this great Kari you're going home!" she said grinning, Kari and Gatomon nodded.

"Well sure i'm happy but are you guys sure you don't want me to stay and help fight off any other evil forces?" she asked, before anyone could respond a chuckle was heard.

"Hope your not referring to us." came a loud voice, turning around the group saw a large man wearing wrestling tunic, boots and other atttire assentials that looked like they came from Greece, easily standing at about eight feet tall with large buldging muscles, from behind him a Boltmon walked up to his side.

"Who the heck are you supposed to be?" Ken asked, getting his digivice out, the others did the same as this had become second nature by now.

"Oh please we don't wish to fight, at least not you Kensuke Rainer." said another voice, when Ken, Mikato, Shizuka, and Kari saw the owner of the voice, they nearly did a double take.

"Beyond!?" they all declared, however the man chuckled.

"Ah, so the rumors of my brother causing havoc a while back were true, he always was impatient." the newcomer said as he landed, in his hands he held a digi-vice model that was like the one Beyond had, only it was pure gold, and had angelic symbols on it, with tiny angel wings in the corners. "We've only come to talk to you Kensuke Rainer, the others do not intrest us." the newcomer said simply, however this mearly served to anger the others.

"What was that!?" Mikato declared with a growl, however Ken waved his hand.

"Stand down now, we don't need to cause unnecessary trouble." He looked at the "Beyond" like figure and fixed him with a glare. "Explain to me who you are, now." he demanded, this made the man sigh.

"Fine, my name is Griel, I am the leader of a group known as the Evo-lites." Ken rolled his eyes.

"Another pokemon related reference lovely." Griel facefaulted, making the taller person laugh.

"That was pretty good." he said as Griel narrowed his eyes at Ken.

"I know, but the origin of the word for us stems from evoution, and elite, you see like you we too have the power to become what you call an "ascendant" but we don't believe ourselves to be as such, we believe ourselves to be "higher" than that." he said, Ken was confused as Maki threw in his two cents.

"How are you guys any different?" he demanded.

"Allow me to explain, while it is true that being able to fuse or as the tamers would call it "bio-merging" between a human and a digimon is indeed an intresting thing and it shows just how strong the bond is between digimon and partner, however it also makes the digimon "incomplete" after all the first ascendant known was a pure digimon, he did not have the "limitations" of a human holding him back." Griel continued after taking a moment to breathe. "Simply put, we know how to remove that limitation and become true Ascendants unlike the charlitans who exist in the DF-616 universe." Ken sighed.

"Yes plese tell me how, because so far all i've been hearing is hypocrisy at it's finest." he retorted, Griel smiled evily.

"Have you ever given any thoughts to the particle convertor that you obtained when you became an ascendant Ken?" Ken thought for a moment.

"Not really, I just assumed it was there to help me fight better." he replied, Griel's grin widened.

"Very few ascendants are blessed with those convertors, usually ones who become ascendants in ways other than the normal method, however what you don't realise is that the more you use the convertor, the more your body begins to transcend the limitations of flesh and become digital yourself, by doing that the impurity factor of an Ascendant is eliminated and the ascendant becomes pure digital, just like the ancestor to all of them." Ken growled as Mikato and Shizuka were awed by this, the two of them had seen Ken fight as Dramon X more than anyone else and they knew about his convertors abilities as well.

"So your saying those abilities to heal, go faster and such are all thanks to that convertor?" Ken demanded, Griel nodded.

"Indeed, and that's why we want you to join us, we can train you to master your convertor, master your latent powers and then strike down those who would dare call themselves ascendants, including the one you despise, Metella X..." Ken's fists started tightening at this. "Why does this anger you, I know you want to gouge out his eyeballs and skullfuck him, but the only reason you didn't do so was because you knew his collegues would just revive him with thier digi-cores." Ken had enough.

"I think we're done talking, now you either get out of my sight, or i'll show you what your intestines look like when I pry them from your body and choke you with them!" Griel.

"Such a shame, I was hoping to do this without resorting to violence, but it seems that you are violent prone." snapping his fingers a powerful surge of energy ripped through the area causing all to shudder under it.

(execute song- 5d's ost-Enemy Attack)

"What the hell!?" Demanded Coronamon.

"What's emitting this pressure!?" Liollmon wondered as they saw Boltmon was simply standing there doing nothing.

"Well it's not him so who could it..." Bearmon stopped when they saw a bright light above them, from the light a large digimon resembling Paradixalmon appeared, however this one looked more like Goldramon with Omnimon's arms in the right places, and no secondary mouth, instead the digimon seemed to have several angel wings upon his back.

"Allow me to introduce you to my partner, Paradisomon!" Griel said as the digimon held up his Gurumon arm.

"Holy Buster!" the digimon called out unleashing a powerful blast down towards Ken who's eyes widened as it came in around him and exploded.

"KEN!" the others yelled out as they were all pushed back from the force of the attack. Griel smiled along with the bigger man and Boltmon, but thier smiles turned to looks of someone who had been trolled when the smoke cleared and Ken was not there, what had been destroyed was a dummy.

"The hell, substitution technique, but those ninja's were..." the bigger man stuttered only to turn around to see Ken being dropped from the air by KageShurimon, who proceeded to kick him in the face hard knocking him over.

"Call that one the "drive by!" Ken muttered as he landed and flared up his digisoul charge. "Digisoul Charge, Ascention!" he called out fusing with Veemon to become Dramon X, the big man got off the ground and glared hold up a green colored D3.

"Evo-lite fusion engage, Blitz X!" he called out fusing with his Boltmon to become a now nine foot tall warrior wearing wrestling attire, and spiked elbow and kneepads, Boltmon's Axe was now even bigger now as well as Blitz X grabbed it and rushed Dramon X who withdrew KageShurimon and dodged his slashes easily, however the shockwaves alone were enough to carve any nearby tree's and cars in half as the others were lucky to dodge the strikes barely. "Stand still and take your punishment at the hands of the mighty Kreig!" try as the mighty warrior could though, he couldn't hit Dramon X which made him mad, making a stinging memory come back to him. "That's it, CURSE YOU SAILOR JUPITER! TORMENT OF ZEUS! " the sky darkened around them all as lightning was called down into the warrior, collecting around his elbow and kneepads before channeling to his axe which he then swung forward releasing a powerful earth splitting blast of electricity that blasted all over the place destroying more objects as Dramon X immediantly countered the technique with his own signature one.

"Ryuken Wave!" Ken fired off his energy beam which managed to block most of the electricity out, but not all of it as a few bolts got through hitting his shoulders making them feel numb, Blitz X however had not gotten off easily either as he tried to simply bat the wave away, but found he couldn't move his arm as it stunned it.

(song ends)

"Seems you've underestimated him Kreig." Griel said before holding up his right hand and turned it around, on his arm there was a strange seal marked in blood that only Ken recognized inside Dramon X.

That looks like a command seal from Fate Stay Night, what's going...oh shit. Dramon X's thoughts stopped as he felt four more powerful energies heading thier way, before long two robot like digimon appeared, one looking like a beast and the other being humanoid, however Dramon X noticed they were small compared to the others due to the fact that two small children were wearing the "digimon" like armor. Aren't those...no way the two kid armor riders from Gun X Sword.

"I apologize for being late my master." came a female voice, behind Griel a woman landed, she looked like a human gypsy due to her attire and the fact she was holding a crystal ball, but she had cat like characteristics as well such as her hands and feet.

"It's no problem Caster, tell me how did fusing with Persiamon feel?" he asked the newcomer. "Or Should I call you Mystique X?"

"Either is fine my master." she said simply, although Dramon X did sense abit of disdain.

This keeps getting better, who else is gonna show up? he thought before one more figure appeared, this one looked like ImperialDramon in his fighter mode, but it was clearly not him as he was much smaller, and when he turned Ken noticed he was wearing a particular set of armor that anyone who had seen Dragonball Z would recognize. "Someone from the DBZ universe is here too!?" he demanded, Griel smiled.

"Yes, say hello to Imperial X, fusion of Burter of the Ginyu Force and BlackImperialDramon." Maki and the others sweatdropped.

"Suddenly he doesn't seem all that threatening." Maki muttered.

"Hey!" Imperial X called. "Don't make me beat you with my speed!" he barked out, as Griel continued.

"Mystique X, fusion of the beauty Caster from the Fate Stay Night universe, as well as Persiamon." he then looked at the two armored warriors. "Carossa and Mellissa of a mech piolting universe, turned thier mechs into digimon and they are magnificant as Sin X and Sen X!" he said.

More like your a freak. Ken thought inside Dramon X as Griel continued.

"Finally there is Viper X, fusion of Yuki Terumi and Sandiramon...wait where is he?" Ken's eyes widened.

Your shitting me, HE's an evo-lite? he thought as Sen X spoke.

"He said...he didn't want to come." the evo-lite said in a soft yet scared voice, which caused Griel to palm his head.

"I'll deal with him later..." he growled before glaring at Ken. "This is your last chance Ken, come with us willingly or we'll do this by force." Sin X then spoke up.

"Wasn't killing his parents forceful enough?" the brash ascedant said, upon hearing this Dramon X's eyes widened as everyone else became shocked.

"What did you just say!?" Dramon X demanded, Griel's sick smiled returned.

"Sin X is correct, we killed your parents as back up to force your hand, now you have no choice." everyone else was shocked as Dramon X's anger started boiling.

"Don't listen to them Ken, there lying!" Shizuka shouted out, however Griel's eyes began glowing as did Dramon X's.

"Telepathy!?" Dramon X demanded as he struggled to get his "vision" back, but he couldn't as Griel nodded.

"Indeed, watch..." Dramon X saw a vision, a vision of Sin X blasting away at his parents with shoulder mounted lazer cannons on his beast like armor, the image of his parents blood being spilled upon the ground and him not even knowing it, made his breathing become harder as inside the area around his heart continued to darken.


Soverigns Lair/DF-616

This isn't good...since the fight with GranDracmon, X made it a point to take more notes on Ken's activities especially since he had been revealed as a "Zero" user, however he wasn't liking where things were going at the moment. "Ken don't give into your anger..." he muttered as he could tell Ken was starting to slip from focus to insanity.


Shinjuku Park/XLR-08

Dramon X was becoming more unstable with each passing moment, although he didn't want to believe it, Ken knew that Griel was telling the truth. "Heh look at him he's quivering in fear." Blitz X mocked, however Griel wasn't so sure as the sky remained dark above them when normally they would return to normal after Blitz X's attack.

Something's not right here, I do sense anger inside him, but I feel something else as well...something dark and terrifying...wait a second GranDracmon placed a curse on him before he died, could it be taking effect!? Griel wondered as a pair of gasps were heard.

"What's going on here!?" it was Helena and Karin, Mikato and Shizuka frowned at this.

"You two need to get out of here, it's dangerous!" Mikato declared, as lightning bolts began striking the ground haphazzardly while Dramon X was now on his knees and rolling in pain which only intensified, Helena ran to his side despite the warnings of the ninjas.

"Ken are you alright!?" she asked, Blitz X smirked at this.

"Aw how cute, not..." he said channeling a lightning bolt with his hand and shooting it at Helena, the bolt tore right through her, sending a crystal with a faint light inside of it flying out of sight before she hit the ground lifeless."Stupid Senshi." he muttered as Dramon X saw this and began shaking more as Karin covered her mouth in total shock.

First my parents...now Helena...DAMN IT THIS ISN'T...Dramon X couldn't think clearly anymore, the unstablness of pain coursing througout his body caused him to defuse from Veemon who was sucked back inside his digivice. B.A.X. as a dark aura over took Ken and the sound of glass breaking was heard.

(Execute Song-Hellsing Ultimate Ost-Broken English)

"I DON'T FUCKING CARE ANYMORE, YOUR ALL GOING TO DIE!"he called out as it happened, the darkness around his heart exploded and from it rose a familiar beast, the dragon/pheonix combo move that was known by Hiei and Sailor Mars of the YYDM-01 universe tore into the sky as Ken started laughing like a maniac.

"What the hell is that thing!?" demanded Blitz X as beast rose into the air...and then began it's assault...


Soverigns Lair/DF-616

GranDracmon, what have you done!? Was your desire for revenge this deep that you would sink to this level of intensity for revenge...so many corpses and so much blood will now stain Ken for the rest of his life because of this! the watcher thought as the beast began tearing buildings apart, setting people on fire, slicing others into peices and bits, bones and flesh flying in the air like branches being torn from a tree during a hurricane, blood splattering all over walls, people panicing and running for thier lives as buildings were torn to scrap by the dark flames.


Rei's Temple/YYDM-01

X wasn't the only one who had caught on, during her fire reading Rei too had become self aware of what was going on, but she didn't know what to do as her pyrokenesis couldn't reach Ken, only Sedna could reach him mentally, but with all the carnage she was witness she didn't know if it telling her was the best idea, assuming she didn't know already. "I see the fool's gone insane finally." Hiei said as he entered the room. "Perhaps I should've killed him when I had the chance."

"Hiei, this isn't his doing, that's clearly the curse that GranDracmon pushed upon him." Hiei didn't care.

"He should be able to overcome such curses if he was a real warrior." he said before heading out. "Don't worry I won't tell anyone about this, i'll let them discover it themselves." he said leaving, Rei sighed as she struggled to watch what Ken was doing hoping he would calm down.

In another part of the city, the Karin Osaka of this world felt a sharp pain for a moment as she walked home with her boyfriend. "Karin are you alright?" Dimitri asked.

"Yeah i'm ok, I just thought I felt something for a moment." she said, before frowning abit. Was that Ken just now?



The park was totalled by the psycotic powers being unleashed, buildings and people all around were still being clipped by blasts from the raging beast which was fueled by Ken's apparent insanity. "How do we stop him!?" Kari wondered as he wouldn't stop laughing, people and children were being torn into peices, and he seemed to be enjoying it.

"Beat the crap out of him, I don't know!?" Maki declared as they saw Griel and the Evo-Lites had grouped together.

"We must withdraw, that thing will likely kill us if we remain, I forgot how powerful curses by demon lord digimon can be, GranDracmon's the one who did this..." Griel muttered, Blitz X however shrugged.

"I don't care I can take this thing!" he said attempting to swing his axe at it, only for the beast to swoop by and burn the weapon, it then turned in the air and swooped down for another pass which Paradisomon intercepted, however his Greymon arm was burnt off as he pushed it back, quickly grabbing the arm he blasted off the remains of it with his Gururmon arm to keep the "Darkness" from spreading.

"Now do you see what I mean!?" Griel demanded as he noticed Imperial X was about to rush Ken. "Don't you fool!" Imperial X charged Ken, only for the insane person to catch him with his right arm...and absorb him like a vaccum cleaner eating dust. "Damn it, he truely is a Zero user...we must withdraw." he said forming a portal which they quickly funneled into before the energy beast finally exploded, unleashing the last bits of power it had more towers, buildings, people, cars, everything was destroyed as Ken finally stopped laughing and passed out.

"What the hell just..." Maki stopped. "This isn't good, we need to get him out of here." he said, the others agreed as Ryo showed up and was dumbfounded as the Ninja's spoke.

"Come with us to our temple, we'll explain things there." said Mikato, Maki however was hesitant.

"...No...I can't, Ken's already betrayed me once, I don't want to risk it again, especially now that me and Coronamon are back, besides the police are definitely going to be looking for him now...I've...gotta go." he said running off with Coronamon as Kari picked up Ken's digivice.

"I guess he's still having issues trusting Ken." said Shizuka.

"You and I both know Ken knew what was going on though, so he didn't mean to do it." she said as they passed by Karin, Ryo wanted to say something but didn't. "You need to get out of here as well, i'm sorry about your friend but we don't want to get caught by the authorities, Karin simply nodded and headed off as Ryo and Kari followed the girls off and out of the city, Ken was still unconcious the entire time as he was carried out of Tokyo by his remaining friends.


Unkown Location/?

A Man in a suit, standing next to the Snake Deva Sandiramon smirked with glee as he watched Griel, Paradisomon and the others emerge from a portal looking like a defeated football team. "Wow you all look like you just got pwned badly." Griel shot him a glare.

"Where the fuck were you at, we lost Imperial X and you could've..." Griel stopped and shook his head. "To be honest I doubt you could've made a difference." he said as he turned to face the others who were mentally exhausted from the ordeal.

"What now boss?" Blitz X asked.

"We'll have to wait a while before we can attempt to go after Ken again, GranDracmon's curse was so strong, in fact there's a possibility it might come back, we need him to cool down, besides we've got plenty of time to smoke him out and make him join us." Griel said as he looked at Paradisomon. "Besides we need time to heal as well." he said glancing as his partner before looking at his digivice. Wether he joins us or not, we must eliminate those charlitans at all costs...well except for Celesta X, she will be mine. Griel thought with a smirk before turning to heal his partner with his digivice.


How much you wanna bet GranDracmon's laughing at Ken right now, because karma loves to cheat this poor guy over lol.

Well that's it for Accel Stream season 1, before season 2 kicks off a side story (In my side story slamefest) will be taking place (but i want to take a breather since i've been at this for a while so maybe by new years i'll begin it^^;) you can expect Ken's "recovery" (if you think he's going to instantly heal from this, your crazier than me^^; ) to be in the side story although once season 2 gets going, things will be more chaotic.

The Evo-lites, the main villian group of season 2 have arrived, you can tell who they are and what most of thier goals are now, I suppose though I should be more specific.

Griel and Krieg are my characters as well as Paradisomon and thier fusions, if your wondering what Kreig was referring too about Sailor Jupiter, it shall be revealed in season 2.

Caster is from Fate Stay Night, her fusion Mystique X is her fused with a Persiamon

Carossa and Melissa are a pair of twins from the Mech Anime Gun X Sword, thier "evo-lite" modes are based off the armors they ride Sin of Friday, and Sen of Saturday respectively.

Yuki Terumi is from BlazeBlue, like Griel he has yet to show what his ascendant form shall be.

Imperial X was Burter from DBZ, and his partner was a BKImperialdramon, too bad for both of them they were in the wrong place at the worst time^^;

One thing I can safely say about Accel Stream season 2 is that Ken will be "jumping around" between worlds abit more than he's been doing, after all he's got something to track down as well as stopping these new guys.

Hope you all enjoyed season 1, hope you enjoy the side story when I kick it up and i'll see you in season 2, peace out.