When Belca accidentally nicks his finger, the first thing Eco does is put it in his mouth; the second is to smile at the mortified face in front of him as he wraps a sliver of cloth around it.


"It would've been fine without the whole- putting it in your mouth thing!"

"It helps it heal faster! Anyways, you were gonna do it anyways."

Belca scowls and tries to pull his finger away; Eco holds onto it, gaze steady. A minute ticks on by, and the bard squeezes it gently; Belca winces and tries to jerk it away again.

"Hey -"

"Want me to kiss it?"

"- huh?"

Eco repeats it slowly, as if talking to a child,

"Want me to kiss it?"

"Don't talk to me like that." Pause. Angry blush. "Why?"

"It'll help the pain go away!"

Belca gives him a look, but doesn't try to stop him when he kisses it. A soft pressure, and Eco's bright eyes staring at him mischeviously- he scowls, pulls his finger away, and turns.

"You done?"

"Does it feel better?"

"It was fine before you did that!"

Eco's laughter follows him out of the room.