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As I stepped off the elevator onto the 70th floor I looked around and noticed that something was different this morning. Maybe it was just my paranoia kicking in, after all I was Edward fucking Cullen, the baddest fucking mafia boss out there, what can I say? Women threw themselves at me and many men were out to get me, but I wouldn't worry so much about the men seeing as how they were to pussy to actually do anything in retaliation.

I took a second glance around to see if I would notice what had the hairs on the back of my neck raising and my blood pumping.

Let's see, newspaper on the receptionist desk as always, check, Angela behind said desk, check, expensive leather couches, check, brunette chick in said couches, check...WAIT what? I quickly snapped my eyes back to the brunette woman that was sitting in the leather couch that was close to my office door. My eyes connected with the chocolatiest eyes I had ever seen. What the fuck am I talking about, I don't describe chicks eyes, let alone as a fucking snickers bar.

I slowly approached her without breaking eye contact. When I stood in front of her she started to slowly rise up off the couch. She had the sexiest body I had ever seen...damn and those leg! I realized I must have been staring for far too long because suddenly fingers were snapping in front of my face...what the fuck?

"Mr. Cullen it would do you well to keep your eyes up here and not where they do not, I repeat, do not belong!" she said. Mmm feisty!

"My apologies Ms...?"

"Isabella Swan"...hmmm Isabella what a beautiful name...okay seriously this chicks messing with my brain...I'm a fucking mafia boss, not some soft fucking I don't know...poodle lover...god I have no idea what that even has to do with anything. Time to put on the cold exterior.

"My apologies Ms. Swan...and what are you doing in my company and on my floor no less?" I coolly asked her.

She seemed a little taken back with my change in demeanour. Oh well I shouldn't have even entertained the idea of fucking kitkat coloured eyes and fucking names being beautiful...since when do I notice such insignificant things.

"Well Mr. Cullen I am here on behalf of Swan Co. We have a meeting arranged for.." she paused for a moment and looked down at her wrist to check her watch, "8am sharp, which we are now precisely 5 minutes late because of your incompetence and poor use of proper communication"

I was stunned into silence. Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? Walking into my company and calling me, ME, Edward FUCKING Cullen, names! I was pissed, I was beyond fucking pissed, I was livid! My blood was boiling as it flowed through my veins.

From the corner of my eyes I could see that Angela sat mouth wide staring at Ms. Swan as if she had lost her mind, which she might have. Didnt she comprehend who i was? Did she not know that she was messing with fire and she would get burnt!

I slowly closed the gap that was between me and this bitch.

"Excuse me?" I said through clenched teeth, trying to keep some sort of calm.

It had gone eerily quiet on the 70th floor. All I could hear was my own heavy breaths in my ears as I tried to control the flames that were licking through my veins.

"Are you among the hearing impaired Mr. Cullen? Did I stutter? I believe you heard me just fine that I do not feel compelled to reiterate what I just said" and then narrowed her eyes at me as if I was the one who had spouted off my mouth to her in the first place.

Well I'll be damned this chick actually had some balls on her, but alas mine are bigger and I will not tolerate that tone and those word, especially in my own fucking office.

"Ms. Swan it would do YOU well to remember that you are in fact in my office and are no superior to me, you should watch your mouth," I continued on not giving her the chance to reply, "So from Swan Co. you say? Are you not here because your fathers company has begun to fall and will soon perish, so you have seeked I, to help you with this incident, hm? If you still seek and want that help, I suggest you start your grovelling because I have no intention of even looking at what your company's problem is now"

I then turned and proceeded into my office slamming the door behind me.

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