title: i will reshape your heart.

pairings: beck&tori.

summary: the definition of beautiful has changed to simply, tori vega.


P.S. Tis the wedding mentioned in "this room hasn't got any walls."

I legit just popped this out. WIN.

this is just the beginning.


beck takes tori's hand and glides her around the ballroom, his laugh making her eyes twinkle. he does not find anything as beautiful as this moment anymore. he used to think beautiful was a glass woman's voice, sliding up his spine with her melody spinning a cocoon around him. he used to think beautiful was in hot days and a woman's head thrown back in laughter, her neck exposed to the world as she sang spirit back into the air.

he now sees beautiful in glitter tears and in curving laughs. he sees red lipstick on his pillow when he wakes up, a tiny frame tangled with his.

the definition of beautiful has changed to simply, tori vega.


tori stuffs cake in beck's face, her lips laced into a grin, her perfect white teeth shining. beck takes a piece of cake but tori kisses him before he can do a thing. his hand lingers in her hair, caking it with white icing.

behind her eyelids, she can only see fireworks building new beginnings.


he picks her up as they leave the ballroom, their legs tired from dancing and their lips tweaked into tired smiles. people smile and say goodbyes as they make their way to their limo. that night together is not their first night together, but to them, it is the beginning of their new life. beck kisses tori as they make sweet love, and he swears to god, he can see colors when he closes his eyes.

they lay together, looking at the hotel ceiling and tori pretends she can see shooting stars while beck makes constellations.

(they just work like that.)


in the morning, beck gets a phone call from cat.

she whispers, "congratulations. i'm happy for you two."

and even though she's lying, he thanks her anyway and hangs up. he puts his head in his hands, trying not to let these memories ruin his future.

and when tori wakes up, her hair sticking to her face and her eyes half lidded, he can only think of how much better life will be.

he kisses her, because he knows it will feel right.