Oh, James.

The name caused the weirdest of emotions to run through me. First, anger. I mean, who wouldn't feel anger toward the arrogant, bullying, big headed git?

Second, annoyance. Him and his stupid friends, the 'Marauders', causing so much mischief, and always calling each other by stupid nick names. Stupid stupid stupid.

Third, disbelief. He always managed to get the highest marks in class (not counting me, of course) without studying. How did he manage to ace every class when he surely didn't put nearly as much effort into his classes as he does to his pranks?

Fourth, fifth, and sixth…well, you see, these are the most confusing of them all. Envy, awe, and flattery. Envy at the way he seemed to be so good at everything without even trying. Awe at the way he was so…for lack of a better word…cool. Always quick with a smart retort, always keeping his composure, always carefree…

And then finally, the last and most complicated of them all, flattery. Even now, as I sit here on the couch in the common room, I can't help but smile. Out of all the girls at Hogwarts…all the blonde girls, all the chesty girls, all the girls literally throwing themselves at him…and he picked me. Lily Evans.

I found my cheeks growing considerably warmer as I thought of this. Six years of pining for my attention and asking me out everyday had really caused him to grow on me. However, I would never tell him that. No, it would just make his big head grow even bigger. Not that I mind his head, though. It really is quite handsome, along with that smirk of his and that beautiful scent of cologne and quidditch he always wore…

I stretched out lazily, my long, warm blue sweatpants and green tank top causing comfort and sleepiness. I was really getting too cozy down here. I shook my head, attempting to wake myself up- it was already nine, and I still had a Potions essay and Ancient Runes project to finish.

After dozing off nearly again within the next five minutes, I decided a nice, cold shower in the prefects bathroom would cause me to wake up and give me the extra energy boost needed to finish my homework.

In the two minutes it took for me to go upstairs, fetch my towel and nightclothes, and come back downstairs, I had nearly dozed off another two times. I needed to get to the bathroom quick.

I went to the enterance to the common room and peaked my head outside, searching for Filch- it was about twenty minutes past curfew. After watching the hallways for a particular patrolling cat, I crept into the dimly lit hallway and made my way upstairs.

As soon as my bare feet made contact with the cool, tile floors of the large, prefect bathroom, I breathed a sigh of relief. Making my way over to the girls changing rooms, I removed all clothing while yawning periodically, and wrapped a towel around my body while making my way to the showers again.

Hastily rubbing the sleep away from my eyes, I stepped out of the changing room and began to walk over to the showers when I heard a small gasp coming from another human.

I squeaked in surprise and opened my eyes hastily, searching the room. Soon, my eyes soaked in the appearance of someone in front of me.

A boy, no older than I was, stood in my line of vision, a towel being held around his waist-no doubt he had come to take a shower too. My eyes wandered further upward, but not before stopping on the boy's incredible abs. His physique was great; nice biceps, a lean, toned stomach, great bone structure…I breathed in this male's scent: cologne and quidditch. Wait a minute…

My eyes finally rested on this boy's face, and I almost dropped my towel in devastation.

"James?" I could practically feel my face turning into a cherry red as his eyes met mine in confusion and embarrassment. Well, that certainly woke me up.

"L-Lily? What're you doing her-" He stopped mid sentence as his eyes lowered to my body, his gaze wandering up and down it. The blush on my face increased, but more so from anger.

"What...what are you doing, stop that!" I snapped at him. His eyes wondered back to mine sheepishly. Huh. Weird, he was being shy. However, that did not stop my shrieks. "What are you doing here? And why are you…why are you naked?"

"I could ask you the same question." He said back, before his all familiar smirk played on his lips a moment later. And his arrogance was back. "Not that I mind, though. Honestly Evans, you should dress like that all the time."

I groaned in embarrassment, self-consciously pulling my towel tighter around me as I tried not to pay attention to his oh so perfect body.

"Shut up, Potter." I felt his eyes scan over my body once again before I finally regained some sense in my head.

"Can't you…can't you take a shower elsewhere? I really have some homework I need to do and I was so content on showing in this shower…" Well, it was true. This shower had the biggest assortment of shampoos and soap in the entire school. It was amazing to shower in here.

"You know, usually I'd put up an argument, seeing as I really fancy showering here too, but I can't say no to you when you're wearing just a towel. It'd be a very rude thing for a gentleman such as myself to do. So, be my guest. I'll go to the boys' dorm showers." He winked and began making his way back to the changing rooms to get his stuff. I watched his retreating figure, his perfectly muscled and sculpted back, moving away from me…Oh gosh. Snap out of it, Lily.

"What is wrong with you, Potter?" I inquire. He turns around once more before shrugging.

"It's a mystery."

Early the next morning, news of me and James' little…encounter…in the bathroom caused a bit of uproar in the Gryffindor house, more particularly from my friends and his friends.

"How could you not tell us that you saw the almighty James Potter wearing next to nothing?" roared my friend Violet in horror. Alice rolled her eyes teasingly while my other friend, Macy, just sat there with a silly look on her face.

"Um…Macy?" I snapped in front of her eyes, causing her to break out of whatever trance she was in, and look up coyly.

"Sorry, I was just wondering what Remus would have looked like wearing just a towel…" At the mention of these words, everyone in the dorm laughed before we made our way downstairs to the great hall.

"Honestly, Lily, James' little fan club is going to be all over this…" Alice said amusedly while we passed the first half of the Gryffindor table.

A low whistle erupted from one of the Gryffindors sitting on one of the benches we had just passed. My friends and I all turned around, only to see a smirking Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter making their way over to us.

"Lily, darling," purred Sirius in his usual charming voice, "James has told us you've got quite the body under that uniform. Care to prove this theory to us men who are just dying to know?" Remus shifted uncomfortably while James smirked broadly, Peter's eager face appearing behind the three suave boys, trying to include himself.

"Well Sirius, darling," I repeated, my eyes narrowing at him, "I reckon that information is none of your business."

Sirius placed his hands in his pockets, a chuckle escaping his lips. "Well, Prongs, you've certainly picked a feisty one, haven't you?"

James shrugged, casually flicking his hair out of his eyes. It took all my willpower not to scream in a cuteness of the action. "What can I say? That's how I like my women."

Macy exchanged a small smile with Remus while Alice and Violet rolled their eyes and crossed their arms defensively.

"Come on, Lil, let's go find a seat somewhere far away from these gits." Violet said, drawling out the word 'far' as she flipped her long, raven colored hair over one shoulder and began walking away with Alice trailing her. Sirius eyed the girl's swaying hips and let out another low whistle.

"You've really got quite attractive friends, Lily darling. I'm sure Remus could agree with me on that one." He said, lightly nudging his friend with his shoulder and looking back and forth between him and Macy. Both reddened considerably before I let out a disgusted sound and dragged Macy to their other friends.

"Honestly," I said, angrily pouring herself a goblet of pumpkin juice, "That James Potter had better change his attitude if he ever wants me to even consider going out with him. Girls, what should I do to get him back?"

"Well," started Violet, a mischief smile making it's way onto her face, "You could make him eat his own words." All three girls looked at their other friend with raised eyebrows. Violet, however, continued to smile. "Here's the plan-"

"James? Hey, James!" The plan was in play. I watched as Macy ran over to James, panting slightly. He, however, smiled friendlily at the girl.

"Hello, female Remus. What can I help you with today?" Macy ignored the comment and pointed to where I was. I pretended to look slightly flustered as I talked to my friend, Frank Longbottom. He was really quite the charmer, is I do say so myself. However, he was like a brother to me- he was, however, a great actor.

He caught on that the plan was beginning, and leaned in closer to me, whispering something in my ears. I giggled happily, and as soon as he backed away, I looked down, a stray lock of hair falling into my face. He quickly brushed it behind my ears, offering a brilliant smile as he did so.

I looked at James and Macy from the corner of my eyes. James was looking uptight, his fists clenched, and the corners of his mouth tugged downward in a frown.

"Frank, you see, I know he's just using her to make Alice jealous…poor Lily, she's liked him forever, her little heart will be broken if she finds out. Do something!" She added, seeing James' eyes narrow at Frank in detest.

James nodded furiously and made his way over to me.

"Oh, Lily, there you are babe." He said while swinging an arm around my waist, planting a quick peck on my cheek. I looked up, acting surprised-in reality, he had done this many times before, and we were all counting on him acting this way in accord to the plan- before glaring at Frank. "Longbottom."

"Potter." Frank's face glowered. I had to hide my smile, as he was playing his part perfectly. After a brief stare-off between them for a few moments, Frank gave up, offered a displeased "I'll see you later, Lily.", and began to leave the hallways. Not soon after he left, James took his arm from around my waist and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Bloody hell, Evans! Frank?"

I glared at him and huffed (rather, pretended to glare and huff) before saying "What's your problem, Potter? I can't talk to other guys?"

He raised an eyebrow at me, as if the answer was obvious. "Um, no."

"Protective much, James?"

"You…you just called me James."

I looked up seductively at him from beneath my long, dark eyelashes. "Yeah…"

"Why?" He inquired, nervously loosening his tie from around his shirt.

I tilted my head slightly and allowed a small smile to grace my lips. "I kinda like the way it sounds…"

He looked clearly flustered for a moment before saying, "Y-You do?"

I nodded, raising a hand to grab the end of his tie and enticingly pull him closer to me. "Yeah, I do. I think it sounds kind of…sexy." I say, drawling out the word sexy.

His usual arrogant composure is gone as he swallows, his cheeks coloring slightly, and says in a low whisper, "Really?"

"Really…" My fingers trace up his chest, tauntingly tugging at his collar before resting it on the back of his neck. He gulps, and I can't help but hide a small smile as I see the effect I have on him.

My other arm slowly drapes over his shoulder, and before I know it, his two arms are pressed up to the wall behind me, cornering me. All according to plan.

"L-Lily…" He says, I can hear the longing and desire behind his voice. I bring my lips closer to his, so that they just barely ghost over his own. I can feel his breath on my lips, taste the cool mint, smell his scent of cologne and quidditch, and will myself to follow the plan and not give into him like I so want to.

"James…" As I speak, my lips barely brush over his. I can feel his breath becoming more and more rigid as the temptation of me lingers this close to him. Then, before I can stop myself, I smirk and say "sucker."

I suddenly pull back, a triumphant smile on my face, as he opens his eyes. "W…What?"

My smile broadens as I see the confusion on his face. "James Potter, you really think you can get away with telling everyone about our little scenario without consequences?" I look behind him and see Sirius, Remus, and Peter, all jaws dropped, and Macy laughing while Alice and Violet shared a high five. There are not the only ones watching, though- everyone in the hall has stopped to watch me toying with the infamous, cool, suave James Potter.

"There is nothing I do better than revenge. Isn't payback sweet, James?" The first time ever saying his name nearly a minute ago, and suddenly, I couldn't help myself from saying it again. It leaves such a better taste in my mouth than the name 'Potter'.

Suddenly, everyone is smirking, whistling, and cheering as I leave the still breathless James Potter behind me, joining my friends as we make our way to potions class. I can help but add the casual sway of femininity to my hips as I walk, wanting to torture James Potter more than I already had.

"Lily, darling, that was so unlike you. You really put on a show for everyone; I reckon James is still standing there with his mouth dropped to the floor in shock. I give you major props." I turned around to face Sirius, his face slightly colored. Huh. Funny. Did I do that?

"T-Thanks," I say shyly as I tuck a piece of long auburn hair behind one of my ears.

He smirks. "No problem."

Word of my hold over James Potter had spread throughout the school, causing even more uproar in the fact that there was finally a girl who ickle little Jamesie was speechless when with.

Now that I thought about it, I hadn't seen him for the rest of the day, actually. He was absent from Potions and Transfiguration, but had showed up for the DADA lesson before vanishing again. I, to say the least, was worried. Had I caused that? Certainly not. He was just too embarrassed by his bruised ego to show his face. Yeah, that was it. He wasn't mourning over me. No, James Potter didn't mourn over girls.

…Right. He doesn't mourn. Get over yourself, Lily, he's fine.

After a nice little study session in the library, at ten before eight, I had decided to make my way back to the common room so as I did not miss curfew. I neatly organized all my pencils and quills into my book bag before swinging it over one shoulder and beginning to walk back to the Gryffindor tower.

As thoughts of all the homework I still had to accomplish filled my head, I groaned in frustration. No soon than the sound escaped my lips, I felt a hand grab my upper arm. I made a small noise as I dropped my book bag and was furiously pulled into a empty classroom that was dimly lit. I looked up to see who my kidnapper was only to find…Potter?

"Potter, what're you-" And then, before I can finish my sentence, his lips are on mine, and he's kissing me with such intensity and passion that I gasp in surprise, opening my mouth. He takes the opportunity to plunge his tongue into ot, and I can't help but kiss him back and smile as I discover he tastes just as I always thought he would taste. A pool of heat forms in my stomach, filling me up, enveloping me in warmth, as I wrap my arms around his neck, his hands resting on my lower back.

And then suddenly, the warmth is gone, and I force my eyes open to see James Potter smirking down at me.

"No one seduces James Potter without letting him get a little enjoyment out of it." And then, just like that, he sticks his hands into his pockets and walks out of the room, which I have identified at the Charms classroom.

I stand there, breathless for a moment, before angrily picking up my book bag and running after him.

"T-That's not fair!" I say madly while stomping my foot like a child. He, acting like nothing had just happened, briefly turns around with a raised eyebrow.

"How so?"

"How so? Because…because I was winning, and now…now I have to one-up you again, and…and why did you stop?" I can't help myself from asking the question as his taste lingers on my tongue and my body aches for him to touch it again. He smirks before continuing to walk away.

"It's a mystery."

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