the next afternoon...

Chapter Fifteen: New Arrival

No one seemed to notice the young man in German uniform who drove into camp on a motorcycle the next day. The gate guards barely even glanced at his papers, and the guards and prisoners in the compound continued with their patrols and volleyball game as if he wasn't even there.

No one seemed to notice him as he parked the bike and walked up the steps into the Kommandatur.

Of course, no one noticed the two colonels keeping watch on the new arrival through the shutters of the window of Barracks 2, either. No one saw them head for Hogan's office to listen in via the coffeepot when the soldier closed the Kommandatur door.

"I still think it should have been me in there," complained Jack. "This is too dangerous, using one of your men like this. What happens if your guard mentions something at roll call, or one of the other guards recognizes him?"

Hogan raised an eyebrow, reminding Jack of the conversation in the tunnel the night before when he laid out his plan.

"Jack, you know it's got to be me who does this. My language skills will be crucial to carrying this charade off!" Daniel argued loudly.

"You know, you're not the only one on the planet who speaks German," Jack shot back with equal vehemence, while Hogan and his men shot glances at Sam and Teal'c, as if to ask, 'Is this normal for them?'

"You speak German?" Daniel asked incredulously.

"Yes, Daniel, I do. Quite well, actually. I was stationed at Rhein Mein for over six years, with frequent missions into East Germany."

"Well, that's great, Jack, but I still think that I should be the one to go in and not you. You're going to need someone who's good at talking their way out of stuff, and let's face it, Jack: You only ever talk yourself into more trouble."

"Oh, for crying out loud!"

"You know I'm right. You're too mouthy. Our captor asks our names, you tell him we're the Three Stooges. General Hammond told me you even once asked him for permission to beat the crap out of Mayborne. That's not diplomatic, and it's not what we need in this situation."

"How would you know what we'll need? It was my plan!"

"And it's a good plan, Jack, but it depends on Klink not getting suspicious. And even he'll be suspicious of a corporal with as many grays as you've got."


"You're too old for the rank, Jack. Besides, I wouldn't think you'd want the demotion anyways."

"Wouldn't count. Not my army." Jack sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "It doesn't matter, though, Daniel! Because in order for this to work, you've got to come in later! You can't come in later as an archeological expert if you've already been introduced to Klink as his newest guard!"

"Fellas, pipe down a bit, would you?" Hogan asked. "Now, with Klink, it probably wouldn't actually make any difference if Daniel played both parts, but his adjutant is slightly sharper on the uptake."

"And that's not saying much; a rusty butter knife is sharper than the ol' iron eagle," laughed Newkirk.

Hogan gave him a quelling glance before continuing. "That said, Jack, Daniel has a point. You're far too old to be able to pass as a corporal. Which is why I'll be loaning you one of my men for this operation."

"Colonel? Are you sure that's a good idea? What if one of the guards recognizes him?"

"To minimize the chances of that, we're going to use someone from our own barracks. That way, if Schultz does recognize Olsen, we'll at least know he won't say anything."

"But Colonel, Olsen's been here over two years! What if one of the other guards recognizes him?"

"Carter, the only guards who get close enough to us to learn any of our names aside from the ones they're responsible for are Schultz and Langenscheidt. And we know neither of them will talk. If you don't believe me, just ask LeBeau about our last trip to Paris."

Helga's voice drifting out of the coffeepot brought Jack back to the present. "There is a corporal to see you, Herr Kommandant."

"I'm much too busy, Fraulein Helga. Have him report to Schultz."

"But Kommandant, he says it is about a transfer."

"A transfer?" Hogan could imagine the terrified look on Klink's face just from his tone- he was obviously worried about Burkhalter transferring him. "Show him in, show him in."

"Yes, Herr Kommandant." Opening the door, Helga said, "Corporal?"

Olsen walked in and came to attention in front of Klink's desk. "Corporal Stewart Unternase, reporting for duty."

Back in the barracks, Jack choked.

"Of all the..." growled Hogan, "How many times have I told them not to overdo it? Even Klink's not a complete idiot."

Jack coughed again as Klink's voice prattled on over the coffepot. "Are you sure? Sounds to me like your man got away with it."

Hogan's eyes narrowed. "Maybe so, but I'm going to go have a word with a couple of my forgers, because putting something like that on paper is just asking for trouble. Even if Klink doesn't notice it, someone else might. All that paperwork has to go somewhere."

Author's Notes:

So, this chapter was originally going to be longer... I wanted to give Olsen a chance to have some fun with Klink... but he's not going to be as bold (or reckless) in challenging Klink as Hogan is. But one smart-ass remark- after all Hogan's gotten away with?- well, he just couldn't resist.

And for those of you who might not have understood: the name he chose- Unternase- means "under (the) nose". As in, Klink wouldn't recognize Hogan's operations if there was proof of it right under his nose.