Situated in the best place on Professor Stradius' desk, right were the sun shone and people could see him, Herbert the Burdock Plant had an over all amazing life. Stradius kept him company, watered him, and tended him well. Plus, being the plant pet on a professor's desk was at times interesting. What with all the people coming in and out, students, colleagues, and friends… special friends… you know. At the very least, watching these interactions relieved Herbert of, quite frankly, the tedium of being a plant.

What he really liked were the days when Stradius carried him to a different part of the school during a class so that he wouldn't have to sit in the professor's office all day. It was in this manner that Herbert first saw her: The most beautiful lady he had ever seen. She was tall and thin, with white papery bark and vibrant green leaves.

Her name was Sybil.

Now of course, everyone knew her as Arch-Kleim's mascot, Herbert had heard of her. She lived in Raony Auditorium, a beloved pet birch tree. That being said, they'd never met before so he'd never gotten a chance to speak with her. Rather nervous at first, he struck up a lack-of-politics-to-talk-about conversation with her. They hit it off quite nicely.

And so time progressed and things probably important to the plot happened. Woo.

Then came that very rainy, dismal, and just absolutely terrible day.

Stradius liked his students. He complained about them, but he liked them. However, there were three students that he always seemed to have a complaint about. Geal Tromautein, Lassic Wert, and Viakel Hollenmen. Since he saw them in the professor's office so often, Herbert had ceased to take the so-called 'problems' seriously.

It was different this time though.

Stradius was angrier than he'd ever been in the past, and everyone was filthy- covered in mud and Majorom only knows what else.

Sitting on the desk, Herbert was starring at Viakel. Normally everything could be read on his face, of the three delinquents he was the one the Herbert liked the most. Lassic was a good student, but he was completely unreadable. Geal was just… everywhere at once.

Like right now. He was shouting his full head off at Stradius, not a very uncommon thing.

Because. It. Was. Never. His. Fault.

If he could, Herbert would have rolled his eyes.

Half way through the self-defensive tirade though, Stradius interrupted Geal.

"Sybil is dying."

Now, we all no how everyone else reacted. But how about Herbert? While he was there, sitting, minding his own business. Normal day.

Then this.

One of his leaves slowly fell down to the desktop.

No one took any notice.

He just sat there watching it all.


It kinda sucks to be a plant.