In the Pokémon shows, Ash leaves home at the age of ten, doesn't attend school and doesn't require any money. You know what? All that are lies. Trust me, if such a guy existed, the Pokémon rangers would've sent out a bunch of lowly policemen to get that guy's butt back into school. He'd be considered a drop-out and he wouldn't have a Pikachu to begin with; he wouldn't even have a Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle if he were early, unless he stole it. He'd probably start off with a Rattata or something.

Hi. I'm Charis. I'm 16 this year, and I'm attending the Lanseal Pokémon Academy. I really wanted to be a Pokémon trainer at 10, but in Singapore, the government makes sure every kid gets a proper education before you leave. Not everyone gets to be an official Pokémon trainer, of course, because those people have to be really good with their studies. And Pokémon, of course. Geez, if trainer licenses were so freely given, there'd be fights on the streets just because you looked at another dude. It'd be like a World War!

So I have to study until I'm 18 or 19, depending on where I'm planning to study, because by the end of this year, I would be finishing my Ordinary Levels and that would mark my graduation.

Anyway, I woke up with my Charmeleon snoring on my bed and my Skitty already trying to catch his fiery tail. I got Charmeleon when he was a wee little Charmander when I was 7; I was really lucky. I named him Firaga, after the Kingdom Hearts attack. My primary school supplied us with our first starter Pokémon. In Lanseal Pokémon Academy, I got another starter Pokémon, but instead of choosing, we went through some personality test and I got a Skitty. Of all Pokémon. I mean, yeah I was pretty disappointed, because I didn't like pink, but if there's one thing I had to learn at school, it's probably this – Pokémon are friends; trust them and love them. So I did just that and she's as tough as ever. I named her Skittles, after the sweets.

At least, I hope so. At my Ordinary Levels this year, I would have to fight a standard Pokémon battle, do some contest thing and then take all my written papers. Obviously, I'm hoping that Firaga will evolve to a Charizard by then, but then again, I will have to remind you that this isn't a Pokémon game where you can spam battling Pokémon or fighting the Elite Four. It's way worse. The Elite Four are on a world tour, and they came here thrice already. And besides, scientists haven't found an exact pattern as to how Pokémon evolve. It's not like we can scan what level they are. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that Pokémon do not have levels at all; they simply evolve when they're tough enough. As to how tough, no one knows. Another of the world's unsolved mysteries, like how did that Skarmory break a hole in the ozone?

Anyway, since it's the weekends, I get to go out and have some fun. I was due to meet Barzini today at some shopping mall; he had a coupon for free fries at Mcdonalds, and I'm not going to let up that offer.

"Char!" Firaga chirped because fries are his favourite. I remembered the time when he shed some scales on my fries and my sensitive lips became swollen because I'm allergic to anything spicy. And raw Charmeleon scales are spicy.

Skittles started to jump around and I started to panic. If my mum were to hear the racket she's making, I'll have to put Skittles in a leash, or worse, her Pokéball. I hate that stupid contraption. Again, it's not as easy as throwing it and poof!, your Pokémon appears. No, it's not like that. I'm still not entirely sure of the mechanics but if mum were to find out about this she's gonna make me study the Pokéball again. It's something about Physics, but I'm not sure what. I'm supposed to learn it by my O levels, so eventually I'll know.

"Skittles!" I exclaimed, and my ball of pink hit me in the stomach. Firaga rolled his eyes and walked off. It's like he was already in his teenage years; trying to act all emo and cool even though he's not.

Horrible, horrible day. While I was heading out, a bunch of college students got me wet because they were flying, and purposely made their Altaria splash mud into my face. Firaga was so pissed off he tried to burn them, but in the end he burnt our neighbour, who usually gave Firaga and Skittles cookies. Guess who would have less cookies to glomp on now?

"I am so sorry!" I cried out, and then Skittles, in her complete randomness, started to lick mud off my leg.

"It's okay, girl, just run along, yah?" he mumbled, as he released his Machoke to massage his back, thumping it lightly. My mum wanted me to take a Machop, or a Hitmontop, just for such a purpose.

"Oh, uh, okay, really sorry!" I yelled out, and then I started to cycle away, Firaga at the back seat and Skittles in my basket. We enjoyed the fresh breeze and the smell of Hoppips floating along in the breeze. It's the season of Hoppips; because Singapore is so freakishly hot and humid all year round, any time can be the season of Hoppips, because they love the weather here. Skiplooms and Jumpluffs are rare, but they can be sighted…if you're lucky enough.

I watched a few Charizards, a Dragonite, quite a few Fearows and Pidgeots pass by me, with families on top on their way to breakfast. Firaga grunted; he was utterly jealous by a Charizard's grace.

Bicycles were a lousy mode of transport. Most people just catch a flying Pokémon which makes things easier. In fact, my mum's friend has a few Pidgeottos that could fly her anywhere she wanted, and they helped to dry the laundry and chase away any pests like Rattatas and Pichus who want some grub.

I bought newspapers from a newspaper vendor, with a Loudred trying to promote his trainer's store, and then started to look through the news. The Fantina Scandal was the latest news to hit; apparently she took more money than required from losing trainers to pamper her Gengar, which is freaky. Also, there has been talk about a band of Pikachus and Pichus who sneak into restaurants and eat off good food. Pokémon Rangers have been deployed to patrol around the finest dining places, but so far their search has been futile.

Finally, I reached the shopping centre. I always got lost in Orchard Road; but at least I made it. The three of us walked into the shopping centre, and I started looking for a Mcdonalds.

Barzini is one of my best friends, and we're in the same after-school activity – we joined a photography, videography and publishing club, which we call AV Media Club, or in short, AVMC. He's a year younger than me but still.

Since we're all Singaporeans, we don't have whacky hair like Ash Ketchum or Misty; the teachers would never believe that its natural, and in fact, Lanseal Pokémon Academy hires a barber with a Scyther who cuts off any hair that grows like Ash's. Nearly everyone's hair is dark brown or black, but I'm planning to dye my hair with some fancy shampoo made out of Rapidash hair to make it slightly browner.

He's much taller than me, a fact that I don't want him to remember or even bring up. His Dratini, Silvan is coiled around his shoulder, looking around curiously (I bet its happy to be at that height) and Noldor, his Bagon, stuffing some fries into his mouth.

"Getting more fries?" I asked, and then I looked at Firaga, who gave a sheepish grin. "Firaga is gonna finish one entire large fries by himself."

"Yeah, okay, there's promotion in Macs anyway…" he mumbled, and he took out those little pieces of paper that would grant us a few small fries. I remembered that I had one in my wallet, so I took it out and we went to redeem our fries.

"So, how's Year 3 life? Stressful, eh?" I asked him. I was in Year 4, and in Year 3, the teachers would start to drill you on the topic covered in O level. It's crazy; but you have Pokémon battles and Pokémon Mini Contests within the class almost everyday, because last year for Pokémon battles the students had to fight a two-on-two Pokémon battle with two Pokémon of a type advantage over your own Pokémon. I figured that if Firaga could evolve, they may pick an Electric Pokémon and a Fighting Pokémon, which makes everything easy once I teach him Earthquake and once I teach Skittles how to dodge attacks. Skittles was my distractor; she was fast and she could dodge if she didn't get distracted herself, while Firaga was my main powerhouse. As for Contests…Skittles is in the spotlight.

"Yeah…stupid homework. I hate Additional Maths. And Social Studies (SS)." All our written papers were the same, except I take Biology.

"It's fun! I mean, not SS, but…Amaths is okay! I like binomial theorem!" I replied in response. It's true. If there's one thing that stays predictable, its both of my maths. Amaths for Additional Math, and Emaths for Elementary Maths. It's possibly the most straightforward of my subjects.

"Aiya, it's horrible. Stupid teacher…"

"Wait til you're me. Then you'll cry."

Silvan the Dratini flinched and cowered behind Barzini's head. Noldor the Bagon simply growled.

Firaga was trying to tell the younger Bagon, dragon-to-sort-of-dragon, about the horrors of being my Pokémon. Skittles was in my arms, trying to reach for the terrified Dratini.

"O-kay…I don't want to know what is binomial theorem, or about O levels next year for me."

And with that, we got our fries and began eating.

"Can you believe it? I just saw a Manectric with shoes on the way here…" Barzini said, taking a bite of his fries. "I bet they're expensive; Manectric don't have very big feet; must be tailored…"

I rolled my eyes. "I've seen my brother's Chimchar wear his shirt and slippers. Crazy boy."

"Well, did the Chimchar want to wear it?"

"I don't exactly know. Don't ask me, because I was trying to teach Skittles to twirl around with control."

In response, my Skitty exclaimed, "Nya!"

"My mum's Medicham was around though; I think she scolded Chimchar and started to iron out all the wrinkles in the shirt."

Medicham was my mum's Pokémon, and while my mum handled taking care of us, Medicham took care of house chores and stuff. My mum handled the techonology (washing machine and stuff) and Medicham would simply collect the laundry, mop the floor…the list was endless.

She also has a Staraptor who flies her about to get groceries. Since he's smaller than most flying Pokémon, he only carries one person at a time. He also helps to blow dry the laundry and blows away rain from clothes just in case.

Both Staraptor and Medicham used to be tough Pokémon, since my mum attended an elite Pokémon Academy, but now they're stuck doing chores. For some reason, they don't seem to mind too much; they can retire happily next time with my mum anyway.

"Anyway, have to go home now," Barzini stood up, picking up his bag. The Bagon patted his stomach contentedly and nodded towards Firaga. "Have to study…there's a chemistry test tomorrow."

"Yeah, I have to go home and well, study." I mumbled. Then I thought of this brilliant idea. "Buuuuut I can tell my mum we're going over to the field area to train!"

Barzini grinned and nodded. Of course. No one would want to sit through a bunch of assessment books and questions that are designed to kill your brain cells. Unless you know how to do them. When that happens, math questions are fun.

Yes, I admit, I am grade-crazy in school. I'm possibly one of the biggest nerds in my class, and my class are full of nerds; the top class. Well, actually, not really nerds, just fun people who, like me, study to get a good job. Like becoming a Pokémon Researcher. Or a doctor (both human or Pokémon), or something good and non-artistic.

I'm sort of aiming to be a journalist, or an author, but of course like everyone I want to be a Pokémon trainer. Hey, travelling the world and earning money by owning them is totally fun. It's like becoming rich – everyone wants to do that, but it's gonna be tough, and some people can do it in a snap.

I cycled out onto the roads, Barzini right behind me and was nearly bulldozed by a Tropius. "HEY! Watch it, you little punk!"

"Sorry, sorry!" I yelled back to the man riding the Tropius. The Pokémon snorted at me, and then Firaga threw a Flamethrower at the Fruit Pokémon, who nimbly dodged it. The Flamthrower hit an Altaria, but the Altaria was strong enough to leave the area without a scratch or bruise in sight.

"Sorry!" I yelled out again. Tropius gave us both a tired glance, as though we weren't enough of a fight, and this time Firaga leapt up for a Slash. Why couldn't that Charmeleon be this pumped up during Pokémon battling?

This time it hit the Tropius square in the face. He growled and released a freakin' Solarbeam. Now, usually, you'd have to charge up with light energy, but since it's sunny, sunny Singapore, you don't need to do it. Just fire away.

Which is exactly what happened, as Firaga was blasted off…into Skittles and myself.

"ARGH!" I yelled out, and the man bade us farewell. I could've sworn the Tropius laughed. I bet we made him really happy, since we lost like that. But thank goodness it was an unofficial battle; I'd have to pay for it, and I brought enough money to buy meals for three (which happens to be a lot) I'm not exactly willing to fork over half of it.

"Wow, I feel honoured today. I eat fries and then watch you get owned by a Tropius…THIS IS AWESOME!" Barzini exclaimed, and he laughed as he pedaled off.

Firaga, not wanting to lose a challenge, propped up my bike and eagerly barked for me to get on. "Okay, okay, I'll go!" I replied quickly. Skittles jumped into the basket and we set off behind Barzini.

I caught up with Barzini, who was being verbally abused by two other teenagers our age.

"Come on, battle, man!" one of them yelled out, and released his Heracross, who tried to intimidate him.

Barzini frantically looked around, and when he saw me, he ran towards me. "Can we fight, please?"

The other person, a girl with a pigtail bobbing about, sent out her vicious Mareep, who started to chase after Noldor, the Bagon crying out in pain as he was chased and electrified by a fluffy Pokémon.

Then Barzini drew himself to his full height, "Noldor! Stand your ground! You are soldiers of Barzini! You will stand your ground,no matter what is thrown at you! CHARGE, COMRADE!"

At that, Noldor halted in his running, nodded, and attacked with Dragonbreath. The Mareep simply dodged it, and the following attacks after that.

Firaga jumped into action, itching for a battle. Our last Pokémon battle was on Thursday, during the weekly Pokémon battling sessions, where he almost murdered my classmate's Roselia, and clawed at her Donphan. Honestly, my Charmeleon would've won but then classes ended and needless to say Donphan would be training for next Thursday…

"Heracross and Mareep versus Charmeleon and Ba-?"

Silvan coiled itself tightly around Barzini's shoulder, causing him to yelp in pain. "Okay, okay, go ahead!" he cried out, and the Dratini moved towards the battlefield.

"Let's start then!" The boy yelled out. "Terra, use Earthquake!"

"RUN FOR COVER!" I yelled out and I ducked low to the ground. When you use an Earthquake, it really is an Earthquake, just that only the trainers and Pokémon can feel it. I learnt it in Biology lessons; when a Pokémon attacks its prey, it will only affect its prey.

"Don't be a wimp Charis!" Barzini yelled out, and he commanded his Dratini to use Water Pulse.

Firaga had been through this training before; I made my dad's Snorlax (aptly named Pig) to Earthquake Firaga until he learnt to feel the tremors and dodge it when the crucial point of Earthquake hits. Did you know I had to put up with jelly legs for days?

So when he leapt up without so much of a scratch, I knew my training had been largely successful. O levels, here I come!

Anyway, in the process, the trainer forgot his partner's Mareep, who was covered in sand and was already knocked out. Meanwhile, the Water Pulse from Silvan hit Terra in the face. The Heracross shook off the water, huffing slightly.

"Firaga, go for a Flamethrower!" I instructed, and he obliged, hitting Heracross square in the face, knocking it out.

"Noooo!" both trainers cried out.

"It was like, totally your fault, like, uh, yeah!" the girl whined, and I tried not to choke on my saliva at her complete failure.

"No way. Come on, we can win this!"

"I'm like, totally breaking up with you, if we like, lose."

Barzini snorted. "Hurry up!"

Skittles started to vibrate in my arms, and I sighed. She was starting to get sugar-high; I think she snuck in some sweet Skittles in her fur. It can store almost anything. "Firaga, let Skittles fight…"

"Char…" the despondent Charmeleon mumbled as he walked back to me. Meanwhile, Skittles leapt out in front of me, ready for battle.

"I'm sticking with Silvan!" Barzini said, as though I had asked him something.

"Okay, fine…"

This time, the boy sent out a Slugma, and his girlfriend sent out her Quagsire. "Let's go!" they both yelled out in unison, and I heard Barzini mutter "Oh how romantic…"

"Slag, use Flamethrower on Skitty!"

"Quixote, use Ice Beam on Dratini!"

"Skitty, dodge and use Water Pulse on Slugma!" I yelled out, but by then, Skittles had dodged the flamethrower, ran into the ice beam, and then to my utter relief dodged that as well. Then she leapt up and fired a Water Pulse from above, but missing the Slugma by an inch. The flamethrower came my way, but it faded before it could reach me. Flamethrower is a powerful, stable move, but it has its limits. I learnt that in Physics.

"Dragonbreath!" Barzini yelled out. Silvan launched a powerful Dragonbreath, which collided with the Ice Beam, and both Pokémon recoiled slightly from the impact. What did you expect, an explosion of epic propotions that momentarily blind you? This isn't Ash's Pikachu versus something else, you know.

"Slugma, use Rock Smash on Skitty!" the boy yelled out.

He had made a serious oversight. Slugmas happen to live up to their name – they are sluggish. And Skittles was far away from him, which meant that the lava Pokémon had to crawl over to a close distance and then jump up and attack Skittles. Basically, that wouldn't work too well.

Which is why Skittles managed to blast it with not one, but three Water Pulses, all hitting the target (thank goodness!)

"NOOO! Slag!"

Ah, slag, the waste product of the process of making pure iron. How apt.

"Quixote, use Muddy Water!" the girl commanded, and we all watched as the Quagsire generated first a mini whirpool, and then a brownish tsunami approached us, a bit too quickly for Barzini to run over to me as I opened my umbrella and prayed that my clothes wouldn't get wet. You never know with Surf and Muddy Water…

I watched as the dirty water dissipated in front of me, and looked at both Skittles and Silvan, all relatively unharmed, though the Dratini seemed a little drained.

"Silvan, use Draco Meteor!"

"Skittles, attack with Grass Knot!"

Comets started to rain down onto the poor Quagsire, as Silvan's glowed and stared up at the seemingly harmless sky, and together with Skittles they effectively knocked out the Quagsire.

"No, my dear Quixote!"

"Oh yeah, man!" Barzini yelled, and he extended his hand, palm facing upwards. "Now, hand over the goods!"

When he meant goods, I guess he wanted money from them. Oh yeah, I like the sound of that.

"I-I have a Fire Stone!" the boy offered.

"Oh yes, that'd be great, I can totally use that on my Charmeleon, not. Hand over something useful."

"Lip gloss?"

"Ew, no thanks, my lips are hyper sensitive." I shook my head.

"Hand. Over. Money." Barzini said, in a super slow way.

"A Moon Stone!" the boy yelled out, and he pulls the coveted stone triumphantly from his bag.

"And a Berry!" the girl adds in. "Oh, yeah, by the way, like, I totally don't like you, like, anymore, so I'm like, breaking up with you."

They threw the Moon Stone at me and she handed Barzini a Stirus Berry before they walked off.

"Wow. I thought I would see some overdramatic break up, but oh well. Now where is th- HOLY ARCEUS! Skittles, NO!"

Too late. My Skitty had happily caught the Moon Stone in her mouth, trying to nibble it off. Soon a bright light enveloped it, and before I knew it, my Skitty was gone, and in it's place, a Delcatty.


"S-Skittles? Is that you?" Oh goodness, I feel like a happy mum; which is what I felt when Firaga evolved from that little Charmander he was to this grown-up Charmeleon at my side. I still remembered that I ran over and hugged him even though I was in the middle of a Pokémon Battle Examination; I didn't care, I was so proud of him!

My Delcatty nodded and I felt as if my world has become a lot happier.

I ran over to her and hugged my little purple ball, while Barzini groaned and yelled. "You sappy Korean drama freak!"

We reached Lanseal Pokémon Academy, because I decided that I didn't want to battle. I mean, after you see your Pokémon grown up like that you'd think the same way!

Barzini ran over to his little plot of land in the middle of the Berry Garden and started to plant his Sitrus Berry. "I'm gonna be so rich; I'll sell it to my dorm mates!"

Firaga snickered as he snuck a few Oran Berries in Skittles' fur. I didn't say anything.

Barzini is obsessed with his berries. He could run a berry plantation and all his berries will turn out top quality. He would have this routine of tending to his berries for an hour or so. In fact, he's so involved in this berry thing that the school authorities gave him more space than the others. At the rate he was going, he could run the entire garden and no one would mind.

Except one person.

Rex liked berries too. He was my age, but not in my class, and he had a Grovyle named Green who had a green thumb (what do you expect from a grass Pokémon?) and an Electrike named Volt who enjoyed prancing about his plot of land, which helped out in the fertility of the soil.

I idly checked my watch. Crap. Have to get back to my dorm, pick up my stuff, and well, head home. "Oh shit, have to get home soon. See you later, or tomorrow or something, 'kay?" I told Barzini. I hoped he heard me when I added, "AND DON'T BE LATE ON MONDAY!"

Okay, I'm co-authoring this with my junior Barzini (yes, that's his real name, NOT) and well, we take turns writing. He doesn't have a Fanfiction account, so I'm publishing it on behalf of him.

Barzini says God Bless you guys. And he would like to say that his Bagon and Dratini were named after races in Lord of the Rings. What a nerd (snort)

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