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The mostly male natives went about their daily routine with their leader keeping careful watch. It was a peaceful and joyful community. Sure, here and there were people who were grumpy or know-it-alls, but overall they were happy.

Smiling, the leader watched two painters decorating their dwelling with fresh, bright colours. Then he felt it. Vibrations, hardly noticeable on the soft forest soil. That could only mean one thing: giants! And they were near!

Panic spread. They had to run away, split up! Everyone ran as fast as they could, but the giants were already there, trampling through the village. Whole roofs and walls collapsed under heavy boots.

The giants disappeared as fast as they came. What was left was destruction and chaos. The leader looked around shocked, his people mourning one of their own. It was a miracle that there weren't more casualties.

"Ronon, you've got something blue on your shoe." McKay pointed at Ronon's right boot.

"Must be from the mushrooms." The warrior took a stick and removed the blue remains from the sole of his boot.

"Strange. That looked like a midget with white trousers and a white cap," McKay said.

Laughing, Ronon slapped the scientist on the shoulder, before he went on. "Really, McKay, sometimes you're almost funny."