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Entry: 4

The next day seemed to come rather quickly to me, though admittedly not quickly enough. I guess it was just because I was actually enjoying myself for the first time in my life. Tobi and I were currently in the living room, sitting on the floor cross legged as we both watched TV. Tobi had been the one that I became closest to so far, but I couldn't find any reason to complain really. I was actually pretty happy being around him.

As the two of us were watching cartoons though, the door opened up, and stepping from outside was another young boy that seemed to be close to Tobi's age; maybe a tiny bit older. This boy had long, silky smooth black hair and onyx eyes. He also had two lines between his eyes as if he was older than he actually was. Despite those lines though, he was very pretty.

He walked up behind the couch and was staring at the TV for a second before he finally brought his gaze upon Tobi and me, which we were still sitting on the floor. "...Tobi, who is this little girl? You know we are not aloud to have visitors over unless they intend on joining...And I highly doubt that this girl has what it takes to join the Akatsuki."

Tobi glanced behind himself at the black haired boy and shook his head. "Tobi has learned that she is joining us as soon as Leader-sama knows about her. Itachi-san says mean things about Kyone-chan when Itachi-san doesn't know anything about her. Tobi thinks that you are not being a good boy."

...So his name was Itachi?...Where had I heard that name before?

Itachi narrowed his eyes at Tobi in a very annoyed fashion, but then turned away and walked off. I watched as this happened, but didn't say anything...I really didn't know what to say. I would get back at him though later on in the day for practically calling me weak. Right now though, I turned back around and just enjoyed the show that I was watching with Tobi.

Later on that afternoon, I had set up a big trap in the kitchen. Both myself and Tobi were hiding, just waiting for Itachi to go in there. Someone did eventually go in, but since the room was a bit on the dark side, I could only see the basic shape of the person.

When the figure stepped into the kitchen, they suddenly slipped on a wet section of the floor, crashing into the counter in front of them. As they tried to get up, by grabbing hold of the counter, their hand slipped off, causing them bang their head on it. We had put jelly on the counter. They finally grabbed at a string to turn on the lights and when the lights did come on, a bucket of syrup fell on top of them as well and feathers soon fell afterwards.

"We got him Tobi. This'll teach him not to insult me."

Tobi nodded his head in agreement, "Tobi liked the idea. It was funny Kyone. Itachi didn't see it coming."

"Who didn't see what coming?"

Both Tobi's and my own eyes widened in surprise and we slowly turned around to glance behind ourselves only to find Itachi himself standing there with a slightly curious look on his face. We both sweatdropped slightly at this and turned back around to see that we had instead gotten a young man with spikey orange hair, swirly grey eyes, and a LOT of piercings. Tobi went white behind his mask, I think cause he was almost acting like he had just seen a ghost and I sweatdropped slightly. The person was none other than Leader-sama, Pein. Someone that had had yet to have met till now, but was told about by the other members that I knew thus far.

Pein turned around and glared angerly at Tobi and the 'new face', which was of course myself obviously. "Tobi...Who is that girl and why in the hell am I covered in syrup and feathers?" Now it was my turn to join Tobi as I also lost all coloration in my face. Both of us then quickly pointed at Itachi as we spoke out at the same time so fast that it sounded like we said one big word.


It was then that I took off running with Tobi right with me. We found out later that Itachi ended up getting blamed and punished for something that Tobi and I had caused when it had been meant for Itachi in the first place.

It didn't end up turning out how I had planned it at first, but it still managed to turn out good in the end. I actually thought that today turned out rather interesting and I also hoped that tomorrow would be just as fun.

To be continued.

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Itachi: ...That wasn't very nice Little Tsu.

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