It is a very lovely morning at the skies over Gensokyo, and on the deck of the Scarlet Demon Ark, Sakuya, whom has returned to her usual maid's outfit, is currently in a blissful state as she cleans her mistress' ears.

The vampires rests her head on the maid's sexy thigh, which is covered by a soft, but sturdy napkin, and is currently facing the girl's crotch while squirming around with a pink face, flapping her wings lightly and very rapidly, and moaning and whimpering cutely while the silver haired girl cleans that ear.

The chief maid adds very soft brushes to her mistress' soft, short and wavy hair with her free hand, while gently tending to that vampire's ear.

She stops moving the thin stick around, allowing the seemingly young girl to rest while she rubs the cotton ball at the end of the stick around said ear, then softly says "alright My Lady, turn around so that I may clean the other one."

The flushed vampire fails to see the perverted look on the blissful maid's face as she turns around, and softly says "please be gentle with me."

Sakuya's nose bursts with blood she quickly catches in a jar, so as not to disturb her mistress, briskly cleans her nose, lips and chin, and says "y-yes, of course My Lady."

In her mind, the lolicon maid imagines having Remilia trapped in her room, shivering on her bed, wearing a thin set of sleeping cloths that do nothing to hide her cute white panties, and with an adorably confused and frightened face, saying "please be gentle with me."

Even Izayoi finds herself wondering why she isn't flying off in a burst of rocket-nose-blood, but just sighs happily, and continues smiling blissfully while cleaning the whimpering vampire's ear gently, and thoroughly.

Long after the cleaning has ended, the vampire remains on her maid's thigh while said girl keeps combing her hair with her fingers, keeping the mistress feeling warm, relaxed and fuzzy, and quite content of the sweet treatment.

"S-Sakuya," softly says the cute vampire pirate, getting a soft quizzical hum from said maid, and continues "c-can... can we stay like this for a little longer?"

The silver-haired girl giggles softly while combing the girl's head and rubbing her hip, then says "of course My Lady. We can-"

Remilia grabs Sakuya and flies away with her, then there's a loud CRASH, followed by a horrifying CRACK, then the vampire clicks her tongue and angrily says "damn that blasted cabinet! It was trying to KILL US! And at such a good moment too!"

The girls land five feet in front of the evil piece of wood ware, glower at it with weapons bare, then the chief maid declares "I'll make you suffer for ruining my special time with my lady!"

The cabinet's dual doors burst open, then Koakuma jumps from within in her black bra, and apparent bare bottom, screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Miss Sakuya, Miss Remilia, it wants to LOVE ME TENDERLY!"

As she pulls herself out of the cabinet, revealing her sexy curves, perfect skin, those bouncy pearls trapped in those tight clothes, a pair of black panties with a cute little red ribbon on the front, disappointing several perverts wishing she was naked down there, and desperately flapping her head and back-wings, about fifteen slimy, semi-transparent lilac tentacles reach for and coil around her limbs, waist and neck, and fights to pull her in.

The two gawking girls quickly snap out of their shock, the vampire declares "don't let it take her inside," then the maid's mind starts working overtime.

She imagines her semi-naked mistress in black underwear strapped against her will by several tentacles that have restrained her limbs, and has spread them open for better access of all the good spots, while she pants "no, hah-, no! Le-haah-LET ME GO!"

She cannot take this much pervertedness at once, jet-streams of blood push her body off the ship, and sends her crashing to the Unnamed Ghost Ship, where the girls scream a bloody scream before the maid impacts and causes a nuclear explosion, for some reason.

Remilia looks back with her eyes hidden in a shadow of disbelief, while muttering "what the hell just happen?"

Koakuma screeches "NOOOOOO~" then gets pulled into the cabinet, which bounces back twice and lands on its feet.

The blue-haired captain quickly rushes over to the devil's aid, ignoring the screams of horror from the other ships colliding with the Unnamed Ghost Ship, and declares "I'll save you Koa! Just hold on!"

She grabs the double-doors, pulls them open, glowers inside, then her eyes suddenly bulge and almost pop out of their sockets, her wings stiffen, her face turns beet red, then she screams "KYAAAAAAAAAH~ MEILING! PATCHY! HELP MEEEEEEE!"

Inside the cabinet is a 3D image of Rinnosuke and Unzan, both wearing a red fundoshi while flexing their incredibly buff muscles back-to-back.

Their tight, rock-hard skins shine as though thoroughly oiled, the drops of sweat keep jumping from one muscle to the next while gravity pulls them down, their manly abs glisten with unexplained sprays of water, and both keep blowing sexy manly kisses toward the confused, heated and terrified vampire girl.

The cabinet closes up, Koakuma's muffled screams for help immediately come from within "SOMEBODY SAVE ME, PLEASE," then a tiny Ran with nine cat tails, a big head, large cat-like golden eyes, thin neck, and wears a white shirt and blue skirt, jumps on the cabinet, rapidly nods three times while humming "HUN-HUN-HUN," then jumps off, grabs the furniture from beneath, lifts it with ease, then runs away while humming and nodding thrice at the little devil's screaming "DON'T JUST CARRY ME AWAY!"

Meanwhile, at the Palanquin, Nue mutters furiously as she nails some boards to cover the maid imprinted hole on the ship's bow, then a splash of salty water sprays her all over, the water glistening as it crashes against her glorious curves, and-

"THAT'S NOT FUNNY, YOU PERVERT! I'M PISSED!" shouts the undefined one toward someone, yet nobody in particular.

She continues muttering angrily on the wet platform and speeds her efforts in order to finish the job, head inside, and take a warm bath to take off all that salty water violating her bo-


Meanwhile, up on the deck, Byakuren, who now wears a pink wristband on her left wrist, sighs as she looks over the horizon while resting her elbow on the starboard (right) side rails, then drums her fingers on the wood.

Shou approaches the pirate monk magician from behind, and softly warns "Lady Hijiri, please stay away from the rails. It's particularly dangerous for you."

"Ah, but Shou," softly begins the sexy woman in a peaceful tone, "the view is so wonderful, and the wind on my face reminds me of a man's gentle touch as he prepares to ravage my body."

Her blissful, pink face and peaceful eyes betray the lusty words coming from inside her mouth; words that have left the tiger youkai with a red face, white marble-sized dots for eyes, and a cat-like box-shaped gaping mouth.


The stammering tiger is ignored by the monk, whose face turns a little redder as she sighs, shifts her thighs, and says "such a wonderful morning. So many feelings. I might just faint out of ecstasy."

By now, the perverted Bishamonten representative has so much blood running down her nose, her lips and chin are completely red, but she knows she has to play the strong voice of conscience, so she turns around to clean her face, and firmly says "Byakuren, I highly suggest you quit thinking such lewd things. You are our leader, for Buddha's sake! And as such, you must-WUAGH!"

She turns around again in mid-sentence and find's Byakuren's pirate boots, vest, shirt, and eye-patch where said woman was standing before, but the body is not there.

Knowing what just happened, the exceedingly nervous tiger youkai mutters incoherently before rushing to the side of the ship, then reaches down while screaming "LADY HIJIRIIIIIIIIIII!"

The cute and sexy monk is in her normal white undergarment, looking up with a smile while softly shouting "I don't know how but I'm faliiiiing!"

Minamitsu rushes to Shou's said and shouts "oh no, she fell again," while leaning against the rails.

Ichirin walks over and sighs, then says "one can only wonder how she does that," to which Unzan just crosses his arms under his chin and nods.

Nazrin hops on, and crouches on the rails, displaying excellent balance as she looks down and disappointedly says "this is just painful to watch. *Sigh* But don't worry, I'll go get her."

Before the mouse jumps down, from the portside (left) rails, Nue calls "hey, did Byakuren fall over the ship's railings again?"

The girls (and cloud-man) turn around, then gasp and stare in complete shock at the undefined girl, who, understandably, gets annoyed and asks "what? I'm wearing panties this time! Sheesh!"

"What's with all the ruckus, girls?"

That high-pitched, child-like, deceivingly innocent voice sends such powerful chills down Nue's spine, the girl crawls all the way behind the gawking girls (and cloud-man), and whimpers "it's the devil!"

Above the railings floats the deceivingly adorable child-Byakuren, who glares down at the girls while angrily saying "don't you know I have to have my beauty sleep! Now stop with the screaming and the talking and let. me. SLEEP!"

Suddenly, a cat-like silhouette jumps over the little girl, catches her inside a brown sack, and lands perfectly balanced on the ship's railing, then looks back.

She has platinum-blonde hair that link to her large pair of cat ears, a long, thin, waving tail that pops out between her long purple skirt and cream-colored shirt, and has a pair of large, cat-like grey eyes.

To her left appears chibi-neko Ran, who seems to be smiling as she stares on with those cat-like eyes and mouth, but just sways her extremely thick, lone yellow tail around (it's all nine tails tired together with a rubber band), appearing to be seemingly harmless.

Chibi-neko Miko salutes the girls with her right hand, and in a high-pitched voice, says "nyan~ Don't worry, we'll take care of this."

"HUNHUNHUN" rapidly says the blonde cat while nodding thrice.

"Now remember, you didn't see anything. And if the penguins do come, tell them the kettle turned black, and the eggs are broiled."

"HUNHUNHUN" rapidly says the little Ran while nodding thrice again.

The little Miko salutes again, jumps off the railings, then Murasa points forward with her ladle and declares "AFTER THEM," then Kyouko and Orange rise from the starboard (right) side of the ship, holding the messed up, bush-on-hair/leaves-on-tattered-dress Byakuren, then the orange girl says "what the hell are you doing? While you were doing nothing up here, we had to go and save Lady Hijiri from Yakra and the Dragon Tank!"

"Yeah," angrily begins the yamabiko. "Lightning and fire were USELESS against that thing, but we still saved her from both! Now, we demand EXTRA rations on our lunch today, or we'll take Hijiri for ourselves!"

All the girls (and could-man), save the mouse, stare with a gasp and in fright at the two little heroes, then Nazrin, who seems completely unamused by the whole thing, casually says "well, you can go ahead and take her. That will make you both lesbians anyway."

The two little, not-so-heroic heroines, twitch and choke after such a blunt truth is plastered right in front of their eyes, and in their shock, they forget to hold Byakuren by her arms, allowing the semi-conscious monk to slip right out of her undershirt, and fall down in her sexy red underwear while suddenly screaming "and here I fall agaaaaaaiiiiiin~"

"Ah", is the only word the two little lesbians can say as they watch their monk falling down on a strange ship that looks like an X-Wing replica, only cooler, and piloted by a cool orange fox youkai.

Before he complains of the stowaway, he notices her gorgeous womanly figure barely covered by such attractive pieces of cloth, his nose blows enough blood to paint the entire cockpit red, then the ships alarm starts beeping.

The girls watch on, then Nue says "oh, he's headed to the Youkai Mountain," there's a very loud explosion, some screams of terror, then Murasa's nose burst with blood at the same times as Shou's and Ichirin's, then Kogasa jumps in front of the scene and shouts "oh my goodness, she lost her underwear!"

"SHE LOST HER UNDERWEAR" echoes the little parrot-like yamabiko, who looks down in shame at the glowering Unzan, shrugs, and says "I can't help it! ...I'M SORRY!"

Meanwhile, somewhere at the Youkai Mountain, Futo exits the dojo to begin her daily routine of watering the flowers, meditating, drinking a sports drink she's come to love so much, and kicking the living hell out of the training dummies.

She smiles as she picks up her watering pale, which happens to be full of rain water, hums a merry tune as she approaches the bed of flowers on a long clay base, and as she showers them, she says "salutations dear and colorful flora. My, another beautiful day has risen, and once more, thou hast survived the darkness of night. I commend thee for thine beauty and strength."

She suddenly looks forward, grimaces, throws the watering pale away, and angrily says "for the love of-"

Something large, metallic, big, and that goes "BUCK-CAW" jumps on Futo's cute frame, but she manages to kick the thing off of her and roll backward on her feet, landing in a fighting stance, and shouts "FINE! HAVE AT THEE!"

In front of her is that giant metallic chicken from the other chapter, though this time it has a large belly, and a meaner face, with a chromed beak under a pair of red eyes.

It takes a fighting stance, hops twice while playing its feet around, then stops, narrows its eyes, and gestures its hand for Mononobe to come and attack. ...And attack she does.

The gray-haired girl rushes forward with a solid jab the metal chicken dodges by bending backward, and counters with a kick the girl dodges by swaying left.

The chicken quickly draws a wooden chair out of nowhere and smashes it against the cutie, who jumps away to recover from the shock of the impact and slap away the remaining wood chips from her shirt.

After recovering, and looking upon the smirk of the evil fowl, Futo clicks her tongue, pulls a birthday cake she had for Miko out from under her shirt, takes a bite off of it, then throws it at the offender's face.

"BUCK-CAW" screams the chicken just before starting to run around in a circle with its wings spread open.

The shikaisen/hermit-moe moves in with a large wooden beam and smashes it against the metallic monster's head, knocking it to the ground where she progresses to sit on its chest to pummel its beak with repeated punches.

But the chicken blocks the third punch, catching the girl off guard, punches the left side of her head, forcing her off of itself, then progresses to follow after her in a fighting stance.

Meanwhile, further to the left of the dojo's courtyard (it's actually a mere five feet from the fight), is the REAL Miko Toyosatomimi, with her platinum blonde hair standing up to look like a large pair of ears, wearing a pair of headphones on her real ears, a dirty-yellow colored karate suit, and nodding her head while apparently meditating on a patch of grass.

She can hear a light WHUD coming from nearby, opens her right, grey eye, lifts the right headphone to listen, revealing that she's currently listening to music with those, and when no sound other than her music graces her ears, she shrugs with a hum, and continues dance-meditating in peace.

She explodes and screams out loud as her body is flung all over the sky, where more explosions out of nowhere keep occurring, sending the saint flying around and screaming at random.

"WHAT THE HEEEEEEEELLLLLLL~" screams the poor girl after one of the explosions, this one green in color, sends her plummeting to the ground, just to be blown upward by a round blue bomb that comes from below.

Futo and the Metal Chicken sit on a pair of lawn chairs set beside a small round white table with orange drinks and popcorn so that they may enjoy a nice treat while watching Miko scream as she is blown up all over the air by unexplained explosions.

As the two odd couple enjoy the show, a two-tailed spirit with light-green hair, green eyes, and wearing a dark-green dress and black hat with a charm on, stares from behind them with a flat gaze, grins mischievously, chuckles softly as she takes all the popcorn with the entire bowl, then disappears from sight, snickering.

Futo reaches for another handful of popcorn, but when she fails to feel the bowl she taps the table repeatedly, looks to her empty hand, then to the fat metal chicken on her right, and angrily demands "hey! Return those salty poppy morsels before I thrash thine face with mine fist."

The chicken quickly sits upright, threatening to get up while growling a soft "buck-buck buckawwww," and failing to notice how quiet it has gotten.

A sword with a sun-shaped tip on the hilt flies between the quarreling onlookers, stabs itself on the center of the table, splits said table in two, then the girl and chicken look up at the sky at a furious, fuming, red-faced girl that's blowing steam out of her nose.

"HEY! What's the matter with you? Didn't you see me getting blown up all over? Couldn't you HELP me?" screams the furious saint while flinging her arms and feet all over the air.

Futo snaps her finger while looking up to the air, and says "ah, that's right, I was fighting," then grabs her half of the round table and smashes it on top of the chicken's head, destroying the table in the process.

The fowl grunts, then pounces on the girl's stomach, and then the fight resumes.

The two deliver punches on their stomachs, ribs, chests, and even the occasional low blows between the legs that, somehow, seem to affect the chicken too.

The two fighters are getting tired and their punches seem to be slowing down, yet Futo still manages to block a left hook, then launches one of her own, landing it softly on the side of the fowl beak.

She pants while the metal bird does a wicked forced slow motion flip in the air because of the lightly soft punch, then everything stops when Yuyuko walks by, and stares at the tired fighters, and somehow, the chicken, who stopped the flip in mid-air, manages to step back down to the ground to stare.

The ghostly princess smiles and giggles, touches the chicken on the chest, then turns around and gropes a screeching Futo, then says "how disappointing," and walks away.

The red-faced hermit wraps her arms around her chest as she growls furiously, then shouts "HEY! I'M A **-CUP!"

Suddenly, a pixilated man in green walks over to the chicken, pushes a white stick through its leg, the chicken immediately pops into a pixilated blue display of fireworks, then the little man catches the fowl's beak, raises it above its head as an 8-bit fanfare plays, then walks away.

Futo just watches on and on as the tiny man goes away, blinks three times, then says to herself "no more of those delicious rubbery candy bears before bed for me!"

Moments later, Tojiko finishes enjoying the bowl of popcorn, stares at the empty bowl, tosses it away, then said bowl clangs softly, and a little girls angrily demands "hey! This isn't a bottle! I can't put my potions in this! GIVE ME A GLASS BOTTLE!"

They dual-tailed ghost turns around to stare at Rumia with total disinterest, as said blonde tosses the bowl away and pulls out a rusty pirate's sword out of its sheath.

The little blonde gets closer to the ghost girl, and demands "fine! If you don't have a glass bottle for my potions, then at least give me some gold, or gald, maybe rubies, or maybe some munny! SOMETHING!"

The green-haired ghost sighs, floats closer to the attacker, and with a sly smirk she asks "so, you plan to rob me all by yourself? You got guts, kid. Now give me a good reason why I shouldn't fry you to a crisp with a bolt of lightning right this very instant."

Rumia mimics the smirk, closes her eyes, places a hand on her ribbon under the red and white-polka dotted bandana, then pulls it off without hesitation, and a swirl of darkness revolves around her, rising from the ground until is covers her from head to toes, grows taller, then disperses in an instant, leaving Tojiko as unimpressed as ever.

Rumia now has long blonde hair, and hold a large black buster sword on her hands, but one thing she didn't take into account, was her pirate's outfit.

Her new-ish black vest barely covers her shirt, which looks like it's about to burst around the chest, seeing as the sudden expansion within it is too much.

Her broken skirt is now a mere piece of cloth going around her waist, failing to cover the tight black panties that have replaced the yellowish bloomers, and to top it all off, her legs have become GORGEOUSLY perfect, her butt looks firm and soft to the touch, and her skin has become... wait, that's as pale as ever.

After the ghost girl gets a much better look at the woman before her, her arms drop, her expression and eyes become blank, drool starts to dribble out of the corner of her mouth, and her cheeks turn lightly pink.

The dark youkai expands her chest proudly, punches herself on the chest to show off, then says "a tight fit, but I'm sure you understand now, what a mistake it would be to challenge me. Now be a dear, and HAAAANNNNN~?"

Before long, Tojiko is floating behind the sexy, grown-up Rumia, groping the girl until they fall down to the ground, where moaning starts taking place.


After the sounds of moaning stop, the green-haired ghost girl rises from the ground, licking her lips and slurping contently, then starts floating away from the white corpse left behind while saying "I'm going to have to try that with Futo-chan later this evening."

"W-w-wait," grunts the shivering mass of flesh attempting to get back on her feet.

Once she get's Tojiko's attention, she stands up firmly, miraculously recovered fully, and shouts "JUST A DARN MINUTE! You think you can do all that stuff to me and just float away? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF ME!"

The ghost turns to face Rumia, opens her mouth wide, then multi-colored balls of light, blue thunderbolts, green sparks, and a blue swimsuit with jogging shoes, blast, shock, strike, and crush the two girls flat on the ground.

The blonde lifts her head, then chibi-neko Miko jumps on it, smashing it back to the ground, and shouts "the treasure is just around the corner, nyan! BRING MORE TUNA!"

She jumps away and continues on her way, then the green-haired ghost lifts her head, but is knocked away when Miko runs after her tiny self while shouting "this is just the beginning! Let's take the B route 'till the end!"

Both Rumia and Tojiko wait for a minute after the girl leaves, slowly lift their heads, then Marisa flies by, blowing both girls away to the sky, thanks to the shockwave following her broom, before cheering "onward to adventure!", and continuing on her way.

Before their bodies hit the ground, a being in a golden suit with a large red helmet that has two grey tubes on what should be the mouth, and a metallic-silver arm canon, rushes by, knocking the girls away to the air, yet again, then its body turns blue, and several after-images of itself trail behind it as she shouts a static-muffled "Miss Marisa, please, get the Eldest Daughter! I don't want to be in here all day."

The two girls finally fall on their faces, their bodies almost digging their way through the ground, then both girls groan when they try to get up, and drop on their faces due to exhaustion.

A little blue man wearing a strange blue helmet, jumps on and off Rumia in an odd manner, shoots three white pellets from its blue buster arm-canon, then jumps on Tojiko and runs on her body before jumping away.

"My brain hurts," muffles the green-haired ghost, to which the blonde of darkness replies "by boobs are sore."

An orange falls between the girls, splatters as it becomes a peach, rebuilds itself into chibi-neko Ran, then said girl looks at the knocked out girls, nods thrice, and says "HUN-HUN-HUN!"

Meanwhile, somewhere over the skies of Gensokyo, the cabinet flies by with some very noisy screaming, yelping, panting and groaning, waking up a blonde girl in a blue maid's outfit from her nap beside a nice, cool tree below.

Mugetsu smacks her lips while rubbing her right honey-yellow eye with the back of her wrist, turns around on her back to look up at the sunny sky, curls her legs up, pats the red ribbon over her chest, hugs her knees while agilely sitting straight, then groggily says "on-onee-chan. Wake up. We have to find that Ail guy today."

Gengetsu, whom has longer blonde hair, golden-honey eyes like her little sister, has a pair of white feathered wings growing out of her back, and is wearing a white shirt with the left sleeve ripped off, a pair of red pants, and has a brown belt with a sword and an old pistol secured against it, looks around with sleepy and annoyed eyes, and yawns while trying to scowl.

She groans as she pushes herself off the nice grass, getting off the ground along her sister, smacks her lips before letting out another long and loud yawn, then says "right, right. Ail. Ugh, I still can't believe you're making me go through this."

The younger sister frowns while placing her fists on her hips, and says "he got us out here, and because of him we saw a lot of nice things. It's only proper to thank him for it."

"Hai, hai," softly answers the annoyed sibling, stretching her wings and moaning contently as she does so.

Her face suddenly turns pink, her eyes start to tear up, her mouth becomes a wriggled smile, and after a very satisfying sigh, she drops back on the grass on her belly, and moans "oh yes, that feels good!"

Mugetsu happens to, conveniently, be looking away from her sister at the moment, but hearing those lusty moans makes her turn her shivering head around while asking "o-onee-chan, what are you-ERK?", and soon ends up flushed and staring at her panting sister in shock.

Standing over Gengetsu is Agava, who is currently enjoying the softness of said blonde's feathers between her fingers, shuddering contently as she does, while giving the dream demon a most enjoyable wing massage.

"Oh-ho-hu-hu, such soft feathers. Mmm, I could get addicted to this."

The subdued blonde's wings and body suddenly stiffen for a moment, surprising the shadow youkai, she stops her breathing for a few seconds, expels her held breath, then lifts her left wing and through pants, says "pl-please. do. do. the. otherone!"

The blue-eyed shadow girl relaxes from the surprise, smiles gleefully, takes hold of the offered wing, and happily says "with pleasure!"

As soon as the lovely event begins anew, Mugetsu jumps and stomps her feet on the ground, and points at the shadow while angrily shouting "what the hell are you doing, you pervert?"

As if not being shouted at, Agava shudders as she rubs those soft wings some more, and blissfully says "enjoying these soft feathers for as much as I can."

The younger blonde stares blankly as the shadow girl, then points at her shameless, flushed, moaning older sister, and furiously shouts "GENGETSU! Have you no SHAME? G-get up this INSTANT!"

The girls totally ignore the common sense being spewed out of the maid's mouth, and continue the deliciously pleasurable event, smiling blissfully with red cheeks warming her face.

Mugetsu's right eye twitches as she grins maliciously, chuckles vilely, and softly mutters "so, you won't listen to me, huh?"

She winds her right hand behind herself, prepares crackling yellow energy, then mutters "alright, go ahead, enjoy yourselves. I'll just be here, cooking you perverts to a crisp."

"What's goin' on here?", comes the voice of Kotohime from the left, looking darkly at the three girls acting all shamelessly in plain sight.

She glances over to the blissful girls, then over to the maid, then coldly asks "well? Aren't you going to answer?"

"Who the heck are you?", asks the disgusted blonde, now ignoring the fact that her sister has started to moan a little louder.

The red-head narrows her left eye and says "I am officer Kotohime. Law enforcer around these parts. And you would do well to show some respect."

Mugetsu lets out a sigh of relief and says "OFFICER, great! Please, stop these shameless girls! They are-*click* eh?"

The maid-girl now finds her left hand strapped with a silver cuff linked to the police princess' wrist, strands of hair start springing out of her shocked head, then the police girl says "you are under arrest for peeping, and attempting to interrupt this couple. You're going downtown!"

The blonde loudly expresses her annoyed confusion, and furiously shouts "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM, YOU STUPID BITCH? I'M NOT THE ONE DOING LEWD THINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD!"

Gengetsu and Agava sigh long and loudly at the same time as they both start to relax, Kotohime lifts her shooting finger while grinning mischievously at Mugetsu, then they all look toward the right, where a swirling black and purple vortex opens up.

Damien jumps out of said portal, flips his hood off, looks around with those glowing red eyes, then asks "hey, you sick perverts, I'll forgive your disgusting behavior if you answer me one question. Where is Ail?"

All the girls choke, their eyes burst open wide, the cuffs on the maid and the cop melt, then all four girl screech at the top of their lungs, and while three are running away with their hands raised above their heads, all screaming of the terror standing before them, the winged one crawls like a busted roach on a checkered kitchen floor.

The Lord of the other Makai stares with a raised eyebrow, wondering what the hell just happened, then just shrugs and says "whatever. I'll find him myself."

He goes on his sort-of merry way toward an unknown destination, unaware of the tiny cat-like creature with soft black hair that covers the right eye (like Damien's), wearing a long black robe with a dropped hood (like Damien's), staring unblinking at the dark Lord with those large, red cat-like eyes (like... no wait, UNlike Damien's), and flicking his cat-like ears (...yes).

At the Moriya Shrine, Ail and Sanae share a towel-bed next to the lake, as they nap away under the rays of the sun while in their swimsuits.

Sanae wears her usual, though suspiciously tighter blue with light-blue polka-dots bikini, and Ail his usual purple swim trunks, and as an added bonus, the boy wears the pair of magical dog ears with stars on a night sky, which would explain the reason he's being merrily squeezed by his girlfriend against her bouncy pearls.

He... is... in... HEAVEN right now.

The perverted goddesses, Kanako and Suwako, hide behind some bushes to the couple's rights, and both drool with anticipation for what might happen if things keep on developing, even though the development did stop after the two love birds fell asleep.

"Hey, Kanako," whispers Suwako with a desperate pant. "Shouldn't we influence them to do... you know... something?"

The greatly endowed goddess of war sits with her legs crossed under her skirt while nodding, then glances over to kero-chan, and bluntly says "doing that will make us into demons, so no."

The tiny goddess sits like a frog on the ground with a disappointed pout on her face, and says "auu~ But I want to see them doing something. That whole 'sleeping-together' thing was cute until an hour ago. I want to see SWEAT, PANTING, MOANING, and more importantly ****!"

The blushing air-head nods three times, then casually says "I see. So you are already a demon."

Kanako is about the get a house-sized boulder smashed against her nodding head, but the little blonde goddess stops when her eyes aim themselves to the left, and the boulder turns to dust that rains down on Yasaka's head, whom just keeps nodding while humming "mm-hm mm-hm."

Kyo approaches the pair of perverted goddess, wearing a tight green tunic with a chain mail beneath, a pair of tight white pants that show off his toned, muscled legs, and a silly green cap that looks like it belongs to a gnome or elf.

He gives the drooling goddesses a very manly glance downward, and says "I'm looking for a glorious treasure so that I may tease Luna, and save my meals from extinction."

Those two perverts aren't sure why, but they are finding that attire incredibly manly, and begin to swoon like a couple of schoolgirls, cupping their hands together next to their faces, then chibi-neko Ran appears besides them, stares at the manly man, and blushes.

Kyo looks around, gasps when looking toward the lake, then activates his sword and shield, making himself look far too manly to be described, and causes the goddesses and chibi-neko to nosebleed as he points forward with his sword and declares "for Luna's deliciously warm meals!"

As he moves forward, a giant red octopus appears from the right and shoots a stone the manly man blocks with his shield.

He swings his sword while screaming "HYAAAAAAH" and defeats the monster with one swing, takes a long green jewel from the ground, and moves on to face two crocodile ninja humanoids that keep throwing screaming fairies at the hero.

Kyo bounces the fairies back with a swing of his sword while screaming "ZEEEIIIIIIII! Hah! HYAH! KEEEH!", turning the poor little girls into glowing screaming projectiles, and defeats the ninja-crocs with ease.

He finally reaches Ail and Sanae, whom are still sleeping soundly, even after all the screaming and fighting, then reaches for the sleeping maiden, grabs her bikini by the thinner threads, and before the nosebleeding goddesses can complain, he pulls that bikini off with all his might, and lifts it above his head with both hands, where said glorious item floats and rotates over a backlight while a quick fanfare plays.

The perverted goddesses' eyes become white disks, their mouths become catlike, more blood falls out of their noses, then Kyo's shirt rips a bit when he lowers his hands again, said ripping is quickly followed by two thuds.

When Kyo looks over to the goddesses again, he can see chibi-neko Ran still staring at him with that blushing face and bleeding nose, and behind her, between the two goddesses, a large, rotating heart grows from the ground, and the manly man smiles.

He looks back at Sanae, chuckles, and says "those perverts thought she was naked."

She sexy shrine maiden now wears the very same bikini as before, only this one is colored to look exactly like her skin, which, to the untrained eye, would make her look like she's completely naked.

The man in green ignores this, flips a thumb up to his sleeping friend, then walks over to the goddesses, mutters "easies boss battle yet," and pick up the large heart, lifting it above his head, where it spins for a moment before disappearing, and then he glances with disgust at the perverted Kanako and Suwako, sighs, then asks "are they really gods?"

A tiny Sanae with blue cat-like eyes, long flowing green hair, cat ears, a cat's tail, and wearing a tiny version of Sanae's shrine maiden outfit, appears next to chibi-neko Ran, and in an elegant, feminine tone of voice, says "even gods are subjects to the beauty of love and money. It's not really their fault as it is that girl's, for being so desirably beautiful."

"HUN-HUN-HUN," rapidly says chibi Ran while nodding thrice.

Kyo closes his eyes, nods while giving the cat girls a manly nod, then walks away.

Chibi-neko Sanae sighs and says "what a man. He's so~ handsome. I would like nothing more than to squeeze that tight ass with my bare hands."

"HUNHUNHUN" rapidly replies the tiny blonde, multi-tailed cat, with a triple nod.

Midday at the S.S. In Your Face Murasa, and Chiyuri is overlooking the state of her deck, looking quite content toward the massive pot of honey in the center of said bamboo deck.

Said pot has three transparent white tubes that connect to three cannons on the starboard (right) side of the ship, which are currently aimed at the Palanquin.

She claps her hands and rubs them as a malicious grin takes her face, and says "with this honey, I'll knock that Murasa bitch out of the skies, and when she crashes, all the pieces of her stupid ship will get carried off by ants! This is GENIUS!"

Flandre stands to the left of the captain with honeyed lips, salutes the flat-chested blonde, and firmly says "Captain, the cannons are ready to fire. Just waiting for your orders, ma'am!"

The blonde captain twitches, turns to face the blonde vampire, stares at her as though inspecting her thoroughly, then suspiciously says "hmm, wait a moment. You're from the red ship with the stupid name, aren't you?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"What are you doing here, little girl?", asks the suspicious captain.

The cute little girl smiles, dribbling a bit more honey from her mouth and says "I got bored of our ship and decided to jump to this one when I saw the honey, ma'am!"

Chiyuri stares at the new sailor, still suspicious of the girl, then decides to make a quick interview.

She takes a deep breath, and asks "will you follow my every orders?"


"Are you reliable in combat?"


"Did you eat some of the honey?"

"NO, MA'AM!"

"Are you lying to me?"



"Because you're a stupid human, MA'AM!"

Chiyuri stops, rubs her chin while staring suspiciously at Flandre, then smiles and says "fair enough! You're in!"

The cute vampire cheers, then rushes to the canon to the left of Maribel, and declares "let's take those bitches DOWN!"

Maribel and Momiji, who wears a white, furry eye-patch on her left eye, a dirty white vest over a black dress with a flame-red bottom, and a pair of leather brown boots, stare at the little vampire, then the human says "miss, pirate or not, you are still a lady. Please watch your language!"

The cute girl giggles, sticks out her tongue, then the captain wannabe shouts "FIRE!", and all girls pull on their cannon's cords as though being on automatic.

Absolutely nothing happens.

After the embarrassing no-show, Chiyuri furiously stomps on the bamboo under her feet while shouting "WHAT! THE! FUCK! JUST! HAPP! ENED!"

Momiji covers her gasping mouth, Maribel her ears, and Flandre her eyes while still giggling, while the captain continues "that bitch! That suspicious Keine was being FAR too suspicious! ARGH! SHE TRICKED ME! She even guaranteed this would not FAIL! SO WHY DID IT?"

She glares around, then shouts "SPARROW! See if you can see what went wrong!"

The Rabid Karate Night Sparrow tweets once, immediately takes flight into the giant pot of honey, then quickly flies back out with one exceedingly bloated Yumemi, held secure by the belt around her waist, which looks just about ready to burst.

He lets her go, letting her fall on her back on the deck and causing the ship to tumble and tremble, then tweets again and flies back toward the shadows, where he disappears as mysteriously as he appeared.

The redhead moans contently, sighs with a smile as she rubs her bouncing belly, and sexily whispers "I'm so~ sexy~. I'll get him for the ball this time.

Chiyuri screeches furiously, then exclaims "OKAZAKI, YOU BIIIIIITCH! WHY DID YOU SABOTAGE ME! This is all WILLIE'S DOING, isn't it! ?"

The round and content redhead sighs contently, then softly says "ah, honey is so unisex. Mmmm~"

Chibi-neko Damien and Unzan appear at the lower-left corner of the scene and give a manly thumbs up, then disappear without a trace.

The twin-tailed blonde's eyes become two tiny black beads as she stares at the content woman, then cries "godsdammit Willie G.R.! Why can't you give me a break?"

A tiny cat-like Yumemi, with large red cat-like eyes, red cat ears, long red hair made into a large braid, wearing a white sweater with a long red skirt and black boots, jumps out of the pot, runs to, grabs and lifts the real Yumemi with ease, then says "don't worry, don't worry! The show is still on! Just shoot and have faith, nya!"

With that, the cat zips away with her giant baggage, totally ignored by the girls on board, then Chiyuri gives the words of wisdom quite a lot of thought.

She punches her chest, lifts her fist to the air, and shouts "YOU HEARD HER GIRLS! FIRE WITH FAITH!"

Flandre grabs her cannon and shouts "KA-BOOM!", Maribel grabs her cannon and sweetly says "faith canons ready," then grows a pair of cat ears, and Momiji stands by her canon, grabs the cord without really wanting to, rubs her right temple, sighs, then asks herself "why am I even here?"


The captain's powerful command issues her subordinates to pull those cords, then the entire sky is taken over by multi-colored lights and a massive mushroom cloud the size of a skyscraper.

At the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, at the Unknown Store of the Mysterious Rabbit Saleswoman that says her name is Tia, even though we all know she's Reisen with a yellow plaid scarf around her face, looks outside the store, salutes, and says to herself "faithful shots like that can only come from strong commands."

She turns around to face her desk, flips a thumb up at chibi-neko Sanae, and says "such is the way of life of those at sea!"

The cat girl purrs, and in a sexy tone of voice, replies "ah, the pursuit of love goes far beyond the shores of society. And what's a few gold coins taken along the way? It's all part of the plan of pleasures."

The rabbit's cheeks turn red, and as her thumbs-up shakes, she pants and says "let's go to bed now."

The cat girl looks away to a magazine that magically appears to her right, and says "I'm not that kind of pervert, darling."

Reisen laughs as she points her glowing finger at the cat, but before the shot is shot, the door to her store opens, and she immediately turns around to greet the customer with her sweetest smiling face.

"Welcome. Please feel free to browse. Don't be shy and call if you need any... hubba-hubba!"

Both chibi-neko Sanae's and Reisen's hearts jump right out of their chests, their faces turn pink, their eyes become pink hearts, and in a more seductive tone, the rabbit girl says "please, call me for anything you may need, sir."

Kyo now wears a red body suit that clings to his perfectly toned body, with a plated silver armor on his chest, crotch, arms, calves, feet and around his forehead, has a knife, an axe, holy water, and a cross on the left of his manly black belt, and a coiled whip on the right.

He glances around, ignores the swooning girls in front, and when he fails to find the items he needs, in a manly tone he says "good day mysterious lady whom I don't know and strange, sexy cat girl. I'm looking for a fairy in a bottle, the rib of a vampire, and canned tarantula legs. Would you happen to have any?"

Both girls leave an afterimage that turns to dust after a few seconds, surprising Kyo into a quick gasp, but then he smiles when he reads a note found on his hand that says "just checking the stock. Please wait."

He decides to look around the store, and as he stares at a cup with drawings of rabbits with clown noses on a table, he ignores Sunny Milk as she cries "hey, what the hell are you doing? N-no. N-Noooooo! That's too tight! AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!"

The boy, then, takes notice of a stack of magazines with swords, canons, shields, and other odd and rare items on it.

As he flips pages, he hums and says to himself "ah, seems I can order these things at this store and pick them up when they arrive. Sweet."

As he browses the pages, he fails to hear when Remilia screams out loud "hey, get the hell away from me! Sakuya! Sakuyaaaa! *CRACK* AAAAARRRRRRGH!"

The manly man in tights moves to the left side of the store, where many chromed shields hang on the wall, one particularly strange one, made to look blue with three golden triangles, above them, a sort of silver eagle in the middle, and a weird-looking red eye with wings above both.

"Hmm, what a shield. Out of this world."

As he says this, he ignores Yamame's cries of help from the entrance.

"Kyo! Kyo, please, these insane women are after my-"

She turns around and gasps, closes the door to run away, while shouting "no, please! Don't pull! That's gonna hu-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

The boy finally takes notice of the scream, though too late, and lifts his head up in hopes of catching up to its location, but shrugs after realizing that whomever screamed will not scream again, so it musn't be important.

When he turns his attention back into the store, Reisen and chibi-neko Sanae are back inside with the requested items on the counter, and both girls wearing little clothing.

The little cat girl, a metallic-green bikini that matches her hair, and the rabbit, a tight, stretchy suit with an overly exposed chest an belly, which does little to cover her glorious mountains, though both are destroying the charm they are trying to force by leaning forward and holding their knees while panting out of breath in a desperate attempt to regain some oxygen.

Before Kyo can ask, Reisen smacks her lips and says "how lucky! We had one of each item left in stock!"

The tiny cat girl pants one last time, clicks on the cash register's buttons, then softly asks "well that be cash, a check, or your perfectly tight butt?"

"ARGH! You idiot, you blew it!" shouts Reisen, whom shakes her fists in the air, causing her womanly features to jiggle and bounce, while shouting "besides, I saw him first, so he's MINE!"

The little cat girl bares the claws on her right paw, and with her suave voice and womanly tone, says "the path of love is filled with endless battles!", then a glint escapes her right eye after that threat.

Before long, the two girls jump at each other and grasp each other by the cheeks, and the rabbit threatens "I'll skin you alive and hang you over my bed!"

The cat-girl threatens "I'll be eating Udonge soup long before you can even dream such a thing!"

Kyo stares flatly at the girls, takes his mighty whip on hand, cracks it twice in complete silence, then coils it up and hangs it by the belt again.

The girls seem to have popped out of thin air, and each left a floating heart where they once were, so the boy goes over and picks up the hearts, which make a funny tweeting sound upon him touching them.

He then picks up his items, which, for some odd reason, add high numbers to his overall score, pulls a sack with many gold coins, leaves half of them on the counter, and with a smile on his face, he says "thanks ladies. Please be good now."

The two girls moan as they push their heavy and limp bodies off the floor, then the ground starts to rumble, and very suddenly, a giant, cylindrical, metallic-colored drill breaks through the floor inside the store, lands on its base, crushing a few displays beneath itself, then the door opens up, and from inside, Futo cheers "come hero! I have located the treasure! We can still partake of the net yet!"

Kyo smiles, turns around, salutes the near-dead girls, then jumps inside the drill, the door closes up, and the machine jumps once, dives a few inches forward, and breaks another hole as it digs its way down from whence it came.

Reisen moans in pain, then says "damned hormones."

Chibi-neko Sanae sighs, then says "at least he left the money."

Meanwhile, at the eastern side of the Human Village, a door opens on the trunk of a large tree, then Miko walks out of it with an annoyed look on her face, wearing her usual purple dress with black frills, those elaborate golden sandals, socks, but is missing her usual white ceremonial-like vest.

She shuts the door behind herself, then looks to the sky, muttering "blowing people up while they meditate... grumble-grumble. I'll show them... grumble. They could have hit a human!"

When she fails to find the disintegrated ships, she sighs with annoyance and starts looking around her immediate surroundings.

After her sight returns to the original spot, she gulps after coming across the chibi-nekos Ran, Miko, Damien, Sanae and Yumemi, who stand beside the jagged-tooth, crescent grinning Chen, who looks at Miko straight in the eyes and asks "hey there lady, what'cha looking for?"

The saint narrows her eyes while looking at the nekomata, then points at her while saying "sorry little girl, I don't have milk, and I don't plan on hiding you either, now please, go somewhere else with your tiny cat friends and hide. I have flying ships to bring down."

She suddenly points at her clone chibi-neko with both hands while bending sideways with a terrorized expression in her eyes, which happen to be taken over by a blue shadow around the skin, and screams "AND WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE MEEEEEE?"

The little cat thrusts a fish on the prince's closest finger, and says "nyan~ You should really do something about that hair in your armpits. Is unsightly with sleeveless dresses."

The horn-haired girl yelps, jumps behind a tree, where she seems to be doing something really fast, then jumps back out with freshly shaved pits, points at her neko self, and shouts "you are an EVIL SAVIOR!"

The green haired cat girl moans seductively as her eyes become two thin horizontal lines, and with her soft womanly voice, she says "ah, that's much better. With a gorgeous body like yours, you should be able to reel in all the men *sigh*. I really envy you."


Chen's evil grin vanishes, replaced by a disgusted look of anger, and after clicking her tongue, she says "alright, this one ain't going to help us. Let's move!"

Before Miko has a chance to complain some more, all the cats are gone, and Ran quickly reaches her, stands in front of the woman, and after panting a bit, asks "excuse me, did you happen to see a little nekomata with some tiny cats pass by around here?"

The headphones girl stares at the kitsune, smiles, points to her right, and a diamond-plated washtub falls on her head, knocking her out for a moment.

The nine-tailed fox yelps with fright and helps the saint back up, asking "are you alright?", helping that girl by rubbing that bump on her head and soothing the pain with magic.

Miko winces for a bit, then nods and says "yeah, I'm fine," then suddenly roars and asks "why the hell do I keep getting pummeled by so many misfortunes?"

A wave of water suddenly sweeps the girls off their feet, and now accompany the screaming Orange and Kyouko with screams of their own, while said wave continues on its way toward an unknown destination.

"WHAT THE HEEEEEEELLLL? WHY A WAAAAAAVE?", screams the desperate Miko, to which the ornage-haired girl cries "it's all Willie G.R.'s fault! He is EVIL!"

Kyouko manages to spit the water in her mouth, and cries "he's been picking on us for a while! He even picked on your friend on the last chapter!"

Ran somehow manages to stay from being swept around all over by the watery wave, and cries "girls, now it's not the time. We need to get out of here!"

A perfectly square hole opens up on the ground, then the wave shoots up to the sky, where it disappears with the girls behind the clouds.

On a nearby tree, Tojiko sits between chibi-nekos Ran and Yumemi, holding a remote control on her hand, and snickering sinisterly before saying "I've never played with something so fun before. You girls are the best."

"HUN-HUN-HUN," says the multi-tailed cat, while the red-haired cat smiles and says "maybe next time you'll come to our house at the mountain."

A girl with blue eyes and matching hair made into Chinese loops, wearing a sky-blue flowery sleeveless jacket over a light-blue dress and blue slippers, screams as she torpedoes her way to the trio on the tree.

The impact causes an explosion that sends everyone flying into separate directions, but even so, the chibi Ran can be heard saying "HUN-HUN-HUN," while possibly nodding.

Meanwhile, back at the sky, where all four ships are back in the air, looking as though nothing ever really happened (again), Damien lands on the Scarlet Demon Ark's deck to continue his endless search for Ail.

He walks to the center of the ark, looks around, then suddenly closes his eyes and clenches his fist tight as he lifts it next to his heart, and thinks back to when he was walking through a snowstorm, fainting in the middle of a desert, fighting off giant crocodiles to get to the Holy Grail, and even mashing a pervert adult man into puree in the alley of a very large city.

As he thinks back on these images that definitely have nothing to do with Gensokyo, or Ail, he thinks "so many trials and hardships. So many sick bastards dealt with. So much! TOO MUCH! AIL! ...I will find you, and when I do, I'll..."

His train of thought stops completely, as he opens his eyes and rubs his chin in deep though, and mumbles to himself "wait, why was I even after him in the first place? ...Huh?"

His eyes turn to the dark, open entrance to the ark's insides, and turn red when the veins around them pump up as terror fills his face, for a very good reason, and before long, he takes off running and jumps off the deck before it is too late.

Only seconds later, a pink, a white, and a red blur chase after him as Remilia's voice echoes "WHAT A MAN!"

We rewind for a bit, and pause right after Damien escapes, in order to reveal Remilia, Chiyuri and Flandre, all with their mouths wide open, their eyes shaped like hearts, and their tongues hanging out with excessive drool, chasing after the boy in black; all with very evident, lustful intents.

Let's now move on to when Patchouli walks out of the ark, coughing as a pink cloud with heart-shaped bubbles fizzle above her head, then she looks flatly forward and softly says "it appears the love potion was too strong."

"You THINK?", asks a very, VERY manly voice from her right.

The purple bean sprout glances over to her right and says "well, that's why we experiment... Kyo-akuma."

Kyo stands beside the witch, wearing Koakuma's outfit, even though it's tearing up due to his muscles being too big.

He glances to his left at the cute witch, and says "you don't really care anyway. You're a pretty evil bitch, Lady Patchouli."

The secretly-sexy girl stares at the manly assistant directly, then asks "weren't you wearing a green tunic earlier? And what happened to that quest of yours? And I do hope you returned those tights..."

The man's eyes narrow as he sighs, and says "Luna hated the fact that the bikini was already worn, so now I'm just hiding for dear life."

Patchouli stares toward the sky, sighs, then Kyo asks "wait, before the punch-line, why isn't Sakuya chasing after Damien?"

The magic woman turns around, then casually says "because she's already rubbing herself against your right bicep."

And true enough, Sakuya moans contently as she clings to the unamused man's arm, rubbing her face against that bicep quite happily, and taking deep, romantic breathes with every slow blink of the eyes.

Kyo stares nonchalantly at the elegance-break maid, shrugs, turns around to follow after Patchouli, and says "whatever. Time to clean your mess, Lady Patchouli."

Said girl scoffs, then says "don't act so cool. You know you're liking this."

After a few seconds of silence, the man's voice echoes lightly when he says "not a word about this to Luna."

Back at the main event, Damien runs as if the devil himself was after him with a holy trident on one hand, and demonic lance on the other.

He turns around and shoots three purple and black fireballs, and shouts "ISHTAMBERIO! (Not a clue what he said) YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME!"

Remilia easily cancels the shots with her wings, and screams "I just want to bond with you, eternally!"

Flandre reaches for him, even though he's still six feet in front of them, and screams "nii-kun, don't run! I just wanna play house with you!"

Chiyuri drools as she cackles like a maniac, and bluntly shouts "come on, let me show you what a woman I REALLY am!"

Aya has joined the race, and with her wings spread and her arm reaching for the man, she squeals "come ooooooonnnn~ Let me interview you! I swear, I'm not wearing any underwear!"

Kana Anaberal, a poltergeist wearing a blue dress under a white apron, a pair of arm gloves, a sunhat with a red ribbon around it on her blonde hair, and having a pair of yellow eyes, swoons while flying beside the tengu, and calls "darling, let me run naked in your dreams! I promise I'll make you feel wonderful!"

The dark gynophobiac turns around to shoot more fireballs, and shouts "WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP MULTIPLYING! ? GO AWAY ALREADY! EH?"

He notices the pink cloud with pink heart-shaped bubbles spreading around those girls in a wide ranged area, face palms hard, then mutters "of all the damned luck! And HOW MANY GIRLS ARE THERE HERE?"

When he says this, Momiji, Suwako, Futo, Ichirin, Renko, Marisa, Hina, and even a small group of Kappa led by Nitori join the chase, and there are sure to be more girls to come.

When he notices the number of girls adding themselves to the chase, his face turns blue, his nose starts to drip mucus as tears roll down his cheeks, and in a sudden burst of pure power, the runs faster and faster, until his leg gets caught, and is forced to stop stiff on his tracks.

The boy looks down to find Yoshika rising from beneath the earth, smiling at him as she blushes and says "come down here so I can give you a MASSAGE! It's to die for."

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH," screams the desperate boy, who looks back at the pack of girls (Seiga, Byakuren, Sanae, and even Minoriko included now), whom are somehow yet to reach him.

They all drool as they aim their heart-shaped eyes at him, and ready their hands to grasp him tight, then Ail, wearing a long hooded grey robe, and holding a large staff of light taller than himself, jumps between the boy and the hungry girls.

He looks back at the Dark Lord with a stern gaze and says "fly, you fool," then turns around, strikes hard on the ground with his staff, and shouts with all his might "YOU! SHALL NOT! *CRASH* WAAAHHHHHH!"

*Sigh* As expected, the girls simply crash through the boy and send him flying against his will to who knows where.

Very suddenly, Sanae blasts herself out from the group after Ail, shouting "HE'S MINE! MIIIINEEE!" and proceeds to catch him in the air, holds him princess-style, giggling while drooling with anticipation, and having her cheeks turning red as she looks at him with hungry eyes, and the boy, knowing where this is going, holds her around the neck to rub his cheeks against hers, saying "oh, I like where THIS is going," then both kiss on the lips with glee.

Back on the ground, Ail may have failed saving Damien, but he did buy the Makaian Lord enough time to free himself form Yoshika, and is now, once more, running as though his life were on the line.

Yuyuko, Yukari, Orange, and Kyouko have joined the perverted race for a piece of the dark, terrified boy, who turns around to shoot several dark fireballs, then the cabinet falls right on top of him, crushing him under its weight after a death-yelp from the poor boy.

The girls all stop to stare at the evil furniture, Remilia spreads her wings and hands to push the other girls back, and nervously says "g-girls, stand back. That thing is EVIL!"

The cabinet's double doors burst open with a bang, then a giant lilac semi-transparent tentacle monster without a face, bursts halfway through that opening, crying with a deep and monstrous voice "no more! PLEASE NO MORE! You girls! I beg of you, help me PLEASE!"

Before any of the many girls can respond, they all twitch and yelp when Koakuma pokes half of her semi-naked body out of the cabinet, shining so brightly she almost blinds Hina and Yuyuko, grabs the monster with a very naughty smile on her face, and starts pulling him back while cooing "nah-ah-ah~ I'm still not done with you. Come on~ Round ninety-eight is up."

The monster grips a patch of grass to try and pull himself free from the lusty little devil, but that expectedly fails miserably and he screams "no, please, NO! AAARRRRGH! SAVE MEEEEEE!"

The cabinet's doors close up the moment Koakuma and the monster are back inside, the cabinet itself starts to vanish as the sounds of thumping and screams start within, and after it's gone, it's revealed that Damien has been buried underground.

Flandre turns to look at the other girls, scratches her head, and says "dammit, I'm still hot, but that just creped me out. I'm so confused."

Seiga sighs, smiles, gets closer to the vampire, then says "maybe you should all convert to Taoism. That's a very good idea right now."

Before Remilia can complain, Ail's stalled spell activates, the ground crumbles beneath the girls, and all plummet down to the darkness of the unknown.

Satori gags and chokes as she tries to form words, but is currently in such a state of shock, she can only stare on, though her eyes seem to have disappeared from her face, and have been replaced by a dark blue shadow.

She stops shaking, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, releases the held breath, then says to herself "no. Satori, calm down. You are just imagining things again. Yes, this is what it is."

Remilia, who landed on her stomach on top of a thorny rose bush, angrily looks up at the mind-reader in front, and demands "HEY! Don't just ignore us, dammit! HELP US!"

Satori turns around, repeating "it's not real," while girls keep raining down on her backyard, Hina smashing through the palace's roof and landing somewhere where Koishi happily says "alright, a bed mate!"

Later that day, a small rowboat flies over the Human Village, earning itself a few curious murmurs form the villagers, whom fail to notice the chibi-nekos looting one house after another.

They even fail to notice when the tiny cat-like Ran says "HUN-HUN-HUN," while nodding fast after getting a thumbs up from chibi-neko Damien, whom has just looted a bottle of sake from under Luna River's very nose.

But anyway, back to the boat, Yumeko, who blushes brightly as she wears a tight red leotard with bare legs and arms, a pair of white kneepads with matching sneakers, for some odd reason, a pair of goggles over her yellow eyes, and has her long curvy blonde hair in a ponytail, rows the little flying boat while asking "are you certain this is how pirates dress, Lady Shinki?"

The goddess of Makai is currently on the edge of the small boat, wearing a wine, high-cut, bare legs and arms leotard with a brown kneepad and matching knee-high cross-laced boots, a pair of tight white bike shorts, a cute pink sweatband around her head, and wears her light-blue hair as she always does; with a side-ponytail held by red bobbles.

She opens her sky-blue eyes after done looking through her telescope, looks back at her sexy maid with a goofy smile, and says "don't worry about it! You breasts and curves are just perfect, so even if these aren't pirate outfits, you still look good," then flips her thumb while cutely sticking out her tongue.

Yumeko stops rowing and looks down to the wooden boards to hide her embarrassed blush, and looks at how tight her outfit it, how it hugs all her features, making her womanhood accent twice as normal, then, like a flash, it suddenly hits her, and hard.

She gazes upon her goddess and sees the glory of her amazingly perfect womanly figure being squeezed by that wonderful attire, making her features accent twice over, and then she locks her eyes on Shinki's breasts, and blood bursts out her nose.

Shinki's face twists with concern upon seeing that blood gushing at such an alarming rate, and bends over to her daughter, and asks "Yumeko-chan, what happened? Are you alright sweetheart?"

Doing this gives that happy maid a direct view of those gorgeous breasts under that lovely attire, and before she knows it, she's knocked unconscious on the tiny boat with a happy smile on her bloody face.

"Yu-Yumeko? Yumeko-chan, speak to me!", cries out the worried woman, while shaking her girl's body and holding her by the shoulders, then takes notice of how soft the blonde's skin really is.

Her face turns pink, she looks around suspiciously, then turns her eyes back to the maid, gulps, grabs the red leotard by the shoulder straps, pulls, then stops when she looks to the back of the ship, and panics.

Reimu stands right behind the blissfully knocked maid, wearing a cute yellow scarf around her neck, and smiling at the perverted goddess, apparently not realizing what almost happened there.

"Ah, Re-Reimu! Hahahah! Fancy meeting you here!" nervously says Shinki after letting the blonde go and placing her hands behind her head to feign innocence.

The cute shrine maiden smiles, opens her mouth, waves her hands, then points at the blonde with a more worried face one her.

Shinki sighs, gulps down the last bit of lust in her, then says "I'm not sure what happened to her. I think she's just a little too hot. Maybe she only needs some fresh water."

The black-haired girl smiles, grabs Yumeko under the armpits, lifts her up, then a waterfall falls on the happily unconscious maid, making her yelp and splutter while flailing her limbs around.

The water stops, the sexy, wet, leotard-clad maid stands on her own feet, and furiously flails her arms around while shouting "what the hell? What the hell was THAT? Is this author really that perverted as to wanting to see my slippery skin all wet and glistening while in this EMBARRASSING outfit? I'll kill him!"

Shinki grabs her daughter by the back of her sexy neck, smiles sweetly as she gets closer to the girl's ear, and sweetly says "Yumeko, sweetie, you are saying a little bit too much."

The sexy wet blonde shivers and stammers with fright, and as soon as her mother stands back, she sighs with relief, then sadly says "yes Shinki-sama. I'm sorry, I spoke out of line."

The Makaian goddess sighs, pats her child on the head, then looks to Reimu and says "alright Miss Reimu, I know you helped us, but we are pirates too, and we are going to board your ship now! Prepare your- Huh?"

She suddenly realizes the shrine maiden isn't there, and instead sees Flandre riding her red UFO while smiling and waving back at the intruding girls.

Shinki and Yumeko smile nervously as they hesitantly wave back, then the goddess giggles and asks "wh-what is it, little vampire?"

Both Makaians gasp when the blonde vampire's grin becomes crescent with jagged teeth, then Chen reveals herself with an equally evil face, and just as the intruders scream "CHENSAWWWW", the evil nekomata has rushed all over the little boat like a blur, and has turned it into several wooden figures of herself with a saw-sword.

The goddess and maid look at each other, the latter says "such a predictable outcome from this author," the former smacks her daughter on the head and says "just say something like 'it's all within my calculations', or I'll punish you," and just like that both girls fall, screaming until they make a splash.

Chen and Flandre smile with glee while looking down at the girls, then both stop smiling and raise an eyebrow when Shinki and Yumeko begin shouting "Lady Shinki, what the hell is this?"

"Yumeko-chan... RUN!"

"WAAAAAAH? A shark! There's a shark here! WAAAAAHHH!"

"Just shut up and RUN SWEETIE!"

"Don't you mean swim, mama?"




The cat and the vampire look at each other, share no words, shrug, then continue on their little joy-ride over Gensokyo, completely ignoring the girls screaming for their lives.

Later that afternoon, at the Palanquin, Minamitsu is pacing back and forth, glancing worriedly all around herself while sweating nervously and muttering quick, unintelligible words.

Miko, who happens to be tied up to a chair, next to the rudder, sighs and says "look, keeping me here won't save you from whatever calamity is befalling our peace!"

Orange pokes her head out of a trap door in front of the saint, wearing a camouflage hardhat and a happy smile, and says "that's right! Willie's evil wrath will drop on us like lead underwater... Whatever that means."

The captain stomps her foot to get the full attention of the two girls, and loudly says "you don't understand! It's noon! The ships are still flying... somehow. We haven't crashed yet, and there's no signs of that happening soon. I'm... I'm afraid of what might happen if this goes on as it is!"

A drop of sweat rolls down the captive girl-prince's forehead, but before she can say her piece, Kyouko peeks her head from the left side of the scene, and asks "so you're worried about the ships not crashing?"

Minamitsu nods and says "aye. I feel very unsafe. Like something's gonna happen soon, and I won't be able to stop it."

Chiyuri lands on the REAL captain's head with enough force to push her through the wooden floor, and loudly says "NOT TO WORRY~! Just make Willie G.R. think you are content, and he'll make sure your happiness is all gone!"

Murasa pokes her head off the hole on the floor, glares murderously at the flat-chested blonde, and suspiciously asks "content, huh?", then monotonously says "erm, I'm quite happy because my ship is in one piece..."

Kyouko jumps in the middle of the scene, taking up more space than she should, and loudly says "I'll take care of that! LUNA-CHAAAAAAAAN~"

The black-haired captain stares in disbelief at the yamabiko, and says "hey, aren't you a little too big. Wait, this is the same thing some doujin artist did already. (Bomber Grape)

Luna Child appears on the deck of the ship, wearing a yellow hardhat, her usual long dress with the black ribbons, and wearing that acorn-shaped mouth of hers as cutely as ever, as she bows with an expressionless face at Murasa.

A mountain of lit explosives in barrels, sticks, and round bombs drop in a messy pile behind the fairy, making absolutely no noise, then said fairy girl bows again, and flies away to do whatever it is she plans on doing next.

The oversized Kyouko waves at the fairy and shouts "THAAAAAANKS" while the freed Miko and Orange push her ankle away while the saint grunts "hey, you're taking up the whole darned scene!"

Meanwhile, Minamitsu panics when she sees the ludicrous amount of explosives on the deck of her ship, laughs while pointing at them, but when, instead of panicking along, Byakuren, Orange, Miko and Meiling set up a picnic mat and start playing cards, she laughs harder while tears roll down her cheeks, and shouts "STUPIDLY RIDICULOUS!"

She rushes to the bombs, starts patting and blowing on the lit lines, and screams "come on! Somebody come and help me! HEEEEEYYYYY! HELP MEEEEE!"

At the picnic mat, Byakuren places a finger on her lower lip, looks up at the sky, as though in thought, not looking to her left so see Mini-chan waving desperately before going back to douse the bombs, and says "you know, I thought I heard something just now."

Kyouko giggles and says "must be your imagination, Hijiri-sama."

Miko and Meiling look at bit annoyed at the yamabiko's large leg going between them, almost knocking their drinks, while Orange is punching the shoe's sole and angrily muttering "dammit. Grow down already!"

Captain Murasa starts to laugh when she realizes her screaming isn't working, jumps on the ship's portside (left) rails, then jumps off while laughing "hahahaha~ I'm not gonna blow up with my ship, you no-good author!"

Now, Captain Minamitsu Murasa finds herself tied against a large red barrel with a large white skull drawn on it, and even with her youkai strength, she is unable to break free to save herself from the messy bombs pile.

Chiyuri walks over with a smug face, points at the Captain on the nose, and smugly says "I told you. Willie G.R. will make your life hell."

Meanwhile, below the ships, Ran is walking behind her multi-tailed, chibi-neko self, sighing with relief and saying "you don't know how relieved I am. I've been looking for Chen all day. Ah, but now you'll lead me to her, and we can go home to eat."

"HUNHUNHUN," replies the rapidly nodding cat girl.

The sexy, nine-tailed youkai scratches her left temple while staring at her tiny self and asks "say, have we met before?"

The cat girl shakes her head three times, then Ran asks "I see. Hmm, I wonder if Chen is wearing her underwear today?"

"HUN-HUN-HUN," replies the blonde chibi-neko, to which the blonde fox girl sighs with relief, and says "that's good. At least I know she's being good."


The explosion from the Palanquin causes an earthquake that knocks the two girls off their feet and on their seats, then Ran look up and asks "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT?"

She and her tiny counterpart watch as the Palanquin crashes against the S.S. In Your Face Murasa, which twirls in the air until it crashes against the Unnamed Ghost Ship, which suddenly dives and crashes against the Scarlet Demon Ark.

They are not sure, but they swear they can see a small rowboat getting mixed in the crash, but ignore it and the two girls screaming as they fall from it, and look at each other.

The fox girl smiles and asks "should we run?", to which the cat girl lifts her head up, and a ship crushes them both under its weight, long before the girls on said ship reach the ground.

Byakuren, Miko, Meiling, Orange, and even the oversized Kyouko, land softly on the ground, as if nothing ever really happened, when wave at the grey flying spaceship with the orange fox youkai inside, who happens to have saved them all from a painful fate.

After he takes off, a golden pyramid falls on the ground, shatters into eight pieces, then tiny octopuses, odd-shaped goblins, and a rat with a bomb, come and pick up the pieces before scattering away.

That very second, the green-clad Kyo lands on his feet, losing four hearts after landing so harshly, but after the pained grunt, he springs back on his feet and shouts "GIVE ME BACK THAT ***ORCE!"

After the manly man scatters away, Yuyuko, Remilia, Flandre, Chen, Minamitsu, Chiyuri, and Marisa, rain down to the ground, landing hard, but surviving the painful crash, then Futo, whom appears from the right of the scene, points up and exclaims "Ooh~ what a beautiful sight!"

On the skies above Gensokyo, where the four ships (and rowboat) were, just a few seconds before, Suwako stands bravely on her feet, with no ground underneath her, as she falls alongside the ship's debris, and the glaring tiny Byakuren.

"NYAN~! Somebody help me!" screams chibi-neko Yumemi as she falls alongside chibi-neko Damien, whom in a suave and manly voice says "the beauty of explosions can only be admired with a warm cup of sake."

Chibi-neko Sanae falls on little Byakuren's shoulder, glomps the little girl from behind, and starts to rub her cheeks against her while saying with her suave, excited, womanly voice "so CUUUUUUTE! What an adorable little child! I want to hold you forever!"

Ignoring the lolicon cat, the little Byakuren points at Suwako, and demands "this is the last time you get in my way. Give me the staff so that I may rule Gensokyo. If you do, I'll let you rule the Youkai Mountain, as it should have been from the start."

Dramatic music plays on the background as the girls exchange glares, the scenery rewinds just before they reach the top of the trees so that it all looks more dramatic for longer, then the goddess lifts a aquamarine staff with a net-like, silver orb on the tip that emanates a faint blue glow, and says "up yours, you evil monster."

She lifts the staff up to the air, and loudly declares "I HAVE THE POWEEEEEEER!"

A bright blue bolt of lightning strikes the staff, shocking kero-chan to a crisp, and somehow linking straight to little Byakuren and the chibi-neko Sanae, and then... it all turns white.

When Suwako's eyes adjust, and the light dims down, she finds herself squatting on a hard floor made of linked brown blocks that have a sort-of mat-like grass on top, clouds with faces, Tenshis on cloud-shaped keystones, and many miniature Genjiis walking around.

"Kero-kero-kero" she says as she hops forward until she comes across a yellow block with an orange question mark that pulsates and dims constantly.

She frowns at the sight, look toward nowhere in particular, kicks this brown mushroom-like creature with legs before it gets too close to her, and says "oi, Willie, I know those people reading this odd story like this kind of thing, but you don't have the time or text space for this, so why don't we move along."

Since I like kero-chan so much, a large green pipe rises from the floor in front of her, which somehow doesn't even affect the terrain in the slightest, and when fully revealed, the numbers and letters "WORLD 8-4 RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BITCH" appear in white and black above the pipe's opening.

Suwako smiles, happily says "thanks dude. Now I won't tell the readers your secretly a real pervert," then jumps inside before I decide to crush her cute face with a washtub.

Gah, I wouldn't do that to her. I'd let SANAE do that to her.

Anyways, moving along, the pipe leads the blonde goddess right in front of a narrow bridge, where little Byakuren is waiting for her, sitting next to a glowing axe with chibi-neko Sanae still clinging on her back and saying a sexy "nyan-mmm~"

"Quit it, you pervert!" demands the little girl, before standing up and angrily saying "you finally show up! DAMMIT! What did you do, take all the worlds on without using warp pipes?"

A red vein pulsates on Suwako's forehead, she smirks mischievously, lifts her hand, points her finger in the shape of a gun, then a giant fireball flies out of that tiny finger, and all the screaming little girl can do is grab the cat and place it in front of herself like a shield, and shout "NEKO SHIELD X2, FIRE ELEMENTAL!"


The cat girl ignites, her body becomes as black as charcoal, and when the fire settles down, the poor chibi can only sigh "nyaaannn" with relief, while the little Byakuren sighs and says "oh, whatever. Come on, I'm hungry. Besides, Sanae is at another castle with Ail, and they're not coming out yet."


Suwako's sudden shock stops her heart from beating long enough for her to shrink to a tiny version of herself, before flipping over and falling through the world's floor with an exasperated expression.

The tiny girl walks over, still holding the crispy cat by the back of the neck, looks at the tiles the goddess went through, knocks on them to test them, then says "to think I was just teasing. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I get some vid-"

The entire castle explodes when a powerful, bright, yellow ball of light with a white center reaches the little girl and touches her skin.

Outside what USED to be a pixilated castle, Ail, Sanae and Budou hover as they glare darkly at the brown debris, then the boy says "damned perverts are everywhere."

"No privacy at all. Seriously, what's their problem?" comments the agitated shrine maiden.

"Don't worry papa and mama. I will make the bad guys go boom for you," adds the little bat, in a cold tone of voice that frightens the two love birds into a tight, terrified hug.

Later, when the sky has turned golden orange, Damien steps toward the Myouren Temple, determined to find Ail, and stops when halfway through said temple's grounds.

He stops, looks toward the building, takes in as much air as he can, and shouts "AIL, I TOUCHED YOUR GIRLFRIEND! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?"

He waits and sees if there's some sort of reaction from within, but the only reaction is a few curious faces looking out the lit windows.

The dark boy clicks his tongue, and whispers to himself "not here either. Where the hell is that damned bastard? Grah! And the portal back home should open soon too. What a waste of a day!"

The boy twitches, freezes in place, chokes on his tongue, and all because there is a heated little devil in very seductive red underwear clinging on his back, cooing and giggling as she rubs his stiff shoulder with her soft hands.

Koakuma puts her face closer to the boy's ear, then seductively whispers "hey handsome. Why don't you forget about Ail and come with me. I even promise to play nice and be gentle."

Damien jumps, ducks, and rolls away from the lusty devil girl, but doing so has sealed his fate.

When he recovers and looks around, girls start to moan as they slowly rise from the ground, from behind the walls, bushes and flowerbeds, all wearing their thinnest, cutest and sexiest pieces of sleep ware they have, and all moaning words of passion and love directed to that boy, whom doesn't realize he's currently emanating a thick cloud of pink with heart-shaped bubbles that has somehow stuck to his body.

Unknown to him, there are three mischievous little fairies flying away with an empty vial, snickering amongst themselves quite contently.

Back at the predicament, it's not until Damien sees Remilia and Flandre literally digging their way from beneath the ground, cooing and moaning at him, that he decides that it is actually a very good idea to RUN LIKE HELL! Especially seeing Satori and Orin close behind the vampires.

He screams like a little girl as he somehow breaks through Murasa, Chiyuri, Marisa, Aya, Momiji and Mima, and makes sure to keep running fast, even after feeling he's far away enough from the girls.

To his dismay, that head start meant nothing, and the girls are now a mere three feet away from reaching the boy, and to add sheer terror to his slight horror, Hina seductively hisses "let me suck that misfortune out of you~"

He speeds up, jumps over Yoshika's hands, and after adding two feet of distance between the girls, he turns around, shoots dark fireballs, and cries "F-O-C-U-S! (Fuck Off Cuz Ur Stupid) Why can't you just leave me alone?"

"Just let my hands do the talking, darling!" exclaims Kanako.

"I cook, clean, do dishes, AND can play the good wife!" exclaims Ichirin.

"You'll never be hungry with me~" coos Mima.

"You'll never want another woman with ME," demands Koakuma.

"WAIT JUST ONE DAMNED MINUTE!" screams Yukari, stopping the mad, love-hungry girls in their tracks and allowing Damien to escape.

Remilia storms her way to the elder youkai, grabs and pulls her by the black piece of cloth barely covering her chest, and grumbles "you better have a good reason for stopping me like this."

"YEAH!" cheer the other girls, all aiming their fury at the gap youkai.

"You are going to break my shirt and set them free," darkly says the blonde before promptly getting released by the vampire and straightening out.

She smiles, giggles, then says "ladies, we don't need to chase him around. BEHOLD!"

A gap opens up above the group of girls, and poor Damien, whose face shows the terror he's feeling as he falls in the very center of the group of girls, can only allow himself to wait for the inevitable fate.

The girls 'ooh' and clap after the boy falls, then he yelps when all girls jump on him at once and start to giggle and coo.

The chibi-nekos Yumemi, Damien, Miko, Sanae and Ran pass by, then the little Miko casually says "the marvels of lust. Such is the way of the world."

"HUN-HUN-HUN," replies the little Ran with her nods.

"If all the world was like that, there would be no need for wars," smoothly says the little Damien.

"Ah, the world is made out of love and money after all. Ah~" swoons the little Sanae.

"Oh? Look, I found a mushroom. Let's eat!" exclaims the little Yumemi.

"HUN-HUN-HUN!" excitedly exclaims the blonde cat-girl while rapidly nodding.

"Can't run a world on an empty stomach," says the smooth black-haired cat-boy, just before they all disappear from the scene, successfully distracting you all from the sounds those perverted girls were all making while ravaging Damien.

When we focus on them, we realize they are all scattered while looking around, and Yukari has a very frustrated face on as she says to herself "I didn't get to play with him at all..."

Somewhere between dimensions, Damien falls backward with a happy look on his relieved, red face, and laughs as he says "I'm alive! HAHAHAHA! I LIIIIIIIVE! I am free from those girls, at last!"

Back at Gensokyo, the girls approach the blonde sage, and Hina, who wears a frilly dark-red shirt and a pair of thin dark-red panties, asks "um, so now what? We're still hot, and that spell won't wear off until after thirty minutes."

Yukari pauses for a minute, giggles, turns around, then says "come on girls, let's take out this frustration on the author."


The girls start to grin, malice present in all their faces as their teeth turn jagged.

Yukari opens a gap straight here. I am getting scared!

Oh boy, I can feel those cold glares piercing my very soul. Oh shit, there's something black opening behind me!

There's her hand reaching for me as I type, and there's Remilia's, then Chiyuri's, and Orange's, and then-

To be continued (after I'm out of Eientei's intensive care room)...

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Budou, Luna and Agava, as well as the chibi nekos were created by Willie G.R. (The chibis were derived from the anime "Carnival Phantasm")

Damien was created by Hydroviper

All other references belong to their due owners.

FEB 25 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.


This is INSANITY! My brain actually hurts! But that's good. That means I did it right. And for you who are waiting for the crossover, don't get mad XD! I'm actually working on writing out rough drafts of each chapter before beginning to work on them, but don't you dare fret! I'm getting there, and soon you'll see chapters being posted!

Er... hope I didn't damage anybody's brain cells to badly. Take care, and see you next time. And next time, I'll try my best to get even more randomly insane with this XD!