This is a spin-off from my Sukima series, but does not fall under any timeline, except the fact that happens AFTER the fifth Sukima. All the events are random, and nothing makes sense, except for the fact that the characters are SUPPOSED to be pirates. The events that transpire here make no sense, but that's the point. It's all for a good and cheap laugh at the expense of some characters. Hope you'll enjoy! Oh, and whatever you do, don't get on those ships! (Contains harsh language)

On a side-note, I will be placing references here and there, mostly of Pirates of the Caribbean, for obvious reasons, if I can, ze.

It's a beautiful spring morning at the Myouren Temple, where peace seems to reign above all else.

On the front courtyard, to the left of a bed of yellow and pink tulips that belong to Ichirin, which rest against the left edge of the newly installed gate wall, are Shou and the red-haired fairy she healed a short time ago.

Shou smiles as she shows the little fairy how to use a broom, her orangey-golden hair with black strands swaying along her white sleeves as she sweeps.

The little fairy, who wears an outfit exactly like Shou's, a burgundy-white dress with orange at the bottom, tiger stripes over the abdomen, long white sleeves, frilly pants, and black slippers, stares at Shou with awe.

Unlike Shou, the little fairy doesn't wear a Lotus-shaped ornament on her long, red-haired head, nor does she have a large cloth circle over her back, but she can carry one sharp spear, shorter than Shou's.

After sweeping some dried leaves into the flowerbed, Shou hands the broom to the little fairy and says "alright sweetie, your turn. Just like I showed you."

The fairy holds the broom on her tiny hands and stares at it, then flings her hands apart, holding on to the broom with her left hand, then gives Shou a powerful hug.

The tiger youkai expels some air from the impact, but instinctively returns the hug.

Once she realizes that the fairy is just stalling, she gently pushes her away, stands behind her, making her hold the broom correctly, and after a long sigh, she says "like this, little one. One-two, one-two, into the scoop, then you do this, grab the scoop, and dunk the leaves into the flowerbed."

As she explains, she motions the fairy to sweep, pick up the leaves, grab the scoop, and dunk those leaves into the bed.

The little fairy giggles and claps, making Shou giggle along as she says "hehe, there, you see? You can do it. And these dry leaves will feed these flowers to help them grow."

The little fairy grins mischievously, then jumps on Shou's back and wraps her arms around the youkai's neck, then starts to bite viciously, though surprisingly gently, on Shou's shoulders.

Shou sighs, then says "teaching you to behave is going to take a little longer than I thought."

At the back of the temple, in front of the large storage house, where a couple of young trees have been planted to adorn the path made with polished grey stone, Nazrin and Nue are having a heated conversation.

Nazrin stomps on the ground so hard, her short gray hair, brownish-black dress, gray capelet and necklace with her pendulum flop once, and as she stares at Nue with her red eyes, she says "it's not what you think, you pervert!"

Nue grins mischievously, dusts her short black dress, straightens her red bow around her neck, scratches her short black hair, then flaps her red blade-like right wings and her blue tail-like blue wings at Nazrin.

A snake that slithers out of her hair, coils around her right arm as she says "face it, you just want some alone time with her, but I'm telling you, Kogasa isn't like that."

Nazrin gets so furious, her large mouse ears start twitching, and while breathing fire, she shouts "I'm going to take your wings and rip you a new one, Nue!"

Nue waves her hands in front of herself and tries to calm Nazrin down, saying "c-come on, I'm just teasing y- wait, what are you doing?"

Before long, the mouse youkai grabs her own leathery tail and starts whipping it around, making a cracking sound in the air every time she flicks it.

Nue immediately starts to run to the main building of the temple, with Nazrin close behind her, trying to score a hit with her tail while shouting "you know I have to keep tabs on ALL of you, Nue! Stop protecting her already, or I'm sealing you!"

Two loud cracks from Nazrin's tail tells Nue the mouse youkai is aiming straight at her butt, and that she flicks that tail around with deadly accuracy, so in the midst of running in fear and panting, she manages to shout "c-come on *pant, pant*, I was only joking around! L-look... just go and find her, and leave me alone already!"

There is one final, and very loud crack from Nazrin's tail, quickly accompanied by Nue's screech, then Nue loudly says "you crossed the line, you cave scavenger! Undefined, Purple Mirror!"

Nazrin quickly and rapidly replies "cave scavenger my ass, you shapeless hag! Rod Sign, Nazrin Rod!"

Rapid and violent explosions begin to rock the temple, and come accompanied by Nazrin and Nue's rude curses and remarks, as well as their screams of pain from the bullet blasts.

At the porch of the temple's main building, Byakuren and Ichirin kneel on the floor while holding on to their teacups, and Unzan silently floats by, seemingly lying on his back, resting his head on his hands.

Byakuren wears her usual white dress with the black coat, that seems to be joined by laces around her chest.

Ichirin has her blue hood removed, showing off her light-purple wavy hair she's made into a cute ponytail, and seems to be waving it around to show it off to Byakuren, though the magician is too relaxed, and seems to be inside her own world, evident in that peaceful and whimsical smile on her face.

Giving up, Ichirin pouts as she takes a sip of tea, accidentally spilling some on her white dress, but instead of panicking, she simply sighs and says "anee-san is in a peaceful mood today, Unzan. She won't notice my hair. What should I do?"

Unzan has shrunk to the size of a mouse, and floats in front of Ichirin's face, snoring lightly.

The youkai sighs in defeat, places her teacup on the floor, then starts playing with Byakuren's hair, admiring how shiny her hair is, then gently slides her fingers all the way from the light-brown bottom to the purple top, then thinks "anee-san is so amazing. Even though she has two tones of color, her hair is as soft from top to bottom. I... I'm a bit jealous of her."

From the left corner of the temple, Parsee snickers as she stares at Ichirin; with her pointy ears, wavy blonde hair, her glowing green eyes, and wearing her stylish brown top with purple borders that are adorned with a white net-like motifs, her cool white scarf around her neck, her oddly appealing arm-warmers around her forearms, her neat blue skirt with the white sash as an adornment and belt, and beneath is all, a black dress.

How the hell is she not feeling all hot while wearing all that is anybody's guess, but one thing is for sure; she is very much enjoying the slight jealously Ichirin is feeling toward Byakuren, and with a wave of her right hand, she's making it worse.

Ichirin suddenly finds herself contemplating the pleasure of yanking a chunk of Byakuren's hair, then starts to sweat when the remembers there will be... uncomfortable reprisals, so she slowly lets go of Byakuren's hair.

Before she can let go, the girl with short turquoise hair, wearing a light blue skirt with a turquoise vest over a white long-sleeved shirt, a right turquoise eye, a red right eye, and carrying an eggplant-colored umbrella that has one eye and a large and long red tongue, jumps from the roof, sticking out her cute tongue while shouting "BERO-BERO-BA~!"

Instinctively, Ichirin grips Byakuren's hair tight as she pulls her arms toward her chest, exclaiming "KOGASA!"

The second Byakuren feels the hard tug on her head, her smile instantly vanishes, and is replaced by a frown as she screams in pain.

Kogasa points at Ichirin, laughs, then says "I got you! I really surprised you!"

Ichirin stammers as she looks at Kogasa, then at Unzan, then at Byakuren, then back at Kogasa.

She gasps when she realizes she has a few strands of hair from Byakuren's head on her hand, gasps, then looks at Byakuren with a terrified look and exclaims "oh no! Anee-san, I'm sorry!"

Kogasa looks at Byakuren and watches as she rubs her head while pursing her lips and clenching her eyes... then realizes what just happened when she notices the gold and purple strands on Ichirin's fist, then gasps.

Kogasa and Ichirin hug each other tightly, and Unzan takes the chance to take as many pictures as he can before flying away.

Byakuren's eyes glint as she turns to face the two terrified youkai girls, a vile, jagged-toothed grin covering her entire face, and slowly makes her way toward them, lifting her right arm to reach for the closest one of them.

The girls whimper as Byakuren's hand gets closer, and closer, then the magician reaches for Ichirin's teacup, kneels down, then sighs.

Kogasa and Ichirin have their eyes clenched shut as they embrace each other tightly to stop each other from trembling too violently, though that obviously did not work, then they slowly open one eye each, wondering why is the pain they were sure was coming to them hasn't come yet.

When they see Byakuren sipping on the teacup so contently, Kogasa asks "Byakuren-san, y-you're not mad?"

Ichirin gulps, then says "s-sorry anee-san. J-j-just got surprised and didn't think."

The girls wait for Byakuren to reply, but there is no reply at all, and slowly, the girls loosen their embrace and start to calm down.

Byakuren takes another sip, sighs, then says "such a lovely morning."

Kogasa and Ichirin let out a long and loud sigh, even closing their eyes, due to the great relief they are feeling, and when they open their eyes, they notice Byakuren's teacup has turned blue.

Ichirin smiles and asks "anee-san, is that a new spe..."

Kogasa stares at Ichirin, wondering why she stopped, but when she gets a better look at the splitting blue teacup, she realizes it's Byakuren's magical scroll.

The girls only have time for one quick squeal of pure fear before the entire front of the temple explodes.

Meanwhile, at the grounds just outside the temple, Minamitsu is enjoying some quiet time, polishing the Palanquin's bow while humming her song to herself.

After making sure the entire ship is glistening with the morning light, the captain, who wears her long white pants, white sailor's shirt with teal neck and borders that match her eyes, and captain's hat, which rests backward on her short black hair at the moment, swipes the sweat off her forehead and sighs with accomplishment.

As she breaks a smile at her sparkly-clean ship, a black blur breaks through the ship's bow, right where she was just putting the finishing touches on, and goes through to the other side, making a crater on the ground next to the ship, revealing it's a steaming cannonball.

Minamitsu's smile stays on her face, though it becomes more disturbing and sickening than anything else, and from the sky above, the voice of Chiyuri Kitashirakawa echoes all over the sky as she says "Minamitsu Murasa, the so-called captain of the Palanquin, I have come to declare WAR~!"

Minamitsu remains smiling disturbingly towards her ship, while on the sky, another flying ship reveals itself from behind some clouds.

It's bottom is painted in black, the top border gray, between the two colors, a thin red line, and on the bow of the ship, in large and bright red letters on the gray borders, is the name "S.S. In Your Face Murasa".

Though the ship looks like a well-built steel machine, to Captain Murasa's eyes, IF she would just look up already, it's just a pile of bamboo placed together to make an excuse for a ship, which in truth, it really is.

The deck reveals the unpainted large bamboo shoots that make up the ship, and on one of the farthest shoots over the deck, written in cursive, are the letters that read "Made by Yumemi Okazaki".

On the poop deck, where Chiyuri, who wears her undersized white sailor uniform with blue neckerchief and white hat on her blonde twin-tailed hair, mans the helm.

Yumemi, who wears a red dress with a black cape and a red springy capelet, and has her dark red hair tied up into a ponytail, sighs and face palms.

Chiyuri grabs what looks like a silver funnel with a silver hose attached to the bottom, and as she speaks through it, her voice echoes all over the sky, saying "aww, did I open a hole on your pwecious wittle ship! I'm sowwy... NOT! I'm going to TAKE YOU DOWN and prove that I am the better man for the job of CAPTAIN around here, once and for ALL!"

Yumemi chuckles as she lifts her right hand, pointing at the sky with her finger, then nervously says "um, actually, you are a girl... not a man."

Chiyuri pats her chest, gasps when she feels her breasts, then says "holy shit, you are RIGHT! I am a girl! Wait, I already knew that.", not knowing she said the whole thing through the funnel.

Yumemi simply face-palms, and when the girls look to the front, the Palanquin is already fixed to perfection, somehow, and is positioned right in front of the S.S. In Your Face Murasa, then Minamitsu stands on the Palanquin's front edge, holding an anchor over her left shoulder and pointing at Chiyuri's ship with her right hand.

Fires and explosions surround her as her hair stands on ends and her eyes burst into flames, and ignoring the pain of the flaming eyes, Minamitsu grins disturbingly widely as she says "you blubbering landlubber, you messed with the WONG bitch! DIE~!"

With that last word, the entire Myouren Temple reveals themselves behind Minamitsu, and start shooting their danmaku straight at Chiyuri, while Minamitsu throws her anchor to the bamboo ship's deck.

With a deafeningly loud crack, Minamitsu's anchor breaks a hole through the ship's deck, and breaks all the way through to the bottom, and all Chiyuri can do is whimper as the bullets head her way and her ship starts to sort of 'sink', though being in the air, it should be simply 'falling'.

Yumemi chuckles, then says "I told you we should have paid that little extra for the insurance."

Chiyuri turns her annoyed eyes to Yumemi and says "oh, shut up!", then the Myouren girls' bullets reach Chiyuri and Yumemi that very moment, exploding violently on contact.

As the ship 'sinks' to the ground, victim of the unforgiving gravity, Chiyuri screams "this isn't over Murasa~!"

Moments later, don't ask how, Chiyuri's ship is completely fixed and already in the air, circling around a set area in the sky, along with the Palanquin.

Byakuren stands on the deck, dangerously close to the edge of the ship, wearing a dirty brown open sleeveless vest over a dirty white shirt, a short brown skirt tattered around the trims, a pair of thigh-high brown boots, and to top it all off, she has a violet eye-patch on her right eye.

On her right hand, she holds her blue scrolls, which seems to emanate a short beam from the tip, making it look like a sword, and as she swings it around, she giggles and loudly says "avast ye doggies, prepare to be boarded! Arr!"

She turns her childlike smiling face around, lifts her eye-patch so she can open both eyes, and asks "how was that?"

Behind her are Ichirin, who wears a red and white striped bandana, a lose t-shirt with red and white horizontal stripes, a white mini-skirt, and a pair of black boots, Unzan, who has a black eye-patch on his right eye, and Shou, who wears a dirty and stretched shirt with yellow and blue horizontal stripes under a small black sleeveless vest, a pair of black pants that cover down to her knees, and a black boot with a golden buckle around the ankle on the right leg only, seeing as she somehow has a peg, instead of her left foot.

Both girls have blood rushing down their noses as they stare back at Byakuren, and both raise a shaky right thumbs-up, then both fall on the deck, while Unzan silently stares.

Byakuren covers her mouth with her right hand, giggles, then says "yay, I'm doing it right!"

On the floor of the deck, Shou's eyes open wide as she thinks "she... she's doing it RIGHT?", and imagines Byakuren in a black, semi-transparent sleeping gown, kneeling on a large pink bed with a flushed face while saying "I'm doing it right!"

Shou's nose explodes with a gush of blood so powerful, she flies like a rocket toward the S.S. In Your Face Murasa.

On the deck of the bamboo ship, Yumemi stands just beside the main mast while staring as the little youkai they hired as crew.

She wears a stylish, yet dirty white and pink striped shirt, a pair of pink jeans with holes on the right thigh and left calf, a black belt with a silver buckle, a pair of dark-brown ankle-high boots that are mostly covered by the tattered bottom of the jeans, and adorns her head with a small blue captain's hat with brownish-gold trims.

She looks around with a stern face and loudly asks "alright you pack of roaches, are the guns ready?"

Cirno flies straight toward the human, wearing a black eye-patch on her right eye, salutes Yumemi, then says "I was the one to ready the guns, ma'am! Wriggle is cleaning the deck."

Yumemi looks around while asking "wait, what are you talking about?", but when she takes a better look, Wriggle is cleaning the deck with a disgusting white rag that looks more like a rotten piece of flesh than a fabric cloth, wearing her usual white shirt, though with the sleeves ripped off, and around her are fifteen cockroaches, all wearing tiny pirate bandanas while scrubbing the floor with miniature scrubs.

Yumemi's face turns green with disgust, then says "t-tell your friends that... y-you know what, never mind."

Rumia and Mystia suddenly swing from the mizzen mast's top, Rumia wearing a red bandana with blue dots on her head, and has ripped her own skirt off, showing her yellowish bloomers to the world to all, and Mystia wears a blackish-brown rag she ties around her waist with an old rope.

Both shout "HYAH~!" as they come down from the mast, let go of the rope as it lashes upward, flip in the air, looking like two little balls, then land perfectly in front of Yumemi.

Chiyuri approaches the lot, and before Yumemi can ask, Chiyuri angrily demands "status report!"

Rumia quickly replies "the roaches are cleaning the deck, the ice fairy prepared the cannons, the night sparrow shivered her timbers, and I'm reporting to you, SIR! Er, I mean, ma'am!"

Chiyuri face palms while groaning, then glares at Rumia as she says "I mean, what are the other guys doing. You know, the enemy?"

Rumia salutes Chiyuri again and casually says "oh, that? There's a blood-propelled rocket headed our way, captain!"

Chiyuri's eyes widen with surprise, then she shouts "WHAT? Return fire!"

Cirno is already aiming the nearest cannon toward the enemy ship, pulls on a cord, but nothing happens.

She takes a better look at the cannon and realizes she froze the open end of said item.

She sweats a bit when she realizes what she did, then says "oops... the cannon's frozen, captain."

Chiyuri furiously shouts "WHAT?", then there is a deafening boom, a loud crack, a second of silence, then another crack that comes from the bamboo on the deck being ripped open by the head of one smiling tiger youkai as she is propelled by her own nose-blood back to the Palanquin.

As they begin to 'sink' to the ground again, Chiyuri face palms hard, making an echoing slapping sound, then asks "and where the HELL are that other fairy and that shadow youkai?"

Mystia smiles as she casually replies "Agava? She's in the kitchen, raiding the stores. Daiyousei is doing her best to stop her, but she's not doing so well."

The entire ship rocks so violently, Wriggle is sent screaming to the front of the deck along with her roach friends, while everyone else just fall on to the floor.

As she gets up, Chiyuri shouts "hey, it's impossible to have hit the ground already!"

From the Palanquin, Minamitsu shouts "you rotten blonde fiend!"

Everyone on the deck on Chiyuri's ship look toward the source of the voice and realize the ship's bow has crashed through the deck of the Palanquin, and now both ships are 'sinking' down to the ground below.

Chiyuri smirks, then says "I guess it wasn't a total loss."

Yumemi salutes Chiyuri as soon as she straightens out, then asks "captain, what should we do now?"

Chiyuri rubs her head and arranges her hat, then asks "why? What are you asking that for?"

Yumemi points toward the front deck, where Minamitsu and Nazrin, both wearing their normal outfits, hold kunai knives against the necks of Rumia and Wriggle, then Minamitsu demands "give me your panties, you so-called captain, and I might let you live!"

Nazrin lowers her ears as she looks in disbelief at Minamitsu, then asks "so how exactly will her panties guarantee our success?"

Minamitsu's face twists as her grin stretches from one ear to the other, then says "I'm gonna use it as a flag to show the world of my victory over this land lubber!"

Chiyuri grits her teeth as she lets out a soft growl, then approaches Yumemi and asks "did we pay them already?"

Yumemi smiles and replies "oh yes. Still, even with the swimsuit and pancake mixers sales, the sum was staggering. We'll have to resort to egg-beaters soon."

Chiyuri's eyes open wide and she gasps as though she's heard something beyond horrible, then exclaims "not the egg-beaters! Dammit, we have to save them!"

Before Chiyuri can give her definite answer, from the hole on the deck left by Shou when she rocketed through, jump Agava and Daiyousei.

Agava wears a yellowish-white vest and a golden-brown miniskirt over her purple ninja suit, held by a thick belt of the same brownish color, and a pair of matching thigh-high boots.

She holds a turkey leg on her right hand, and she seems to be using as a weapon.

Daiyousei wears hear regular blue dress and a simple lose light-brown belt that rests sideways around her hips, and holds what looks like a silver flower vase on her right hand, flapping her crystal-like wings with gold edges to soften her descent.

As they ready to land on top of Minamitsu and Nazrin, Agava shouts "for the captain~!"

The two well-packed girls; look at their chests; swing down their 'weapons', and Minamitsu and Nazrin find themselves overwhelmed, and release their prisoners in order to block the unfriendly attack overhead.

As they swing their knives in defense, the weapons cling loudly, except for Agava's drumstick, which gets cut in perfect slices that fly straight at Agava's ever-ready mouth whenever Minamitsu swings her knife.

Even though they are in the heat of battle, and she's doing very well for herself, Daiyousei speaks in a sweet and frightened tone of voice as she says "p-please stop this fighting!"

Chiyuri stomps on the floor, then loudly says "hey, the damned ships are sinking, so why the HELL are you even here? You should be over at your ship, running around in circles!"

Yumemi taps Chiyuri's right shoulder, then says "um, technically, we can't actually 'sink', you know. We are in mid-air."

The four girls that were fighting before are now sitting on a plaid red and white blanket, enjoying the rest of the turkey while drinking some sake and laughing amongst themselves.

Cirno, Mystia, Rumia and Wriggle quickly join in, which infuriates Chiyuri even more.

The blonde 'captain' balls her hands into fists and raises them beside her head, then stomps her left foot repeatedly, while shouting "you ragged pack of idiots, what the hell are you doing?"

When she looks to her right to address to Yumemi, she notices she's not there, and is joining the picnic instead.

She takes a deep, deep breath, expels the gathered breath, calms herself down, then smiles as she shrugs and says to herself "forget it Chiyuri. Just wait until the ships hit bottom, then you can get back to being the angry bitch-captain."

She holds her peaceful smile for a little longer, then slowly realizes what she just said. Her smile slowly turns to a frown, she raises her left eyebrow, then looks up to the sky and says "wait, I said something wrong there. And what the hell is that?"

A small glint in the sky catches her attention, but long, long before she can even comprehend what she's looking at, the figure of Shou, the smiling tiger youkai, falls head-first between both ships.

The impact is so sudden and so powerful, the picnickers don't even take notice of the massive white orb of light emanating from the point of impact.

As the light covers the girls and the two ships, a large ghostly image of a smiling Shou appears in front of the light as she sighs contently and says "Hijiri is doing it RIGHT~!"

Later that day, both ships have been repaired to perfection; again, don't ask how, and you won't get hurt; and now circle each other in the sky while showering each other with magical bullets and cannon-balls, though, somehow... they keep missing.

At the Palanquin's cannon room, just under the ship's deck, Kogasa, who wears a lose brown belt with a rusty buckle, and a sky-blue bandana over her head, struggles as she carries a heavy barrel filled with gun powder toward her umbrella, which leans against the wall next to a large black cannon, and stares at her as though telling her to hurry up.

Nue, who wears a tattered, short, brown, sleeveless dress, a pair of thigh-high red and white striped socks and a pair of black boots with silver buckles, flies over Kogasa's head, quickly noticing she's struggling with the heavy barrel.

She floats down and lands to Kogasa's right, then smiles and says "here, lemme help you with tha-AAT!"

Not knowing what happened, Nue finds herself flying face-first toward the stairs to the lower rooms of the ship, along with a large sore spot on her butt.

Nazrin now stands right where Nue was, holding out her hands just as Kogasa lowers the barrel to chest-height and says "oh, thank you. This thing was really heavy. Eh?"

Nazrin smiles at Kogasa as she helps her by holding the barrel's right end and says "what are friends for? Come on, let's get this loaded, or Minamitsu's going to have another fit."

Kogasa stares curiously at Nazrin, then asks "wait, wasn't Nue here just now?"

Nazrin flaps her left hand as she smiles nervously and says "Nue? No, no, it was me the whole time. Come on, stop lollygagging and let's get moving."

Kogasa shrugs off her confusion and happily accepts Nazrin's help, saying "well, thank you very much Nazrin."

Meanwhile, over at the stairs, Nue peeks her furious face to glare deadly daggers at Nazrin, thinking "little bitchy rodent... she's gonna get it!"

Meanwhile, on the ship's deck, Minamitsu stands on the left, um, I mean, portside of the ship while shouting furiously at Chiyuri, who is about to jump from her ship to board the Palanquin.

Oh, and if you are curious, Chiyuri is on the starboard side of her ship... Minamitsu furiously shakes her left fist high in the air as she shouts "cut the crap already! Blondes will NEVER make good captains!"

Chiyuri gasps loudly after being so insulted, then her eyes grow large and turn white as she scowls and shouts back "you short-haired tomboy, I'm gonna make you eat those words!"

Minamitsu summons a ghostly anchor and raises it with both hands over her head, preparing to throw it with all her might while shouting "you small breasted codfish, I'm gonna keel haul you!"

Chiyuri growls, but seemingly calms down, turns around, bends over, shakes her hips, then says "at least I got a WAIST! What about you, miss square-board?"

Minamitsu twitches and winds her anchor, but stops when she realizes an eerie thick white mist blocks her view of Chiyuri's butt, her current target, so she lowers her anchor and squints her eyes to try and make something out, maybe a new target to aim her rage on.

At the same time, Minamitsu and Chiyuri ask "hey, what are you doing?"

Just as rapidly as the mist appears, it vanishes, just like that, but now, instead of having their sights set on each other, they are both looking toward the north, where a thick cloud of mist seems to be concentrating on something.

From the mist, the shape of a large ship, just slightly larger than the Palanquin, makes itself more and more visible as the mist disperses.

The ship is dark, and the crew seems to be just a bunch of spirits that keep running around in circles, as if not knowing what the heck they are doing at all.

On the ship's helm is Youmu, who wears her normal outfit, only, her green vest is open, revealing a light-blue and white horizontal stripped shirt underneath, and a light-brown body belt where her swords are sheathed on the sides, and kunai knives and bombs rest.

She looks incredibly annoyed, with a look on her eyes that says "hey world, I'm doing this because I was force to.", yet, the captain and the blonde sailor can't help but be amazed that, instead of the main and mizzen mast, there is an exact replica of the Hakugyokurou shrine, save for the tall extensions the serve as the actual masts.

On top of what should be the main mast, is Yuyuko, smiling whimsically as she looks through a telescope, wearing a very large black pirate's hat with a red swirly ghost symbol on the brim, an extravagant black jacket with very long sleeves, many pockets filled with napkins of all colors over a simple white shirt that has a large opening on the chest, letting the world see her cleavage, a long black skirt with golden waves designs on the trims, and, for some odd reason, she holds a clothe hanger on her left hand as though it was a hooked hand.

Inside the shrine's replica are Lunasa, Merlin and Lyrica Prismriver, and beside them is Byakuren, smiling peacefully as she drinks some tea.

Lunasa is wearing her normal black uniform, save for her hat, which is replaced by a black pirate bandana with a yellow moon design, which sits perfectly on her short blonde hair.

Merlin wears her wavy light-blue hair in a ponytail, a provocative brown sleeveless vest without a shirt underneath, a tight brown skirt, a red sash around her waist, and a pair of brown ankle-high boots with golden buckles.

Lyrica is the only one without any changes to her red uniform or hat with the green star on top, or any changes to her short, light-brown hair, nothing pirate at all.

As their instruments play, Lunasa stares at Lyrica and asks "sis, why aren't you in the pirate mood?"

Merlin cackles, then says "arr! She be a mere landlubber! WALK THE PLANK, yar-har-har!"

A glint from the 'main mast' gets Lunasa's attention, and just as her violin stops playing, she says "that's the signal. Time to play captain Sparr... er, I mean, captain Saigyouji's theme, Boarder of the Pirates!"

Merlin stops her trumpet, then Lyrica stops her keyboard and simply wait.

Lunasa closes her eyes to concentrate, says "alright girls... one, two and~", but before she can finish, Lyrica's keyboard flies straight at her sisters, knocking them both out, and when the two of them get up, ready to chew out their young sister, they gasp at the sight.

Lyrica now wears a black shirt, a tattered long black skirt, a pair of old-looking black slippers, a pair of sunglasses, and has a golden pendulum hanging around her neck on a golden chain necklace, and she's now holding a large keyboard that rests on what look like a pair of thin crossed legs.

She stares seriously at her sisters, the suddenly smirks and starts playing a rapid upbeat techno theme very similar to Yuyuko's own theme, which is called "Border of Life", but they have renamed it for the purpose of the mood.

When Lyrica's keyboard starts playing, Yuyuko jumps down from the mast and lands on her left knee on the ship's deck, her breasts jiggling violently inside the tight white shirt, then slowly straightens back up, and with a peaceful and whimsical smile, and an equally peaceful and whimsical voice, she giggles and says "Youmu, go ahead."

Youmu face-palms and groans loudly, and while Lyrica continues to shock her sisters with her sudden change in appearance and musical style, Youmu loudly says "listen up, you blooming cockroaches! Captain Yuyuko Saigyouji is here to commandeer one of your ships! Prepare to be boarded!"

Her voice echoes clearly toward Minamitsu and Chiyuri, making both girls grit their teeth with fury, then Chiyuri shouts "oh yeah? Come over here and try it!"

Minamitsu shouts back "you stupid land-ghosts better keep out of the business of a REAL sea-ghost! And Lady Hijiri, get off that middle-aged captain's ship and GET back here, so I can blast it right out of the sky!"

Yuyuko's eyes glow bright red, and as she turns around, revealing her glowing red eyeballs to her crew, Lyrica stops playing and hides under the large keyboard, and Youmu gasps and gulps loudly.

Yuyuko looks to the left, then the right, and in a fierce and straight tone of voice, she says "Youmu, fire THAT to the rude sea-bitch! Oh, and feel free to do something with the blond rug-rat..."

Youmu shivers and tires to salute Yuyuko, but the ghost princess quickly loses her patience, and her voice echoes all over the sky when she shouts "STOP WASTING TIME AND FIRE~!"

Youmu jumps out of fright and immediately shouts "fire E-X at the Palanquin!"

The roof of the shrine opens up, a large cannon is lifted from inside on a long metal tube, then fires a red and green cannonball.

Minamitsu gasps and shouts "FIRE ALL~!" but it's too late, and the strange cannonball from the ghost ship lands right on the poop deck.

Minamitsu gasps at the sight, and after a moment of shivering fear, when even her voice seems to fail her, she finally manages to shout "CHENSAW~!"

On the deck is Chen, and she wears a red and black striped shirt under a dirty and tattered brown vest, a brown cross-body belt that holds bombs, knives and smoke-bombs for quick escapes, a pair of brown pants tattered at the bottom, black slippers, an eye-patch on her right eye, and she has a wide jagged-toothed grin that stretches from one side of her face to another.

She also wears a green bandana on her head that covers just enough of her short brown hair, but leaves her ears free, for comfort, sways her tails around furiously, and her right ear's earring somehow looks shinier than usual.

Her sword, which she holds on her left hand, looks like a giant saw, as it's not even pointed at the end, but that's because it IS a saw, and by pulling a string on the bottom of the hilt, it starts to buzz loudly, and the horrible sound sends sharp thorns of pure fear into Minamitsu's ghostly chest.

Without much thought, Minamitsu shouts "ABANDON SHIP!", and jumps off the portside.

Chen starts to cackle loudly, then moves around the ship so fast, she looks like a blur, and right after she flies back to Yuyuko's ship, the Palanquin becomes a rain of wooden boards, all cut uneven, and along the boards, Nue, Nazrin, Kogasa, Ichirin, Shou and the little reed-haired fairy fall to the ground, forgetting they can fly as they cry for their lives.

The same cannon where Chen came from fires a second time, then slowly descends back into the ghostly shrine.

Chiyuri is on the floor of her ship, holding her stomach as she rolls around while laughing so hard, her face has turned red and her tears just won't stop.

Yumemi stands to the left of Chiyuri, looking worried as she sighs, and says "hey, Chiyuri, you shouldn't lower your guard so quickly."

Chiyuri sits up, completely stopping her laughter, just to glare at Yumemi, and says "oi, let me enjoy this! I mean, did you see how quickly she jumped off her ship?"

There is a faint whistling sound that gets the girls' attention, yet, after looking around, they can't find the source.

Chiyuri looks at Yumemi and asks "do you hear something?"

Yumemi shrugs while staring at Chiyuri, then notices the girl looking up to the sky.

When Yumemi joins Chiyuri and looks up, she gasps and says "oh shit!", but before she can even move, a giant golden washtub falls on top of the girls, then a powerful, blinding explosion turns half of the S.S. In Your Face Murasa to ashes.

Moments later, all three ships circle around each other, creating a massive shadow that covers a huge chunk of Gensokyo, thus, causing an incident that the bored Reimu Hakurei, and her equally bored friend, Marisa Kirisame, decide to investigate.

On the Palanquin, Reimu approaches Minamitsu, wearing her normal outfit with a thick brown belt that rests on her hips without actually clinging on to her, and that's where she has a silver gohei sheathed.

On her lose brown hair, she wears a pirate bandana that is red on the left and white on the right.

Minamitsu stares at the maiden and asks "you call that 'presentable'?"

Reimu unsheathes her silver gohei and places it right next to Minamitsu's neck, then angrily says "if you think I'm wearing that eye-patch or that broken skirt, think again, missy!"

Minamitsu gulps and nods, and after Reimu removes the gohei, she sighs and says "phew, remind me not to get on your bad side again."

Reimu smirks, then says "oh, you won't forget. Now, if you don't want me to get bored, better tell me what to do."

Over at Chiyuri's ship, Marisa salutes Chiyuri as she sits cross-legged on her hovering broom.

She wears her usual witch's hat, however, it has a white cross-bone skull motif above the purple ribbon.

As for her clothes, she has a sleeveless pink shirt under a sleeveless black leather vest closed by a crossing lace right under the small chest, a stylish short brown skirt that shows off her shapely legs, and a pair of scrunched brown boots.

Chiyuri stares are Marisa for a few seconds, then sighs and asks "why did you have to look hotter than me?"

Marisa grins widely, then says "I'm a main characters, so that's how nature commands it. Well, gonna head over there, just like you asked, boss."

As Marisa accommodates herself to fly over to Yuyuko's ship, Chiyuri shouts "and make sure you get some of those dumplings from over there!"

From the distance, Marisa shouts "aye, aye, captain!"

Chiyuri's head inflates, along with a disturbingly smug grin, after hearing Marisa call her 'captain'.

Right after Marisa leaves, Reimu approaches Chiyuri and unsheathes her silver gohei, smiling confidently while staring into the so-called captain's eyes.

Chiyuri stares back at Reimu and the terror that fills her being becomes noticeable the moment her face turns white and blue.

Reimu raises her gohei, prepares to strike Chiyuri's head, then swings it straight at the shivering 'captain', who curls into a ball on the floor while placing her hands over her head and shivers violently.

The satisfying thud fails to reach Reimu's ears, which causes her smile to vanish when she hears an annoying clang instead.

Yumemi stands in front of the shivering Chiyuri with a high-tech sword, with bleeping lights of useless nature, a large calculator on the blade, and a coffee-maker on the hilt.

Yumemi glares back at Reimu and says "magic girl, be more reasonable! She's a human after all!"

Reimu twitches and stops her attack as she asks "magic girl?", then looks at Yumemi's worried face.

Reimu giggles as she places her right hand on the right side of her face, then says "oh-ho, don't worry. Look, it's hollow. It's just going to hit her hard, and that's it."

The maiden taps the floor with the gohei to prove it's hollow, then Yumemi smiles and steps aside, saying "oh, then it's ok. You may go ahead."

Chiyuri, who was looking relieved after Yumemi stepped in, turns pale once again as she asks "WHAT? Yumemi, whose side are you on?"

Yumemi frowns as she crosses her arms over her chest and says "well serves you right. I told you to pick a sword, but you were too busy playing doctor with that ice fairy and bug-girl to listen."

Chiyuri stammers as she waves her arms around the air and tries to explain she wasn't playing doctor at all, and at the same time she tries to back away from Reimu, but stops when there is a satisfying clung, and the thud of Chiyuri's body hitting the ground.

Both Reimu and Yumemi sigh with relief, then Yumemi says "that was more satisfying than I thought."

The S.S. In Your Face Murasa suddenly rumbles and starts turning to the right... or starboard..., then Yumemi smiles nervously and says "oh, that's right. When Chiyuri's knocked out, the ship loses the auto-pilot... Whoopsies."

Reimu opens her mouth wide, showing her jagged teeth as she shouts "WHAT? You remember that NOW? And what kind of stupid auto-pilot IS that?"

Over at the ghostly unnamed ship, Marisa flies over to Youmu over at the helm, covering her mouth with her left hand as she giggles to herself.

Youmu hums a peaceful song to herself as she keeps the ship going straight, and suddenly realizes that Marisa has been hovering to her left the whole time.

She gasps and places her hand on her chest, then turns her blushing face to Marisa, gruffly asking "what the hell do you want? Since when have you been there?"

Marisa tilts her head left with an unbearable troll-smile, and says "oh, I dunno miss 'Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird', maybe when you started singing and smiiiiiling, ze.", all as her head twists around to the left as though her head and neck aren't even connected.

Youmu's face turns paler than usual when she sees this, then nervously says "d-don't do that! Y-you're supposed to be human, not a g-g-ghost! Now what is it you want?"

Marisa rests the back of her head on her hands as she leans slightly back and says "well, I wanted to borrow some dumplings, ze."

Youmu raises an eyebrow and places her hands on her hips as she turns around toward Marisa, then says "somehow, I find that hard to believe. Now tell me why you are really here!"

While Youmu speaks, Marisa rummages through her left pocket, then smiles when she finds what she was looking for.

When Youmu takes one step closer, Marisa pulls her hand out of her pocket and blows on her open palm, sending a sparkly green cloud of dust straight at the half-human.

Youmu coughs as she lightly slaps her own face to take off all that glitter from her cheeks, then asks "h-hey, what the hell is this?"

Meanwhile, inside the Hakugyokurou replica, the real Marisa grabs a plate with three dumplings and smiles at Yuyuko while saying "hey, thanks a bunch!"

Youmu's ghost half, who... um, I mean, which wears... wait... well anyway, he-she-it is wearing a brown belt around what should be the waist, and a small pirate hat on what should be the head, and is serving another plate full of steaming hot dumplings.

The moment it places the plate on the table, it starts to flail around and shiver, startling Marisa, who asks "hey, Myon, what's wro-?"

After she thinks about it, she smacks her forehead with the bottom of her left palm, then says "goh, how could I forget. I sprayed Youmu with some nightmare dust."

Yuyuko looks a bit worried at Marisa as she asks "will she be alright?"

Marisa chuckles and says "Youmu? Of course! She's a strong girl! She can take it!"

Yuyuko chuckles, then says "oh, she's a good child too, don't forget that."

Marisa silently nods, places the three dumplings in a small gray sack, takes a fourth one from the new plate and places it on her mouth, and sounding muffled, she says "ahrigh hen, hime ho gho. Fee you ater." ("alright then, time to go. See you later.")

Yuyuko reads the subtitles, then smiles as she faces Marisa and says "alright, see you later. Don't be a stranger."

As Marisa leaves, the ship starts to turn portside (that would be to the left), while Youmu cowers in the farthest corner of the poop deck, looking around herself as though she's seeing demons.

It's not far from the truth, as Marisa's nightmare dust has her seeing ghosts wearing blankets with holes in their eyes and mouths, and wailing at her from all sides.

At the same time, over at The Palanquin, Minamitsu holds her ladle on her right hand, pointing it offensively at Cirno, Wriggle, Mystia and Agava, who seem more interested in looking around the ship, rather than actually start a fight.

Minamitsu pushes the ladle closer to Cirno, and in a demanding tone, she asks "so, you dare board my ship looking like complete lost idiots who can't even strap their own bras? You take me for some sort of fool?"

Completely ignoring Minamitsu, Cirno looks around the deck and ways "whoa~! This ship is so much bigger than ours!"

Wriggle looks at the entrance to the lower rooms and says "so stylish too. Look, no mast in sight to make it look ugly!"

Mystia, sounding as though she's singing, exclaims "it smells so nice too~!"

Agava grins, then says "too bad we have to take it down."

Minamitsu's face turns red with anger, then she shouts "HEY! Are you even listening to me? BAH! I'm kicking your asses RIGHT out this ship! ORA~!"

Minamitsu swings her ladle at her enemies, aiming straight at Cirno's head, and stops just a few inches away from the ice fairy when she hears Byakuren's voice behind her, loudly saying "Mini-chan! That's no way to treat guests!"

Minamitsu turns around and gasps at the sight of Byakuren, who wears her regular black and white outfit, with Daiyousei and Rumia to her sides, placing a gentle and motherly hand over their shoulders while staring sternly at Minamitsu.

The captain tries to sound as calm as she can, but fails doing so as she says "but Lady Hijiri, we are at war here, and they are-"

Before Minamitsu can finish, Byakuren says "Mini-chan, what have I told you? In times of war, when they strike your right cheek, you show them your left and be one with all that is love and kindness, for we are all equals in the world."

Minamitsu is grasping her hair while trying to come up with a good comeback to all of that, but that's when she realizes the youkai have spread around her ship.

Wriggle and Agava are headed down to the storages where they keep all the food, Agava bluntly saying "let's see if there's some honey on this ship!"

Wriggle replies "dibs on the first lick!", which triggers something inside Minamitsu's heart that forces her to yell "HEY, that honey is for my morning toast!"

Mystia and Rumia start playing danmaku on top of the top-side sleeping quarters, threatening to break some windows and the roof as they jump around and blast each other away.

Minamitsu twitches and shouts "hey, if you break it, you buy it!"

Byakuren replies "Mini-chan, you need to relax. Here, there's a free spot on my lap."

When Minamitsu looks at Byakuren, she screams with surprise when she finds Byakuren is kneeling right next to the steering wheel, with Daiyousei sleeping on her right lap while sucking on her own thumb and lightly flapping her crystal wings.

As Byakuren extends her right hand at Minamitsu, welcoming her to join, the captain notices Cirno pressing random buttons on the ship's control panel next to the steering wheel.

Minamitsu flies straight at Cirno and shouts "no you idiot, don't do that!"

Byakuren frowns, thinking the insult is sent her way, then angrily places her fist on her hip and says "if you don't want to cuddle, that's fine, but lashing out your tongue like that will cost you a time out, young lady!"

Minamitsu struggles with the ice fairy, trying to keep her away from the control panel, Cirno shouting "no~! I wanna press the buttons!"

Minamitsu shouts back "stop being an idiot!", then looks at Byakuren and says "I was talking to THIS idiot, lady Hijiri!"

Byakuren scowls as she looks away from Minamitsu, then starts to gently caress the sleeping fairy's head, making her giggle in her sleep and slowly flap her wings, emanating a pink, soothing aura, then says "well, looks like the captain is going without lunch today!"

Minamitsu forgets all about Cirno as she looks at Byakuren with teary eyes while crying "aww, come on lady Hijiri, you know I didn't mean it that way!"


That sound sends shivers down the captain's spine, and as she slowly turns around to look at Cirno, the ice fairy says "wow, that red button really surprised me! So noisy."

Minamitsu's entire face disappears when all her color disappears from her skin when she realizes Cirno just made the ship's auto-pilot set itself for a crash course.

It's going to take too long to reset the auto-pilot, and what's worse, the other two ships are headed straight at her with a pincer maneuver.

Minamitsu recovers her color when she thinks "there's no time to panic, Captain Murasa! You have to SAVE the ship!"

After thinking all that crap, she nods to herself and rushes to the control panel, then starts pressing buttons in odd sequences, making Cirno dizzy after staring for a bit.

Now all three ships are headed on a collision course, Chiyuri's ship heading right, Yuyuko's ship heading left, and Minamitsu's ship headed straight forward.

The crash will be devastating, but if Minamitsu can stop the auto-pilot in time, maybe there is a chance for the Palanquin to survive.

She looks forward and says to herself "no, I don't care about those two idiots! My first, and ONLY concern, is the Palanquin! Now, to fight the auto-pilot!"

A small screen rises from the floor, making Cirno gasp in awe and says "whoa, awesome! Chiyuri's ship only has a DVD player, but the screen is all fizzled all the time! It just sucks!"

Over at the S.S. In Your Face Murasa, Chiyuri, who still lies unconscious on the ground, suddenly grasps her chest and screams as though being impaled by an ice fairy on the back with an ice sword.

Back at the Palanquin, Minamitsu holds a black videogame control pad with six buttons on the right side.

She's mashing the buttons while Cirno cheers "no, no, use the spell! The ice one! It did seven hundred points of damage!"

Minamitsu shouts back "I know what I'm doing! I'm just under-leveled!"

Mystia stands to Cirno's left, and looking disappointed at Minamitsu, she says "that's what happens when you run from so many battles!"

Rumia smiles and adds "that's why you need to buy more herbs next time."

Minamitsu suddenly cheers and exclaims "YES! I beat it! I beat the auto-pilot!"

The screen suddenly flashes green, then red, then Minamitsu shrieks, then shouts "what the hell, a third form? Who put this on hard mode~!"

Cirno giggles and says "whoops, my bad, but you said the game was easy."

Next to them is Byakuren, who holds the sleeping Daiyousei like she was her own child, placing her head on her breasts as she caresses the back of her head ever so gently, embracing her lightly and emanating a soothing pink aura that conditions the mood.

Byakuren sighs, then says "Mini-chan, take a deep breath and focus. You are at level forty, so it should be enough. Just focus, and you'll be fine."

Minamitsu looks nervous as the awesome kick-ass music starts to play, but after she listens to Byakuren, her eyes fill with determination and nods, then says "alright! Let's do this, Captain Murasa!"

On the screen is a small sprite representing Minamitsu, and to the right of the screen is a strange creature with a naked golden belly that has a laser gun on the navel, buff arms with large white claws on its hands, holds a large crescent moon scepter with his right hand, has a bony skull, glowing red eyes, jagged teeth on a monstrous red face, and bunny slippers on his feet, which have carrot rifles for eyes.

The captain starts the battle by casting defensive spells on herself, then the battle begins.

While she fights the auto-pilot, the ships get closer and closer, and although they seem to be moving fast toward each other, it looks like every time the scene changes, their positions reset.

That's good for Captain Murasa, because it gives her more time to beat that dreaded auto-pilot.

Meanwhile, Cirno has joined Minamitsu, and now a sprite of herself stands just below the captain's.

The blue fairy's sprite summersaults high in the air, then dives with an ice sword on hand, cutting the auto-pilot from the head down, doing a massive eight-hundred points damage, then Cirno boastfully says "you see? Ice does double damage!"

Minamitsu growls and says "you idiot, don't kill him yet! If I can steal the slippers, I'll get extra HP, MP, and all my stats will rise 50x."

Agava, who holds some toasted bread with honey on her left hand, smacks Minamitsu's head with her right hand as she says "you wasted 5 rounds trying that! Face it, you suck at stealing!"

Minamitsu snaps back "well sorry I like making an honest living! And you BETTER have left some honey for me down there!"

Without thinking about it, Minamitsu selects "steal" one more time, her little sprite rushes toward the evil auto-pilot, snags the slippers, then runs back into position.

Minamitsu screeches and cheers, then points at Agava's face and shouts "HA! Got them! There, right in your FACE!"

Agava snorts, then says "lucky break, miss captain!"

Daiyousei starts the move around, moaning as though ready to start crying, then Byakuren shushes her, gently pushes her head back on her breasts, and hums a lullaby while rubbing the fairy's back, calming her back down to sleep.

The magician stares daggers at the gamer-girls and angrily whispers "keep your voices down, of you'll wake her!"

Minamitsu's face turns blue as she sinks her head into her shirt, then nods and whispers "s-sorry lady Hijiri."

When the captain looks around, she notices the other girls are all sinking their terrified faces into their shirts.

In the screen, Cirno's pixel raises a spell card and the spell "Ice Sign, Sword Freezer" writes itself on top of the screen.

The sprite runs toward the auto-pilot and summersaults close to it, giving it four-hundred damage points per second for six seconds, then dives down to its chest, giving it one-thousand six-hundred points worth of damage, then the game screen flashes, the auto-pilot roars, then slowly turns to red pixels that disappear from the screen.

The girls are just about to cheer when they notice Byakuren glaring at them, so instead, they wave their hands in the air while whispering a cheer.

Finally, Minamitsu stands up and takes the wheel, saying "alright, time to- What?"

When she gets a better look, she realizes all three ships have collided, but the impact was so soft, nothing happened, save for all the ships being forced to stop in mid-air.

Minamitsu sighs with relief, then says "well, I guess there was no need for all that after all, but at least I got the bunny slippers."

She turns around, lifts her left hand with the peace sign, then winks at the intruders.

Suddenly, Wriggle points at the sky and exclaims "hey, what's that?"

A small silver washtub falls from the sky and rapidly falls between the three ships, making a loud clang when it hits the Palanquin's bow.

There is a loud cracking sound, then all three ships crumble and fall straight down, lifting up a massive cloud of smoke after they hit the ground.

Reimu and Marisa stare at the damage from the sky, then Reimu laughs a bit and says "well, that should keep them down for a few hours."

Marisa holds on to the sack of dumplings on her right hand as she whistles after looking at the damage, then says "wow, so glad I don't have to clean up."

She and Reimu look into each other's eyes, then Marisa lifts the bag and asks "want a dumpling?"

Reimu smiles, grabs Marisa's hand, then says "we'll eat them at the shrine! Rika said she would prepare some tea when I got back."

Marisa flies along with Reimu, seemingly by force, laughing as she says "great! Tea with these should go great, ze!"

On the ground, Byakuren sits on a picnic cloth on the same position, emanating the same soothing aura, humming the same lullaby, holding Daiyousei the same way, and around her are Ichirin, Unzan, Nazrin, Nue, Shou, the little red-haired fairy, Yumemi, and Yuyuko, all enjoying tea and snacks after a hearty lunch.

Minamitsu, Chiyuri and Youmu push themselves free from the debris, glare at each other, then notice Cirno, Rumia, Wriggle, Mystia and Agava singing a choir while floating in the air above their heads, being directed by the ever-jagged-toothed-grin Chen, who waves her arms with rhythm as her tails sway around.

Joining the choir with some music, the Prismriver sisters fly around the singing girls while their instruments add an "ending" tone to the music.

Minamitsu manages to push half her torso up to look around, then moans and says "oh~, that's a credit-rolling song. I-is it really over?"

Chiyuri manages to sit on her knees and says "n... not on your life, you... sea rat. Once is fix *gulp* my ship, I'll show you hell!"

Youmu is fully recovered and is staring daggers at Yuyuko, angrily asking "what are you guys doing down here? You were supposed to be fighting up there!"

Shou looks at Youmu and casually says "but it's lunch time."

Yuyuko smiles whimsically as she says "you can't fight on an empty stomach, Youmu."

Byakuren stops humming to Daiyousei and says "Mini-chan, you are still punished, so no lunch for you!", then continues to hum the lullaby.

Minamitsu moans, then a golden washtub falls on her head, making a loud echoing clang as it knocks her out.

Chiyuri starts to laugh after the washtub rolls next to her, and while pointing at Minamitsu, she says "so much for miss 'Captain'! HAHAHA, I've seen better-"

The washtub suddenly flings from the ground and crashes on Chiyuri's face, making her spin backward in the air once, then fall on the ground right on her face.

The washtub rolls next to Youmu, who stares nervously at it, nervously bends down, and nervously pats it gently, nervously saying "um, g-good washtub. You're a very good washtub."

An angelic choir and a beam of light from heaven surround the washtub, and it slowly lifts to the air along with a pair of well-proportioned and shapely female angels with long brownish-gold hair.

Youmu stares up to the sky in awe, then a strange purple vortex silently opens up behind her.

Damien, with his long hair covering his right red eye, pale skin, and wearing a lowered black hood, peeks his head from inside the vortex, smiles viciously, then Youmu punches his face without even turning around, sending him back inside the vortex, which closes off soon after he's back inside.

Surprised, Youmu looks behind her and says "that's odd. I thought I just punched a pale-looking skinny boy on the face..."

The thinks about it for a moment, shrugs, then says "nah! Must have been my imagination."

She runs toward the picnic site and shouts "oi, Yuyu-sama, may I have some mochi?

To be continued...

Characters, Spell cards and Scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Agava was created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

Idea for Yuyuko's 'Border of the Pirates' song name by Snapshot 2010

Damien was created by Hydroviper

DEC 16. 2010

Written By

Willie G.R.


Hope you enjoyed this totally random story. I won't be updating it soon, BUT, I'll to my best to make sure each update is as random (if not MORE random than) as the one before. I have a LOT of projects I want to work on, and one of them is a VERY special crossover, but for the time being, I don't want to say much about it, in case I discard it.

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