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Chapter 1

Mizuki walked through the front doors of her new school. She arrived a lot earlier than she needed to, but she wanted to make sure she was completely ready. Mizuki walked up to the doors of the front office and stepped inside.

"Hello dear, may I help you?" An elderly woman asked before looking up. Mizuki walked up to the desk and stood before the seated lady. "Wha-," the lady stopped right as she looked up and stared at Mizuki's oddly-colored hair. She gave a disapproving look and her face hardened.

Mizuki fingered her short white hair. "I'm Tsukidosei Mizuki…I'm a transfer student here. I was wondering if I could please get my uniform and class schedule." Mizuki asked politely. The woman got out of her chair and walked over to a closet.

"You look like your size is small. Here's your uniform. Your schedule is right here also." The lady placed Mizuki's schedule on top of her uniform and handed both to her.

"Thank you," Mizuki said, and she walked out the door. Before the door completely closed, she heard the lady say to another co-worker, "I don't know what's up with all of these teenagers these days. Dying their hair crazy colors and all these piercings…First the delinquent with the orange hair, now a girl with white hair…"

Mizuki ignored the comment and went into the bathroom to change into her uniform.

Mizuki walked outside for her endurance run. Since she was originally from a different town, the coach said that she didn't need to participate due to her being new. She told her coach that she was fine and that she would run.

Mizuki walked around outside, looking at all the people that were getting ready to run. She wandered until a shout caught her attention.

"Damn rat! I swear I'll freakin' beat you in this race!" An orange haired boy yelled at another boy. An argument ensued as Mizuki stopped in her tracks. "That must be the kid that the lady was talking about…" Mizuki found herself strangely attracted to him and the other boy he was arguing with. It was almost like she could relate to them; like she could share her secret with them and not be afraid…

Mizuki shook off that feeling and walked towards the starting place of the endurance run. She didn't have time to be thinking crazy ideas.

"Hey, you with the white hair!" Mizuki automatically swung around to look for the person who called her out. It was the boy with orange hair who was yelling earlier.

She looked at him and he scowled at her. "Are you gonna come over here or not?" He asked, sounding slightly annoyed.

Mizuki walked swiftly over to him and the other boy and raised an eyebrow. "Yes?" She asked, starting to become annoyed by this overly-hot-headed boy in front of her. The other boy stepped in front of the angry one, and he smiled at Mizuki.

"Don't mind my cousin, Kyo…He's just a little brash sometimes. I'm Sohma Yuki. And you are?" He asked politely. Mizuki's mood automatically brightened with recognition. "I've heard of your family from mine! I think my family used to visit yours…But anyways, I'm Tsukidorei Mizuki. It's nice you meet you."

Yuki smiled again, and nodded. "I remember. Our family head used to meet with yours. Anyways, I have a question for you, and I mean no disrespect by asking Tsukidorei-san, but why is your hair white?" Yuki asked quietly.

Mizuki faintly remembered her feelings only moments before, but quickly shoved them into the recesses of her mind. "It's uh…hereditary. Some people in my family have been burdened by lack of pigment in the hair…But anyways, it was nice meeting you, Yuki…Kyo." She said as she hurried off to the starting point of the endurance run.

"I think she's hiding something." Kyo said as he crossed his arms. Yuki coughed lightly and nodded. "For once you make sense, stupid Cat."

It had been a while since the Endurance Run began. She was already farther ahead than all the other girls. Mizuki stopped on the street and looked down at the river that ran parallel to the street. Her mint-green eyes caught a glimpse of a person lying in the grass.

"Can't hurt to see who they are…I'm already way ahead of schedule for the endurance run…"Mizuki said to herself as she walked down the hill.

"Hey, are you okay?" Mizuki asked the person who had just sat up. It was a teenaged boy with white hair and grey eyes.

"Do you know of a place called Sohma house?" The boy asked, completely unemotional. Mizuki sat next to him and hummed. "My family knows of them, and I just met two Sohmas…" She told the boy. He nodded and looked towards the street. "He's coming."

The boy walked across the street as Mizuki watched him. He tied a rope to one of the poles and walked back over to Mizuki. She gave him a puzzled look as he knelt down.

Mizuki looked down the street and saw two figures running. As they came closer, she recognized them. It was Yuki and Kyo.

The white-haired boy pulled the rope as Kyo ran in front of him. Kyo tripped and landed on his face. Mizuki ran over to him and knelt beside him. "Hey, are you-" Mizuki began to ask, but she was interrupted.

"What the HELL do you think you're doing? I was winning and everything!" Kyo screamed as he picked himself up from the ground. Mizuki fell back from his outburst, surprised by his sudden flare of anger.

Just as Yuki arrived, the boy questioned Kyo nonchalantly, "If I didn't trip you, you wouldn't have stopped, would you Kyo?"

Yuki looked at the white-haired boy and sighed. "It seems like they just keep popping up," Yuki said. Mizuki looked at him and then looked back at Kyo, who had stood up and was shaking his fist.

"Haru…?" Kyo asked. Haru looked back at Kyo, and then to Yuki. "Shouldn't you be at school?" Yuki asked Haru.

"Well, yeah…I left on Sunday with the intention on arriving, but I was swept away by the dark, urban wilderness. It took me three days to find my way out." Yuki shook his head again and turned to Mizuki.

"Mizuki, this is Sohma Hatsuharu. Haru, this is Tsukidorei Mizuki." Haru approached Mizuki and bowed deeply. "It's my honor to meet you, Tsukidorei-san," Haru said. Mizuki blushed and bowed also. "It's nice to meet you too," She said.