AN: Megamind was pretty lucky to have found Bernard at that exact time in order to avoid Roxanne! But what would have happened if he met up with her as himself? That's what this story's all about! As awesome as Bernard/Megamind and normal Bernard are, this story's all about an alternate universe where Bernard just wasn't there at the museum at that time. Hope you enjoy, and thanks very much for reviews and support! :)

"Minion!" Megamind moaned, his head sullen against the table wood. He could not sleep, or even bring the motivation to move. Even the cool feel of the table's smooth wood against his scalp, did not soothe his inner feelings of despair. The alien for once, truly felt lost like a child who lost an imaginary friend. "Minion, please come here!"

"What is it, sir?" Minion poked his head through the doorway, eyeing his friend with a look of expectancy. He was unsure if he was allowed to come in or not, but when Megamind beckoned for him to enter, Minion came in without hesitation.

"I can't sleep," Megamind whispered, his voice bestowed with grief. "I just had the most terrible dream, Minion! A true dream of despair!"

"Tell me about it," Minion tried putting on a soothing grin, but the grin fell on blind eyes. Megamind refused to raise his head from the desk. "Sir..." Minion spoke again, hoping his master would pay him some attention, when the alien mewled softly into the wood, Minion tried encouraging him once more. "Sir, please tell me! I won't judge you or anything! It might help if you just say what happened!"

"Well," Megamind moaned softly, looking upward from the desk at last. "I know you won't judge. You're my friend... I guess I can tell you, but it pains me to repeat it! This dream was a dark, unbearable nightmare, and it was almost like waking up from it was too good to be true. The skies were golden from the sunset, and the day was reaching its end. I am in the sky, but I am not flying. I am being tugged upward by the cape, someone's hand is tightly clasped around my cape's collar. I do not look upward, and only look down at my legs, dangling in the sky as if I'm preparing to fall. Down below, the crowd of Metrocity is cheering... applauding my would-be murderer. The man determined to bring me to justice. Their faces, Minion... they were all grinning with vicious grins, and their eyes were a glowing red.

"A terrible glowing red! They are all chanting the same thing as I am suspended from the clouds - helpless. They are all screaming "kill! Kill! Kill!" Again and again! I see," he swallows, his eyes pained. "Ms. Ritchi with a grin, whispering that I deserved what I was about to get. I look up, Minion, and do you know who I see? I see Metro Man smiling down at them, looking at them with a pleased grin that they all love. I look up, my eyes pleading for my life, and he mercilessly drops me, allowing me to fall to my death."

Minion's jaw dropped as Megamind continued the gruesome tale.

"Just before I hit the ground, the laughing and jeering of his audience echoing in my ears, I hear a whisper!" Megamind stood up from his chair, almost as if possessed by the memory of his dream. He extended a hand towards the window, but his fingers curled as if it was out of his grasp. Slowly retreating his hand back to his body, he continues. "My body hits the ground as the whisper finishes. It was a voice. Her voice. She says to me that I'm a monster, and that I deserve to die."

Megamind looks down at the floor, shamefully without a word, as Minion stares in wonder. The fish cyborg taps his bowl, contemplating the dream for a moment before attempting to calm his companion once again.

"Sir - "

"It's all my fault, Minion," Megamind's voice sending a chill down Minion's spine. His fish spine that is. Megamind looked out the window, examining the night as his voice continued to whisper with an eerie tone. "I'm the one that killed him. I ordered the attack, and because of me, he's dead! I congratulated his death, and now I'm being punished!"

"Sir, sir, please!" Minion pleaded with him. "This is something you should be celebrating! You've wanted this all your life! Your parents would be proud."

This struck a nerve for Megamind, but only one. He still wasn't buying it. "It's what I thought I wanted, Minion. Thought. With a brain like mine, thinking comes easily. I loved being the bad guy, but what's the point now? How can I be bad when I have everything I want? How can I be bad when I've made everyone suffer? How can I be bad when... I've..." Megamind's voice cracked. "Destroyed their dreams?"

"Sir, please don't say you don't have a purpose in life." Minion's eyes rounded, gazing at Megamind with a blinded sympathy. No matter how hard he tried, he wouldn't be able to save Megamind from his current state, but he would not give up. "Metro Man was not your life. He was only an obstacle, and he's gone now. I'm only trying to look out for you, sir!"

"Since I was a child," Megamind continued gazing out the window, his voice still filled with a haunting sadness. "I was destined to be the bad guy. Everyone hated me. I'm the villain, and he was the hero. I never thought I'd say this, but there is no point to being a villain without Metro Man. There is no purpose to this!" Megamind turned around, anger in his eyes as he stalked towards a pile of money. Without hesitation he picked up a stack of bills and crushed the weak paper in his hand, tossing it to the floor with disdain. "Or any of this!"

"Sir!" Minion exclaimed like a startled parent, shuffling forward to Megamind in shock. He gripped Megamind's thrashing shoulders, pulling him away from the spell-binding cash. "Please! Listen to me. This has been your dream for so long. You've worked so hard on this! If you said this to yourself from twenty years ago - "

"Twenty years..." Megamind's brows furrowed in surprise, grasping the number as if it was a secret to life. "We've... we've been fighting for twenty whole years!"

"Technically since you were kids," Minion couldn't resist adding even though it didn't help the situation. "But as a super-villain and super-hero, yes, you two have been fighting for twenty years."

"Who am I to mess with routine?" Megamind looked down at his trembling fist, gazing at his blue hand in its entirety.. "If only I could bring him back..."

"I won't let you talk like this!" Minion growled, truly frightened by Megamind's changed state of mind. "I won't. Sir, just listen to yourself!"

"You're right..." Megamind solemnly admitted, yanking away from the fish's grip. "I have to forget that I ever fought with Metro Man. Or this feeling of emptiness will not go away."

"Sir?" Minion watched his boss walked towards the door, clad in his navy-blue pyjamas. "Where are you going at this time of night?"

"I can't stand to see him anymore," Megamind whispered, glancing at Minion only for a moment. "Therefore... that museum has to go."

"You mean - " Minion was always quick when it came to figuring out his boss's plans.

"Minion," Megamind left the room. "Fetch a volunteer group of brain bots. We'll be making a quick visit to the museum..."

"I'm sorry, but that's why I have to destroy this place." Megamind sighed, leaning over the railing's edge dolefully. "It's just too many painful memories! I did bring roses though... apparently certain colours mean different things. So I got yellow. Friendship." He looked at them with a sad smile, remembering Metro Man for the last time. "Nothing personal." He quietly added.

He sucked in a deep gust of breath, painfully looking at the grinning statue face staring back at him blankly. Giving a small nod of acknowledgement for everything they had to face, Megamind pulled out a small detonator, pressed the button, and dropped it over the edge along with the yellow roses, watching them as they fell. It almost seemed to take forever, as if the statue of Metro Man itself was stopping time for Megamind to sadly watch.

"I know they worked hard on this rather... meagre museum," Megamind backed up from the edge. "...But as long as it's here, I won't be able to forget you. Goodbye Metro Man."

"Hello?" A feminine voice called, one with a familiar tone that rang in Megamind's ears like a police siren. His eyes widened, fear and surprise etched on his face, as he grabbed his heaving chest.

"No! Roxanne," Megamind whispered, looking down at his fragile state. He couldn't let her see him like this. Not in a state of weakness! He was dressed in his pyjamas first of all, as he didn't bother to change, and if she saw him paying pity to Metro Man, she'd probably spread it across the news like wild fire.

Without another word, he immediately dashed around, hearing her heels hit the floor with a firmness that only she conveyed. Running with a mad dash, he desperately tried to run for the elevator, it being his only source of hope from, ironically, escaping his former damsel-in-distress.

"Who's there?" She called again, her voice ringing with uncertainty.

No one! Megamind answered back to her in his thoughts, praying she wouldn't see him.

"Hello?" She repeated, her walk clearly getting faster.

NO! Megamind's mind screamed in fear. Don't walk faster. Please don't -

"Megamind?" Roxanne's voice rung with a heavy mixture of anger and fear. "What are you doing here?"

Megamind stopped moving, only hearing his heartbeat echo in his ears. He slowly turned to face her, looked at her gaping face for a few moments, and then quickly picked up a potted plant with a ribbon on it - probably a gift for one of the tour gides. He attempted to hide his face behind the plant as if it would magically make him invisible.

"M-Megamind? He's not here! It's just me! Sid the Potted Plant! Please go away now..."

She walked up towards him, irritation etched on her face, as she yanked the plant away from his face, his slowly forming smile showing guilt.

"How dare you!" She nearly screamed, putting the plant back down as quickly as possible. She took a step forward, her heels adding an extra height to her, and firmly shoved him back. He nearly fell on his back, but managed to adjust his feet. He looked at her, stunned, as both of their chests heaved. "You came here to mock his death didn't you? You came here to laugh at him!"

Her expression still bitter, she glanced down at him for a split second before adding seriously, "and why are you in your pyjamas?"

"Roxanne..." He tugged his collar, his neck growing very hot. "Please... I can explain - "

"There's nothing to explain!" She jabbed her finger into his chest. Megamind didn't know for sure, but he could have sworn that Roxanne's eyes were a little watery. "You killed Metro Man! You're a murderer! A monster!"

"I - " Megamind swallowed, his heartbeat stilling. He shamefully looked away from her face, feeling a stinging pain scratch at his chest. He assumed that she just badly hurt him emotionally, and that's what explained the sharp pull in his body. It was just like his nightmare foretold. "I know."

"Of course you would know." Roxanne hissed, eyes unforgiving. "You enjoy making others suffer. That's why you're the villain! I'm going to be honest, I never thought you would actually kill Metro Man. It was all a big game, but you really did take it seriously! I never knew." She looked betrayed.

"Roxanne," he gently grabbed her wrist, causing her to tense up and watch him expectantly. "I thought destroying him was what I wanted, but I realize that it truly was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life. And I know you want to beat me up, but for now, we really have to go!"

"I'm not going to go." Roxanne yanked her hand away. "You can go. You don't belong here. I think I'm going to continue paying my respects, thank you very much!"

"Roxanne!" Megamind screamed, desperate for her to listen to him. "We have to go! The both of us!"

"Why?" Roxanne looked at him slightly fearfully. "Oh no... Megamind! What did you do?"

"Er... nothing!" Megamind gulped, tugging his collar again. "I really just need you to do what I say right now!"

Roxanne looked at him, a mixture of emotions spread across her face, and finally agreed to leave. She pushed past him, heading towards the elevator on her own, but it didn't stop him from following. The ride down in the elevator was awkward, she would not look at him, and he felt her anger emanate from her like a poisonous gas. He knew there was nothing he could say that could appease her, so he kept his mouth shut. When they got down to the main floor, she continued to ignore him and walked towards the doors.

Spying the detonator a few feet away, Megamind realized only ten seconds was left, and if she continued walking at her slow, curvaceous pace, she would be destroyed. He refused to let her die too. He would never take a life ever again.

Dashing towards her, he grabbed her by the waist, ignoring her startled cry, and leapt out the doors, allowing them both to messily fall onto the pavement and roll away from the museum's stairs.

"What is your problem?" She pushed him away, glaring at him in annoyance. She looked up in horror when Megamind ignored her pleas, wrapping his arms around her protectively when the museum exploded into clouds of flames. She let out a scream, one of the only times he heard her scream, and covered her ears.

When the explosion finished, only smoke and flames left, Roxanne stared up at the museum in horror. Remembering who did such a horrible act, and remembering just who was wrapping his arms around her, she elbowed him in the stomach, shoving him off her, and standing up quickly.

"The museum! You - you destroyed it!" She exclaimed in pure shock. "You killed Metro Man, and destroyed his museum? Don't you have any respect?"

"I can't stand the memories!" Megamind cried out, standing up and looking at her with pleading eyes. "Roxanne! Metro Man and I... we go way back. He wasn't exactly always a hero you know. I can't stand the memories of him in general! He was worshipped since he was born. I never got anything! Anything! I - why was I always so hated and abused?"

He looked away from her, taking a few steps forward to face the burning museum. He was talking less to Roxanne and more to himself.

"I'm supposed to be the villain, Roxanne. It's been my destiny... ever since I was a baby."

"What do you mean?" Roxanne's tone softened at his general sadness. Did Megamind have some kind of dark past that caused him to be the way he was? Why was he so pained all of the sudden?

"I - he -" Megamind closed his eyes, fighting back the urge to cry, and then turned to face her, a stubborn anger in his expression. "I'm not just going to pour my heart out to you! Who do you think you are? My there-a-puste? I don't need to say anything." He sounded like a child building a wall to trap his emotions.

"Megamind!" Roxanne exclaimed, eyeing him cautiously. She never saw him like this before. "Why are you - "

"I'll go!" His eyes darkened, lips forming a thin frown. "You're right! I am a monster! And quite frankly Roxanne, that's the way it's supposed to be. Everyone's always hated me, and everyone will continue to hate me. There's nothing you, I, or Metro Man can do about that!"

Ignoring her angry calls, he walked away, feeling his own frustration build up inside him.

AN: Without Bernard in the picture, all of the angst happens at the beginning with Roxanne and Megamind! I promise that the whole story won't be angsty, and we're only getting their mixed feelings out of the way first! This story will be a mixture of angst, comedy, and fluff (like the movie) just so you know! Stay tuned for the next chapter! :D