Remember Me

Chapter 1

Don't Forget Me While I am Gone

There were many times when I thought of taking my life. There were also many times I considered packing up everything and running away. However, the world got to me first. Currently I am standing in the presence of none other than Destiny. Along with Fate and a few others, they are deciding whether I should go back to when my parents were alive with my memories and fix it all or if I should stay dead or if I should start after cleaning things up after my parent's death. I, of course, prefer the first but this decision, sadly, is out of my hands. Ah, it seems they have come to their decision.

"You will start over as Harrison Ravine, an English wizard who was, until recently, being educated by his parents. You are now going to Hogwarts because your parents were attacked and murdered while you were locked in a nearby cupboard that your mother had locked you in when the wards gave way. I, along with the others, will give you gifts to help succeed in fixing the mess that is the Wizarding world. I give you the abilities of Occlumency and Legilimency."

"I give you the abilities of speaking to all animals whether magical or not as well as the knowledge and abilities in the subjects that you will be taking at Hogwarts."

"I give you five animagus forms and Elemental abilities."

"I give you the gift of being a Metamorphmagus and the knowledge and abilities to use the shadows."

"Here is your key to the vault in Gringotts that has your trunk and a lot of money. You don't have to worry about that. In your trunk is your muggle clothes, Hogwarts uniforms – that includes the robes, robes (in varying colors of course), books in the curriculum for school as well as books that you need to read on the side, a catalog to owl order more books, your Lordship papers – you will need to go and visit the Ministry to put the papers through before you go to Hogwarts. There are also some fun things in there as well – like your cloak and the Marauder's map. Remember this Harry. You are changing the future. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Good luck, Harry."

"Weathertin, what do you have on the Ravine murders," her boss snapped the instant he was in the office. Internally Emery Weathertin cursed her boss because she knew that the Ravine's had been powerful people politically as well as magically and the fact that the death eaters had gotten to them showed just how deadly this war was getting.

"They were killed by death eaters, sir," Emery managed to get through her teeth without growling at in frustration at the man. "Two were captured; they are in the interrogation rooms with Cooper and Pierce. They were killed because they refused to join Voldemort (her boss flinched, Emery rolled her eyes but continued on) and he didn't want them to join Dumbledore. They said something about an Order of flying chicken but they didn't know much about that so that is a dead end."

"Were there any survivors of the attack?" her boss asked. Emery shifted somewhat on her feet. The murders were brutal as is but with what she had to tell him would be far more brutal.

"One survivor," Emery finally managed. "Their eldest son – Harrison was thrown into a magical version of a muggle 'panic room' by his mother. The two girls died in the hospital. The elder girl bled out within minutes of being hit with a particular nasty spell to her neck.

The mother was hit with the killing curse with no other signs of torture. The father died from overexposure to the Cruciatious curse. From the testimony that we got at the scene Harrison heard and saw it all but because his mother had placed some particularly strong magic on the panic room, it wouldn't open until all of the people with the dark mark on their arms were gone."

"How is he holding up?" he quietly asked. Emery sighed as a smile tugged on her lips.

"He is already harassing the healers to leave," Emery informed him. "He is also asking to see an…" She paused to look at her notes to find the name. "…Emile Arnold." Her bosses eyes widened and he became pale.

"Oh my," he whispered. "It is time."

After a quick trip to Gringotts, Harrison headed to the Ministry where he handed over his Lordship papers to a wide-eyed secretary in the Heritage Department. He then apparated to the gate of Hogwarts where he waited until the gates notified Hagrid of the visitor. He took a moment to compose himself while he watched Hagrid cross the grounds. The last time he had seen Hagrid was when Hagrid turned him over to Voldemort of his own free will. With a few breathing exercises he was able to calm himself down just before Hagrid opened the gate.

"Who 'r ya," Hagrid demanded. Wordlessly Harrison handed Hagrid the article on the death of his family. On the front page next to a lengthy article was the most recent family picture – taken the previous month. Hagrid rapidly paled and ushered him up to the headmaster's office. He handed Harrison the article and spoke, "Oddball" before he disappeared back into the maze of Hogwarts. With a shake of his head he headed up the stairs and knocked on the headmaster's door.

"Come in," was his greeting. Harrison pushed open the door to reveal the headmaster in rather bright purple robes sucking on a lemon drop that he had just placed in his mouth. Harrison forced the images of watching the headmaster fall out of the Astronomy from his mind and handed the article to the aging man. "It is a sad day that I should meet you under these circumstances. I assume that you wish to take your final year here?" Harrison nodded. "My, my you are a quiet one."

"Wouldn't you be if you just saw your family brutally murdered and was able to do nothing about it except watch?" Harrison questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I see your point," the headmaster conceded. "School starts in one month – on September 1st. As all of the teachers are here preparing their lesson plans I suggest that you get the summer homework from them. I suppose you will be taking the same classes that you got your O.W.L.S. in, yes?" Harrison nodded. "Excellent. Here is your ticket to the train – Platform 9 3/4. You will take the carriages with the rest of the students. Professor McGonagall will meet you at the doors and you will be sorted with the first years. Any questions?" Harrison shook his head. "Excellent. Off with you then. I believe you have much to do."

"Oi, I've been looking all over for you James," Sirius told his friend exasperated as he flung his arm around James's shoulder. It was then Sirius noticed an unfamiliar student on the platform that looked to around their age. That wasn't the problem for Sirius; it was the fact that he was staring at them intently. "Hey, James with the way he is staring at us I believe that he is a poof." The look on James's face was amazing. Sirius was momentarily distracted by the shock on James face and therefore didn't see the unknown student approaching closer until he was right near Sirius's face.

"I'll have you know that I am very much straight," the man hissed at him. "I had a girlfriend until she was tortured to death by death eaters along with her family. DO NOT CROSS ME AGAIN, BLACK!" Sirius watched wide-eyed as the man disappeared onto the train.

"How on Earth did he know my name," Sirius breathed out shocked. James pulled a bewildered Sirius onto the train. Soon Sirius shook off his bewilderment and had joined James in searching for Remus and Peter. They found them in the same compartment as the unknown student. Sirius paled upon seeing him.

"I…um…I," Sirius stammered. A small smile spread across the man's face.

"It is quiet all right," the man informed him as though he predicted what Sirius was going to say. "You were on the unfortunate end of my temper on a particularly bad day for me." Sirius nodded as he let out a breath of relief. Sirius and James took their seats while Remus and Peter looked on in confusion upon the resolved problem.

"Peter, do you have the feeling that you just missed something important?" Remus whispered as he watched the others settle in for the train ride. Peter nodded and Remus leaned away. He didn't hear Peter whisper "All of the time."