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A/N: It's jus' a li'l one-shot. We needed some Romy.

She walks.

She walks and dang it, if he can't take his eyes off her. All she did was walk into the room and she has him, body and soul, wrapped around her little finger.

And she knows it too. He can tell she knows she has him by that little smile she's trying to hide. She doesn't like to let people see her smile. He doesn't know why. She's got a belle smile, there's no reason to hide it.

She walks. His eyes follow her as she makes her way around the room and they narrow when she stops to talk to one of the boys, the one who wears the red glasses all the time. He's debating going over there and charging up those stupid shades, but he catches the smirk and stops himself. She's doing it on purpose. Li'l minx…

There's a swing in her step that turns heads as she weaves through the crowd. He loves it, loves knowing that he put it there, or at least helped bring it out. His chere had always been unsure of her own body before he was allowed to praise it like he wanted to. Now, she sashays up to him, hips moving to the beat of the song playing on the club speakers.

Her voice is soft and incredibly breathy in a way he doesn't think she intends.

"Ah'm ready to go, Sugah."

He flashes her a grin. 'Y wish is m' command, chere."

She tosses him a saucy smile that says Ah know and slides into her coat, tugging the sleeves down over her gloves. She checks to make sure he's behind her- silly fille, as if he might not be following- and then turns.

And she walks.