Fubar Final Chapter

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Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. Robert Browning

They froze, their faces still attached. Sure they had heard a floorboard give way. Slowly they disentangle themselves, ears tuned. Dave is sure his heart stops beating, when a tall figure appears behind Kurt.

KH, " Finn, what are you doing up here?" he hisses.

Dave slowly begins to breathe again, as Finn whispers back, " I should be asking you that question,"

KH, " I am making out with My boyfriend, now it's your turn to answer."

Dave can't see that well in the dark room, but he's pretty sure Finn is now beet red.

FH, " Well I came up here, to bring you back downstairs, I'm sure if Burt finds you up here I will somehow get blamed. I can hear him and mom now, and where were you Finn?"

KH, " Well I'm not ready to go back downstairs. We weren't through talking."

FH, " Didn't look like you were talking. If your staying up here, than so am I."

To both Dave and Kurt's dismay, Finn climbs under the covers and in between them.

KH, " This is just ridiculous Finn."

FH, " I can't hear you, pretend I'm asleep."

Dave, just laughs while Kurt snorts. Less than two minutes later Finn begins snoring.

DK, " Is he really asleep?"

KH," I'm afraid so. He's always dropped as soon as his head hits the pillow. " Swinging his legs from under the covers, Kurt stands up.

DK, " Hey... where are you going?"

KH, " Bed."

DK," No way, you can't leave me up here with Hudson."

KH, " I'm afraid your stuck, once he's out, he's out. Your sleeping with frankenteen." combing his bangs back, " Will it make it any better if I kiss you goodnight?"

DK, " It's a start."

Burt was the first one to get up. Stumbling still half asleep, he made his way to the kitchen for some coffee. As he passes by the couch, he does a double take. Finn is cuddled up next to Dave with his arm laying across the broader boys chest. Scratching his head, he walks into the kitchen.

The Wedding


Nerves were getting the better of him. Today will to be the first time he preforms with the Glee club. On top of that it was for Kurt's family. He starts to pace outside the church. Melissa smiles knowingly at him. He stops and looks at her, soaking in the sight. Her eyes have lost that haunted look, she looks happy. Mandi's family even extended an invitation for him to come over anytime he could. They even asked him to set time aside for a family dinner at their house at least once a week so he could catch up with his sister. That wasn't the only good news he had received lately. As he's about to make his next loop, Kurt walks out to see him.

KH, " Hey, your gonna wear a bald spot in the grass."

DK, " I don't know if I can do this. I'm so nervous."

KH," You'll be great. Remember the song's not that long, and I'll be right beside you. Would it help if I show you the picture of Finn holding you?"

DK laughing," I still can't believe you took a picture of that."

KH," Hey you never know when blackmail will come in handy. I also keep an eye on his browser history. The poor boy doesn't know how to clear it."

DK, " Babe, I'm pretty sure you might be a Little evil." smiling he leans forward and gives Kurt a kiss.

Cos it's a beautiful night we're looking for something dumb to do

Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

It was starting, he could hear Hudson singing followed by Rachel. Before he knew it he was dancing down the isle with Kurt, and on the second pass with Mercedes. Then the vows were being read. He watches as the emotions well up in Kurt. Marveling how most people look awful when they cry, Kurt just looks better. Right now he felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

The Reception

Dave sat at a table with Mercedes and Melissa. Kurt and Finn are seated along side their parents. He smiles as Hudson gets up to make his speech, knowing what is coming. Soon he's up there with the rest of the guys singing.

When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change

Cause you're amazing, just the way you are

Hudson is now dancing with Kurt, and Dave with Mercedes. As they spin in the room, their eyes keep meeting. Mercedes leans in, " Go dance with your man, hot stuff." With a kiss to her cheek, Dave grabs Kurt just as Finn turns to Rachel. They finish the dance with a kiss.

They were standing side by side waiting to wave the newly weds off. Everybody was cheering and clapping as Mr and Mrs Burt Hummel, come down the stairs. The crowd smiles as Carole hugs Finn goodbye and Burt Hugs Kurt. Then he hugs Dave.

BH, " You take care of my boy, while I'm gone."

DK, " Will do."

BH, " Also Carole and me registered at the Home Depot, I made sure to ask for some new garden shears. Hear me?"

DK, Tugging on his tie, that suddenly feels too tight, " Loud and clear."

Burt smiles and squeezes his shoulder, then the newly weds are off.

Melissa was asleep in the truck. This has been the best day the brother and sister has had in four years. Dave turns to Kurt.

Dave, " I forgot to tell you my good news, I was so nervous earlier. I got a call from, Mrs Skidmore this morning. She apologized for her sons behavior, and said they were shipping him to some military school. They are even going to pay me for my tires."

KH, " I would have expected his folks to be jerks too."

Dave, Just shakes his head, "His mom said that he got involved with some skinheads. she seemed genuinely sorry."

KH, " Will I see you tomorrow?"

DK, " How about dinner, my place after I get off work?"

KH, " Sounds good,... I Love you."

DK, " I love you too." He kisses Kurt then climbs in the truck, He rolls down the window, " Hey you did a beautiful job organizing your dad's wedding, I know were young, but I can't wait to see what you have planned for ours." With a wink he drives off leaving a beaming Kurt.


Christmas Eve

Dave eyes his handy work. Using his mom's cookie recipe he made up three batches of Christmas cookies. The house smells like cinnamon and sugar. His tree is just the ten dollar special from Walmart. He has all the family decorations hanging on the branches though. His outdoor decoration a lighted garland above the door. The only thing missing is the family to go with all the holiday cheer. As he unwraps a Swanson frozen dinner, he wishes it was already Christmas day. He had plans to spend the afternoon with Kurt. As he is poking the plastic over the potatoes, someone knocks on the door. He opens it to find, Burt standing on his doorstep.

BH, " Grab a bag Dave, your coming home with me."

Dave woke to the sound of Carole and Kurt whispering in the kitchen. Giggles and the smell of cinnamon rolls drifting into the living room. The night before, had made him feel like a little boy again, falling asleep under the glow of a glittering Christmas tree. It wasn't so long ago, he was wishing he had never laid eyes on Kurt Hummel. Now he realizes how different his life would be with out the love of his life and his family. He sees a few presents with his name under the tree, but he's already got everything he could want. Kurt walks in, " Good your up, breakfast is almost ready. My dad will be back soon."

DK, " Merry Christmas babe. Where did your dad go?"

KH, " That's for me to know and you to find out. Merry Christmas to you too." With a quick peck and a smile he went back into the kitchen.

The table was set, as Dave walked into the dining room. Just as he noticed the extra place settings Burt Hummel walks in the front door, followed by Melissa and Paul Karofsky.

At first Dave is glued to the floor, but slowly he makes his way to Melissa noticing she is holding their fathers hand.

Paul looks at his son eyes suspiciously bright, " Merry Christmas son."

Dave steps to his dad and is engulfed in a hug, " Merry Christmas dad."

A few tears leak out wetting his dads shirt. Dave knows there is still a long road to recovery ahead, but today life is good.

The End

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