Uriko closed her Journal and put her pen to her side as she sighed, placing both arms at each hip, and her shoulders were in a upwards position as she tilted her upper body forward; one leg bent to aim at the sky, and the other laid out completely against the grass. She thought about the embarrassment she witnessed; after she was exposed; over and over. It had been several months since that day,(when she finished writing down her week long experience she thought 'It has been a long week.. during that time.') and because she didn't want to be harassed about what happened or hear people talk about it, Uriko decided to transfer schools. She talked on and off to Arias and Jashad, but not to Kenji; she didn't hear anything from A'Niyah or Angie, but Angie definitely leaked her information all over Facebook; of course people laughed about it and whatever, but one guy ended up putting Angie on blast. Commenting on her Wall all the evidence that Kenji, Jashad, Arias, Monica, and A'Niyah had leaked out about her at her party; and that guy happened to be Andrew. Angie immediately shut up when people started bringing it up and laughing at her, after that Uriko didn't hear anything else about Angie. Well, that was a lie; Arias talked to Uriko yesterday about Angie; now with the whole ordeal about Kenji and her being drugged just so she could have her way with him, ended up going to authorities such as the police. Also the crime that Angie's ex girlfriend committed on the 3 20 year old guys, ended up in her mayhem to jail thread because her ex girlfriend framed Angie to make it look like she did it. So since Angie stole that OTC drug and knew the risks of ecstasy and the Seroquel XR; Monica had to let police know, because if she kept the information closed and to herself, she could get fired. So when she took Angie to the police; her family ended up tagging along; they placed them in Jail, and shipped them back to the US. Angie later was placed in Court and arrested along with her family because her ex girlfriend testified against her for the murder. Since Angie fled the continents and disappeared, then stole the OTC drug, Angie and her family went straight to Jail. How long did they get or how come A'Niyah didn't get the punishment as well for having some part in the situation? Arias didn't know because they were from different continents so they couldn't really get all the info they wanted. But all they knew was that Angie was going to be in there for a while; yep, Karma was definitely a bitch in Angie's case.

Towards the end of Arias's and Uriko's conversation yesterday, Uriko asked about Kenji. Arias didn't know much about him either, came to find out Kenji went to school a few times but they didn't really talk; he asked Arias about Uriko a lot, but that was pretty much it, they hung out a few times here and there, but he just wanted to show them how much he wanted to thank them for all they've done. Also, Arias told Uriko that Jashad had purposed to her one night, and they would be married as soon as she finished High School. Uriko was happy for her friend, but was just a little down when she thought about Kenji; would he marry her now since he knew the truth, or even date her again? Uriko just sighed out loud again, as she thought back to the past. Looking back at the pond just a few feet in front of her, Uriko tilted her head slightly before raising a hand behind her back to undo her braid and let her long Auburn hair catch the wind as it rummaged through each string in a swaying motion; before she placed her arm back in its comfortable spot.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself..." Uriko jumped slightly when she heard a voice from behind her, she turned to see a face that she hadn't seen in months.

"Kenji!" She squealed as she jumped up quickly. "What are you doing h-h-here...? Whoa!" Her legs must have miscalculated her balancing technique on the tiny hill, because her startled moment made her a bit clumsy, and she was just about to find herself heading face first into the pond, if Kenji hadn't sprinted towards her and pull her from falling in the deep water. When she realized their closeness, she jerked away, still uncomfortable about being around him when he found out about her insidious plan. Kenji stared at her for a while before saying something, "Well, I've been looking for you, and considering when you were younger you would usually run off to this place."

"Look, Kenji... I appreciate you looking for me, but I don't feel comfortable being around you... Especially, knowing what you know now." Uriko lower her voice and looked away from his gorgeous eyes when she neared the end of her sentence.

"I know you wouldn't, but that doesn't mean I'm going anywhere." Uriko gave him a questioning look.

Kenji reached for her again, but she backed up and walked a few feet away from him; talking with her back faced him. "You don't even know why I did it! I feel so humiliated with that stupid plan! And you deserve to hate me or to never talk to me again..."

"Okay, where along the line did I ever tell you that I hated you?" Uriko must've thought his question was rhetorical, because she didn't answer him. "... Okay, and if I never wanted to talk to you, then why am I here, talking to you now?" Uriko still didn't say anything. "Uriko don't try to assume stuff from how you feel, because I might feel a different way than how you picture it. Like you told me; when you were pretending to be Andrew..." Uriko's head cringed at what he said. "Why not speak to the source of the problem, instead of assuming it from yourself or another person's perspective."

At that moment, Uriko snapped. "Don't use my recommendation reference on me!"

Kenji threw up his hands like he was surrendering, "Hey, my bad! But Uriko, I know why you did it, and I can't blame you for being so curious... The way I see it, is that you were a very concerned girlfriend and you were looking in to see my actions. Truthfully, you could've done better by other kinds of spying equipments like a..." Uriko cut him off by facing him and saying, "Yeah, I know; alright! I get it, anything would've been better than acting like Andrew!" Then she turned around still not ready to face him.

"Okay, anyway... You just wanted to know what was up, and I can't fault you for wanting to know; because if you ever dated a guy who acted like Angie I probably would have done pretty much the same thing if I was curious too." Uriko slowly turned around and looked at him with a confused face. "Really?" She asked.

Kenji nodded his head with a little smile as he said, "Yeah... Probably." Uriko looked at the ground, feeling the cool spring air breezing over their form. Kenji walked closer to Uriko cupped her chin in his hand, making her stare up at him. "I'm not mad at you, I'll admit I was shocked when I found out, but after talking to your friend all the pieces begin to fall into place..."

"Wait, she told you?" Uriko said wide eyed; Kenji nodded in response. "Oh, she's going to get it..."

"Don't be mad at her, if she hadn't told me in the first place, I would have felt betrayed by the lack of trust in our relationship."

It took Uriko a while to say something as she stared into his chest; Kenji removed his hand from under her chin, and placed them on her shoulders as he gently ran his fingers up and down. "I'm sorry..." Uriko confessed after a while.

"No, I'm sorry it took me so long to get to you. If I had never faked that I was dating Angie when you dated that jock we wouldn't be going through this."

"Wait, you faked it?"

"Honestly, I did. I wanted to know if me and you could be together, but I was too late, and messed up... Oh, and I'm really sorry about saying that I would've messed around on your best friend if I wanted too. I never truly expected that to be said then, and I'm extremely sorry!" Uriko nodded her head as if she understood what he meant. "So, are we still good; like you wouldn't mind being with me again, because Uriko, I don't want to lose you... When you told me that it was over between us both and you ended up transferring schools that really got me. You see this," He pointed at his heart. "This is made for you, to give you all the love you can get from me and more... And to literally keep me alive." Uriko slowly slid a hand up to his heart and felt the love connection through her touch. "So? Do you still want to be with me?" Kenji asked her again.

"Yes..." she half smiled at him. But then he took a step back and said to her; before running on hand into his pocket and the other to take a hold of her left hand, "I mean in an official way..." Before Uriko even had a chance to ask him what he was talking about, he got on one knee, and pulled out the tiny, diamond incrusted engagement ring.

Uriko gasped as her eyes went wide and her mouth fell. Her legs felt weak, and she couldn't help her raging heartbeat. 'Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. This can't be happening? Is he really going to purpose to me?' "Uriko, I know that it's been a short relationship, and a rough one at that. But me and you have been through worse when we were younger; we know pretty much everything about each other. I just know that this is what I want; you're the only girl I need in my life, the only one who I have really and truly treasured since day one. No other girl can compete with you, no matter how hard they try or how bad they want to; they can't change how I feel about Uriko Nonomura; you're the only woman who keeps me feeling this way, and give me the kind of encouragement to ask you, on this day; Uriko, will you marry me?" Uriko didn't know what her brain was telling her, but her heart screamed out 'YES!' Was she truly ready to start a whole new chapter in her life with Kenji being her one and only? Uriko looked away from his eyes for a second before looking at him again. "... I'm sorry, Kenji... I don't know if I..." Uriko stopped what she said and saw Kenji put his head down in defeat, nibbling on his lower lip. But then Uriko smiled; seeing as he just fell into her little deceiving trap; she made him look back up at her. "I don't know if I can say no to somebody I've known all my life..." Kenji smiled back at her, before placing the ring on her finger. He picked her up, and twirled her around in his arms as they both laughed with excitement. "Don't ever scare me like that again..." Kenji said as they stopped twirling around, and allowed their foreheads to touch. Uriko smiled before cupping his face and giving her new fiancé their first engagement kiss.


"We are gathered here today..."

"And we are also gathered here today..." Said one pastor before the other pastor spoke as well. Uriko and Kenji stood on one side of the aisle and Arias and Jashad stood on the opposite side; both of the two best friends having their weddings on the same day, same place, at the same time. Uriko and Arias looked around at all their friends, family, their families' family and even Andrew and A'Niyah were there; shockingly they were engaged, so Uriko guessed that Andrew probably was the best guy for her; huh, who would've figured? As the pastor's spoke at the same time, they eventually got down to the I do's, and when they got to that saying, both guy's said it exactly at the same time; the girls too. Most of the crowd smiled at that; when the pastor allowed the ring bearers to give the rings, and allowed them to say their vows; they granted them to kiss the brides. When both Couples kissed each other, the crowd stood up in joy, clapped, cheered. As the two married Couples walked back down their separate aisles, Uriko's mother approached each of the Couples, "I'm proud of both of you!"

"Thanks mother!" Uriko said as she hugged her mother. Arias and Jashad thanked her as well, before Arias's twin; aka her mother came up, hugging them both, and congratulating Uriko and Kenji before she went back to her daughter.

"Kenji, all I have to say is don't you hurt my daughter in anyway, or I will find you!" Kenji's eyes went wide as Uriko's mother threatened him; like a military man, he saluted her with the perfect posture and the sharpest nod. "Yes ma'am!" Mitsuko smiled and hugged her daughter again before allowing them to go on with their business. "I think you mother just loves me to death..." Kenji said, Uriko laughed and turned Kenji towards her for a kiss on the lips. When Arias cleared her throat, she ended up breaking the two's kiss. "Sorry, but all I have to ask is, did your moms threaten your Husband too?" Uriko rolled her eyes and smiled at Arias with a nod. Arias nodded her head, and walked with her Husband to go outside, with Uriko and Kenji behind them. From there going forward everything fell into place with no more Angie problems; everybody got what they wanted and they were satisfied with what they ended up with...

This really is the end now...