Megamind remembered telling her she was the was the reason for him fighting. He remembered picking her up and swinging her around, he remembered her hug, and he remembered her smile.

He remembered it all a month ago.

He sighed to himself, brooding in the lair, as Minion swept around with an old broom. Minion stopped in his tracks, eyeing Megamind who continued to grumble, head flat against the cold metal table. He sighed wondering where it all went wrong, and continued playing the defeat of Tighten in his mind. Why didn't she say anything when he... sort of mentioned his feelings for her? She just smiled, and hugged him, but she didn't say anything back. He was so sure she felt the same way, but he assumed that she must not have. He raised his head and turned to Minion, looking at him with tired, sleepless eyes that were muddied and dull. Minion's face softened, and he gently put the broom down, continuing to watch Megamind with sympathy.

"Sir, maybe it's for the best," Minion tried assuring him as he pulled up a seat next to his master. Megamind sullenly shook his head, his eyes somber with regret.

"If it was for the best... why does my chest hurt so badly?" Megamind clutched his chest, his voice a weakened whisper as he rested his head against the table one more. "Why do I just want to curl up and cry?"

"It's okay to cry, sir!" Minion pat him on the back, the fish used to comforting Megamind in situations like this.

"No it isn't!" Megamind pulled out of Minion's embrace, and shot up from the table, a look of determination across his features. "I've got to be a man. I can't cry... I've got to... Minion - "

Megamind's lips formed into a frown, his gaze hardening as he turned to face Minion once more. He struggled to find the words, but finally knew what to say.

"I think I love her."

"What?" Minion stood up too fast, causing him to stumble back a little. He gawked at Megamind, as the alien looked away in slight embarrassment.

"Did I say the wrong word?" His cheeks flushed a deep indigo colour.

"No, I get what you mean loud and clear," Minion's face fluctuated between a frown and a smile. He was happy that Megamind found someone besides him, who he cared about, but he was also annoyed that Megamind's attention was more focused towards Ms. Ritchi than towards him. His beloved Minion. "Sir! If you like... er... love her that much, then you need to tell her!"

"But I did," Megamind insisted, his lips puckering into a disappointed pout. "She rejected me."

"No she didn't. I was there. You said she was the reason you fought for Metro City, but you didn't directly tell her that you love her."

"There's a difference?" Megamind's eyes widened, instantly perking up. "So I didn't get rejected?"

"No. Can't you tell? She feels the same way about you, as you do about her. Right?"

Megamind was hesitant at first, but finally nodded.

"Then go find her, and tell her, sir!"

"But what if she turns me down?" Megamind clutched his chest. "What if she rejects me again? Minion... I can't take that. Not after what happened in the rain that night."

Minion inhaled deeply, before gently grabbing Megamind's shoulders, looking him squarely in the eyes. "Mace," Minion began, causing Megamind expression to change to one in shock. Minion never called him by his real name. Heck, he never called Megamind by his aliased name either. It was always "sir," or "master," so Megamind figured Minion must have meant business. "You've come very far since your childhood. I remember the kids picking on you, and I couldn't do anything about it. I was only a glass ball then. I remember you crying to yourself, and I remember you trying your best to fit in and impress them. I also remember the very first time you kidnapped Ms. Ritchi."

Megamind began to smile sheepishly at the memory, and subconsciously licked his lips.

"Yes. That was quite tense what happened there. I still think that was the most awkward experience between you two, especially when you accidentally saw - " Minion looked away briefly, and realized he had gotten off track, while Megamind looked confused as to where Minion was going with this. Minion faced him again, and continued. "Erm... right. I don't need a reminder. Anyway, you've come very far. Sir, I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I remember what your father said before we left - "

"You do?" Megamind gawked, a mixture of horror and shock spreading across his face.

"He said... you were destined for greatness," Minion let Megamind absorb this information before clearing his throat. "Point is, you've spent most of your life wishing you could fit in, and now it's your chance. It's time for you to fix things between Ms. Ritchi, and Metro City."

"You know what... you're right, Minion," Megamind pulled out of his grip as a look of confident inspiration dawned on him. "Although not much righter than me. Only a little bit. I have to tell Roxanne how I feel, or else I'm going to go crazy, and I have to make things right with the city." Megamind paused, and then looked at Minion with a mildly annoyed expression. "However, Minion. If you ever call me Mace again in any conversation, even if to deliver some kind of awesome speech that inspires me to do random things, I will have to smack you very hard."

Minion laughed in response to this, happy that his best friend had returned to normal.

Roxanne watched the joyous kids running about, some with balloons, and others with kites. Their parents followed after them, some with dogs held fimly on a leash, and others with tools for a picnic. What really made her chest tighten though was the site of the young couples and lovers walking through the park holding hands. They kissed, they hugged, they whispered sweet nothings in each other's ears - all things that Roxanne really wanted to do. She never dated Metro Man, and she hadn't seen her last boyfriend in a while. Not that she'd want to. Point was, she was single and not really loving it.

Especially after everything that happened with possibly the most unique person in the world. She remembered them meeting at the park and gazing into each other's eyes, but it was this same park where she threw him away in the regions of the rain. She tried hard to forget about him, but she just couldn't. After he told her she was the reason for him fighting, after she said on camera for all of the city to hear that she needed him, nothing happened after that. She assumed he forgot about her, or chose not to follow through with anything.

But she could not forget those bright green eyes, or that smile. Or that soft, loving voice that admitted to her in his own strange way how he felt. It had been a long, torturous month, yet it was only a month. Everyday she hoped he would knock on her door, burst in, and declare his love for her. She wanted him to kiss her afterwards, passionately, and then she wanted to start a relationship with him. Yet, for a solid month, the only people knocking on her door were Carlos and some friends. She didn't want that though.

She wanted him.

She stayed at the park for hours, watching old people leave, and new people arrive. The sun finally began to set, and the sky became stained with orange and pink hues. She decided to leave, annoyed with herself for wallowing in self-pity, but she couldn't help it. She had lost someone special and -

"I knew you must have been here. I couldn't find you at your apartment!"

Roxanne felt her heart stop, and nearly choked on a lack of air. It couldn't have been. No. It wasn't possible. She whipped her head to the side where the voice rang from, and she nearly screamed - though the sound died in her throat. She stared at him, eyes softening as he looked back at her, a warm smile on her face.

"Megamind," she whispered, feeling her heartbeat quicken.

"Don't say anything," he said softly. "I have a lot of things to say. I don't know where to start!"

She stood up, but didn't press forward. She didn't know how.

"I'm sorry about the Tighten fiasco first off," he began. "I thought that getting rid of Metro Man was the answer to my problems. He was an alien like me, but he looked human. He got more attention, and was accepted. I was seen as a monster, even when I didn't try to be. I was bullied and picked on. I thought being a monster was my destiny. So, I wanted to get rid of Metro Man. He was the source of my problems, but when I got rid of him, I realized I had disrupted a twenty year routine. I had no purpose anymore! Being a bad guy was my purpose. So, I took what you said on that report and I made Tighten a hero. However, he went bad, and like all my other plans, it failed. Not only that, I didn't take into account how you would feel about the situation. I didn't realize that being my hostage and damsel-in-distress was a burden. I didn't realize you wouldn't want to do that for the rest of your life."

"So, I apologize for being selfish, and messing your life up," he said somewhat quickly. Apologies were hard for him. "But that's not why I'm here! Roxanne... I know what these feelings of mine are, and I know you feel them too. You are my destiny! I really believe that. After all, of all people, I got to know you. You're witty, you're smart, you're caring, and you're beautiful! Roxanne Ritchi - " he cut himself off, and shyly looked away. "I'm in love with you!"

Roxanne thought that must have been the happiest moment of her life. Her smile brightened, before she grabbed him and passionately locked lips with him. He made a startled noise, and looked at her with widened eyes, but felt himself succumb to it, countering her passion with his own. The next thing he knew, they ended up on the ground, and rolled down the grassy hill connected to the tree Roxanne had sat under. She pulled upward, looking down at him with a happy smile.

"I love you, Megamind." Roxanne leaned in and kissed him again.

Megamind just about died and went to Heaven.

The next thing Roxanne knew, newspapers all over Metro City were painted with covers of Roxanne and Megamind laying in the grass kissing. Some papers criticized it and mocked it, but most newspapers seemed to approve of it. Roxanne laughed at the headline of one of them: AFTER TWENTY YEARS, THE TWO FINALLY GIVE IN! Roxanne admitted she was always attracted to Megamind in a strange way, but she never fell in love with him until much later. She remembered seeing an article as well that promised readers a juicy scoop of the chemistry between Megamind and her over the years as well. Megamind looked at the articles in slight embarrassment, not a fan of others analyzing his actions, but he was mildly amused as well.

It was about a week later since that incident, but newspapers only got the scoop now. People who had crowded around the two and taken pictures demanded a hefty sum for the papers to use them. Megamind had stayed at Roxanne's for the week, excited to have started a relationship with her, but one day, a loud knock erupted through the apartment. Megamind answered the door, and saw two surprising figures: the warden, and the mayor.

"Good afternoon, Megamind," the warden said curtly. "Care to let us in?"

"What's this about?" Megamind's eyes narrowed, suspicious of his former guardian's presence.

"It's about securing your legal freedom if you can believe it," the warden continued to stay stoic. "Unless you'd rather go back to jail, I suggest you let us in right now."

Megamind gulped, immediately letting the two enter. The mayor seemed pretty cheerful with a slight strut in his step, while the warden looked like he could care less about being there. The two secured their seats on the cushions of Roxanne's couch, and looked up at Megamind expectantly. Megamind swallowed again, and he began to nervously rock back and forth on his heels.

"So? About my freedom?" Megamind broke the silence, realizing the two wouldn't say anything unless prompted.

"You do realize that defeating Tighten does not automatically wipe the slate clean right?" The warden said, "Tighten was your creation. All you did was fix your own mess."

Megamind looked down, not sure of what to say.

"Now I admit, raising you in a prison was not the best thing in the world, but we couldn't just put you up for adoption. While you look human, your distinguished appearance wouldn't guarantee you the rights of one. Metro Man had that advantage." The warden folded his hands across his lap. "It was either anything goes at government labs, or a deal where'd you be raised out of sight from other people. I believe in fair chances, so I chose to keep you at the prison. When we noticed your inhuman learning abilities, and intelligence, we made yet another deal to send you to the gifted school. Unfortunately that didn't turn out well."

"By the way, where is Ms. Ritchi?" The mayor tried to lighten the atmosphere.

"She's out at her job right now," Megamind looked back up at the two. "Reporting."


"Point is," the warden looked annoyed for a moment at the mayor before facing Megamind once more. "One right does not fix a life time of wrongs. You've engaged in crimes such as kidnapping, destruction of city property, vandalism of city property, theft, and previously murder."

"Previously?" Megamind quirked a brow.

"Metro Man stepped up and told us the whole story," the warden smirked a little. "He asked us to clear the murder charge since you're technically innocent. However, you've still piled up charges of attempted murder, though Metro Man told us you wouldn't be able to kill him, and that you knew it."

"What's this about?" Megamind closed his eyes, preparing himself for a punishment.

"It's about negotiation," the warden replied calmly. "I helped raise you since you were little, you know. I know you well. I don't think you're evil. I just think you're extremely confused, and pretty rebellious. You've showed your good side through Roxanne, so the mayor and I are here to make a deal that will clear you of all charges."

"And that is?" Megamind piped up eagerly.

"You are required to do a formal apology to the city," the warden quirked a brow. "I know you don't like admitting your wrong, so I'd say that's a good punishment. You have to apologize for all of your crimes at the plaza, and you will be filmed, so that everyone sees it. You're also going to say that Metro Man is actually alive, and that he has went to help other cities in need."

"Why? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of him faking his death?"

"Do you want thousands of Metro Man followers to hate you for life?" The warden countered.

"...Good point."

"We hope as well that you would continue on as our newest superhero?" The mayor piped up. "I mean, you're very good at building impressive gadgets."

As soon as Megamind heard this, he began to strike a regal pose, and spoke as if he was high and mighty. "But of course I build impressive gadgets! Beyond impressive! Yes... I am very good at that!"

"What did I tell you about complimenting him?" The warden said through gritted teeth, even though the warden himself began to smirk at Megamind's behaviour.

"I don't want to do this!"

"Come on, Megamind!" Roxanne smiled, wrapping the white cape around his neck. "Hey, you look pretty good in white!"

Megamind continued pouting in protest, his brows firmly fixated just above his eyes. He grumbled, as she fluffed his collar up, since she knew he liked his high collars.

"It's just one little apology," Roxanne tried to make it not sound like a big deal, but she knew it was a big deal to him.

"Easy for you to say."

"You want me to come out with you?"

He turned to her and smiled, before hugging her.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," he said gleefully, holding her tight. "I would be honoured if you came out with me."

At the sound of his sweet words, Roxanne wasn't sure if she was going to burst out into tears or heartily begin to laugh. Either way, she did her best to hold the sound back in her throat.

"O-okay. Let's go out then - "

"Actually, I was thinking you could do the speech for me," Megamind said a little too calmly for Roxanne's taste.

"Oh stop it!" Roxanne rolled her eyes, an amused smirk on her face. "I thought you'd be excited... after all... you're doing the speech right in front of your new museum!"

"I don't want people to remember the museum as "that place where Megamind apologized to us," by people though!" Megamind protested, his lips still stuck in a pout.

"Come on," Roxanne tugged on his hand, leading him out through the curtains. Megamind immediately felt terror overtake him by the thousands of people tightly packed together, eagerly awaiting the alien's speech. He swallowed, tempted to hide behind Roxanne, but he didn't want to get ahead of himself. She gave him a gentle push forward, and he stepped forward hesitantly. The silence was deafening. No one was going to applaud him until after he was done his speech, and even then, they would only clap if they approved.

"Here you are, Megamind," the mayor stepped back, providing the podium for Megamind's use.

"T-thank you," Megamind stuttered, nearly crushing the microphone in his sweaty grip. "U-um... O-ollo M-Metrocity - I-I m-mean M-Metro City."

The crowd didn't respond, but rather continued to look at him expectantly. Megamind nearly passed out from the nerves, but he felt himself calm down instantly when he felt Roxanne softly grab his arm. He turned to face her, comforted by her warm blue eyes, and then turned out to the crowd once more.

"Um, yes!" He regained his composure. "Ollo. I mean "hello." Sorry. I'm sure you all want an apology, and even a bit of an explanation. After all, surely someone as evil and monstrous as me doesn't deserve limelight or a museum right? Well, I'm here to say I'm not evil. I know it sounds and looks that way, but I'm not! Before I apologize, I think you all deserve a bit of background on me at least. I mean, you know me, but you also don't know me. When I was just eight days old, my planet was being sucked into a black hole, and I was sent out in an escape pod. My parents... my parents were killed, and I barely have any memories of them. Near my planet was also Metro Man's, and his planet was affected by the black hole as well. So off my escape pod went, and it landed on Earth. In a prison. I was raised at the prison luckily, because anywhere else, and I could have been killed. I went to a chool where the kids hated me, and so did my teacher. Ms. Hogstein, if you're watching this, I still don't forgive you. Anyway, no one liked me. I realized that since no one liked me, the only thing I was good at was being bad. People hated me, but it was the only thing people accepted me for. Me as a hero? People would have laughed at that. Metro Man was more accepted than me, because he looked more human. I look, well, less human, I guess."

"So the rivalry between Metro Man and I began. In ways, while we were enemies, we were also friends. I thought I wanted him dead, and when he died, the burden of killing someone clung to me like a poison. I couldn't get rid of it, and I realized how horrible I was to have killed him... that is... until I realized he was still alive."

The crowd began to pipe up, freaked out by the idea of their hero still alive. They silenced themselves when Megamind tapped the microphone.

"Yes, his death was fake and planned. The reason was because he needed to help other cities in need. He knew I wasn't all that bad, and that he could help other cities who needed his help more than us. He loves you all very much, so please don't hate him! He just wanted a way to help others, and seeing as how I was here, he thought he'd head somewhere where there was no hero. The truth is Metrocity - Metro City. The truth is, I love you all very much, and the only thing I pray for is acceptance. I know it's next to impossible to accept someone of my character and appearance, but please try, because in all truth: I. Am. Sorry. I'm sorry for being selfish, I'm sorry for being a jerk, and I'm sorry for using you all as means of entertainment. I regret it all so much, and it makes me feel terrible thinking of how I treated you, Roxanne, Metro Man, everyone. I promise you that if you can forgive my wrongs and mistakes, I promise that I will protect you all. I promise that I will keep Metroci - Metro City safe, and I promise I will never be a complete idiot again. So, I beg of you for forgiveness, and to give me another chance. I'm really, truly, very sorry."

He backed away from the podium, waiting for the tomatoes to start flying and for the crowd to boo and sneer at him like they always had. It was expected after all. How could they forgive him?

It was a stunned silence for a good few minutes, until several random citizens screamed out.



"Go Megamind!"

"All is forgiven!"

"You rock!"

Megamind's jaw dropped, and his body went completely numb as everyone began to cheer and applaud him. He never thought in a million years that this day would come. Everyone was actually screaming his name, and encouraging him. The people of Metro City forgave him.

He felt his eyes water, and he quickly looked away, desperate to lock away the tears. Soon a chant was started, and he turned to face them again, tears streaming down his gentle blue cheeks. He sniffled, and screamed out, "I love you Metrocity!"

This encouraged the crowd some more, and they continued to cheer. He turned to face Roxanne, who was also cheering, and he happily lifted her up in the air just like he did after defeating Tighten. They laughed together, as he playfully swung her around, and feeling confidence pulse through his veins once again, he passionately kissed her in front of everyone.

The warden, who was behind stage watching the two quietly, smiled for the first time in ages.

Looks like you finally found your place. The warden silently acknowledged.

"Hit it!" Megamind screamed, joy on his face as loud music began to erupt through the crowd for all to hear.

I guess destiny isn't the path chosen for us, but the path we choose for ourselves. Megamind mused. Mother, father, I hope you're proud of me!

He began to dance with Roxanne, and laughed harder than he had laughed in ages - in the non-evil way. For the first time, he felt like he had a purpose, a place, a destiny, and a perfect life. For the first time in all of his life...

He finally felt accepted.

AN: The End! :D I hope you all enjoyed the story, and thanks very much for reading. I really do appreciate the feedback you guys gave, so thanks again for reading. :)