For the second time in his entire life, Howard Wolowitz felt uncomfortable after sex. It was an odd feeling and he hated it. Bernadette had noticed too. After they'd finished, she'd rolled over without a word. Howard was lying there now, watching as she put on her clothes. His eyes travelled across her body as she bent over to pick up her skirt. Normally, the sight of a half-naked woman in his room was enough to make Howard go crazy. Tonight however, it did nothing for the skinny engineer. Her waitress uniform, which normally turned Howard on, seemed silly in the dim light.

It wasn't that Howard was ungrateful; he knew how lucky he was. It had taken him so long to find a woman who wanted to be in the same room as him, let alone in bed with him. He knew that Bernadette didn't take him seriously. It was obvious in the way she rolled her eyes at him whenever he tried to say something profound. The sex was pretty good, but there was no spark between them. There never would be. Howard seriously doubted that he'd ever find a woman who he could create a spark with. Even though he tired, Howard knew he'd never be a knight in shining armor. He'd always be the court jester; a bystander whose only purpose was comedic relief. The only person who saw him as something other than a fool was Raj.

Honestly, Howard didn't know what he'd do without Raj. Howard felt like a different person around him. Always used to being looked down upon, Howard loved the fact that Raj looked up to him. They did everything together and Howard wouldn't give their friendship up for the prettiest girl in the world. They argued all the time and Raj was a horrible wingman. Still, they were a dream team.


Pulled from his thoughts, Howard looked back at Bernadette. She was dressed now and getting ready to leave. It was 2:00 am but Bernadette had to leave. His mother would never allow a girl to sleep over,

even if he was in his late twenties.


"You said his name again," she paused, "I just want you to know."