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I rubbed a hand over my eyes and tried to focus on the glaring red lights.

3:00AM! Ugh!

Still, I shuffled over and made room for the small body I knew would appear in my door way. I could hear her bare feet pad along the wooden floor, the clink of keys on my marble counter and then the sound that I always dreaded, a muffled sob.

Fucking Alec! It wasn't the first time she had come to me after he'd done one thing or another. They were incompatible in so many ways, but Clary was blind and refused to see that she could do better.

"I love him, Jace; of course I'm going back to him." It was always the same.

The fridge door slammed and then the quiet padding was back, coming closer, as was the sniffling.

Quietly she let herself into my dark bedroom. Though there was limited light I knew exactly what she was doing, I was always so aware of her. The tight little dress he'd given her for Christmas last year was ripped off, left in a heap on my Persian rug, and my top draw was opened. She was looking for my Nike t-shirt.

"It's in the hamper Giuvaer. Sorry. Here have this one," I offered, removing the black shirt I'd put on, not three hours earlier.

Without a word she took it from me and slipped it over her small head, and then, just as silently, she crawled in beside me. I lifted my arm as she came closer, inviting her to wrap herself around me.

"He cheated, Jace. It's over." It was so faint that I barely heard her. Hot tears dropped onto my skin, while her body trembled in my arms.

I ran my hand through her hair, kissing the top of her head.

"I'm so sorry Giuvaer."

There was nothing else to say, instead I muttered quiet little noises and rubbed her back until, eventually, the sniffling stopped and her breathing evened out.

I picked my phone up from my bedside table quickly tapping out a message.

She left him. I chose my recipient and hit the send button. Within seconds the phone was buzzing in my hand.

Don't screw it up! Came the reply. I grinned.

I had waited a long damn time for this; I had no intention of screwing anything up.

The grin didn't leave my face as I dropped the phone in its place and turned over in my bed, pulling the woman I loved further into my embrace.

Clarissa Fray would be mine this time. I'd make sure of it.

I woke to a tangled mess of heavy red hair spread over my face, and a patch of drool on my chest. I shook my head and gently eased out from under her.


"Shhh, I'm here. Go back to sleep," I murmured into her ear, before kissing the tip of her nose. I pulled the curtains shut tighter, grabbed my phone and quietly slipped from the room.

One of the best things about being a bachelor was the fact that I never had to shop. Between Clary and Maryse there was always a home cooked dinner set and waiting for me in my freezer. With that said, I knew that Clary would flip out if there wasn't a box of Fruit Loops and a carton of Take Care waiting for her when she got up.

So, aiming to not have a grouchy red head on my hands for the rest of the day, I grabbed my keys and headed down to the shops to grab some essentials.

Double Choc Chip ice cream – Check

Fruit Loops – Check

Take Care – Check

Block of Old Gold chocolate – check.

With the four break-up essentials in hand, I then decided that while I was there, I'd splurge. I did a quick whip around the shopping centre and two hundred dollars later was unloading my boot and filling my cupboards, praying that they wouldn't fall apart from shock.

"Wow Jace, is that actual food in your pantry?"

I spun around to find Clary leaning against the doorway.

"Good morning to you, too!" I smirked in her direction. "What happened to your hair? Were you attacked by birds between here and my room?"

Automatically she raised both of her hands to the mess her hair had become, causing my tight black shirt to ride up and offer me a flash of her little lace panties. I raised an eyebrow.

"Shut it Jace." Was her only reply, before plonking herself on the counter stool and pouring a bowl of her ritual Fruit Loops.

"Are you planning to go home today?" I asked as I placed a coffee in front of her.

With a mouth full of cereal she let out a small laugh that held no humour at all.

"I don't think I have a home anymore, Jace. I can't go back there."

I bit back the urge to say 'I told you so', but it was true. I had begged her not to sell her little apartment when she moved in with Alec, but in true Clary style, she'd have none of it. Instead of saying this though, I seized what was effectively a great opportunity to keep her with me instead.

"Okay, well how 'bout I give Izzy a call and get her to give me a hand to move your stuff then?"

She sighed before responding, "Move it where Jace?"

"Here. You already have a key and half your shits in my bathroom already, so it's not like it would be a big change for either of us really. Plus I've always wanted a live in cook." I smirked.

"Wow, when you put it like that, how could I resist?" She rolled her eyes at me.

I rounded the counter, grabbed the back of her stool, and swung her around until she was positioned between my legs.

"What?" She muttered, looking down at her feet. I grabbed her chin and gently lifted it until she was forced to look at me.

"Firstly, your feet aren't that interesting Clarissa. Look at me, damn it. Secondly, I'm not kidding. I want you to move in with me."

I didn't break my gaze away from her until she nodded her acceptance.

"Good. Now that's sorted, do you want to come pack your self, or do you want me to get Izzy to help me?"

"I can do it," she mumbled, a single tear rolling down her porcelain face. I hated seeing her like this, but if it brought her closer to me, I'd deal with it.

"Okay, well go put some of my shorts on and we will go grab some boxes. We might as well get this over with."

~Chapter end notes~:

* Take Care – Australian brand of Milk (best one out there in my opinion)

* Giuvaer – Romanian; Treasure / jewel.

* A HUGE thank you to my fan-friggen-tastic Beta; Ferla V. (Check out her fic, Angel of Corruption - It is awesome!) This story would not be the same with out your help! Thank you for helping me make it pretty, and generally putting up with me! You're the best.

*Also thank you to my pre-readers! Your opinions and suggestions have been a huge help.

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