"Hi, Dondena here. I was wondering if you would be up for a story request? The original idea featured in my mind both something happening to Don and Leo. I have to say not the most pleasant of things happens to them. But I was wanting to know if you would be up to helping me with it maybe?"

Yeah, that's correct! You're reading it here! Me, Who, I've been summoned! HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, it's just that… I'm too excited about writing with another author, especially the kind of story that I love to write: Leo and Don ^^ Aww! I was so happy when I read this message that I actually fainted! Hahaha! Yeah, I'm talking serious! I'm kinda nervous, though… this is the 1st time I do something like this and… well… oh my… I think I'm gonna faint again… -_-!

Haha! Kidding! ^^

You know, I'm feeling kinda random today… hmmm… RANDOMNESS TIME!

Enjoy! … and nope: I DON'T OWN THEM! DAMN YOU NICK!









1) What would happen if 2 and 3 were lost in the dessert?

2: Well… probably I'd go crazy with Donnie and his Einstein talkin'

3: Hey! I heard that!

2) Would 1 go to a Halloween party with 4?

1: Why not? Could be fun…

3) Yeah, what 1 doesn't know it's that he has to wear the Tortoise Boy disguise hahahaha!

1: Wait a sec! You never told me that before!

4: Hehehe… here's your disguise Leo!

1: Aww shell!

4) Would 3 cook for 4?

3: Hmmm…

4: Uh-uh! Whatever he'll cook I'm not gonna eat it!

3: Har-di-har

5) What would be the perfect day… for 2?

2: A day without Mikey around.

4: Hey! Leoooo! Raphie hates me!


6) Same question for… 1?

1: A day in Japan maybe… with my bros and Master Splinter

4: Aww! You see, Raph? why you can't be like…?

2: Cut it out, dufus!

7) Same for… 3?

3: Hmm… a day alone in my lab with my new inventions… without being… DISTURBED *looks at Mikey*

4: What!

8) And now for… 4?

4: A day with all the comic books I can read and all the snacks I can eat!

2: Stayin' in the obvious, huh?

4: LEO!

1: Hey! Who do I look like? Your mom?

4: Eh… yeap?

1: *sigh*

9) Does 2 think 1 is selfish?

2: No

10) Does 3 think 4 is intelligent?

3: In sort a way

11) In one word, define… bed.

1: rest

2: sleep

3: furniture

4: Dreaming!

12) In your own words, define… cat.

1: Nice pet

2: Flea bag

3: A small domesticated carnivore

4: Lovely furry friend

13) What kind of gift would 2 give to 3?

2: A life… haha… kidding! Don't know, maybe some nerdy gadget or a book.

14) For 1: You're trapped with 3 and 4, there's no escape. Your captor tells you he/she only will free 2 of you… the other has to die by your remain brother's hand: 2.

2's mind has been manipulated; he doesn't know any of you are his brother and he's been turned into a cold-blooded killer. Plus… any of you have weapons… 2, on the other hand, does.

What would you do? (Hmm… sounds like a new story incoming! I SAID IT! DON'T COPY!)

1: You really enjoy putting me in situations like this, don't you?

"Hehe… it's a gift"

2: I'm gonna give YOU a gift the soon as we're done here!

15) Does 1 think 2 is a good singer?

1: Eh… I've never heard him sing. But I guess… nah! I don't think so.

16) Favorite food

1: Rice, fish, salads, apples

2: Cereal… yeap, no kidding

3: Pizza... sometimes sushi

4: You're kidding me right? PIZZA!

17) Favorite book

1: On the Art of War

2: Jurassic Park (book is better than the movie, read it!)

3: A Brief History of Time

4: COMIC BOOKS! No seriously, it's Where the Wild Things Are.

18) 1, describe: 2

1: Some people say he's the pessimist, the angry-young-one, the hotheaded; but I have other concept of him. Yeah, sometimes he loses his temper but in general… he's a good bro and a great and loyal warrior. He just needs to control himself a little more.

19) 3, describe: 4

3: The saying goes "Don't judge a book for its cover". Mikey may looks like he's not clever or intelligent but you need to be more than intelligent if you want to pull a new prank almost every day Hehehehe!

20) 4, describe: 3

4: He's such a genius! If he was human, he could be the youngest Nobel award winner. I don't know how he manages to keep all that info in his head without getting crazy! Sometimes I wish I could be as clever as he is but… if that happens… then, who would be the adorable prankster! Hahahaha!

21) 2, describe: 1

Sometimes he's kinda bossy and drives me crazy with his big brotherly overprotection. But what could we do without' im around! I mean, he's the one who keep us in line, always takin' care of us, listenin' to us… well, in general: he's the perfect big bro. That's it.

4: Hehehehe… just wait when he reads this…

2: WHY YOU…?


22) Which animal describes you better?

1: Hmm… a lion? (Don't laugh! I know you're doing it)

2: A lone wolf

3: An owl… What! I'm the pacifist so…

4: A monkey! Hehe!

23) In your own words, describe… the author! (Hehe… yeah, that's me!)

1: Dokusouteki

2: Kinda crazy but nice

3: A girl with a lot of imagination

4: A really fun dudette!

24) Say good bye!

1: Sayonara

2: See ya

3: Bye


"I said: Good bye!... not cheering out loud! ¬¬"

4: Aww! C'mon! That was pretty good!

2: Yeah, whatevah ya say, knucklehead



2: What! He started!

4: I didn't start anything!

3: Guys, can't you just calm down?

"…*sigh*… why my interviews have to end like this? -_-#"