AN: So, I was listening to a song the other day, and it reminded me of a character from one of my favourite books...Really, though, it is a very interesting thing to think about. Also, the bits in italics are direct quotes from the book.

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Tiny hands trace over symbols carved in the wall of the crystal grotto, as a child's clear voice rings out.

"From the shadows will come the Chosen One

To unify the Realm

And lead it into the light

As a King who must not reign,

Crowned in the name of the Gift.

Three Stones, three young girls:

One will discover the Gift.

One will recognize the King.

One will convince the two others to die.

Of three Stones only one fate will remain."

Not that she actually needs to read the symbols to know what they say. In fact, she isn't even sure why she ever carved them in the first place.

She learned them centuries ago, back when Néophileus had first transcribed The Prophecy, before hiding away in her grotto. Guarded as it is by the giant, fear-amplifying raptors, it is rare that any would attempt to seek her out, making it a safe haven against the forces of the Dark.

It was so long ago, now…Long enough that her existence has become a thing mostly of rumour, believed only by those who have belief. There are not many, anymore, she knows, but there are enough, that when the time is needed, the Stones of the Prophecy will find her, and she will reveal to them the words which she has kept for so long.

Not that anyone would know it, to look at her. She wonders, sometimes, if the Powers that Be were trying to send some sort of message to the world, making the most powerful seer to ever exist into an eternal child.

After all, it is children in whom the belief necessary to enter Fairytale is easiest found, though there are still some adults whose hearts contain the necessary faith as well. And it is children whom are able to see and simplify things without prejudice, the way their elders cannot seem to.

So Oonagh sits, and waits in her grotto, for those who will come, knowing that she must give them the wisdom which she had gathered through the ages with her child's eyes. She knows undoubtedly that they will be surprised by her form, as so many have been. But really, she thinks to herself, is it so unexpected?

After all, it children who see the world as it really is, and are perhaps the wisest of us all.

"He told me that any child may enter this land, because what is unreal to adults is real to a child."