The Parchment: a Legal Romance.

Tina was a young, hard-nosed Crown-Prosecutor who did not back down from a fight. This day however would not be the case. When she saw Louis, Tina could not concentrate on her job. Louis was a defense lawyer, who looked like a male model at the age of forty.

Every time, Tina had to fight with Louis in court she struggled and would lose the case. This annoyed Tina very much and told him how she felt. One night, after a hard day's work she found a note on her front door. She opened the envelope and started reading the note. The note was written on parchment with a fountain pen.

The note said:

Dearest Tina:

I know we are fighting each other in court but I can not stop thinking of you and how beautiful you are. I am falling in love with you.


Tina thought this was just a ploy in until a few weeks after the trial she found another note of a similar nature. Pretty soon she was taking by the letters and found herself falling in love with Louis. Every night, Tina would be thinking of Louis. One morning, Tina went to Louis's law firm to see Louis. Louis was pleasantly surprised to see Tina and they hold each other. Still holding each other, the two shared a tender kiss.

After a few months of romance, Louis and Tina went their separate ways. Soon things went back to normal. However, Tina would look at the letters and remember the man that made her happy, if not for a while.