AN ~ Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Felix Bernard: I couldn't find the original on youtube but there are enough versions for you to get the gist if you don't know the song :)


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Doorbell rings, are you listening?

Vampires are a-glistening

A beautiful sight

'til sunset tonight

You're in a Cullen Winter Wonderland

Gone away is the danger

So please don't be a stranger

We'll sing Christmas songs

Edward plays along

In our Cullen Winter Wonderland

In the meadow Bella builds a snowman

Jake melts it accidently and she frowns

He says: "Are you angry?" she says: "No man,

But if I were you I wouldn't hang around!"

Later on, Rose shouts "Fire!"

A snow fight will transpire

Fortresses are made

And siblings betrayed

Tonight's a Cullen Winter Wonderland

In the meadow Emmett builds a snowman

Around himself, every inch up and down

Jasper whispers "Nessie's here let's go man,"

Nessie laughs when Emmett smashes out

When it snows, ain't it thrillin'

To watch the Cullens chillin'?

They frolic and play, while we gape away

Stunned by Cullen Winter Wonderland


Except it's Summer in Australia - 38 degrees, can someone shoot me please? Oh well, Thank God for air con (which we only just got this year! FINALLY!) MERRY XMAS TO ALL :)

- TotallyTeamCE