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My Life With the Akatsuki

Entry: 1

...My name is Kyone Gakure.

I'm nine-years-old and I'm a ninja born from Sunagakure, the main Sand Village in the Wind Country. It was easy to see that considering the Sand headband that hung loosely around my neck like a dog collar.

I was currently walking through a forest though while leaving a trail of blood behind myself. I was badly injured by a bunch of rouge ninja that attacked me, but I had managed to kill them all...I don't even know why they attacked me...Maybe it was because I looked so small and defenseless for my age?...Maybe they thought I had something of value with me?

I continue my trek with these thoughts and more flooding my mind, but after taking only a few more steps further, I finally collapse. My vision is starting to fade from the blood loss and I'm slowly slipping into unconsciousness. As I do though, I hear footsteps nearing, and just before I lose myself to the darkness that's threatening to take me, the figure knelt down in front of me, revealing a shark-like face, though it's really blurry from my fading vision. It was then that I saw only darkness now, but I could've sworn that in the very recesses of my mind, that I felt something.

The figure in the black robes had picked me up gently into their arms and carried me off though I have no idea where.

...Am I...gonna die?

I awoke three days later much to my surprise. So I really didn't die after all...I survived. However, a smart move, I did not do. My eye had shot open and in my surprise, I had jolted up into a sitting position only to have a shock of pain wrack throughout my entire body. Once the pain had subsided somewhat, I glanced around myself, wondering just where I were, but that didn't last long for my attention was brought to the sound of the bedroom door opening. It was a tall, blue skinned man with a shark-like face. That was the face I barely made out back in the forest...So he must've been the one that carried me here then. The mysterious man smiled as he noticed that I were awake and walked over to my side.

"You really shouldn't move too much or you'll reopen those wounds of yours. You're a tough kid to have survived that...Either that or you're just extremely stubborn." He smirked as he said this. Just who was this guy and where in the hell was I? I didn't have a single clue about any of this and it only seemed to make things all the more confusing for me.

I finally sighed to yourself after a moment and glanced back up at the strange man before myself. "Who are you and...where am I?" These were only two of the questions that swam around in my head, but they were also the biggest ones that I wanted to know about.

The man seemed to stare at me for a second in total silence, but then he smirked again revealing a tiny bit of his razor fangs, which admittedly were a tiny bit intimidating. "I am Kisame Hoshigaki. As of to your current whereabouts, you're in the Akatsuki Hideout, but right now you're in my room. I brought you here three days ago and you've been unconscious the entire time."

I stared at the man known now to me as Kisame completely dumbfounded, which he apparently thought was actually cute if the chuckle had anything to say about it. "Um...Akatsuki? That's the name of the group of S-ranked criminals that formed their own clan, right?"

Kisame nodded his head and patted me on the top of my head. Did I look like a dog to him?...Then again, I guess that wasn't too far off considering what I really am. "You're a smart kid. None of the others knows you're here though. Anyways, are you gonna give me your name or should I just keep calling you 'kid'?" I gave him a slightly annoyed look through my only visible eye, which happened to be me left. My right eye and forehead were currently hidden behind some bandages from one of the injuries I had.

"...It's Kyone Gakure."

Kisame smirked once more and then removed his hand from the top of my head once he was satisfied. "Nice name you got there. Anyways, you're probably hungry now since you've been unconscious for so long. I'll be right back with some food so stay put."

I watched him leave as my left golden orange eye blinked slightly. It felt a bit strange being here in such a strange, unknown place and I couldn't help but wonder why he had saved me. Well, I figured it wasn't all that important right now and that I'd just leave once I've finished recovering...Not too difficult, right?...Wrong...I honestly couldn't have been further from the truth with that.

To be continued.

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