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"Bowl O' nerds is ready!" Misao said in an overly cheery, sing-song voice. Kaoru sighed heavily, looking at her cereal bowl with a lot of rolled papers in it.

"Do I really have to do this?" She asked tiredly. Megumi dragged the bowl closer to Kaoru's lap.

"Come on, either you pick a nerd, or you fail Biology." She urged her. Kaoru bit her lips hesitantly, and then looked at Megumi again.

"Can't you just help me? You're a med student, after all…" She pleaded. Megumi looked at her.

"Do you know how busy a med student is? Stop dawdling and pick your nerd!" She replied fiercely.

"But I want you as my nerd…" Kaoru said, batting her eyelashes mokingly, and Megumi flicked her nose.

"Okay, listen. First, I am NOT a nerd, and I am too busy to help you. Second, you know that if you don't pass Biology, you can't take Psychology, and if you can't take Psychology, you won't have your double major completed. And obviously, we all know you can't pass Biology without any help!" She convinced Kaoru. Kaoru grunted and shook the bowl.

"Fine." She said, before closing her eyes and picked a rolled paper. She gave it to Misao.

"Alright. And your nerd iiiiis… Himura Kenshin!" Misao announced happily. Megumi and Kaoru looked at each other.

"Who the hell is that?" Kaoru asked her. Megumi shrugged.

"How do I know?" She asked back. Kaoru shrugged and looked at Misao. Misao sighed and searched the name through her folder.

"Alright, Himura Kenshin, Engineering student, third year. Just a year higher than us." Misao said while taking out a piece of student information paper and pushing it towards Kaoru. Megumi chuckled.

"How do you get these things anyways?" She asked. Misao winked.

"A few nice words and sweet, innocent smile to the guy in the course management office would do the magic..." Misao replied with a grin. Kaoru shook her head incredulously at the paper.

"He enrolled in both classes of Introductory Biology and Advanced Chemistry class as his elective subjects." She said shortly.

"So?" Megumi looked at her, questioningly. Kaoru frowned.

"Come on, Megumi. He took Biology and Chemistry FOR FUN! No one takes science subject as electives! A normal human being takes Philosophy, or Music, Film or other crap subjects for their elective credits!" Kaoru exclaimed. Misao giggled as her eyes traced down the paper, screening for more information about the nerd.

"Okay. He's a scholarship student too, so he would be friggin' smart." Misao added. Kaoru sighed.

"Can I pick another person?" She asked. Megumi frowned.

"Why? I think he's perfect for you!" Megumi commented. Misao pouted.

"You've promised us that anyone you pick will be the one. Come on, Kaoru! Stay by the rule of the game!" She said.

"I don't know how could you guys make my misery a game... Moreover, he's not from Science faculty, and I don't have money to pay for tutoring fee…" Kaoru replied. Misao snorted.

"You don't have to pay! Listen, nerds are nerds, even though they're as smart as Einstein. They would still be timid, a virgin and unable to refuse a woman. Just tell him you'll return the favour in the most wonderful ways, and then go to bookstore and buy some action manga for them or something…" Misao said. Megumi chuckled.

"Yeah, you're right. I got a lot of helps from my lab partner as well. Show him a little cleavage, and he'll be yours. And it's you, Kaoru. No man is crazy enough to refuse the great Kamiya Kaoru." She said with an evil glint in her eyes. Kaoru frowned.

"If this doesn't work, I'll hunt your head down." She said, exasperated.

"Don't worry. All girls who took double major in journalism and psychology did this before. It's like a ritual. I'm sure even the nerds are waiting for this day every year." Megumi assured her. Kaoru sighed.

"Alright… I'll try." She decided.


This was the first time Kaoru walked around the corridors of the Engineering faculty buildings. Someone told her that this Himura Kenshin guy could only be found in two places if he wasn't attending class. She had gone to the video game room in the college lounge and didn't find him there, so after asking some stuttering, geeky guys inside the game room, she found herself walking around the Engineering complex, trying to find the project hall, where the Engineering students built their Evangelion and Gundam robots or whatever things they were trying to invent.

So far, the building was scarce of people, only a few Engineering students who ogled at her, surprised and awed because of the fact that they actually found Kamiya Kaoru, the campus' princess, walking around the building that most people called "nerdsville" with her usual mini skirt, fashionable top and high heels. Finally, after fifteen minutes of wandering aimlessly, she found a big door with "Project Hall" labeled on it. The room was a little secluded, due to the fact that it was so big that they decided to build it close to the undeveloped land beside the complex.

She knocked the door, but no one answered. She decided to enter the room.

"Wow…" She gasped, amazed at the sight. The project hall was a really big hall with high ceiling and a lot of small windows. It looked a bit dark and old, but Kaoru was a little happy to see different kinds of things in the room. There were a few big tables, filled with plans, blue prints and small parts. Behind those tables, there were big machineries and a few unfinished experiments or projects the Engineering students were doing. In the corner of the room, near a big bookshelf, she saw a few people in the jumpsuit, chattering and eating their bread. Just when Kaoru entered the room, they stopped talking and stared at her. Kaoru pressed her lips together.

"Oh, hey… I'm looking for... uh... Himura Kenshin…" She said. The smaller guy pointed at something that looked like a car without the outer body. She could heart clacking noise from the car, but she couldn't see anyone there. Kaoru frowned, looked at the car, and then looked at the guy, obviously clueless. "Er… Where?" She asked.

"He's under that thing." He said. Kaoru frowned and turned around again, this time she saw a pair of dirty shoes soles popping out from under the car, almost being camouflaged by the same dirty environment it was in. Kaoru thanked them and walked closer to the car.

"Eh… Himura Kenshin-san?" He asked, a little reluctant. The clanking noise under the car stopped. Kaoru waited for two seconds, and when the clanking noise didn't come back, she felt that it was her cue to keep talking. She sat on the floor so that she could see him from under the car, but the big machinery was blocking her sight. She sighed.

"Ano, Himura-san, I need a Biology tutor. If you don't mind, would you tutor me?" She asked, and the clanking started again. She stayed there, not knowing what to do. After a few seconds or so, the clanking stopped again.

"Science and Engineering are not the same, you know." Said the muffled voice under the car. Kaoru bit her lips.

"Yeah, I know that, but… Uh… Those science students are charging money… A lot of money for tutoring fee… And I happen to know that you took Biology as your elective..." She said. She could hear a small chuckle under the car. Different type of clanking started, for a split seconds, and then stopped again.

"You're asking me to tutor you for free?" He asked her. Kaoru gulped. For her charm to work on nerds and geeks, they would have to see her appearance first. She didn't know how to win the guy whose eyes were hidden under a car-like machinery. She inhaled, it was time to say what Misao and Megumi told her to say.

"Well, not for free. I don't have the money, but I can do other stuff for you too… I can return the favour in the most wonderful ways…" She said in the most seductive voice she could pull off. She heard a loud, clumsy thump and a screwdriver slid out from under the car. He cleared his throat.

"Sorry, could you slide the screwdriver back? I still need it." He said, his tone was not as cold as before. Kaoru grinned as she grabbed the screwdriver and slid it back under the car. The small clanking noise started again.

"So? Do you accept? Can you start tutoring me?" She asked. The noise stopped, as if he stopped to think about it.

He grunted and said something, but the sound was muffled that Kaoru couldn't hear it. Kaoru frowned.

"Sorry? I didn't catch that." She said.

He sighed, and then slid out from under the car while taking off his thick, suffocating ski hat. Kaoru's eyes widened.

He didn't look anything like the Engineering nerd she had in mind.

As he stood up, his loose red hair fell nicely on his structured shoulder. His eyes were alluring amber with a contrast, but very vague glint of somber violet that made Kaoru shiver, and his high cheekbones and shapely jaw structure made him looked a little less Japanese. He pulled his long sleeved jumpsuit's zipper down from close to his neck to his stomach, revealing his perfectly chiseled collarbones, chest and abs. He was skinny, but not too skinny, and his muscles were developed well, fitting his lean body. He stepped out of his jumpsuit; apparently he was already wearing a pair of shabby jeans beneath, low enough to show every little yummy things on his torso.

Kaoru bit her lips, a little disoriented. Was he the nerd who supposed to be her tutor? If Megumi and Misao were here, they would have eaten this guy alive!

Kaoru gaped at the brilliant sight as he wiped his face with a small, shabby towel. Then he took his dark blue t shirt from the table, put it on, and sat on the stool nearby casually. His eyes landed on Kaoru, staring at her in a way that made her stomach turned. He then grinned, the amber and violet glints were playing in his eyes, and Kaoru suddenly forgot to breathe.

"When do we start?"