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Chapter 1: Meet Evelyn

England/Vale Mansion/

I was walking at the hallway on the second floor of our mansion I stopped on my mother's room then went in front of the door I open the door slightly and slowly to peek inside I could see my mom looking at the window her expression was really painful she was very sad and gloomy. I grimaced at her expression I could also see her slightly crying tears dropping on her white sleeping robe and some sobs coming from her lips, her hand was on her mouth while the other was on her lap and was holding a picture. I slowly close the door and walk downstairs to meet up with my guardian.

I forgot to introduce myself huh? Well my name's Evelyn Vale, I have a long dark blue hair passed me knees, blue cobalt eyes, and a birthmark of some sort on my chest I'm not sure if this was a birthmark or a tattoo, it looks like a face. Honest! Anyway, Mom told me that this mark belongs to my Dad. I asked her before of who my Dad is and what he looks like. Her reaction was puzzling; she chuckles and then changed the subject. I was around 5 yrs. Old that time by the way so I was really confused and my Mom is good at changing the subject. Then years passed by until I was 7 yrs. Old and while growing up she kept telling me about my father that he was a very noble and compassionate leader in the military. I once asked her that will I be able to see him, she said "Soon you'll be able to honey, for now you should just wait for the opportunity to see him." so I just waited for my opportunity to see him. Then one of the weirdest things happened when I was 7 yrs. Old. A meteor crash landed on the nearby forest on our land. I saw that when I was studying then I look outside, it was very late and sure enough that our servants are asleep but I don't know about the guards outside. Well since I was the type who likes adventure and a curious person or kid plus I'm just as sneaky as Mom is so sneaking out of the mansion was a piece of cake. I sneakily peaked at my mom's room to see if she was asleep and fortunately she was, next I went to my room and grab the rope in my closet which I use for camping and snuck out the window. I was wearing my hunting outfit and my…believe it or not a hunting rifle specially made for my age. And went straight to the crash site, I was slowly approaching the crash site and when I arrive there. My reaction was like holy shit, I saw a giant meteor pretty much the size of our limousine but a little bigger, of course as my curiosity kicked in I slowly and carefully climb down the ledge and got closer to the thing. Hell it was really weird the meteor looks like a big metal round shape thingy.

Then the unthinkable happened, the metallic meteor was making metallic shifting sounds and started to transform into a giant robot. I was so scared I couldn't move except I was shaking then the giant robot saw me and then knelt down in front of me, luckily I didn't passed out. One thing when you're in front of the predator or a giant robot in my current situation, never scream or make sudden movements, not even shooting at it instead study it's movements. So I did just that the robot tilts his head and then looked at me in the eyes with its blue optics. Then he started to speak.

"Hello-little-one." I blinked a few times because he talked so fast and he spoke English. I slowly put my rifle behind me and went closer to the robot. I raised my hand open palm and said.

"Umm…hello?" my cobalt eyes looked at it. And he seems to be moving his arm and slowly touch my hand with his finger, big index finger. I felt his metallic hand; it feels a bit hot since it did crash down to earth. I then registered into my mind that this robot is friendly. "My name's Evelyn. What's yours?"

"My-names-Blurr." This time I was able to catch up to his speech

"Blurr huh? You're a really nice alien." I smiled

"And-your-a-nice-little-femme." He replied

"Can I be you're friend?" I sat down in an Indian pose. He saw this and did the same.

"Sure-Evie." He smiled. I smiled at the nickname he gave me.

And thus begins our friendship, Blurr told me that he was a living robot and he lives in a planet called Cybertron. Then he told me that he belongs to a group called the autobots the next night, he also told me about the Decepticons they're the bad guys he said. That night he looks a bit different he took the form of blue sports car and he transformed to his robot form. I then saw an insignia that look strikingly similar to my mark on my chest; I then told him about myself, I live with my mother on a mansion and so on and so forth. I always visit him every night at the forest and we would always talk. Then my Mom got very suspicious one day she told me that I was not on my room one night. I hate lying to her but I said that I was just going outside to get some fresh air. She pauses a minute then sighs she reply to me to be careful. When she was gone I sigh in relief I couldn't just tell her that I have a giant robot friend in the woods. Well me and Blurr became very close until I reached around 9 yrs. Old my Mom then caught me talking to Blurr, one night when I was visiting him, me and Blurr were playing until suddenly I heard someone clears they're throat. I looked at the source of the sound then I was shocked to see my mother. She was looking at me and at Blurr who was placing me down, she was carrying her rifle. I quickly block her view and said.

"No Mom don't!"

"Evelyn…" She sounded somewhat calm and I was just panicking.

"I-I can explain! Blurr's my friend and h-he's an alien! But he's friendly! Please don't shoot him!"

"Sweetheart I'm not going to shoot him…" She hoists her rifle on her shoulder then places her hands on my shoulder trying to calm me down probably preventing me from passing out. I on the other hand was very shock not passing out. Blurr didn't move he was also shock to see my Mom, but my Mom was very calm on the situation. Then she told me. "Sweetie it's a good thing that he's an autobot, because if he was a decepticon we would've been dead." My shock was doubled when she said that even Blurr.

Then I went back to reality and ask my mom "Mom how did you know?" for some reason I was very relieved to see her smile.

"I'll tell you about that later back home, and as for you." She looks at Blurr who was somewhat worried and concerned about me "How long have you been here?"

"About-two-and-a-half-years-ma'am." My Mom chuckles and smiles

"I see, two years huh? I guess that means you two met when she was 7." She replies I was kinda curious on how she was able to understand his fast talks; seriously it took me months to get used to his speed talk and understand him.

"Blurr right? Would you like to come to our home? This place is very cold and dark." He nodded while I hug her and I was crying.

"Mom you wouldn't break our friendship would you, or even call the police, or the military?" I raise my head and look at her.

"Of course not silly now let's go." She pats my head and kisses my forehead. So we all walk back to our home, when we arrive back at home I was shock again. Our servants weren't even surprise to see Blurr. I mean he's a giant robot. Me and my Mom sat on the bench on our backyard, Blurr sat in front of us and look at our servants, Mom said they already saw a giant robot before so they're not surprise to him. Then my Mom called one of them she ordered to give us tea. Then while waiting for the tea my mom sighs and looks at both of us.

"Sweetie the reason why I'm very calm and not surprise to see you're friend, is because, I knew about them back in America." My eyes widened then Blurr ask her

"You-mean-my-comrades?" Mom nods and then looks at the ground her smile wasn't there anymore instead it was her grimaced expression again. "Then-they-landed-safely-thank-Primus." He sighs in relief

"Evelyn sweetie, do you want to know who you're father is?" She looks at me, I nodded.

"You're father's name is Optimus Prime, he is the leader of the Autobots." I saw Blurr's expression became shock again.

She told me her story about how she met him, she used to live in a place called Tranquility, in her own house until one time her friends visits her. They're name's were Mikaela and Sam. They were close friends they would hang out together and even go to school together. Until the day she met him, my Dad, Optimus Prime. When the school was finished she was about to go home until she bumped into a man around six ten foot, his hair was short jet black, he had broad shoulders and muscular. Then they became friends and a few weeks later he was dating her, the next day after they're date she was suddenly being targeted by evil robots called Decepticons, that is until she was rescued by a red and blue mech, she soon learns that her savior was the man she was talking after school and dating her. Dad told her about they're race, they're home planet, and about the cube called the Allspark, then she showed me a picture of my Dad in his human form, I was very happy to see the picture he was embracing her and she was giving her heavenly smile on the camera. I was very surprise to see my Dad to be very handsome no wonder Mom fell for him, seriously he must've have a lot girls stalking him plus he was very well built, with the muscles and all since he is a commander of the Autobots.

Blurr then showed me my Dad's real form he also said that he was the tallest, he also told me that he was a femme magnet, mom told me that femme means female on they're vocabulary. I actually complimented my Mom that she was the luckiest woman in the universe to have fallen for a chick magnet guy or mech; she just giggled and smiled at me. Then my Mom continued her story. Eventually my Dad became her guardian. As time goes by for her and Dad they became closer, he kept dating her, until suddenly my Dad proposed to her to be his sparkmate or spouse Mom said. She tried to explain the part about the…errr…private part on how she became pregnant. Blurr then exclaimed 'Mating' my Mom took her shoe and throws it at his head. And told him, more like yell at him, that I was too young to know that word, let alone explain it. Blurr looked at the ground ashamed and scared, while I was laughing and a bit horrified because of my parent's private…business. 'Never cross my mother's line, let alone piss her off. nor think about my parents 'alone time'…NOOOO! My innocent mind!''

She continued on the story, she talked about how Dad was so caring to her. Then she paused, this time, she talked about how she left him. She left because she was pregnant, she was already 3 months pregnant Dad and the others haven't still noticed her growing belly then she told me that the reason she left him was that she was afraid that I might get aborted, Dad might reject her. I told Mom that was just stupid and silly, after everything she said about him, a loving and caring person; Even Blurr agrees with me, he said Dad would never reject me and her. But fear just took over her. And sometimes humans would think stupid ideas, I ask Mom if we could go there and meet dad, but, she refuses. She wasn't ready to face him again, so she said that I have to wait for the opportunity to meet him. Blurr said that he wanted to reunite with the Autobots, Mom said that he could go there and join them that she'll give him the address of they're base. But Blurr refuses he said that I was his charge and he was my guardian plus he also likes my crazy jokes and pranks, I smiled again knowing that my guardian, best friend, and like a big brother to me was staying with us.

Pretty much that wraps the whole back story about my Mom's problem and how I got a guardian and a big brother. A year has passed and I was really impatient I wanted to see my Dad so badly. I kept asking Mom if me and Blurr could just go but she still refuses. We had this type of argument where I kept saying please and she would say no for 6. Straight. Hours!





"Pretty please?"

"Absolutely not."

"Heavenly please?"

"Hell no."

"Please with sugar and icing on top?"


We were like that for hours until I was pissed off and gave up. I'll give Mom a credit for her patience seriously; she wasn't even getting pissed off. Actually it was the other way around. I was the one getting pissed off; once I'm pissed I surrendered I'm not going to cross the line anymore. And what's irritating is when I turn my back I could feel my Mom's victory smirk. Yes she gives that victory smirk whenever she wins on every argument, and she never loses on any argument period. Not even Blurr's stubbornness works that always works on me and everyone in the Mansion which are my servants and guards, she just kept saying 'No'. And if I was about to go to that argument again she said 'No' before even sitting next to her, she didn't lift her head on her sketch book, Hell not even my powerful puppy eyed look works on her. I remember when my Mom got very angry and that result was very ugly, if you got into that situation well all I'm going to say is 'May God have mercy on your soul.' Cuz my mother can be very violent and merciless.

That's when I started to come up with a plan to get to Dad without the help of Mom, I told Blurr to help me with it and as a best friend does, he agrees. It was summer vacation, I even convinced our servants, because they also agree with me that my Mom needs to be healed from her broken heart. Every night when I was walking past her room to get some milk in the kitchen I could hear her crying. I knew that I need to make them together again or else she could become worse.

And that was my mission, bringing back my parents together.

As I arrive downstairs I could see Blurr in his human form he looks like around 20-25years old, and he was wearing a blue T-shirt with a hoodie and has an autobot insignia on the shoulder of the shirt, he was also wearing a dark blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. His hair was short and black. He sees me and I approach him.

"Ready to execute operation 'Parent Reunion'?" I asked while I was wearing my red jacket it was big the sleeves were long so my hands are half way plus I looks like a blanket on me, I also wear my favorite blue tank top that my Mom made me it also has red flames on it, I was also wearing my blue jeans, my shoes were green snickers with a variety of anime stickers on it.

Blurr said "Those-shoes-look-cute-Evie."

I said ''Awwww thanks Big Bro'' and hugged him.

I tied my hair up to a pony tail. I was carrying my favorite back pack that was for mountain climbing, I added some of my anime stickers on it, with my clothes and my sketch book along with Mom's which has drawings of my Dad's human form, lucky me it also has her signature. I even brought the picture Mom gave me with Dad embracing her. I was so excited and nervous, I remember on my birthday two years ago I was really nervous because Mom gave me a DS and PSP as a birthday gift I fainted in front of her, although the look on her face was worth it though before I was completely out, I really hope that when I see my Dad I won't faint in front of him. I kinda wanted to give him a good first impression. Then again I also wanted to see my Dad's priceless face like Mom's, the first is always the best one; I really am random or just plain weird.

Then our servants approach us and wishing us good luck on our trip and keep Mom reassured. I made a complete success on lying that I told her that me and Blurr are going camping somewhere around the hills, Mom was a bit hesitant at first but she said yes this time since she knows that I needed use nature's fresh air not this dusty old mansion. But before we left the room Mom gave Blurr a huge conversation and threats like "If my little baby girl is hurt I will permanently send you to the Pit that even Primus can't save you." And then another one that goes something like this "If I saw a scratch on her, you will wish that Optimus was right here to save you…on second thought I think he might join me on turning you into a scrap pile of metal or sell you're parts to the junkyard. And you can't say SHIT!" That one cracks me up, the looks on Blurr's face made me go laughing on the floor and tears falling from laughter. It was priceless man!

What can I say that's my Mom alright, the overprotective-mother she will hunt you down until you're very last breathe for revenge if I was hurt, even a little scratch will be an equal on one of your appendages, even though overprotective she knows me too well I'm a nature lover like her and I have my guardian right beside me, we're like the dynamic duo if you ask me. Then a thought lingered on my mind 'I wonder what my Dad would act like? I'm sure about the overprotective trait.' Still I was curious what did my Dad saw in Mom that I didn't? Her creative talent on art? Her calmness on dangerous situations? What? I guess I'll ask him.

When I was about to exit I was called by my Mom's voice "Evelyn." I turn around to see her walking downstairs wearing her white robe, her long beautiful silver hair swaying, and her sparkling emerald eyes. Even though Mom is around 28 she could still attract a lot of males, maybe that's how my Dad fell in love with her. I laughed inside my mind of a thought that Mom's beauty would make any man fall to his knees. I know I'll miss her for a few days but I have to do this, this is my opportunity to my life long dream.

I walk towards her and hug her she hugs me back and gently stroking my hair. Then I lift my head and she looks at me smiling. "Be careful okay and be sure to stay with Blurr at all times okay Sweetie…" She rubs her nose onto mine and kisses my forehead. "And remember what I said about you're problem." I nodded and kiss my Mom on her cheek with one final hug I went back to the door and wave my mother good bye. But I didn't miss her you-will-die-by-my-hands-if-she-is-hurt look on Blurr who was sweating and gulped. Then Blurr's hologram disappeared probably scared shit on my Mom, then when I was outside the house Blurr's alt form, which he updated himself now it's a 2010 blue Ford Mustang, came driving until he stopped in front of me. He opens the passenger seat and I got in then one of my maids approached me giving me the papers for stuff, which Mom doesn't know where it goes, and wished me good luck I gave her a friendly hug before saying good bye to everyone even my Mom who was waving good bye. The dynamic duo on a mission. First we have to find her friends Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes, for some reason this is gonna be a tough mission.

Somewhere in the Air/ Private jet/

I was looking at the window in awe this was the first time I ride on an airplane, well a private jet really, I turn to the other side of the jet and saw Blurr looking at the window too. It's really great that this jet can also carry a car so we won't be separated I'll really thank my Gramps when I get back to England. Then a flight attendant approached me

"What will you have for dinner Miss Evelyn?" She smiled at me and I smile back and said

"I'll have cheese burger please."

"Ok cheese burger coming right up." Then she went to the back at the kitchen. I look at Blurr who just kept looking at the window more like pressing his face on the window, I caught his attention when I threw a tissue ball on his head.

"Hey Blurr do you know the address on Mom's friends?"


"No I didn't! Ugh guess we'll have to use the internet on this one, if I could recall Mom said that Sam had an eBay account. Let's try that!" I grab my laptop from my bag and started searching for this 'Witwicky' guy, Blurr then went beside me and was on his knees looking at the screen. After a few minutes I was able to see his account and boy was he hilarious, seriously his profile pic looks completely whacked! So I went to his profile info and looked at his address.

"Great! Hey miss! Could you print this out?" I called at the flight attendant who was pushing a cart that was carrying my meal, she places the dish on my table and took the laptop she nods then went back and we waited for her. While waiting I was planning on devouring on my cheese burger, before I could take a bite a hilarious idea hit me, I took out my cell and told Blurr to picture me. He was a bit confused at first then agrees he was in front of me while I posing that I was about to take a big bite out of the burger and was looking at the camera, and *CLICK*. Blurr was laughing then he showed me the picture it was perfect but its still needs something else but I'll leave it like that for the meantime; I really like making fun of myself sometimes but others mostly. I grab back my cell and then started eating my burger. The flight attendant went back and gave me my laptop and a printout of the profile page of the guy. After my meal I decided to take a nap.

I was sleeping peacefully when someone was shaking me, I slowly open my eyes and saw a blurry Blurr…blurry Blurr what the hell? Ah forget it. I sat up and stretch then my eyes became more focused.

"Evie-we're-here!" I could see the look on Blurr he definitely excited, even me, I was really nervous to finally see my Dad. Must not pass out, must not pass out…Yay! I didn't faint.

I look outside and saw that the jet has already landed. I place my laptop in my bag and grabbed the bag. We then went to the exit and saw the flight attendant smiling and waving me good bye

"Look after Mom for me okay" I gave her a hug and she hugs back.

"Don't worry Miss Evelyn we'll take care of Miss Angela while you're out there looking for you're father." I let go of her and wave good bye. I walk outside and went downstairs while Blurr was behind me. Blurr's real form was being unloaded.

It took us hours to get out of that airport we had to sign some papers for the car, we had documents for Blurr so he's name is Blurr Vale really weird. We we're out driving to our destination, I took out Mom's GPS and I searched for the place. It took us hours locating the damn place, until my luck suddenly turns up, I saw the guy walking out the house along with the girl Mom mentioned.

"Blurr! Look it's them!" I pointed out and his human self looked at it and beamed in happiness we slowly parked across the house I could see a yellow Camaro parked just in front of the house.

"Hmm-that-car-is-emitting-a-familiar-energy" I look at him and saw he was thinking I look back at the Camaro and arch a brow.

"Is it alien?" I ask him

"I-don't-know-Evie-maybe-we-should-ask-Sam-about-the-other-autobots-don't-you-think?" I quickly look at him and my nervousness started to take control over me.

"I'm nervous! You do it!" I tried pushing out of the vehicle

"No-you!" He also pushes me

We just kept on going like that for a while until Blurr pushes me too hard that I was pushed out of the car the door was not locked so I was thrown out in the middle of the street, I could hear a car driving towards me I closed my eyes and quietly praying to God to save me, but nothing happened. I wasn't run over or being squashed instead I could hear someone calling me.


I slowly open my eyes only to see a silver Pontiac Soltice front close to me, I couldn't move because I was so scared. I then heard people running towards me I slowly stand up and turn around only to be met by a black man.

"Hey Girlie ya okay!" He grab my shoulders gently I saw Blurr running towards me.

"I'm-sorry-Evie!" He then hugs me removing the black man's hands on my shoulder. I paused for a minute and think of what happened earlier and remembered that Blurr pushed to hard that I was thrown. I push him and did what my Mom would do first. I gave Blurr a right hook punch on the face. I could see the black guy was shock to see a little girl punch a teen boy. I grab Blurr's shirt and shake him violently while shouting.


"IF MOM SAW THAT YOU WOULD'VE BEEN DEAD ALREADY BEFORE I COULD EVEN BEAT YOU TO A BLOODY PULP!" Oh yeah like mother like daughter I let him go and saw him falling flat on his back on the ground dizzy maybe. I turn around to see a crowd had gathered around us along with the black guy, and, they we're shock to see a 10 year old girl punching a 25 year old guy straight in his face then violently shaking him till he pass out. I was silent for about 3 minutes there while looking at the crowd.

Then I broke it when I said "Uh…hahaha…sorry I'll just go now."

I drag Blurr back inside the car but did not happen when someone grabs my shoulder, I turn around to see a familiar man he was in his early 30's I jaw dropped when I was struck with his handsome face.

"Little one, are you hurt?" His voice was rich and deep that I could instantly melt right there on the spot, what's worse his handsome face was adding to it, he was looking straight to my eyes with those same cobalt blue eyes I have and I feel that he's looking directly at my spark, yes spark that's what Mom said. Without thinking I pushed him away and went back inside Blurr and shouted.

"I'm sorry! Quick hit the gas!" Blurr's human self immediately went back in and we drove away, way, way far. I look back only to see a crowd with flabbergasted faces looking at us.

"Whew!" I wipe the sweat on my forehead.

"Evie-we-forgot-to-ask-Sam-about-you're-father!" Blurr exclaimed

"I know! But that man was making me pass out in the middle of the street!" I buried my face on my knees. "He's too handsome!" I added something tells me that this is going to be a difficult mission than what I imagined. "Hey Blurr let's go to the hotel I'm tired."

"Okay." Blurr drove to the hotel that was reserved for us. We soon arrive at the hotel Blurr parked at the parking lot; I grab my back pack and camera bags while Blurr grabs my suitcase. We exited the car and went to the luxurious hotel that my butlers chose for me, as we enter we went straight for the reception desk. We greeted by a male receptionist, I pull out the letter for the reservation and gave it to him. He opens and reads it, and then he gave us our room key card. He rang the bell on his desk then comes a bell boy to carry my bags. We went straight for our room on the 3rd floor. Then we enter the room, happy to be able to rest, I place my back pack on the bed, while the boy carrying my camera bags place them on the table near the TV near the window. The room smells nice, and is very elegant probably reserved for rich people. The bell boy left after I gave him a $100 bill for a tip. Thank God I live in a rich family; Mom gave me one of our money cards but this one is for me when I'm going to a trip abroad. I really wish she could just get out of that mansion! She only leaves on occasion on one of her business meetings; at least she spends time with me at home.

Blurr looks around the room then at the TV he grabs the remote and turns the TV on. He sat on the couch and watches. I sat next to him and watch, the channel was on the News it was showing about the economy then the climate change. All those stuffs are boring so I took the remote from him and turn the channel to something else.

"Well-Evie-what-do-we-do-tomorrow?" Blurr looks at me then I reply

"I don't know Blurr. I do want to see my Dad but I'm too nervous. And you made a scene there!"

"I-said-I-was-SORRY!" He knelt in front of me pleading.

"Yeah whatever! I'll let it pass this time. Alright what do we do tomorrow?" I was sitting on the couch trying to some up with a plan for tomorrow. But I was too tired so I yawn.

"Maybe-we-should-recharge-now." He said

"Yeah let's." I stood up then stretch "Well I'll think of something tomorrow right now let's go to sleep. Night Blurr."

I wave at him and he wave back I went to my bedroom and open my pack to get my PJ bunny suit. I know my PJ is an animal suit but I like it! And no else except Mom and Blurr knows that I have a collection of them, not even my maids and butlers! I close the door and lock it. I then went straight to the shower room to get myself clean. I turn the warm water valve and shower myself while humming my Mom's song.

I stopped humming when I heard some engines roaring. I finished showering then grab a towel to wrap myself I walk out of the shower room and went to the window. There I saw the silver Pontiac Solstice from before parked outside of the hotel. I gulped and continued looking outside, then followed by a yellow Camaro, a black GMC Topkick truck, a green and yellow ambulance Hummer, lastly a red and blue Petersbuilt semi truck. I was starting to panic so I went to the door and unlock it I open it only to see the furniture, no Blurr probably recharging. I went back inside the bedroom and wore my clothes that were place on my bed. I ran outside then went straight to the window; I look through the window to see the people from before along with Mom's friends. Then I saw what made me more nervous, Blurr's human self approaches them I jaw dropped while looking at them talking to each other. Then one of them saw me, it was the handsome guy that ask me if I was alright. I quickly back off and pull the curtains to cover the window.

"Oh my God!" I ran back to my bedroom and jump on the bed I quickly cover myself with a thick comforter and blanket. I heard my bag fell on the ground I crawl out of the blanket and grab my bag then cover myself.

I then heard someone knocking on the door outside. I could feel myself getting more nervous and my heart beating rapidly, I grab my cell and flip it open only to see a message from Blurr. I open the message and read it

'Evie open the door! – Blurr'

I text back 'Why the hell did you bring those guys! They're complete strangers you idiot!' -Evelyn

Don't worry they're friends! –Blurr

I close my cell and just kept listening to the knock on the door outside. I close my eyes and continued listening *knock* *knock* then followed by a muffled voice I couldn't understand. But then my heart stopped when the door was busted open with a loud noise *boom*. I was completely panicking under the comforter and blankets! Oh my God! What do I do! Then I heard someone calling my name.

"Evie!" I heard Blurr calling me outside the door of my bed room.

"Evelyn." Followed by the voice of the familiar man from earlier. Damn you Blurr! When I get my hands on you I'm going kung fu on you're ass! Then I heard footsteps getting closer outside my door then stops there was a knock on my door but I did not dare get out of my obvious hiding spot. Then my worse nightmare came true the door opens, hearing the creaking of the door followed by a voice.

"Hey guys I found her!" the voice of a boy yell then multiple footsteps walking towards the room. Then I just realize I was shaking so if I was one of them looking at the bed they would see a big lump heavily covered with a comforter and blankets shaking. I slap myself mentally. I should've hid under the bed! I then heard lots of footsteps getting closer and then surrounding me.

"She seems to be nervous." A voice of a man in his 50's

"Is it because I bust the door open?" then another voice this time it was the black guy.

"I think so." Another one this guy seems to have a British accent.

I now know that I'm surrounded by Blurr's 'friends'. I don't wanna move from all the nervousness and all, but I have no choice. I slowly move myself so my head was on the end of the bed then slowly lifting the covers up showing my face and peek only to be met by multiple eyes on me.

"Look she's coming out!" the black guy pointed me. Then when I crawl forward not looking down I fell then twist with a thud on the floor. So I was upside down my legs on the bed and wide eyes looking at me.

"Uhhh…hi?" I said while I was upside down.

Then I could see Mom's friends giggling, then followed by the others chuckling except Blurr and the black guy who were laughing. I raise my brow and ask "What?"

"Evie-you-look-cute!" Blurr exclaimed.

"It looks so cute on her! I didn't know she wears those!" the girl squealed.

"Okay what is it?" I slowly stood up.

"Evelyn that suit is…cute" The handsome guy said to me trying to hold back his laughter.

"Do human children wear animal clothes?" The old guy with a black shirt asks covering his amusement which I could see by the way.

Animal clothes...wait a minute… I slowly look at myself only to make my face become red. I was wearing my PJ pink bunny suit! I jaw dropped then I quickly ran towards Mr. handsome guy and tried to tackle him to the ground but couldn't since I'm just small size, my head could just reach on his waist. He just kept laughing while holding my shoulders.

"Nooo!" I squeak while struggling

"Calm down Evelyn there's nothing to be ashamed about." He said he then knelt down and push me so I was pouting with red cheeks and he was smiling at me.

"Yes there is! Only Mom and Blurr know this secret! But now you guys do! My very secret has been compromised by complete strangers!" I tried to turn around but the said guy was still holding me he chuckled.

"I could very well see the resemblance between you and Angela." He chuckles I froze for a minute there

"What? You know Mom?" I stop my struggle and look at him puzzled.

"Yes sweetspark, Blurr has told me about you and you're mother's condition." He replied.

"Whaa~?" my mouth open slightly

"Blurr 'ere been tellin' us 'bout you Girlie! An' I gotta say I'm shock ma self" The black guy replies.

"Who the hell are you guys?" I ask while looking at them

"I thought you know me Evelyn. Don't you always look at my picture?" The guy who was holding me said. I look back at him making eye contact then I just realize now then exclaimed.

"Daddy?" I exclaimed he then nodded.

I just stood there looking at my now found Dad with my mouth open completely shock but that's not what made these guys freak out. One of the things that I hate when it comes to exciting and happy discoveries.






I pass out and fell on my Dad's arms. But his look was totally PRICELESS!

MarZ: Whew finally! Hey guys hope you like it!

Ryou:I doubt that


Ryou:What the- Damnit MarZ what the hell is he doing here!

Evelyn:Hey I'm here too idiot!

Ryou:Oh God...(face palm)

MarZ:Wow welcome to the Author's mind

Blurr&Evie: Thanks!

MarZ:Anyway readers please, Reviews so I can think better to further the story.

Ryou:You're mind's screwed MarZ *SMACK* OW!

MarZ:Sorry did I hit you?

OP:She can be very violent isn't she?

Ryou:You have no idea. I can't even believe I'm on a relationship with her! *SMACK* OW!

MarZ:Are you boys talking about me? (while holding a giant tomahawk)